ANCYL SACP tension

ANCYL SACP tension

ANCYL-SACP tension, 2010 matric results and football terrorism

The pre-election Malema vs Zille celebrity deathmatch cartoon last year was quite a hit. Wonkie considered having a similar cartoon this year with the ANCYL’s Julius Malema and higher education minister/ SACP’s Blade Nzimande. However, in the spirit of a peaceful start to the 2010 New Year, we decided to produce a more reconciliatory one instead.

In recent news:

1. The Togo football team came under machine gun attack in the Cabinda Province of Angola. The team were travelling through the province to participate in an African Cup of Nations soccer match. For those of you who are not familiar with Angola and its history, Cabinda is physically separated from the rest of Angola by a thin strip of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In true European colonialist fashion, boundaries were drawn with total disregard to the local ethnic composition, culture and identity. Angola claimed independence from Portugal in 1975 and Cabindan separatists have in turn been trying to claim their independence from Angola. 9 people, including 2 soccer players were injured and the team bus driver was killed.

2. One has to wonder if the Intelligence department in Angola matriculated in South Africa recently – that would explain a fair bit about their decision to allow the bus to travel through that region of Angola in the first place. The South African matric results were published last week and the pass rate has dropped from 62.5% in 2008 to 60.7% in 2009. When Wonkie drew a graph, this made a nice little downward line since 2004. If the trend continues, in about 50 years or so South Africa will reach the magical 0% matric pass rate already achieved by several schools in Kwazulu-Natal and Limpopo provinces. Basic education minister Angie Motshekga said: “Saying we are unhappy is too mild. We’ve had sleepless nights and agonised.” Indeed.

3. Several SA airlink aircraft were grounded by the Civil Aviation Authority in late December 2009 over safety concerns

4. Tensions in the ruling party alliance continues with mudslinging between the ANC youth league’s Julius Malema and the South African Communist Party (SACP). The alliance between SACP and the ANC helped bring Zuma to power during the last election. The parties now seem to be falling out of favour with each other and the conflicts in agenda are quite apparent. The ANC nationalists want to see a quick transfer of wealth from white to black hands and the SACP are pushing for more radical economic policy changes focused on a more equitable distribution of wealth to the masses. Most recent public comments allude to SACP wanting to investigate Malema’s source of wealth. Julius Malema in turn plans to force a showdown with SACP leaders at this week’s national executive committee lekgotla.

Wonkie thinks all this together with the heckling at party conferences, is great fun but still holds firm that President Zuma or one of his wives will soon slap the right people across the head and restore some order to this childish situation.

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  1. I just hope the security for the 2010 World Cup will be good – it is a high profile event and terrorists will surely try to use the platform to cause havoc if they can. In any case Fifa security rules are stringent and they will force South Africa to conform to their standards so hopefully there will be no issue.

    As for the matric results, I think government ministers should be forced to send their children to the schools with 0% matric pass rates – that’s the only way anything will ever be done. It’s no wonder our people cannot uplift themselves – they are not given the tools to do so!


  2. TiredofthisCrap says

    I agree Zweli,

    The matric pass rates are a huge concern, and let’s not forget the low passes we have for maths and science. If South Africa wants to be included amongst the rapidly developing BRIC countries, than a solid education will have to be a priority. This can be done, without South Africa becoming a wellfare state. I dislike the concept of a welfare state, since welfare only breeds complacency.

  3. TiredofthisCrap says

    I didn’t include it in my previous post, but that’s a very funny cartoon

  4. Seconded

  5. Jamie from George says

    Everyone seems to be very disparaging about the boundaries drawn up by the colonialists. Can you imagine what the countries would have looked like if
    we had left it to the various tribes to draw up their own boundaries!!!!! Africa
    has had lots of time to re-define their boundaries. How many have actually

  6. Julius Malema should not be commenting on education in view of his own dismal matric results.

  7. By lowering learning education, you’re turning out lesser qualified teachers. These very same teachers, going on strikes, making primary and high-school girls pregnant, etc, etc,etc, does not help the ultimate result – Matric. SA has experienced this, Nationally.

