Howling crybaby Malema cartoon

Howling crybaby Malema

Who can stop Julius Malema?

Wonkie tried desperately to make a cartoon about anything other than ANCYL President Julius Malema or the bedside antics of South African President Jacob Zuma. But alas, we failed. Just about every headline over the last week in South Africa revolved around Malema denying, crying, howling, complaining, shouting, whining, whingeing, or threatening about something.

The most recent moronic sequence of events kicked off in full steam last week when he addressed the media at Luthuli House and angrily said that criminals would now target him and his family after media reports about his extravagant lifestyle.

“You come here and make allegations. And you put my child at risk, and my child can be kidnapped because I’ve got R140-million and people will demand R10 million from me because I’ve got R140-million,” said Malema.

Now let’s stop and think for a moment – isn’t that just amazing? Suddenly a prominent figure in South African politics acknowledging that crime is an issue in South Africa, albeit a little sideways. Imagine what would happen if someone like Julius Malema actually becomes a victim of crime. Perhaps the likes of former police boss Jackie Selebi now simmering on corruption charges in his resumed trial, would have taken their jobs a little more seriously if they were directly impacted.

Since then, tales of Julius’s abundant wealth and numerous directorships have been all over the press. Malema insists that his signature has been forged on public records. The It’s all lies defence seems to work really well in South Africa. Still, Wonkie wonders how long before the poor masses that Julius claims to represent so violently realise that Mr Malema is really NOT one of them at all. And that perhaps, just perhaps they should take his rhetoric with a pinch of salt rather than blindly following him into any abyss he chooses to jump into.

The even greater question on Wonkie’s mind is whether the vociferous Mr Malema will actually be held accountable for anything by the ruling ANC party. There are now a few spears headed in Malema’s direction:

SARS and a lifestyle audit;
– investigations into potentially dodgy government tender proceedings involving Malema’s companies; and the latest spear
– Julius is reported to have been driving without a valid driver’s license since September 2009. In addition to that, he has also racked up a number of unpaid fines for speeding and skipping a red traffic light. All the fines are ironically linked to the single car that Julius has confirmed he owns. After getting caught in one instance travelling 107 km/h in a 60 km/h zone (for which an ordinary human South African would likely be locked up), the nine policemen that had managed to pull Malema off the road were issued letters by traffic chiefs asking them for a written explanation as to why they ill-treated the poor, innocent Mr Malema. Needless to say, it is reported that the mandatory speeding fine was not issued after Mr Malema sought intervention from Limpopo Transport MEC Pinkie Kekana.


If consistency is a value of the current government, Wonkie expects Mr Malema will walk off without a speck against his name: the SARS lifestyle audit will be called off – well, just because it’s unconstitutional or something; the tender investigations will be found to be 100% legitimate by his parliamentary peers on the basis that they also engage in similar practices with their own companies so therefore whatever Malema was engaged in was perfectly sound business practice; and the traffic fines and driving with an expired license – that could surely be easily forgiven with a small ‘facilitating payment’ (a la ignored Carte Blanche TV expose), or friendly explanatory phone call to the traffic department.

It would be great to get Wonkie reader’s view on how Julius will fare against this latest wave of victimisation against him (if you are unable to vote below, please Click HERE to reload the poll):

How will JULIUS MALEMA fare against all the recent accusations?

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  1. In anything happens to Julius, even after investigations I’ll be very surprised! 🙁

  2. You know truly speaking I lost trust to all the ANC leaders, let alone this Malema saga. This boy is doing all this because of the corrupt leaders that are leading this country. How many ANC leaders that have misused the funds and yet have been changed from their previous posts to new posts. Malema will not stop because he was the one who fought for Zuma to be a president.

    Now he can’t say anything about this young guy, because hi is thinking that if he does then all the criminal records that were withdrawn during that time will all come back and maybe he will go to jail and his kids will suffer as he is making kids left right and centre.

  3. Ol' Pliny says

    When referring to recent talks on gender testing, Julius said the word
    ‘hermaphrodite’ does not appear in his Pedi dictionary.

    Perhaps he should look up the word ‘Honesty’. Hermaphrodite should occur a little higher up on the page.

  4. Morthan Craaim says

    Ag shame, maybe someone can tender to guard him and his. Or can’t he just tender his one company for protection? A win-win!

  5. He is untouchable because the majority of the voting masses love him. They hear and see him for free on sympathetic government-controlled radio and TV instead of the more criticising media for which they have to pay.

  6. Julius should be kicked out of the ANC to set an example to others within to stop the corrupt practices they like to preach to others about.

  7. Moss Moshodi says

    Juju is above the law, some of his seniors afraid of him hence is spoil naughty boy of the ANC

  8. The media must do their utmost to inform the ANC young masses about this selfish “pampoen”!

  9. Malema needs to be institutionalised or put behind bars. His latest accusations that his signature has been forged is ridiculous. How do you forge thumb print?

  10. Malema is simply following the example of Mugabe who has lived in luxury whilst the country has slipped down the tubes!

  11. put him in JAIL and throw the key away

  12. I make fly swatters with his face on them and they dot even harm the flies. They just go away because of the hot air created.

  13. OLD FASHION says

    It is fine that Dalema’s allies are defending him that is just giving him more rope . Let’s just wait and see fate is an amazing judge that no-one seems able to escape.

  14. It really is a scary thought, but who can stop that idiot Malema?!
    Edmund Burke once said: “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.”
    Therefore I propose for the good of the nation that Wonkie should stand for president! (seriously) Keep up the excellent work!

  15. Openyoureyes says

    What makes you think that anyone, at any time, connected to the ANC will ever get his just desserts? They are a corrupt government that should never have been voted in in the first place. When you have the multitude of uneducated people voting democratically, it can’t work – they vote for ‘Mr Nice Guy”, not for a leader who will deal with rot that is corrupting our nation.

  16. Guys, really you are not listening with your ears, rather with your emotions, why does all this life audit staff has to happen to malema whilst the likes of ramaphosa, sexwale, motsepe etc, just came out of no where with 10 x by what malema has and there where no audits done, come on, let’s face it, it is sabotage.

