New Years cartoon

New Years

2010 Predictions and Resolutions

Happy New Year! Wonkie welcomes 2010 – a new year, a new decade – and we’re optimistic that it’s going to be an amazing one.

Psychologists say it’s good to write down your resolutions as it helps make them more tangible and the list often lends itself well to making it more of a commitment than just a thought. So our resolutions at Wonkie this year are as follows:

1. Be more regular with cartoons going forward. We’re thinking twice a week – for email subscribers this would be on Tuesday and Thursday.

2. Continue the Friday Fun events (photo caption contests, etc.) – at least one of these every month. And we’ll try to offer more prizes for these too!

We wish all our readers a glorious, happy 2010 – may it be your best year ever!
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For our more lazy readers – please respond to our 2010 New Years poll below:

Do you feel optimistic about 2010?

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  1. I think my resolution about 2010 is to optimistic about the future, have a vision and perseverence. You’ll survive.

  2. My 2010 prediction is that President Zuma will have at least 18 wives by the end of the year!

  3. to be good at analsing cartoonns

  4. If anything good happens during 2010, it surely won’t be happening on the african continent or anywhere on the planet where an african is in charge of things…the americans will soon learn that obama was the biggest mistake ever!
    Wonkie, this is just fact that WILL come true! Don’t always blame realistic FACT on racism…save this post so we can discuss it next year this time….if it did not come true by then, you may all jump on me. ( be sure, I have NO fear at all that anybody will have that opportunity to come down on me! 😀 )

  5. African Palace

    To be honest, I don’t care a fidler’s fart how many wifes Zuma would have…it’s the dozens of children competing against one-another to be more useless than the other, that bothers me!
    After 58 years in africa, I know that they would want them all to have the oppotunity to be president as well…that’s just the african way of reasoning ( if one can call that kind of thinking “reasoning”) 😀

  6. difficult to say but R.Banda (Zambian President) will leave office before his term ends

  7. Lefanzo,

    If God says things will just get worse as time goes on, that’s the way it’s going to be! Being realistic is the answer but being optomistic is just a way of lying to one self!

  8. Wonkie,

    Thanks for the poll – it’s going to prove once gain that the majority are ALWAYS wrong! That again will prove that “democracy” is one of the biggest scams/foolishness ever!

  9. ……hey man you are hot. tell me whats eating you ? is it that white is diferent from black or what?

  10. Clive,

    Obviously there is a difference between white and black as the one is the opposite of the other.

    The “new age” believers have a saying : “as above, so below” that is almost true, as they never noticed that the “directions” (upwards and downwards) differ radically!

  11. ..muller. tell me my man . what is the definition of good and bad and show me where it says black or white ?

  12. Clive,

    if a computer litrate adult like you don’t know the definition of “good” or of “bad”, I have no hope that it will help to try and explain it to you….are you part of some african government? Must be as they also can’t see the difference…..same as they also can’t see the difference between a genius and an idiot

  13. My sentiments are with Dirk Muller. If GOD wanted us to pro-create inter-racially, then he would have only created one race. Take one of Mother-Natures laws: Horses and Zebras are from the same ‘horse’ family. Do they interbreed? NO! We all difer from each other in one way or another, culturally, racially, morally and interlectually. Do we have a need to re-write History, GODS?

  14. My resolution is to clone Julius Malema and sell him to all the people in the world who need to have entertainment 24/7.
    I’ll make a firtune!!

  15. My resolution is to find a way to clone Juliuuuuus and give him away gift wrapped to anyone who is depressed sad and lonely and needs a good laugh.
    He’d bring joy to so many…
    And I’ll be rich!!

  16. oops posted twice, please delete one with typo..

  17. My sentiments are with Dirk Muller, save for my wondering what being African has to do with general corruption as all humans are corrupt (including Dirk, and I am in the count too). The difference in the expression of corruption in various parts of the world can be rightly attributed to varying local customs.

    For instance, with the Japanese, being found with your filthy fingers in the public coffers can lead to a sorrowful, teary apology, possibly followed by voluntary suicide. In South Africa, the SAME offence will result in either redeployment or a promotion (or BOTH). Our customs differ. However, our innate nature of corruption is the same worldwide.

    Lastly, Deena Naidoo has TOTALLY lost me. God DID create ONE race: the human race. Equating the breeding behaviour of dumb animals to the intelligent choices of humans is never kosher. This is one reason why the study of evolutionary theory (NB: after so MANY years, it is still a theory and, fortunately for those who are paying attention, it has been thoroughly and scientifically discredited) HAS to be outlawed from this planet.