  8. I believe thie govt has done much to put all the resources the scholars needed but nwo i think the ball is in the scholars court to pass and brighten their future and stop blaming everything to the govt

    Private schools were there when did our matric and there were not much resources like now but students passed in flying colours .

    The problem with the students now ,they focus too much on things that are not important .Afterall whose future is it?

    People/scholars must start to be responsible for their lives and stop blaming govt for everything .Must govt come and stop our children from drinking everyweekend ,from sleeping out everyday leacving their books at home ,must they stop them from using drugs .?I think this is parents duty ,they cant even listen to us as their parents .

  9. A typical example of non-maintainance is the number of SA Airlink crashes. Poorly educated = poorly trained = poorly maintained aircrafts. Is SAA compromising safety by employing semi-trained apprentises to do the tasks of fully qualified aeronautical engineers????? Govt. MUST start an investigation into this in the interest of public safety.

  10. TiredofthisCrap says

    @Jamie from George

    A few African countries have tried to change their borders (by provinces or territories seceding from their parent countries or even countries attempting to merge), but in order to redraw countries you would have to have consensus from your neighbours as well. It’s a complicated matter, because invariably conflict will arise, when claims are made on resources (minerals, oil, water etc.). For example, would we allow the Western Cape to secede? Or would we allow Limpopo province to merge with Zimbabwe?

    This is unfortunately one legacy of the “Scramble for Africa” that we (as Africans ourselves) will just have to live with.

  11. Jamie from George says

    What happened to my comment re boundaries? Photo was not of me!!!

  12. If you live in South Africa,you are living in the bigest circus in the world
    Enjoy it while you can

  13. All Teachers should Take the exam in the Matric subject they teach and if they dont pass should be sacked

  14. TiredofthisCrap says


    That’s actually a reasonable request. You could go one step further and have teachers write a licensing exam. In other words, every 2 or 5 years, you have to renew your teachers’ license by sitting for one of these exams. If you fail, you either have to rewrite the exam (at cost) or you’re barred from teaching. In addition, through this process, you allow teachers to further their education and therefore remain relevant and informed.

    The other side to this would be remuneration (i.e. merit bonuses, competitive teacher’s packages and their ilk). When you do exceptionally well in your licensing exam, you move up a pay class.

    The point is, you want to retain the most brilliant minds in education, and the only way to do so would be to pay competitive salaries.

  15. black night says

    with regard to matric results – why teachers give kids extra lessons after hours at a cost to the child. If they are doing a proper job in school this would not have to happen. Do they feel that a child would learn more or is it an easier way of making more money. Yes money, because if the Govt. cannot
    pay them a decent salary why should they waste their time teaching properly in school when they can earn more by giving these kids extra lessons after school. This unfortunatley only favours those kids whose parents can afford these fees. And what of those kids that cannot. Well we’ve seen the matric results and I am sure these teachers are to tired to even bother about the kids that cannot afford their fees either because they are to ” TIRED” to teach after having given so many extra lessons or they just want to move on as quickly as possible to finish the syllabus . I really pity all those children that failed in all grades.

  16. OLD FASHION says

    Oh dear Oh dear, what can the matter be
    governing officials stuck in the history.
    It seems that they can not escape
    from trying to be mankind’s biggest mistake.
    To try and rectify everything thats wrong
    will take our country far much too long.
    Social responsibility the masses dont have
    uproars, protests, fraud and crime is their thing.
    This is the signs of the times that evil will bring.
    So let looks up to the LORD and call
    Please God do something only YOU can end it all.
    Victory will come in a way no one expect.
    Only the rightous will live and the rest will defect.
    Joy, peace and love is on its way
    so we all can look forward to that glorious day.

  17. the pass rates are to be attributed to the fact that most South African schools are for free and who has ever taken something that is free seriously?

    as for the shooting thats all the reason Africa does not deserve to host international events until we have put our house in order and learn to appreciate each as brothers and sisters and be at peace with one another.

  18. If the child has not learned the teacher has not taught – there lies the problem in failing schools. Evern Zuma has admitted that too many teachers in those schools are not qualified and a good number are not interested in anything but a nice cushy job in a country with so many jobless people. I agree with Jimmy, make the buggers write a similar exam and get rid of the useless ones. A problem might be, that at the end there will be too few teachers to keep the schools running!