  17. This “Punk” will remain “guiltless” along with all the other “Untouchables” in Government who are fully aware that if they break ranks and allow one of themselves to be exposed, then the “Paw-paw will hit the fan” and we will witness a “Expose one then expose all”
    When will Voters learn to vote with the brain rather than the heart.
    Notice too how the SABC once again has regular videos on the
    terrible days of Apartheid. I believe this is to simply shift the focus away from the ANC government. They do this each time they are being exposed.
    Continual showing of these videos does not help in Nation Building. Yes! Apartheid was hideous, whites themselves are disgusted. But enough hatred is enough. 1994 was a year of promise, let’s get back to that promise, put the past behind us and become a NATION UNITED.

  18. Unfortunately our beloved country has become a joke…………..Corrupt liars at the top, every man for himself………..very sad. We need a charismatic, honest, hardworking leader and party and we need it fast.

  19. If I can recollect many years ago the was a Traffic policeman who issued a ticket to the then Mayor of Durban for parking in front of a fire hydrant, and was instructed to cancell the fine and he refused, as he said if a private perdon can get a ticket for the same reason so can the Mayor who should set an example.
    The traffic police man was discharged and was promptly hired by council on the South Coast as Chief of Traffic.

  20. Julius is simply an ANC clone. Get used to it. This is Africa not Europe.

  21. He is just a smoke screen while the anc is planning some other more dangerous moves while everyone is watching julius nobody is watching them.
    They also read your comments and use it in their future strategic planning as this is a scares comodity. Be careful.

  22. Juju has learnt corruption practices from his close comrades in the Broad Church it stands to reason that he should be recall like Mbeki be it is too late

  23. Give a man enough rope and he will hang himself. Bullies are usually cowards at heart. The media and Wonkie must keep up the pressure and eventually he will crack
    Alf, I think your comment on Malema’s thumbprint was worth a good chuckle.

  24. MK, you have hit the nail on the head. This country needs a hardworking leader with wisdom and moral integrity. Keep on praying.

  25. Lion King jnr. says

    No one is above the law so let the law take its course,forged or not what about the assests he owns where did he get the money for that?

  26. Julius MOTORMOUTH should go back to school until he passes those woodwork exams. Only then will he be able to put a cabinet together for us to finance through our taxes. Hevan help us is this recuring nightmare comes to pass. What is more likely is an early comming of JC as predicted by JZ.

  27. raphelav says

    Although he is my homeboy and all but fact remains, he is just there to keep us entertained whilst the real politicians do what they do best. why do you think everytime there is a petrol hike or eskom hike or serious problem in service delivery or change in the budget, they let him loose like a clown to console us that is always something better to complain about rather than the real issue

  28. lossprev says

    Unbelievable…When is this cr@$%p going to stop??? I have a matric, a trade certificate & 30 years work experience and yet I cannot find a job??? I guess I should just join the gravy train and live happily ever after!!! Sad state of affairs.

  29. Harlequin says

    How can we ever hope to win against crime with the example our “leaders” are setting. Ever think that the moneysaved can be used to pay off Escom.
    Like the rest of Africa we are dissapearing into a Black Hole called Africa. There is no escape once you are caught in it’s gravitational pull

  30. Ignore him,he is nothing but mouth

  31. I think we should leave Julius alone and concentrate on what can drive us forward meanwhile. Lets not be like this Zille who spends sleepless nights dreaming of what what to vomit through her mouth concerning our Government and the people of this country.
    I think I should also spend time dreaming of how she can find herslf in oblivion politically

  32. Julius can be sent to Haiti as our ambassador. Here, he can re-build bridges which may fall down soon after, even without an earthquake or big wave. Here he can promote wealth and prosperity for all Haitians and invite some of his mates and mentors (eg Bob M) to see how to rip the international donations market.

  33. I must have NOT done something right in my time. I am a qualified TV, Radio and Computer Technican, and I am battling to make money. Yet, we have an arsehole, failure of a cabinet maker, who’s got R140m. How many banks did his boys rob, how many govt. contracts did he swindle and how many arms and legs did he have to break to get where he is right now????? I am not a jealous person, but, this sharing of my monies is bullshit. ANY TAKERS!

  34. Emma suggests that the media should advise the youth regarding Dilema’s rantings, selfishness and unfortunate style. No Go, luvvy. He is the president of the youth league which was established to promote the ANC to teenagers. What a lousy education! His action are more to deflect public viewing of other ANC doings. I wonder what will come up next (no ref to JZ of course)

  35. Ol' Pliny says

    Walter, have you heard Gracie Field’s song,
    “Walter, Walter please lead me to the altar, I don’t cost much to keep in food” ?

    Perhaps Helen Zille later intends following the example of one of her top men, IE:
    Douglas Gibson moaned like mad about the ANC till he got on their nerves.
    They then made him a Diplomat in the Middle East. To his unending gratification.
    This is a trend which perhaps Marthinus Kortbroek originated.
    When your party fails – Simply jump into the ANC bed and they’ll take you to the altar.

  36. He likes calling people fakes ,he is the’ makoya”fake.That’s what you can expect from a high school dropout.

  37. If Malema represents the poor, he should learn to abide by the laws of the country.Secondly, the truth is the only wapon to win any battle.

  38. Denise and Ashley Eaton says

    When it comes to this guy Whites are really NOT wanted in this country unless visiting with dollars or sterling – when he takes over from Zuma he’ll nationalise everything and then white man you are going to feel sorry that your pinko/lib relatives, friends, colleagues and fellow soft hearted church goers had their way………….he’s on a roll……….YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO STOP HIM……and one last dismal fact……….YOUNG blacks are behind him

  39. there is this saying you can take a villager out of the village but not the village out of the villager if you know what i mean

  40. Send this fraudster, moron to robin island for 107 years.
    He is a disgrace and devalues everything that Madiba, and other men and
    woman of intergrity has worked so hard for. What I would like to know is, what does Madiba say about this road show???