    Humans are humans, Deena. If I married you or your cousin, I would have still married a human being, a member of the human race. The traditions and customs associated with our different race groups (as in the areas from which we come, and the characteristic physical differences in our general appearance like hair texture, skin colour, etc.) are ALL man-made and VERY dynamic. However, our humanity has remained unchanged since creation.

    I repeat: I’m no zebra (thank God!).

  18. I`m going to adopt a new identity of people who are progressive,productive,moblised,cretive,innovative and broadminded.

    i will continue to boycott our tax base by being a tramp since there hasn`t been any signs that this regime is starting to be responsible,accountable and transparent with taxpayers money.

    communication or any form of interaction with south africans is non-existent since i`m sorrounded by enemies whom i almost went to war with until i decided to rather change my identity and became a jew or hispanic or whatever as long as it is not south african.

  19. …..i now know i am dealing with a blood clot . different isn’t bad or wrong Mr. white man. the time has come . if you don’t like it booooo. the table has turned. live with it.

  20. black night says

    aah – its great to see everythings back to normal again – does not even seem
    to be a new year. Who cares about resolutions. We only have them because
    of all the wrong things we do – so stop doing them – just live your lives to the
    fullest even if it means finding faults in everyone – who cares

  21. Nkutu William Moalosi says

    Will soon get into the fray, as I am still trying to detox for the New Year.

  22. stay away from alcohol

  23. The outlook of 2010, looks positive. but i am afraid that just as we say peace and abundance the world will come to an end, so says the bible.

  24. Deena Naidoo

    You just made one of the best remarks ever on wonkie about God’s creation. I believe every body should be proud of who and what he/she is; be it black or white in somewhere in between.
    Those who want to interbreed, must have a very bad view about themselves and hope that interbreeding will “upgrade” them as humans! 🙂

  25. Nda
    If you are corrupt, it does not mean all others are corrupt too!

    The previous government was a million times better than this super-corrupt oine we have now just because they had more brains and therefore less corrupt…brainy people knows that corruption will not pay.

    It was once written that a genius don’t lie…the reason is that a genius can see far ahead and therefore see that his lie wont stand for long.

    Each and every corrpt person is corrupt because he/she is stupid and can’t see/imagine that somebody with more brains will easily figure out what is happening. All these corrupt idiots did what they did because they believed that they have the perfect plan to get away with it.

  26. clive

    I get the impression that you are trying to take part in a conversation that is above your understanding. No tables were turned…follow this link or copy it and then paste into your browser’s addressbar and watch the movie. The page is Afrikaans but I think Afrikaans is too superior for you to understand, so don’t bother, just watch the movie and maybe you will be able to see what is really happening 😀

  27. ……Muller. you call yourself afri……… what and you say, Afri…. what is superior to who. For Petes sake . no wonder you bastards were denied by your on bothers in Europe. but any way dream on bro. Africa is for blacks .

  28. 2010?whatsdat?forget!not since i as the black man of south africa is a bastard that must be shot…and when i`m shot its retorted that my death is immaterial because i was gonna die in anyway!

    zimbabwe must get the bid since it won`t squander twenty billion rands in preparations while the citizens are languishing in poverty and to honour the old man for his relentless and tireless efforts of defending his people and their rights against attempts by whites to oust him and put their pupopets to bring back smith`s rule!!!!!!!!!

  29. my prediction is that Dirk Muller , will not last the whole of January 2010.We dont need people like him on this earth.

  30. Sporo

    Do you have a problem with the truth you wingnut? Strange someone else who has an IQ higher than 150 once said the world need people like me as most people can’t think or reason…they are just plain idiots (like you!) who need people like me to do their thinking for them…

  31. Tim
    You live in a dream world…nobody “TOOK” anything from Ian Smith…he GAVE rhodesia to you to change it into a zimbabwe circus!

    Same with that de klerk idiot…he GAVE this country to you idiots so you can see for yourself you can’t manage anything…you guys can not even run a spaza-shop without stealing from yourself…running a country is just another 1000 years of whiteman training away!…You’re a clown who puts a smile on my dile so early in this new year…thanks for that! 🙂

  32. [Deleted]

  33. PEOPLE please – let this be a nice peaceful start to the new year. Enough with the swearing and name-calling. Please make your point without attacking the person.

