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E-TV Crime Reporting

2010 Soccer Fans Robbed of Truth about SA Crime

A South African television station, E-TV, recently broadcast footage of a man stating that he was looking forward to the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup being held in South Africa – not to watch the matches but for the opportunity to rob foreign tourists. The criminal added that he did not intend to hurt them, just steal from them because he wanted them to return to South Africa so he could rob them again.

The man’s face was blurred out in the broadcast and E-TV is refusing to surrender the original footage to the police.

Of course, this is quite a slap in the crown jewels for Police Commissioner Bheki Cele and Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa. Wonkie thinks they are mostly upset because they didn’t get to “catch” the criminal before an E-TV news reporter did. The police have since issued the E-TV reporter Mpho Lakaje and eNews news editor Ben Said with subpoenas for the original footage and the criminal’s contact details.

Crime in South Africa is obviously a concern for both locals and international visitors. But should such footage be censored by government and the sources disclosed?


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Should the media be allowed to show such truthful footage on crime?

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  1. If the government stops with this rubbish and stays focused on trying to CATCH the criminals then this kind of situation would be a non-issue.

    Why don’t they apply all this money they spend on lawsuits and Julius’s 4×4 to better fund the SAPS – they are so stretched for resources already and I’m sure the additional help and support would help the police do their jobs better.

  2. HAHAHA!!! I love Bheki’s hat!!

    I dont see why etv is getting into trouble for reporting on the TRUTH – the goverment is pissed jus cos they looking stupid now!

  3. This is stupid of E-TV how can they broadcast this on TV we are praparing for world cup and our tourist and they are spoiling everything , they must pay for this .

  4. eenie meenie minee mo the dumb ass cops let them go!

  5. Journalists should inform police of such cases.Even priests who receive information of a commission of a crime in a confessional are obliged to report/inform the police.

  6. News that foreign visitors to the World Cup might be sold stab-proof vests also needs to be suppressed if the sole interest is promotion, which it clearly is. The truth must be stopped at all costs and to hell with visitors!

  7. eTV u guys are doing so wonders in our sunland.Keep up good work and let the police do much better than you.let minister and police commi stop talking and do the work. eTV DO NOT GIVE THEM THAT FOOTAGE SO THAT WE CAN TRUST YOU NEXTTIME YOU NEED INFOR. I am proud of you.


  8. Danny Jordaan froths at the mouth whenever anyone talks or writes about crime or terrorism in South Africa during the world cup. Visitors to the soccer extravaganza in South Africa have every right to understand the thinking of the most cowardly criminals in the world, who seemingly roam the streets of the crime capital of the world. The likes of Jordaan is not going to tell them so they must rely on the media to inform them about crime in South Africa.

  9. Andrew Schaffner says

    Suddenly WC 2010 has made it seem that the authorities are concerned – why never before ?

  10. Talking about crime in South Africa,was that Schalk Burger Snr who is now trying to push the green Point Stadium .I thought that Western Province Rugby said that they were not interested in moving to Green Point. I know Soccer celebrities can be bought ,but Rugby Heroes the mind boggles

  11. I wish the rob the journalist and they should not report to the police because they are not part of the society. Even if they see people commit crime they will do nothing because they seem less humane. Why should we help police if others should not. Robbers go to jopurnalists houses because they will not report the case.

    Yes they should reveal their sources but there are certain things that I think a very normal person should not televise because they make no sense, what are you promoting. We have so much crime because many of us blacks do report these.

  12. South Africans and the entire World should not be confused about what has been said by these hooligans . If they were intending to cause havoc during the world cup , they should not have exposed themselves cause they know that we are rated amongst the best countries in the world when it come to security . Police will soon cacth them .

  13. Namhla Ntuli says

    I do not agree with the way govt is handling this matter ,they must find a way of resolving it without compromising e-tv and journalist in question.Crime is everybody’s business.

  14. ANC is doing excatly what the NP did, why they want to tax us for SABC is because they want to control it permanetly?If it was SCORPIONS, they were to arrest the guys long time ago but because of the ANC Polokwane HAWKS they depend on E TV that sometimes blame for been anti-government.The Minister,his deputy and Commissioner must stop using their status to campaign for the positions in the ANC. why everyday they have something to tell us about? we are not all fools to follow up their propoganda. VIVA E-TV AWAY WITH SABC

  15. To ETV, I’ve lost my respect for you’ll as a broadcasting station for the following reasons: That criminal that ETV refuses to furnish his particulars to SAPS, is not in the publics interest. He claims that he won’t harm the tourist, all he wants from him is his money ‘so that he will return to SA so that he can rob him again”. If I was robbed in a foreign country, it can kiss my arse goodbye as I will never visit there again, besides, I will inform everyone I know about the trauma I suffered. I believe that SAPS is absolutely correct in obtaining a subpoena for that footage. ETV, don’t promote crime – SA govt beat you’ll to it.