  41. Complete brain cell says

    Firstly malema is JZ’s jester,boy without nuts, puberty on the far distant horizon,never had a good hiding by anybody,ignorant puppet on a string testing the patiences of our society, nationalizing mines , banks etc is a reality, and he is out there protected by the ANC to test us. The media is only fueling the fire by playing into his hands,they should ignore him completely, people hate him because he is getting away with murder, and I think those that are allowing him to run freely through our society infecting the brains of the brainless have no “nuts”…somebody needs to take this situation under control before the “shit hits the fan”

  42. Now is the opportunity to turn crime to something good. malema is browning his pants over the security of his family. It’s about time he had stress in his life. It’s the only way to bridle a mouth, by worrying about self instead of forcing his “charisma” on the masses. Let the criminals scare the hell out of him, it MAY be a humbling influence on the arrogant sod.

  43. he must just do whats right for once in his life we cant be seating discussing malema he,s starting to bore some of us just think of his pic crying its sick he eat the money thinking that no one will find out but because he,s always talking to much he was cout all he needs to do is to pay the price finish and klaar

  44. He is A Walking Public THUG !!!!

    He lies , again and again .. and says he is For the People, …
    That is Another LIE !!! …

    So now the people are begining to see the real truth,
    .. He is milking South Africa For its Money !! ..thats all he cares about …

    He is a Judas’s of the ANC’s principals, He is not fit to lead.

    He is an impostor that practices his arts on the community at large, and missleading them with false promises .

    He is in it for the Money !! Thats All !!

  45. After reading the comments already listed i don’t feel to bad about adding mine, that the Malema’s of SA are getting away with murder and draining the state coffers is fact, is anybody going to do what is necessary to stem the flow of SA down the tubes? does nobody care anymore what happens? sad day for Mandela’s vision of a great nation, totally wrecked by selfish morons.

  46. Long before Malema the ANC already had S.Africa on a slippery slope, Malema is only applying the final touches……We are all going to die…..

  47. Julius must accept the SARS audit and once found to be on the wrong side, be recalled. The ANCYL has got plenty of good leaders who can take the Movement together with all the Youth of Mzantsi to much greater heights than what he is currently offering. Its high time that Comrade President let ‘the Puppet’ face the music, unles He also has something to hide, judging by His current behavior as the leader and mentooor of the Youth and the Country as a whole.

  48. Pliz, leave Malema alone.People like Lekota amassed wealth.But noone is talking about them.They, for the sake of cheap publicist,are also calling for Malema probe.Its not fair for the young boy.Leave him alone guys.

  49. Ol’ Pliny
    malema’s pedi dictionary was compiled by the hated Afrikaners (not the smiley faced english cowards who pretend to care about blacks) who knows mr black very well…they would not bother to find/create a pedi word for “honesty” as we Afrikaners know very well that the place for such a word is nowhere to be found in africa! (this honest remark of mine will be called “racism” by some englishspeaker)
    We Afrikaners also won’t have the word “Hermaphrodite” listed inn his pedi dictionary as we Afrikaners aslo know they would not acknowledge anything the jumping mad bone throwing sangoma with the crazy look in his eyes does not know about (and if he did know about caster’s birth, he would have used him/her for some medicine anyway and gone was the proof of the existance of a Hermaphrodite!).


    If you believe your so called “madiba” is not the same kind of fool as malema, you must be living in some english dream world…if he really was as honorable as the english-media wants to paint him, why then did he commit acts of terror? Did he not commit his terrorism to get fools like zuma, malema, selebi, pandor and others where they are today?

    frannette , your vilager saying must be a european one…here in africa we say that you can take a monkey out of the bush but can’t get the bush out of the monkey

    duma, as an african you should know the truth has no value in africa…even the world’s idiotic englishspeakers are waking up to this reality 😀

    Ron, you must be english and

    Walter, this government of yours is not what Zille vomit about, THEY ARE THE VOMIT and I get the impression you are one partical of that vomit!!

    davidos, I don’t know who this “Emma” is that you refer to, but it looks like Emma is not aware of the fact that the youth can not read whatever the media may write. You say you wonder what will come up next with no ref. to zuma…is that because you know his dick will be the next thing to come up? Dicks are the only things in the african history that ever came up…all the rest went down faster than the speed of light! 😀

    a strydom …you are so right, he is nothing but a big mouth..maybe bafanna-bafanna should use that mouth as “goal”…who knows, maybe one of them manage to kick the ball into it and score for a change. 😉

    Lion King jnr.
    please change your name as you are no lion king but rather an idiot king to sday no one is above the law….JZ, yengeni, mc bride, that drunk judge, shake-shaik and a dozen others are all examples of people being above the law just recently..go talk you bull in england as they will believe you..

    Tanni, to pray for something after ignoring Jushua 23:6-14 is to stir God’s anger…unless you had in mind to pray to satan

    MK, the “hardworking” party will surely not be a black party as in my whole life have I not found one hardworking black…they can steal and lie and bullshit like nobody else but “hard work” never was part of african culture and never will be as africans believe that the man can get finnished while work will never be why work hard if you never going to get it finnished?

    Just like “bingo players” you don’t get it….ramaphosa, sexwale, motsepe etc, made their money during the so-called “unfair apartheid” years when corruption was “opressed”..therefore no audit is needed of the money they made before 1994..what happened afterwards is another question and their silence on this audit matter says a lot, …or are they silent because they know that an auditor who can’t add 2+2 with an calculator and get 4 will be used to do the audit??

  50. Dirk.. this is not a place for your stupid comments about afrikaans vs other languages, if you cant stick to the topic then i suggest u stay away from here

  51. Dirk.
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  52. francis janssen says

    well if i realy have to say what i wont to say you would not like it , but here goes i wounder if he is not one of ZUMA,S long lost son , so that is why he is doing what he likes , and to think that he get away with the thing he say,s and the tommy rot he speaks , were in your rite mind in to day can you blaime all your wronge doings on some dark force i wounder in the world were he came from , and that the youth of to day belive him , the next time i dont send in my tax returns i will say some dog name HELLEN ate them up , well i hope to her from you . and i like what i read from you thank you FRANCIS

  53. Ol' Pliny says

    Dirkie, it’s nice to have you back. (sans bible – LOL – You truly tell it like it is – Ek se!
    All this hype about Mandela reminds me of the little boy in
    “THE KING’S NEW CLOTHES” (Hans Christian Andersen)
    The entire city saw the king completely naked. (‘cept the ‘lil kid)

    Some time after his release, a Sunday Times editor in his editorial asked Mandela
    when he was going to start governing instead of following the sun from Country to country collecting accolades.
    Yet, all of South Africa nowadays regards him as an icon of true leadership.