    @Dirk – calling an entire race brainless etc hardly reflects well on you. You would do well to remember that currently the most powerful man in the world is NOT white.


  34. PM, thanks for pitching in when you did.

    Dirk, there are two kinds of criminals in this world: those behind bars and those who are not. This is a FACT about humanity. This is one of the reasons why the Honourable PM had to stem the tide of your gross thoughtlessness about misusing the privilege of free speech to denigrate other people and their respective races.

    At the end of the day, each individual will stand ALONE before the Judge from whom even Msholozi cannot escape. When that day comes, such interchanges as these on Wonkie will return to haunt you.

    Be kind to yourself, man.

  35. Lehlohonolo says

    I am quiting drinking and i am going to spent most of my time with my KIDS

  36. To loose weight and to work on my spiritual journey. To add a dash of fun to all the people interact with.

  37. yee muller-stoopid fool!the bores did not make this country what it was in the pre`94 era but the english@the boers cannot even improve on the one street dorpies they inherited from british until english people comes on board and they improve on them.the boertjie can only run koeksisters and potjiekos buisiness and nothing more so really you boertjies have nothing to boast home about except to that the english for their skill contribution to this country.

    • @Tim – extending the same warning to as as to Dirk – please refrain from attacking an entire race or making sweeping generalisations.

  38. Tim

    You live in a dream world..the english NEVER did anything constructive in this country or for the black man…all they did was to colonise with the intention to enrich their stupid queen. Fact that they still have a queen is prove that the english find themselves in the third world as well – maybe the reason why blacks feel so at home with them! Poor fools…birds of a feather flock together!

  39. PM

    That “most powerfull man” you refer to already teached the americans a lesson about their own stupidity and I won’t be surprized if he is removed with a bullet soon! Angry americans don’t throw with shoes like Islam did with Bush.. 😀

  40. Nda
    If blacks were “disadvantaged” by apartheid, how come Sexwale, Matsebule and other black millionaires got that rich during those very “unfair” apartheid yers? You are just riding that “englishspeaker horse” without knowing that the english NEVER did anything for the black man….the boertjies were the ones who made the african black man what he is today! Because the boertjies were the only ones who knew the balck man well enough to know they would steal every penny they touch, they ruled that black’s should not be in a position of trust and the last 15 years of corruption and theft of state funds proved that the boertjies were right!



  42. Not to get my knickers in a knot over things I cannot change.

  43. Dirk,

    The English is YOUR chorus: not mine.

    Finally, humanity has a universal problem. It is NOT limited to people of a specific skin colour. For all the officially acknowledged atrocities committed by the Boer folk against the blacks, I’d be the first one to insist that we don’t generalise and say that they are applicable to all Afrikaner people.

    Now why would you want to be unsavoury and generalise in this respect? Just because you’re old enough to log onto the Internet and comment on Wonkie doesn’t automatically mean that you’re mature enough to know that generalisations are not necessarily true across the board.





  47. Tim
    Foreignes are not black foreigners remember some white people are foreigners as well.Some foreigners are not bad at all , look at the Nigerians they are fighting the black mans coz , they sell drugs to the white man , and guese what ,some white peoples life are are messed up(most white people do drugs)most black just take weed , a relaxing drug . thats a good thing.And the Nigerian are takin over the white mens business.SOUTH AFRICA WILL BE GREAT.look at America , america is great now because it welcomed /still welcomes foreigners to stay in states.America does well in most of everythin . America welcomed jews , they built american econom, look at entertainmnet , look at science. South africa will be great one day because of this. Natural south african blacks are small phyiscal , with nigerians comin these are big , so future South africans will be big , and will definately win the world cup.there are even more benifites we get from foreigners ,:D

  48. Dirk,
    Yo heard must have realy bumped heavily on the wall with your head when u were young.Sorry , Sorry Dirk , u still have all the brains you were born with all your brains , you stll dirk isnt that so , anyway dick those blacks do not make an significant % to the white rich people . If you hear sexwale you think thats the whole of Soweto.Black man still under white men in terms of the wealth .Well that is why there is BEE to correct that .You see the black is just leveling the playing field . Look at the white man they come and they still all the riches and sends us to the location . However, we say keep your riches white man we then compete on a level field. Competition is good sometimes , you learn 1 or 2 from your opponent.