  16. Sorry readers – we hit a small snag with the commenting on this post for a couple of hours this morning. It’s all working now – looking forward to reading your opinions!


  17. Really sad that we just cannot be honest and admit we do have a serious issue with crime and we cannot guarantee we will be ale to control it during the 2010 World Cup. Maybe the international community will offer to help, better safe then sorry right.

  18. SEGWAI frm KIMBERLEY says

    The police Chief and Commissioner must stop with their reckless public statements! It is irresponsible and dangerous. We dont need TALK,TALK and no actio! we dont need ACTORS, this is not Holiwood. They must STOP thier lazyness and do the work for themselves. Why should E-TV do their work. They should appreciate E-TV’s efforts of exposing such potential disasters about to happen and then get to work in catching these guys instead of threatening the broadcaster. E-TV did their bit by exposing this, now the police must make thier own efforts in catching the criminals. They are just lou-mouthed COWARDS with bloated egos who are wasting our taxes!

  19. thomas mmoledi says

    the comment made by those thugs is irresponsible,and cannot be condoned,particularly with the current wave of bad publicity enamatinng from those who are hellbent on painting south africa in bad light.

  20. Freedom of the Press is like Freedom of Religion, sacrosanct. If reporters cannot protect their sources, we shall never hear the truth, even an unpleasant truth. Imagine Members of Parliament knowing who has blown the whistle on them. The Public Prosecutor will be working overtime!

  21. As much as we respect the media’s indipendency and be loyal to South Africa and its people I really feel that this is unacceptable and E-TV should just co-oporate with the police and hand over the original footage sothat .

  22. It does not make sense that they do this at this time .I believe they should have look at it the other way around but not to do it international like this but I mean come on etv world cupp means bussiness job opportunities to Sa >but afterall this is not about safety issue its just about the racism because soccer is our sport if it was for Rugby or Cricket this cold not have happened.

    u know what I dont have time to argue for the people who dont want to give up and understand the fact that Blacks have stepped on white shoes now .

    Please etv and whoever is behind this stop playing a dirty game because this only about soccer being ablack sport as usual.

  23. E-tv shuold have called the policy immediately, the other chap says he was paid to do the interview, that sensationalising the whole crime.this journalsidt need to be arrested.

  24. Why on earth does Lolita Jan 22 @3.12 have to bring racism in to this subject?
    When will people grow up and stop angling every thing that is spoken or written as racist. The subject being debated has absolutely nothing to do with racism!
    The fact that eTV found this guy and interviewed him just proves again how utterly useless our police service is.

  25. big-up to e-tv,as you all know or rather pretend to not know that e-tv is goverment itself.let’s support e-tv for their good-job-well-done ’cause they don’t just mean business only,they are serving our goverment.bigup…

  26. I agree with Lolita, if they can say Rugby World Cup is comming tomorrow security will never be an issue, everything by a black is questionable. Did you hear Camerron, Nigeria question safety?

    Many coaches in England wanted their player back in Angola only Arsene Wenger talked like a man. He was even angry that in England when there is snow the security of the country is at stake, games have to be postponed.

    Why on earth will be question security in SA because of what is happening in Angola? Stupid!


  27. Jabulani Mabena

    They can’t catch the criminals as they fired all the police and replaced them with don’t-care idiots! No matter how they focus, they don’t have the will or brains to catch the criminals.. 🙂

    You must be african I quess as you have no problem with a lie! I see you have a problem with exposing it! That explain why Thaiti is wiped of the face of the planet as they have the same attitude and and practise vudu.
    And also explains why africa will NEVER stand up as the one pest or drought or floud are following the other without end…that is the way of life for those who hate the thruth…they become “disadvantaged” and then they lei again blaming the white man for for it!

    Get out of this circle of death; be angry with the lie and be happy with truth!

  28. Alex

    You miss the point, it’s safer in iraq where there is war than here in south african streets…that’s why so many whites go work there in iraq for big bucks… it’s safer in the streets over there than what it is in my house here in south africa..that’s a fact! 😉 Go speak to the guys who come back here to say hello to their families for short while and then go back to war torn iraq again :)s

  29. Neil

    REALLY? Is what you say true? So if cops tell bullshit srories to the media because they were paid to do so….it sure says a lot about their integrity! That mean they are even worse than what etv is telling us? 😉

    So etv is actually covering up for the useless ANC police circus!