  19. African Palace

    We have terrorists in parlaiment! This surely is the only country in the world with terrorists in government as an president! Around here people get elected to rule on the basis of how a good terrorist he was and not because of being brainy!

    As far as the matric results are does not matter..teach your child to be a good terrorist and he may become president one day!

    If you really want your child to get good schooling, vote for some right wing government next time! 😉

  20. TiredofthisCrap

    Africa ALWAYS was a bunch of welfare states! Now since 94 south africa is just following suit!

    Talking about schooling, if you are a teacher, ( you mentioniod that you have students somewhere else on wonkie ) stop teaching that old fashioned “big bang” and “evolution” bull and tell the young girls not to breed like rabits and not to carry their baby’s on their backs for the first year of their lives! 😉

  21. wonkie,

    Good cartoon…I mean good ide -> I just hope they’ll tghink of zuma as well and give him a ticket to angola on his friend’s busliner – SA Roadlink .. 😀

    let malem stay on sa airlink as he may come back to cause more trouble between the parties – that’s what I want – the more they fight each other the sooner they will come to a fall! 😉

  22. How are unqualified teachers allowed to take charge of kids? What %age of these ‘teachers’ are being paid by us tax-payers monies? Waste not, want not!

  23. yabatho 25

    Wow..thanks for not blaming it on “apartheid” again!

  24. Deena Naidoo

    No investigation need….clearly “affirmative action” is to be blamed for airoplane engines falling out! Same goes for the matric results!

    Not only did this brainless government stop training teachers, they also forced the white ones into black ares where they fear getting raped, robbed or hi-jacked..the result was that they left the country to go teach in england! The english were too eager to to use all the exceptionally hight standard teachers from the “apartheid era”! 😉

  25. TiredofthisCrap says


    Sadly Dirkie, the only thing that’s truly outdated on this blog is your Afrikaner-centric views and ironic SUPPORT of white supremacy doctrines. You’re actually centuries behind old chum, let’s not even forget your outdated and laughably ignorant views on science.

  26. TiredofthisCrap says

    Or are you going to quote a 5 year old Readers Digest or You Magazine again? Or will you support your arguments again by using some arbitrary youtube video? Or better yet, some pamphlet a bored housewife drafted for some arbitrary church in Boksburg?

    With “your superb skills in research and disseminating information”, how can we not take Dirkie the well-read Afrikaner boytjie seriously? 😀

  27. @ Dirk
    Sure this has nothing to do with it,but mainly with the present system.

  28. TiredofthisCrap 🙂

    The outdated one around here happened to be you! Point is that you english speaker’s lies to the poor blacks are getting clearer all the time! You english speakers were the ones who told them to camplain about the “low standard” schooling they got before 1994 and who encouraged them to burn the scools down! But now, old chap, it comes to light that the “apartheid era schooling” was the best they’ve ever had and that it was better than what they ‘ll ever have in the future as well!

    The more the wheels fall off, the wider my smile! 😀

    Lastly, the fact’s in that Reader’s Digest are still relevant – nothing changed since 5 years ago. Remember, the prophet from Rhodesia, Ian Smith said it will take about 1000 years…. not just one generation!

  29. Dirk. Please change your picture. Donald Duck was intelligent

  30. madoba

    Ducks also love Water…I happen to love the “Water of life” aslo known as Jesus and the Word of God 😉

  31. yabatho 25

    Glad to see you’r eventually willing to admit that the present system sucks!

  32. i think is high time Malema put in his place, the ANC has left the boy behavouir exeggerated for too long hence Desmond tutu took him to task the ANC has got to put a stop to his unrully and unacceptable behavaouir that misinterpret the ANC’s position of discipline.

  33. motaung

    “the ANC’s position of discipline.” ? Everything around (let’s not even take malema into acount) us show clearly that there is no such thing as discipline in the ranks of the a.n.c…..the president is thee best example of the non-existance of disicipline in the anc you can get 😉

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