  49. Sporo
    BEE is not correcting anything – it’s just making things worse. The only ones that really get something out if it, are the ones who already have it all! BEE is just another way of the rich to steal government resources and don’t forget that whatever belongs to government belongs to ALL the people but just a few who are already running big business get anything out of BEE!

    The very same is happening when it comes to government tendering system – only the ones already in the pound-seats get something out of it. In the meantime, everytime you buy something you pay 14% VAT ( Value Added Tax ) used by this corrupt government of yours who either steal it or give it to some BEE scam or corrupt government official with his finger in the pie of the company getting the contract to render services to government!

    Be honnest…in the downtown location/township things just got worse! Before 1990 there were almost no squatter camps in this country. The houses built by Verwoerd are all still standing because it was of GOOD quality while the houses built by the ANC fall to pieces within 5 years. FACT!
    The doctor at the hospital was not some rubbish the backyard Cubans don’t even want, but were of the best in the world…FACT!

    One YOU as a black man know for a fact is that what this ANC liars call xenophobia, is in fact just a way of hiding the reality that “APARTHEID” is a natural thing of a people/nation/tribe who are proud to be who they are protecting their own culture! There were no so-called “xenophobic attacks” during the apartheid years and everybody who wanted a job could get one! FACT!

  50. Sporo

    Thanks for your reply to Tim admitting that the nigerians are taking YOUR business opportunities away from you!

    Maybe it’s time for “xenophobic attacks” on the nigerians so YOU can take over from them selling drugs to the druggies! There is a lot of money to be made!

  51. Tim

    I like what you wrote!
    Just like me, not even Verwoerd hated blacks – what I do hate are all the unfair things happening in the country today and it makes me angry.

    If we Afrikaners hatted blacks, we could clean this continent and take it all and rule over it all….but, we never did that.

    Vorster and this de klerk rubbish were free masons and all free masons are servants of the english. That’s why vorster had Verwoerd killed by placing that greek as a guard in parlaiment and then his next step was to do what the free masons wanted him to do – like loading blacks on a truck and off-load them in the bush where there were no infrastructure and no jobs and then turn around and say that Verwoerd’s idea did not work!

    Verwooerd’s plan was to first develop the homelands by moving industrial areas to the homelands in order to create jobs. Then, all the blacks who were imported from their homelands by the english to work in their mines would move back home out of their own free will at the rate jobs became available in their homelands. While this was in progress, each homeland would get it’s own government manned by blacks so they get “on the job training/experience” to run their own affairs their own cultural way. This way, the black man could get the needed skills to choose their leaders and run their countries themselves! But the english never wanted the black man to suceed (zimbabwe is a good example of that – same with this so-called “new SA) but I am convinced they were hoping that the black man would after going down because of lack of skill, would ask the brittish to come run their affairs…but Mugabe saw right through them! If there is one thing Mugabe is right about, then it is about the brittish! They are sly bastards who pretend to be angels of light while in the meantime are servants of the devil himself!

    Just sit back and think about what I just said and you will see that it was Verwoerd and the Afrikaner who wanted to “UNDO” brittish colonisation/supression by making the black man free by transferring skills to rule over himself and running his own affairs in his own country!

    Vorster had Verwoerd killed and de klerk had PW Botha removed with sly methods missusing the law the moment Botha got sick!

  52. jaaa…dirk…time will come when we will reminisce about that after we have got to understand each other by means of war or otherwise and now we-re swirling beer and talking about the past!

    JAA.i don`t know about Vorster and Verwoerd but those who came before them and PW Botha whom I had a lot of correspondence with and whom i cried like a small baby on hearing that he has been despatched because i knew that we were now heading for the era Pik Botha was dreaming of:serving under a black man;

    The issue is about here and now and you dirk and all the whiotes of this country know exactly what I`m talking about but because you want reconciliation done on your terms so that it can be regarded as charity and you can get your tax cheque at the end opf the year!you are just making us and everybody else stupid!

    its whites that are behind the poor workmanship in the construction of the rdp housesx to take away government votes from disgruntled blacks since the payments to contractors are disburdsed by whites and they whisper in the ears of the receivers to do a shoddy job so that blacks can vorte for a white party.

    Noo,there are no foreigners in this country but thugs.that is what we must distinguish at all times by not compairing thugs to communities.this is exactly what has led to western cape coloureds being associated with gangsterism because people fail to differentiate between gangs and communities.yes!even the ambassodors are thugs since mafia draw everyone into this thing called underworld.ambassadors will normally be used to smuggle since they are not searched at airports and are immune from arrests if caught.