    This is not the way I heard people describe him before 1990.
    Nor is it Queen Elizabeth current opinion of him. Dirkie is one of the few ‘little
    boys’ brave enough to shout, “Look at the KING, look at the KING.
    Thank God, I never voted for any government during my 28,000 days on earth.
    I’m neutral – But I have been a very keen observer.

  54. Hey Dirk,
    Why do you try so hard to turn this conversation towards you, rather than leave the limelight with Malema. Me Thinks you are looking for a soap box of your own.
    The only difference is: “HE HAS THE MONEY” while you and I sit picking our noses.
    As for me being a “Rooinek” no chance mate.
    Soentjies Hoor,

  55. treat him like an ordinary citizen is treated

  56. He must admit and apolgies to the public,there after means of recovering the tax payers money should be applied. This can only happen if his defender from the highest office allows the law to play its role.

  57. Falconian says

    How easy it is for us ordinary mortals to misunderstand how complicated Comrade Juju’s life has become.

    We all imagined he was merely the leader of the ANCYL. However, now that the press has unjustly exposed his true lifestyle for all to see, it is clear that he will obviously be earning a salary far in excess of the paltry R20,000 a month that the press has labeled him with.

    Now this might easily cause the hard-pressed masses to doubt that someone like Cde Juju is really playing in the same ball-park that they, because it would seem that he plays in an altogether different league … which is kinda going to make life a bit difficult for his spin-doctors.

    We, the struggling masses, never realised that Cde Juju has other sources of income and another constituency he must answer to. The scariest part is this is enough (in Cde Juju’s own words) to make him a potential target of criminals of every kind. His child could face imminent kidnapping.

    This statement again is not going to endear him to his spin-doctors (but no doubt the state will cover such eventualities … so it will not have to come out of his own hard-pressed budget.

    But, because the brevity of the threat is so immense, I would like those who are responsible for Cde Juju’s safety to seriously consider (for his own protection) to send the poor man into exile outside the country, perhaps with a new identity, until such time as the crime situation in South Africa is under control?

    Hey, Big Brother … its only a thought!

  58. Oh Africa says

    This Malem person will get away with everything for now. He will also come into power one day (In some form) and South Africa will follow the rest of Africa into absolute despair – It is well on its way. All these monkeys have nothing on Mandela and it will all fail, be prepared.

    I feel for those who want to move forward and make SA prosperous and strong. Remember Rhodesia…how quickly Africa can ruin Africa!! Be warned.

    Please note these comments are not made from feelings of hate or pity they are made from a sense of helplessness and realisation that there is nothing we can do. These people will continue to rape the continent and the good people will leave or stay and suffer.

    Please direct any comments regarding this post to

  59. ag maan enaf olredy, wat were anyones expectation? dis is just de beginnin. more entertainment about to happen while de country pay de price. let our entertainers b olrite. JM & JZ u guys rock wiiii

  60. Ol' Pliny says

    Apart from the top brass, the only ones drooling over Malema are the poor masses who regard him as the Moses who will deliver them from poverty.
    Few have access to these media reports and are obviously stirred by Juju’s
    raucous visits.
    This too, is a tactic. Masses times frenzy equals votes.
    As was the case with Peter Mokabo, Juju is the latest chosen one.

    To see the way South Africa is heading, google the following:
    “Frontline fellowship Peter Mokaba”

  61. jabulani says

    The wheels of justice may be turning slowly but his time will come.

  62. Falconian says

    Ol’Pliny, you are spot on – King Juju’s antic are screened from ‘the masses’ by a cocoon of ignorance. Elements of the media that are critical of Juju and Jayzee are demonised and neutralised, while the government-supporting media (paid for by the tax-payers) turn the two J’s into demigods.

    As was the case with white South Africans during the Apartheid era, ‘the people’ only get to hear what ‘Big Brother’ wants them to hear.

    But politicians who are supported by spin instead of substance have feet of clay. The old saying goes that you can fool part of the people part of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

    Even ‘the masses’ eventually get pissed off when they realise they are being taken for a ride. Right now perhaps the top 30% of Jayzee’s support base know full well there is a massive con-job on the go … but they, of course, are also on the gravy train.

    However, offer them a viable alternative and they will begin to desert the sinking ship … because sooner or later all must see that the current government is unsustainable. You have only to do the math to realise the obvious. Keep on pushing up the price of fuel, electricity and water and eventually people can’t take it any longer. In times of economic hardship, the ‘gatvol’ factor begins to take on far greater significance.

    The problem is they need an alternative home to go to … and when they look around there isn’t really one that is truly appealing.

    Bottom line … we need a united opposition under a leader with broad credibility and appeal.

    Which of course still leaves us to address your fundamental problem: “How to give the masses access to these media reports”.

    If I look around several answers spring to mind … for instance, have you considered the percentage of people in this country who have cell-phones?

  63. Juju must tell the Senior Citizens of South Africa and the young people the truth about his lavish lifestyle as to where exacly his getting millions of rands at the young age. Juju must know that a bull is kicking at random at last and is kicking indiscrimately.

  64. no,not @ all!ANC general secretary Gwede Manthash once said ANC is like tap water which means they run towards one direction… if this filosophy still stands it means to me that since they are @ best corrupt,they will cover each other up. they came with a mission when they oust MBEKI to feed their pocket for as long as they are in power. who can challenge that zuma and his crew are in a false friendship as they supported him through-out to get this immunity to still from the poor and account to nobody. i hate the current ANC admin with reason and i cant be made to do wrong bcos of wealth. i hav conscience and wil die with that. i cant steal! I repeat Malema is another Tsunami ask another motormouth , mr Vavi, he attest to it. He knows Tsunami the best,he knows that it is unstopable not even he himself cant stop it. He must know that as you lay a bed ,you will have to sleep on.