  30. Alex

    Why do I get the impression you are one of the gangsters who are prepair8ing to rob the visitors and are angry to hear of all security issues getting so much attention?

  31. Let’s be realistic and accept the fact that we are under a new government.
    Stop the bickering and come to grips with reality.We must identify ourselves as one unit in a young Country and should progress towards a unified whole for the good of all.

  32. commisioner and minister must just wait. otherwise they are making themselves available for a wild goose chase.By the time they finish , they will be both tired and embarassed.Where is police inteligence?

  33. Cas

    What is it you are trying to say? That all of us stick together and become criminals?

    Sorry, but I refuse to unite and secondly, don’t call this ANC-circus a government because it is in fact a bunch of bigmouthed corrupt criminals who have NO idea of what the prupose of a government is 😉

  34. B K MAKOFANE says

    UK is the crime capital of the world but we do not hear about them because their journos do not report about such ugly incidences as much we we do not want to cesor news but some news should not be published this is not censorship but patriotism,am not a journo but was disappointed to watch that on e tv knowing that it was me and the rest of the world.


    Since when is the UK the crime capital of the world? Bro, keep in mind we are informed people here! You can go talk that kind of bull in the location and get away with it but not here! There is NO PLACE on earth where there is more crime than here in Africa – that’s a fact! Strange, the only other places like Brazil that come close are countries where there are lots of blacks!
    No use to try reason these truths away…just except the facts, where ever there are blacks, there is crime – and don’t angry with me for saying this as it’s not my fault it is like that! Why do you think that there once was “apartheid”? The only reason was to control crime! And I am afraid that “apartheid” is and was the best solution against crime up to now! Just swallow this bitter pill as it’s the facts of life!

  36. Police must leave E-TV alone.They must do their job by themselves

  37. I’d like to applaud Minister Mthethwa & Commissioner Cele on their approach, our media should not provide a thug road to fame stepping stone. Can CNN/Sky News broadcast an Osama interview without and objections in the US/UK. The sooner criminals & reckless journalists understand that RSA is no Banana republic the better

  38. Aphiwe

    What kind of a republic is this? A baboon republic or perhaps a parasite republic? Africa is the continent of crime, corruption and mistakes – the only thing africa is good at is breeding like rats and asking hand-outs from the very western world they so hate!

  39. lolita, lolita, lolita,

    Soccer as well as rugby are english games. At first it was just soccer, but then one day a guy picked up the ball and start running with it and others then went and stoped him because it was against the rules to run with the ball and so rugby was born….this happened near the english town called rugby.

    Bafana-bafana already proved that soccer is not an african game as the only team that I know of that they could win was swaziland! Nothing to boast about as a place like daveyton have more people in it than the whole of swaziland!
    The things happening around me on a daily basis made me believe that singing and dansing and stealing and breeding are the main african sports 😉

  40. lucas,

    I agree with you!
    Fact is, that etv are a bunch of english speakers and that means that they try very hard to be “politically correct” all the time ( otherwise the “queen” or the “bishop of canterburry” or some “url” or “lord” may get angry with them! 😀 ) and therefore, whatever they bring up, is just the tip of the iceberg!

  41. Tarcisio Adolfo says

    The police are chasing ghosts instead of criminals. Journalists are bound by journalistic ethics not to reveal their sources and should not be put under undue pressure to do so. Press freedom is an ass and so it must be. Yet still it must be respected. Journalists need to be left to do their work in an enabling environment and police need to do theirs as well and not expect jounalists to do their work for them. Hands off etv!

  42. This whole issue just show what a bunch of idiots we have to run the show! Fact is that no magistrate or judge can find those criminals guilty of anything until they have in fact robbbed somebody!

    Planning to do so, is no criminal act – and they are not the only two who can’t wait for the soccer fans to arrive! 90% of the police are included as they again plan to collect bribes from the soccer fans!

  43. I have followed this story closely with an intention to inform myself properly of the facts. I must admit that I am not a journalist, I am an ordinary citizen who is affected by crime. Whether or not it is right for journalists to reveal source or for them to be subpoenaed to to do is beside the point. First journalists claim to represent the interests of viewers or readers, that is that of telly ordinary peoples’s stories. Now if these stories carry pictures of criminals or intending criminals, I see no reason why they cannot report these to the police as a civic duty, which I believe it is everybody’s responsibility. Media should know better, that failure to do so is akin to being an accesory to crime. Freedom of press will be abused if the view is that criminals must be protected because they are a source. Had the said crminal told the journalists that he intends to bomb all the stadia meant for the world cup, would our news hound been quiet and dignified about their argument of freedom of press? If anyone threatened to blow up all news houses, print and electronic, would the argument hold water that criminal sources should be protected? I do’nt think so, what then makes this argument ok when a lunatic criminal threatens to rob our visitors? These are people who want to experience our hospitality, they deserve our protection as if they were personal guests. In a robbery anything could happen, people may die. Please leave posturing and pontification over this disgrace and protect this country from such people by cooperating with the police on deserving cases such as these.