  53. Tiredofthiscrap says

    @Nda Evolution is just a theory? My child you clearly have no understanding of the scientific method, nor what a theory actually means in science. It’s not a guess. It’s not something someone made up. In the hierarchy of scientific thought, a scientific theory is one that approximates reality, given that it is supported by INDEPENDENT empirical and observational evidence. In summary, evolution is right. Deal with it. We’re all related, and more importantly we’re all descendant from an arboreal ape precursor from Africa.

    You are right however, there exist only one race of homo sapiens, variation in phenotype (colour etc.) are merely icing on the cake. Deep down we’re all the same. HOMO SAPIENS!

    On the side: Or maybe I’m wrong and the THEORY of GRAVITY is a myth (I guess God is holding onto your feet), or the THEORY of the ATOM is nonsense, or the THEORY OF CELLS is… ugh I can go on and on…

  54. TiredofThisCrap says

    @Dirkie my son

    The issue is not about hate, the problem lies with beliefs of supposed racial superiority. Whether or not you or Verwoerd hate(d) blacks, Jews, coloureds, Indians or even the Arabs is immaterial to having unfounded belief in your own racial superiority. You could claim that whites brought civilization to Africa, but that claim is null and void since the same argument can be that colonialism actually retarded Subsaharran Africa’s growth. As the rest of the world modernised, Africa would have had to modernise as well (or not). We’ll never know.

    Incidentally, North Africa on the other hand has always played a roll in Europe’s development (and vice versa). In fact, you could even argue that it was the North African muslims (Moors) who instigated the much later Renaissance and lessened the control of the Despots over Europe, through their occupation of Spain. (Muslim Spain was actually surprisingly tolerant , progressive and culturally advanced. Sadly a far cry from contemporary Islamic states, except perhaps secular Turkey).

    Ironically, while I was helping a friend out with their rehabilitation project for working class Swedish neo-Nazis, their adopted belief of supremacy stemmed more from their insecurities about job prospects then the influx of black and muslim children into their neighbourhoods. The fact that white nationalists used this insecurity to their advantage is the real shame here. The same is also true for the rise in white nationalism amongst the Poles and former East Germans (who incidentally are most likely to be on welfare and therefore poorer).

    In many ways this resemble your anger Dirkie, you’re eager to portray another race as inferior, to hide your own failings. I wonder if this could be true for most racist Afrikaner males, and whether we’ll see a rise in white nationalism from a cultural group eager to play the victim?

    It’s food for thought…

  55. Hey, Crappie! Evolution IS a theory. Read. READ and READ again…

    Eish. For all the reading that Malema has supposedly done, he hasn’t gotten anywhere, so let me stop right there.

  56. TiredofThisCrap

    You reveal yourself as a man who is miles behind the times – the latest knowledge about DNA proved evolution to be a myth! DNA proved that all species have nothing in common. It sound good to say thatn two species have 78% of DNA in common…fact is that a banana’s DNA is 78% similar to that of humans…doen that mean your ancestors were once bananas? Well, concidering your rmaks, maybe it’s tru…another reason why I am to glad not to be english!

    Then about the racilal differences…investors tested the IQ here in africa in order to determine what kind of investment would work…and it came to light that the general IQ here in africa is only 70! In whirte circles people with that kind of intelect go to special schools but it was the english who complained about the black schools not being on the same level as that of whites..again that proves the Afrikaners to be superior to the english! 😀

  57. TiredofthisCrap says


    That’s a common mistake the layperson makes when looking at DNA. It’s not that the banana (~50% similarity), horse fly (~60% similarity) or even the chimp (98% similarity) are our ancestors; it’s that genetic similarity show clear ancestral ties between the species. At one point we shared a common ancestor with the chimpanzee (~5 – 7Ma), similarily at one point we shared a common ancestor or precursor of the horse fly and the banana (and so it goes).

    The point (and this what I tell all my students) is that what we’re comparing against is just modern as we are, best analogy would be to call all extant and living species distant cousins. In simpler terms, everything living on this planet is related.

    Just as you and I are, ol Dirkie ol chum.

    As for IQ tests and racial genetics: I certainly hope you’re not quoting from Murray (the Bell curve) or even Rushdon (best known for his terrible book on race), because their work has been thoroughly discredited. Sadly. Rushdon still has a niche audience amongst white supremacists, but I guess anything to keep the flag flying.