  65. Ol’ Pliny – checked the link you posted and had a bit of a chuckle at the “selective” use of “facts”. As a Christian I agree with certain of the sentiments re the “humanist” agenda but do take strong issue with any tacit christian suppport for any “system” i.e. apartheid as implied. The apartheid government was evil, satan had his field day on that one – he must have lauged hysterically when parliment was opened in prayer and then the godlessness of the laws etc were enacted. The GOD of Justice and Love was certainly no part of apartheid, no matter how many predicants were marched through the corridors of power. If you were old enough to attend that detestable beast – SANDF – you would remember starting the day with “Laat ons lees en bid” and as soon as that was over the profanity and hate etc. would come tumbling out. I have met many covert ops secret police guys subsequently and none of them were christian at all in their ways nor displayed any remorse for their actions. The only one who susequently did is now removing landmines throughout the world to try to atone for his past – he feels he is called by God to do this. This is not to say that many individuals were not “true Christians” but to imply that apartheid was a system that was put in place to stem the “Red Tide” (Rooi Gevaar) is a gross simplification and an insult to the many true black chrisitans I know who suffered under this satanic beast. By the way – the real reason we were in the SW (namibia) – given to us as a protectorate by the UN – was to maintain our grip on the mineral wealth there. Also in Angola, Dos Santos won a free election and Savimbi engaged in a terrorist campaign to overthrow a legitimately elected government and help ensure that the once beautiful Angola would become another African disaster…. Finally we need to remember that God loves everyone with equal measure, regardless of whether they recognise him or not – he created everyone of us for a purpose – even JZ and Julius, and even DIRK – I for one will continue to pray that they all find the saving grace of Jesus and then they will truely understand what it is all about.

  66. Nothing must happen to him, how many people in the private sector engage in unlwaful activities, they own contract contracted to the companies we work in, nobody questions them and aslo with the public sector the is to much corrucption to fill a drum. so please leave him or start with people in the private sector first and he will follow.

  67. Ol' Pliny says

    Phred, it was merely a reference to hate speech the ANC allows it’s members.
    Neither do I support any of those ‘so called’ Christian churches that were, and are
    involved in political activities. Yes, I did two years of military service when I was 16,
    and was brainwashed into praying for the death of our enemies.
    Ministers forsook their calling and lined up to become chaplains, paid as captains.

    I could see the hypocrisy, but too young and scared to react. A few years later,
    I was also almost brainwashed into voting for Group Captain Sailor Malan
    who basked in the glory of having shot down over 30 enemy planes.

    The election slogan at that time: “What’s the difference between Sailor Malan and
    Doctor Malan” (NP president) The answer to roars of laughter and scores of votes:
    “The one is an Air Ace, the other is a Kak Ace”

    I regretted having joined the army, and requested a discharge.
    The english Sergeant Major called me a fence sitter and coward before granting it.

  68. Come on guys! Listen to me. Ignore this fart and he will go away! He thrives on publicity – deprive him of it and he will become less outrageous and outspoken, and will eventually shrivel up and disappear on the wind.

  69. Ol'Matie says

    He should be banned from all politics……banished is more like it to Zimbabwe or even further….Isle of Man

  70. He reminds me of Julius Cease(r) – Cease (seize) all the mines and the white man’s money!!

  71. Phakzen, u r just out of oder,Infact awunangqondo.

  72. Yokohomo says

    Ah so, Ashokia. Please to meet other Japanner on blog.
    Maybe we take honourable Phakzen to Kyoto university in Honsho.
    They can make good diagnosis from him.
    Zuma we take to Hokkaido. Plenty Geisha girl wife there.
    Juju make fighting noise. We send him to Sakhalin.
    Nice big Sumo wrestler Taiho Koki like to meet him.

    Adiosu tomodachi.

  73. i think the media must leave Julius Malema alone, for crying out loud don’t you guys have life…come on, i think you guys are scared to approach the “people” that have been doing what you think Malema is doing to can afford all the laxurious goods he has. live the boy alone and face your peers!

  74. If there was any moral left in our politics, then he would be investigated….. but then so would all others who benefited from corruption in the ruling party.

    As it happened with JZ MALEMA is a victim of political consiracy…… POOR HONEST GUY!!!.

  75. TT… It’s not a question of one language against another, but it’s about making it clear that it was the english speakers of this world, who walk with their noses in the air because they think they know better than anybody else, who were the fools that wanted this circus full of clowns like malema to govern this country….I just happen to like to rub this in until some day an english speaker will admit that the “verkrampte rockspiders” are the ones that truly understand Africa…Verwoerd was genius!
    So, TT, if you can read between the lines, I am actually telling you english speakers to substain from making any negative remarks on these ANC commedians as it is “the english speaker’s dream come true”

    To get back to Wonkie’s remarks…the fact that eveybody eventually just walk away ontouched…. Except it, Africa is ruled by the way the bones fall and the way that sangoma understand the meaning of it and when you want to be corrupt, he will give you some medicine to ensure you get away with it…and woe to the one, who dare go against that medicine! Hope this explains why charges against zuma were eventually just dropped, the arms deal investigations called off and why other’s are being removed from office while still being paid sitting at home planning his next criminal act. Bone throwers are gamblers and all forms of gambling leads to death and when a country is governed by the way the local sangoma’s bones fall…it’s just a matter of time and the mines will be nationalised – the bones has spoken! Therefore, Malema’s masses may go on a rampage if investigations deliver something they don’t like because the masses fear even more to go against the bones!
    Think about this…leaders return “home” from time to time to go walk between their people to show his involvement with them, to show his love for tradition by seeing his family bone throwing GP, even have a shake-shaik-beer at the local tavern and to impress the business community, show up at the golf club etc. All these bone throwing GP’s various regional interpretaions of the bones eventually bring about what zim is and what we have today! Just imagine, mugabe was voted out, but is still in the seat! (because the bones spoke!)