  44. So they sold newspapers & TV airtime! Any criminal activity needs to be reported-maybe through Crime Line (32211)-because the cops cannot be everywhere all the time. This reporter really could find another way to divulge his sources and should do so if there really was a story to tell. This could be a bad reporter looking for some airtime too.

  45. I can not blame Nathi and Bheki to be concerned, after all it is their job to protect us. But i also think that they did not handle this matter very well. you do not fight the battle can’t win. its the job of the security agency to gather intellegence info not etv. and since when is intimidation a crime in SA? does the saying “should to kill” or kill for Zuma not intimidating enough. we donot even need etv to arrest the people who said it.

  46. I think the Kill for Zuma statement was blown out of proportion and used for selfish reasons & is completely different to the issue on the table. “I am also prepared to take up arms & kill for this World Cup” Is that hate speech or intimidation? The police must arrest those thugs & ETV must stop harbouring them.

  47. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Bottom line is, the public has a right to be informed of potential crimes to be committed against us. Well done, e-tv! Stick to your guns, DON’T give the cops that footage! I fully agree with Wonkie, them cops is a tad p’eed off because YOU got the story, with the guys on TV, and THEY don’t even know who they are! Personally, I think every member of your staff deserves a mammoth bonus for that!

  48. thami ntshuntsha says


  49. There is no need for police to ask the jorno or the tv station for the would be criminal’s identity because he has not yet committed the crime. This is an eye opener to the police to be wary of these kind of thugs in the society.

  50. pedzie

    Exactly my point too…he did not commit the crime yet so no judge can find him guilty anyway..the police should rather go for criminals who already did something a judge can book them for..;)

  51. It is clear that Journalists seems to be more alert than police-maybe is because it takes minimum of three years to become a journalist yet being a police is almost a year if not less.So why do we expect them to be pro-active while they are not trained properly?. All negatives issues need to be avoided to make sure visitor feel safe. Mr Cele must deal with criminals. Period.

  52. Gud morning people’s of south africa, the government doing the right thing to fight with crime in our country, especialy at this time because we going to host the world cup so lot’s of people are coming to our country so the policy they have to comfront e-tv until they find that criminals let’s help our government to fight with crime. FHASI NA VHUGEVHENGA FHASI

  53. 2021 is already here and don’t understand y crime should be exposed to a high degree now. Crime in SA has been a dillema even before Fifa awardwd SA to host World Cup so y now. Pls stop sabotaging SA Government because they are trying hard. I’m not a S African but I think this is not fair to SA.

  54. were there z smthing good there are some lunatics who would want to spoil the fun, so i say to mr criminal go TO HELL brother, u aint going to spoil the fun, world cup z here to stay and everybody will enjoy it, GO MZANZI GO

  55. its so stupid wat the media do…we are al trying for a great 2010 and can you tell me that in ermany there werent any criminals who where looking forward to the world cup strictly coz they can rob some stupid tourist but did the german government go out looking for them? NO but in SA we are always looking for the bad in everything good that happens in this country

  56. Celeste,

    The problem in this country is the “trying hard” government! Governments should not be “trying” – they should not just know what they do, but should be able to plan ahead as well…this anc bunch…what can I say…a “trying circus”

  57. Da Truth Minister says

    You know people it is very sad when that we joke about our crime, our president and all his friends, how bad our counrty is run, how dirty our cities are, our bad transport system, our low level of education, that men can rape and kill our women and children and go scott free but dont dare pay your TV licence late and you go to jail. but what else can we do but joke about it because nobody is prepered to do anything about it except blam the old goverment for things going wrong with the new goverment…. makes alot of sence hey. South Africa get your head out of your arses and make the differance befor you distroy our lovely country.

  58. It may rain stones our country an rain gold in other countries, but i would rather be living in Mzansi, we are not in paradise but in the world that is charaterised by evil things. so what do we expect?

  59. Da Truth Minister ,
    If there’s still something left here to destroy please don’t mention it here (where Tim or Cedman can see it ) as there are too many eager eyes looking for something to destroy african style!

  60. tourists don’t go to S.A. Go if you want to be robbed, and raped and murdered.

    If you happen to survive you will have some story to tell.


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