    Just a short bit on IQ tests: Language and language proficiency are incredibly important when looking at IQ tests, because I will assure that if you wrote an IQ test, compiled, drafted with concepts outside your culture, you’d be hardpressed to do well (a fact even William Stern, the creator of the test acknowledged). Interestingly, Asians actually scored the highest of all the races of the world, primarily due to strong emphasis on maths at school.

  58. TiredofthisCrap says



    My grandfather had a lovely saying, “Sometimes it’s like trying to explain that the sky is blue to a blind man” or perhaps more topical, trying to explain maths to our current crop of math illiterate school pupils.

  59. @ Crappie,

    Man, you can’t be a patient and the doctor all at the same time.

    The fact that you can spew stuff that you sucked with 207% efficiency does not prove that the stuff you sucked in is right. Hello? Even looking at the sincerity with which you are spewing the stuff that was force fed down your throat doesn’t prove you’re right either. We know LOTS of people who’ve been sincere, but sincerely WRONG. You are a case in point, irrespective of what your grandfather said (and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re quoting him OFF context–sincerely).

    It’s not my job to diagnose your specific mental illness or to convince you to await the doctor’s diagnosis rather than proffering yours. I suggest we let this one pass, boet.

  60. TiredofthisCrap

    Maybe you should have a look at this movies and stop making a fool of yourself:

    Follow the Prof Walter Veith one to YouTube where there is a multitude of his stuff published and where DNS is discussed. Clearly, like anglophilians, you have a deep desire in the lies of bullshitters!

  61. sonnyboy TiredofThisCrap,

    The one about the IQ tests was on the new over radio 5 about 4 years ago, and then repeated in the Readers Digest (a leftwing typical englishspeaker bullshit publication) and then after that repeated in the “Taalgenoot”.

    You can follow it up with these publications yourself – it was about 4 – 5 years ago about this same time of the year. And like I said, it was bu siness people who had the tests done before dumping billions of dollars into the bottomlees pit of africa!

    As jy Afrikaans kan verstaan; kry vir jou! Klink my jy is ‘n laerskool onderwyser want jy praat van studente – ek’s bly my kinders is reeds deur universiteit want as hulle deur ‘n aap soos jy opleiding moes ontvang dan sou die studie koste verhaal moes word!

  62. Tim

    Pik Botha got the wrong should have been “Pik Swart” or perhaps “Pik Steel”…yes like I said, like vorster and de klerk van mandela, pik swart botha was a free mason fool as well – all free mason’s serve the queen and the devil and are to stupid to know it!

  63. TiredofthisCrap says

    @Dirkie and Nda

    Call me old, ancient or a dusty academic, but I do not learn things from “movies”, nor do I take youtube documentaries seriously. If you want to learn about this world, open up a book or an academic journal (preferably a recent one, and not something written in a tabloid, 4 or 5 years ago, nor something hastily written on a blog or on the internet). In fact, open up more than one book or journal, ideally from wide and different viewpoints, and use your innate ability to discern information and critically assess them.

    For instance, I have read Hitler’s Mein Kampf. I have immersed myself in Dostoyevsky and Trotsky. I have even been known to read Chomsky, Russell and even Medved and Limbaurgh. I have even read Christopher Hitchens’ take on Christianity. I may be a scientist, but politics and history intrigue me.

    I tell you this, because an open mind does not mean merely accepting everything at face value, nor does it mean accepting crap as fact (quoting an article that was supposedly written in the the Reader’s Digest or the You magazine, show inadequate research. Go further than that).

    One of the greatest problems with our education system (present and particularly in the past) was that pupils were never taught to critically assess information. I implore you to be a sponge, learn, but QUESTION EVERYTHING, until you can build up a wealth of knowledge in your mind.

    I really wish you were one of my students Dirkie, there’s much for you to learn.

    But back to the matter at hand: The low IQ scores of black African in Sub-Saharan Africa does not show what you think it shows. Similar studies in the US for instance have actually showed that middle-class African Americans in their northern territories scored on average higher than their white and black Southern counterparts. Does it mean that northern Americans are smarter than southern Americans? Not necessarily, since at first glance, you’re not taking into account access to resources, levels of education, levels of poverty and whether a culture of learning even exists.

    When Rushdon and others first looked at IQ scores in Sub-Saharan Africa, Apartheid had just been abolished. The vast majority of our African brothers were (and still are) exposed to poor schooling, and only a bare handful managed to get higher education. I would venture an academic guess (and you can take me up on it), that as the black middle class increases in South Africa and access to resources increases (with schools focussing on improving maths and science understanding) IQ test scores for black Africans will rise considerably.