    Welkom in Afrika..Kaas dit en geniet dit!

  76. phred
    What apartheid law was satanic?

  77. he shud just be KICKED OUT, farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr out…..this dude doesn’t even know the difference between “killing yourself” and “suicide”, that was sooooo hilarious, LMAO!!!!!!!!! he is seen to be the next president coz he gave peeps fruit & blankets, OMW!!!! he is just the best, hahahhahaha.
    he shud just resign out of his own free will to spare himself embarassment, and the rest of the country more so!!!

  78. He should be castrated. So my children, grandchildren & the whole of SA should not go through what we are going through right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  79. I think you must find a way to deal with your Malema, malema in my language means wounded. We are also facing the same challenge on how to deal with the President of SPYL in Namibia, Elia Ngurare. Ngurare in my language means irrepareable

  80. Everything that Julius is doing, he knows that no one will touch him.ANC is always protecting him,corruption in South Africa will never end cause it is there in ANC offices. If he is not wrong why must he shout and not be polite explain everything in a polite attitude as a grwn, inteligent gentle man.

  81. I am bit confused , but realy ANC is afraid of the guy

  82. Wake up South Africans, white and black, and smell the coffee. All the above comments, although true, are irrelevant to the true state of affairs. Malema is just a mouthpiece of the present day ANC. With a very, very few exceptions, the whole government/regime is tarred with the same brush. Malema’s and the ANC’s arrogant, dishonest and immoral behaviour is due to the fact that many black people have voted for them – some to enrich themselves, others although educated, because they have been indoctrinated to go back to the dark ages and go against anything western, (not the luxury trappings)hence the revival of unhealthy, uncivilised, barbaric and primitive practices like initiation cerimonies or the painful slaughtering of animals in their backyard for their ancestors, in full view of civilised neighbours. All this in the name of African Culture. What culture??? These people are just a bunch of bloodthirsty savages and the Malemas of this world i.e. ANCYL , belong to this group. Although I came to SA as a child and I am now a SA citizen, I’ve had a multi-cultural, multinational education and have travelled extensively in Africa, sometimes visiting and staying in Kraals and made friends, therefore I know black and white people very well.
    South Africa and sub-sahara africa are fantastic places with wonderful people, but with cruel, greedy, corrupt, immoral governments that have ruined their countries and then the BAD West has to jump in to feed them
    The majority of Black people are still too tribal to revolt and remove THESE LEADERS because they are black, hence the success of disgraceful people like Malema, Mugabe albeit Idi Amin and Mr Love Pants among the black materialistic youth. It is widely known throughout Africa & South Africa that the majority of black people are irresponsible and only live for today. They are consumers and destroyers – very seldom builders and to these people idiots like Malema are heroes. To everyone out there, unite and remove Zuma and his cronies before this wonderful country becomes another Zimbabwe. Surely today, with so many skilled black people there must be an OBAMA somewhere!!! Regards Emanuelita

  83. [deleted by moderator]

  84. I think Julius is following the curse of believing his own hubris. The hero starts off as a poor boy beset by many adversities but becomes powerful. His life changes for the better but as he becomes more powerful he becomes corrupted, feels untouchable by any consequences his increasingly bizzare behaviour can bring upon him. Eventually nature catches up with him and his Nemesis rises.

  85. Why an OBAMA?? what makes us think that OBAMA is any better?

  86. Falconian says

    Perhaps Juju is not all that he appears to be?

    I read an interview with him (in the Daily Dispatch) just after the last General Election. This was a very different Juju to the buffoon we are exposed to on a daily basis. In the interview he stated quite openly that the ANC had used him as a decoy … his purpose was to distract opposition parties so that they took their eyes off the ball.

    Think about how incredibly successful he was in dragging a whole lot of red-herrings into the debate, and distracting focus away from the REAL political issues of the day towards total irrelevancies.

    As I recall, even Helen Zille got dragged into some ridiculous debate around her personal life at one stage.

    Is there any reason why what’s currently happening should be any different?

    Whenever the ANC needs someone to distract attention from their own very obvious failings they haul out Juju. And he always delivers!

    He draws the ‘enemy fire’ … while the real issues like spiralling prices, appalling service delivery, Jayzee’s serial infidelity to his many wives, the Eskom fiasco, etc … are conveniently ignored. His critics (and that includes virtually everyone in the country) spend all their/our time and effort maligning Malema. The REAL issues are ignored.

    Obviously, just as Jayzee needed to rent-a-crowd to demonstrate that ‘the people’ were behind him during his rape trial … so there are a similar group of acolytes assigned to support Juju and demonstrate that ‘the people’ are right behind him.

    And if this blog is anything to go by, it’s working.

    It’s a brilliant strategy. Whoever it was in the ANC who conceived it has, I’m sure, been amply rewarded with one of the most luxurious seats on the Gravy Train.

  87. The media, opoosition, opposition within ANC must stop harrassing Malima what he is is to himself.

  88. Falconian says

    My logic is that Juju is useful to the ANC in that he makes every one else in the party (no matter how ineffcient or incompetent) look brilliant by comparrison

    in much the same way as his supporters in this forum (by virtue of great qualities of wisdom and maturity that all of them demonstrate) … make Juju look like Jayzee by comparrison.

  89. Ol' Pliny says

    Double ccmments are being received this side.
    IE: The same comment repeated twice in the ‘In’ box.
    Perhaps other too experience the same.
    Please correct this.

  90. The world will have it’s gods…….
    Somebody please tell me who is Julius Malema?

  91. emanuelita

    You speak like atypical english speaker……you refer to them as “savages” and call them iresponsible fools who only live for today, you call them consumers and destroyers while in the same time also refer to them as “wonderful people” and eventually pretend that you think Obama is skilled while typically like an english speaker pretent that you believe there are manny skilled black people out there while everything is falling apart!

    What really beats me is the fact that if I do not come accross like you fork tongued english soothsayers, you ask me how can I call myself a christian!

    I am amazed that you never mentioned the “goodwill of all of africa’s wonderfull people” somewhere in your phrase as well!