    Context my young Afrikaner friend, never forget it.

  64. 🙂 Poor Crappie!

    Let’s try this for the last time.

    Every time I walk out of my house, I come across thousands of cars. The one I drive occasionally is an Opel Corsa bakkie. When I come across another Opel, it is crystal clear from its design that it came off an Opel workshop.

    However, I also come across Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Mahindra, BMW, you name them. Interestingly, my Opel bakkie has two headlights. Using your line of reasoning (don’t be SO open-minded that your mind falls out, eish!), the Merc next door also has two headlights, so that must mean that, somewhere in the distant past (say, 20 million years ago), they shared the same evolutionary ancestors.

    This nonsensical reasoning could go on and on, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

    My point? Revert to my previous comments and your mind has been too open; it fell out some years ago. Only you have the burden of having to find it. The least I can do is to point out that an individual is still responsible for making intelligent decisions in a world that offers EVERYTHING (including nonsense) as a democratic option.

    If you don’t have an idea of what I’m talking about, ask the ANC. It’s true in science as much as it is true in politics. You are responsible for making your personal intelligent decisions. You cannot be the cesspool of history, raking in EVERYTHING in the name of openmindedness. Discriminate! DISCRIMINATE!! Weed out the nonsense and keep what’s actually worthwhile. Eish….

  65. This year i resolve myself to not get involved in virtual mudslinging; to not respond to other’s posts no matter how disillusioned i think they are; also to leave those with muddled perceptions about evolution and IQ tests to their own devices…

  66. TiredofthisCrap says

    @Nda or should I say Dirkie?

    You write so similarly, are you sure you’re not the same person?

    Anyway, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but cars ARE NOT ALIVE, they CAN NOT REPRODUCE (unless of course you’d like to tell us that your car has just mated with a small ford hatchback, and produced a weird bakkie hybrid). Cars do not possess genes, DNA etc.. Therefore YOUR ANALOGY makes NO SENSE. In other words, it’s not VALID.

    But let’s have fun with your analogy anyway:

    Each car created and developed is based on a blueprint which is ultimately based on a previous model, therefore the old early 1900s Ford T is one of the many engineered precursors of every single combustion engine car today. We could probably go even further back in time to the first steam automobiles and horse-drawn carts.

    This of course isn’t evolution (or natural selection), but merely engineering.

  67. Crappie, that was a METAPHOR. It is redundant to take every aspect of a metaphor literally. It’s like idioms. Only an English idiot would take literally the meaning of each word in an English idiom (which is what you are doing here). Please pay attention.

    Lastly, notice that we HAD to have Henry Ford inventing and eventually designing the Model T. THAT is my point. No creation, be it animate or otherwise, ever came about by some cosmic accident so many billions of years ago.

    If you get into the mathematics of probability (and mathematics is a hardcore scientific subject), the probability that animate life as we know it on this planet came about by chance is zero/nil.

    If you look into geology, you find a lot of comical circular reasoning (e.g. Q: How do we know how old this fossil is, sir? A: By the stratum of the geological column in which we find it. Q: But, sir, how do we know how old the geological column to which you refer is? A: Um, well, er… We know that by the type of fossils that are found in that geological column).

    Please! I wasn’t born yesterday.

    If you really espouse reading widely, the best way to find your mind again is to deliberately read all the material that discredits your current position–and then try to refute it INTELLIGENTLY. You will have NO option but to recant your current position.

    BIG BANG! Yeah, right!! LOL. When was the last time a brand new Model T ever came out of a horrific crash between a Ford Mondeo and a Ford Taurus? Better still, when was the last time you heard evidence that humans are actually getting smarter, since all empirical evidence points to the contrary? When was the last time that a new human being came out of an accident like that of the Challenger? When??

    With all these small and big bangs of accidents happening all around us, and not a shred of new life emanating from ANY ONE of them, hasn’t it occurred to you that that is one of the reasons why the theory of evolution is still THE theory of evolution?

    Come on! Grow up.

  68. TiredofthisCrap

    No….if you go thru all the conversations you will see that NDA and I are not always on the same wavelenght all the time nut have to say I am beginning to like Nda more all the time.. 😉

  69. TiredofthisCrap says

    lol, a metaphor you say? It’s definitely one of the most poorly constructed ones I’ve seen in a very long time. If you want I can explain to you the difference and similarities between analogies, metaphors and similies? I could be wrong but I seriously doubt the concepts are not in Afrikaans.