    Out of the whole white race, you judgemental fork tongued english speaking liars are at the very bottom of the ladder, yet you walk around with your noses in the air telling everybody how to do things believing the rest of the world are in awe when just seeing one of you! You bunch are a disgrace to the white race and I put most of south africa’s problems today and the fact that we have to deal with a zuma, malema and other total corrupt brainless savages in front the door of you fork tongued english speakers!!


    To answer your question, J M and his kind are the english speaker’s dream come true. From the Afrikaner’s point of view, JM is a very important man as he got the task to cause havoc in this “new south african” circus and bring it to a fall and to get back to wonkie’s heading on this discusion….I don’t want him stopped – he must keep on doing his good work getting his ancyl, cosatu, the sacp and the anc into war with one another!

  92. Burt Lancaster says

    I think this idiot and J.Zuma must be taken out. Where is our sharpshooters. This idiots always laugh on tv. They feel a fuck and steal our money. They are the biggest clowns we ever had, bigger then F.W. and TUTU. And thats BIG. What happened to this proud country? No morals! No respect! 1 fucking Q. WHY!!! WHY DID I AS A KID HAD TO GO AND FIGHT IN ANGOLA AND SEE MY FRIENDS DIE, WHEN I WAS STILL A KID????? I have a British and Belguim passport and can go there anytime. I DID MY 2 JRS. I WILL STAY. I WILL DIE FOR YOU SOUTH AFRICA DEAR LAND. Some one have to take them out.

  93. I dont think he is circumcised. Theres no end to that prick


  95. it will take at least 100 yrs for all the kaders to die , then law will start returning maybe then Julie will be held accountable

  96. Ol' Pliny says

    Hi PM,
    Double ccmments are still being received this side.
    IE: The same comment repeated twice in my ‘In’ box.
    Do others here experience this as well?

    Perhaps it’s Juju virus that Julius sneaked in.
    From the internet:
    “Juju or Ju-Ju is a word of West African origin, derived from the French joujou (toy)
    that refers to the supernatural power ascribed to an object; or fetish. It can also refer to the use of such objects, making it a form of witchcraft.”

  97. @Ol’ Pliny – I think it may have something to do with this new caching thing we’ve implemented to help the load times improve for the website. I’ll check it out to make sure you’re not subscribed twice (although that really should not happen!)

    Are any of the other comment subscriber to this post receiving duplicate emails each time a new comment is posted? – please Contact Wonkie and let us know.

  98. Why should everybody worry or bother about Julius been in a commercial world. I dont see any reason to anquire much about someone’s personal life rather than llooking into oneself development. One old man once said a stupid someone shall look into other people’s business or affairs which lead to total failure in life. In zulu langauge is called UMAMGOBOZI

  99. Nkunzi's Pasture says

    Wanna know who’s going to stop Julius Malema ? ….. Julius Malema!!

  100. daniel simelane says

    i think our oppinion about julius differ, and i think you have jugded him already. the poor man is from the previosely disadvantage comunity yes according to what we have fought for this country he`s got a wright to be rich as long as he does not rob or kill for his wealth. tell me most of the afrikanners in this country how did they get their wealth from. investigate them from 1948, maybe julius is much human than them.

  101. Ron,

    Like Ol’ Pliny said, I am just the little boy shouting..not to get the lime light on myself, but on the KING… 😉

  102. In answer to Dirk/Ron’s comments – 1. I am Italian not English. 2. With people like Obama, taking his western upbringing, you can put another person’s opinion across. With most of the present day ANC, you cannot. There are still some skilled, decent and honest black people among them, but I know for a fact that their opinions don’t carry weight as they are not members of SACP/ANC and don’t have fancy connections. It is only the connected ones that land up with their bum in butter, not the average, educated black person. They suffer like the rest of us. But unlike us, these africans will not turn against another african no matter how rotten. It is the revolutionary jargon that interests black youth, not integrity and hardwork. They have been brainwashed by the ruling party. Both my two sons, fought in Angola for 2 years, although with dual nationality they didn’t have to. They fought for SA against Communism, an ideology even worse than Fascism, like most youngmen at the time. Today everyone is bitter at FW for handing over this beautiful and successful country, which we all built (Minority Groups, Knowhow, etc) to the ANC, on a tray. The world was changing and with a mixed parliament these despots could hve been kept in check. I have always been surprised at the Afrikaans mentality – didn’t you know that you could not trust the ANC especially the exiles and their cronies? I have worked with them for almost 15 years. Most of them are not interested in SA but in self-enrichment and they are only loyal to their clans and to their various tribes, hence their hiding behind “It’s my culture” cliche. In the organisation I was working (at senior level) HR Dept was informed that before employing a person, they had to look at this person’s POLITICAL AFFILIATION. Under these circumstances, how can you get rid of Malema, JZ and their cronies? The poor are uneducated and will always remain so because most of the ANC executives will keep them that way so that the poor will never rebel against the ANC and the ANC executives will get richer and richer. Look at Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa – all basket cases that the west has to rescue. Blame also white liberals, who even today, refuse to acknowledge that most Africans in high places, are not to be trusted. Perhaps, if the Afrikaaners of old, had kept their rifles and discarded their bibles we might not have been in this situation as they could have helped the indigenous population to evolve and not be slaves to their chiefs and sangomas. Although I practice my Christian religion, I will not be enslaved by it or believe everything that comes from the pulpit. Let usa all be ruled by common sense and independent thinking. Be lions and not sheep. Regards Emanuelita Rastelli (Mrs)

  103. Give me a gun and an address!!!

  104. Ol' Pliny says

    Dirkie my friend, rather lay this Julius blog down to rest. Its stale and smells.
    You’re a very religious person and we have that in common my friend.
    During my many decades of studies to find the truth, I have accumulated about 25
    various versions of the Bible, besides the Koran, Joseph Smith’s Mormon Bible
    and many other religious books. You need to read the book ‘Power and Glory’ by Adam Nicholson.
    Harper Collins Publishers. (2002) King James was biased on the side of the Bishops and wanted
    little to do with the Puritans who were reformists. The KJV (1611) originally had over 20,000 errors
    which were reduced to less than half that over the passing years. Not to mention all those so called
    ‘Holy words’, IE: Thou, thee, thine, doest, knowest, taketh, shalt, etc. They have even discarding the
    original printing plates along with those of the American Standard Version. (1901)

    You probably use an Afrikaans Bible. I have a few of those besides my English and Dutch ones.
    (Even one in hoog Hollands) Get yourself a copy of the New King James Version 1982 By Thomas
    Nelson Inc. It is this version that I mostly use in my Bible studies. It harmonizes nicely with the
    terms used in other translations. Please don’t respond to this message in these blogs.

  105. daniel simelane says

    to emanuelita yes julius is like mugabe. mugabe sin is to tell the truth which europeans does not want. so they label him as babaric while they are the worst babaric human beings

  106. To Daniel Simelane
    Why are you so blind and ignorant. Mugabe is another Idi Amin. Mugabe is wanted for genocide murdering almost 20 000 of his people. It has been proved that he is a cheat and a liar and was rejected by his own people who are on their knees through sickness and starvation and now the hated Europeans, as usual, have to come to the rescue of another bankrupt african nation. Show me an African government that has done good to its people.

  107. Makalanyana says

    Please leave the dude alone…. I would like to meet him over lunch or dinner and listen to what he has to say… just listen to him talking under G.

  108. You cannot have a discussion with somebody who is illogical – just a waste of breath! I would not like to have lunch or dinner with a first-class idiot, even if he were to pay!

  109. Prince Valentine says

    Given enough rope he will eventually hang himself. The more he dishes out all that drivel, the more he exposes himself and the ANC…. People will eventually realise as they already are of all the corruption that is going on.
    “Go on… More Malema, We need More, go bite the hands that feed you.

  110. Like with the Titanic, on the right time somebody will say about malema,..”not even God..” and then he will go down like the titanic

    malema already said “nobody can stop me” when recorded; I don’t wonder, I know Who can and will stop malema on the right time

  111. If he is not the devil, I am sure the devil do not even want him. He was unfortunately born without brains! Death penalty! One bullet, lat of Malema

  112. ONE BULLET! LAST OF MALEMA. Unfortunately…. what a waste of a bullet! NO BRAINS…. empty tins make the most noice! Lost of African youth members hate him as well! When will he open his eyes? IN HELL? TO LATE THEN!

  113. Excellent Emanuelita !

  114. Lekker post! And with intelligent musings I will definitely be linking to in future! My concern with Malema is that the negativity in the press and our blogs is only feeding his monster (his pet ego), provoking him into increasingly aggressive and arrogant rampages. Surely we need something that HASN’T been tried before? I’m proposing we “kill him with kindness”. It’s pretty damn radical, but what do we have to lose except two minutes of our time? Read this and let me know what you think!!

  115. DIRK – long absence – the fact that you need to ask is answer in itself – I will pray that your eyes will be opened.

  116. i really thing that people should stay away as far from possible from malema before he could hurt someone this time

  117. Phred

    Not so sure what you are talking about…but yes , please pray for me…I can do with that!

    March 18th, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    These ANC people were brainwashed by the englishspeakers of this world…a small task as there’s not a lot of brains to be brainwashed here in africa.


    malema is already hurting road users as it came to my attention that malema is the owner of a company that fix our roards….and like I said some other place on wonkie, zuma’s dick is constantly looking for a hole and he may find a black tar road full of potholes sexy….the reason why malema’s company gets paid to fix potholes but don’t do so in order to provide for the sex drive of his president.. 😉

  118. He is a thief and a lier. All he worries is about his own wealth and intersests and pretends to “care” about the underprivelaged just to get support. He says the most ludicrous thing that even a normal child would not think of. The acetylcolene is not flowing very well in his gray matter

  119. it is old news of julius. the boy can’t listen and think at the same time because of his big mouth,if he goes to prison he will be free and we the taxpayers must support him, i don’t think julius was voted, ANCYL knows everything about him and they just let him do what he please cause he is snake that one of his lovely days will beat himself to the tail, many currupt leaders have fallen down julius is still young but he won’t make it to the next election his days are numbered when,where and how only God knows.JULIUS is not JESUS but some-one /his right hand man will sell and judge him just like VERWOERD.

  120. Jan, Nee, No, Fine,
    From all the mail here it would seem that our Malema Baby is a favourite amongst Wonkie Authors.
    Should the ANC fulfill their needs to stifle freedom of speech, you better make the most of it while you can.
    S.A. is well on it’s way to becoming a slum. Sadly the Slums of the Townships are even worse than they were in the days of the Nats.. Better smell the roses while we can, cause it is not going to go away.
    Jo-burg was considered a Metropolis, the financial centre of Africa. Today it is a slum.
    But then (take note Dirk) the Nat government did nothing to raise the standards of the Black African. Today, having handed the country over to them we can’t seem to understand why they are unable to run the country. WE show our own stupidity by criticising their behaviour in how they handle the countries finances by filling their own pockets. We complain of “Jobs for Pals” etc…. What did we expect. Did we expect a graduate below Standard 3 to run the country efficiently? Or to halt the spread of HIV with Boiled vegetables or taking a shower? Did we really believe that the financial wealth of the country would be utilised to the fullest?
    We displayed how naive we were to hand the country over to uneducated, untrained people and now we show our stupidity by blaming them????????
    You all know the saying: “point a finger and you have four fingers pointing back at you.”
    If all the above criticism was rather turned around with offers of advice, perhaps someone in Government might read it and say: “Hey those “Whities” aren’t that stupid after all.
    Soentjies julle.

  121. Malema should be stopped asap. Mark my words, he will become president of south africa. When that happens, south africa will follow a similar,but much worse,route than zimbabwe.

  122. Malema wants land. Give him a farm and, perhaps, his “G” in woodworking will come in handy!

  123. Ronald Brown says

    He and the rest of the ANCYL cronies shold be tried for treason and should be politically banished they are responsible for the worsening of race relations and the alienation of races why does this goverment insist on allowing such idiots with little or no education to have a free reign to sow seeds of destruction this will come to haunt the ruling party for years to come

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