    In any case, I think I understand where you’re making the mistake, ignoring the obvious elephant in the room (i.e. sheer ignorance). You’re actually confusing concepts; cosmogenesis (i.e. the creation of the cosmos) is not the same as the creation of life (biogenesis). Incidentally, understanding how life arose is really at the forefront of science today, and it’s keeping many young and old biochemists, chemists, biologists and biogeochemists busy.

    You bring up an interesting tidbit about geology, yet you’ve completely missed the point, or should I say you’re misrepresenting the actual science?

    In geology you have two very different techniques of dating rocks, sediment and fossils, a) relative dating or b) absolute dating. Relative dating is the more imprecise method, but it gives you a general idea of where strata is in time.

    For instance (simplified for your benefit), if you have a sediment layer overlying a sandstone bed and granite, the sediment layer would be stratigraphically younger than the sandstone and the granite (according to the law of superposition). If there is evidence that granite intruded (considering that it is an igneous rock, think magma) into the sandstone (according to the principle of cross cutting relationships), the granite would be younger than the sandstone, because it’s cutting through the country rock. Therefore the correct stratigraphy would be (from oldest to youngest) sandstone, granite and then sediment.

    The example you misrepresented is called biostratigraphy, in other words using the relationship between strata and fossils (dates for which have already been determined) to get an approximate fix on where things fall in time (It’s also called the principle of faunal succession).

    Absolute dating on the other hands uses a number of really interesting (and dare I say it ingenious) chemistry and physics to determine approximate calendar dates. Generally, geologists would use the decay rates of radioactive isotopes. You’ve probably heard of carbon dating, or Uranium lead dating? Apart from radiometrics, they can also use a technique called thermoluminescence. All these techniques would have their strengths and weaknesses, so generally you’d use more than one. Similarly you would also use, relative dating methods in conjunction with absolute dating methods.

    Simplified version: You never use only one dating method, and in many respects it’s a bit like figuring out a 3D jigsaw puzzle, where you’re trying to find out when and where events took place.

    And in closing:
    LOL @ your car big bang scenario. Another poorly constructed metaphor?

  70. Crappie, dear.

    This was on New Year’s Resolutions. [sigh] Now I find myself having a back and forth discussion with a New Ager and I’m not amused.

    For one thing, the criterion of determining the poverty of any metaphor does not lie in your hands. You have to look at the point that I am making and as long as you get it (it matters little if you agree with it or not), then the point’s been made.

    I see I’ve made my point and it does feel like I’m handling poo every time I must respond, so allow me the freedom to go wash my hands, will you?

    Adios and lighten up. If your grandpa is a chimpanzee, little wonder that you don’t make much sense. I don’t speak chimpanzee.

  71. TiredofthisCrap says


    lol, how on Earth did you make that leap? Did you honestly just call me a New Ager? Do you even know what New Age philosophy is about? It’s just so ridiculously funny and deliciously childish. It’s like I’m on a schoolyard, and for no reason, you just cried out “potato”.

    But this is the funniest and strangest thing you’ve written all day:

    “For one thing, the criterion (sic) of determining the poverty of any metaphor does not lie in your hands. You have to look at the point that I am making and as long as you get it (it matters little if you agree with it or not), then the point’s been made.”

    I’m sorry what? That makes absolutely no sense. I have to say, you’ve really made an old man smile.

    Anyway, read up on what I’ve told you, and when you’re better informed (and make sure you work on your English), we can chat again.

  72. @TiredofthisCrap
    You have been engaging with this gent for a wile. Thanks for trying. I dismissed his ranting after his first 5 cents. I am a proud Boer myself. I know now how sensible blacks feel when the other idiots make those stupid remarks.

  73. The terrorism threat is real in thgis country since this regime angered bin laden for collaborating with british and amewrican intelligence to hand its operative over and he can use this moment to retaliate by bombing the stadiums during matches.

    the mdc`s,unitas,and mobutu`s and renamo are not for this government or blacks and they too are a possible threat so its justified to call for the implementation of plan-b.

    our intelligence has been ineffective since its inception waiting for its ,masters to instruct it whereas its it that should give instructions to them and all that their terrorism report contains its a lie and fraud.the rugby cup was not hosted by them but the nats and that`s why it went smoothly bec ause they invested in security.

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