Julius on Sharpeville cartoon

Julius on Sharpeville

Sharpeville Massacre – 21 March 1960

On 21st of March 1960, the South African police opened fire on a large crowd of black protesters with live ammunition. 69 people, including ten children, were killed in an event later described as the Sharpeville Massacre or the Sharpeville Shootings.

On the day, over 5,000 people gathered outside the local police station in Sharpeville, Gauteng. They were protesting against the pass laws which were in force since the 1920s and which severely restricted the movement of black South Africans. The protesters insisted that they all be arrested for not carrying their pass books. Over the morning the group grew significantly and over a hundred armed police reinforcements were dispatched to the area.

In the early afternoon, following the attempted arrest of a protester, a scuffle broke out and police opened fire on the unarmed crowd. The gunfire resulted in 69 deaths and over 180 injured. Later that month, there were demonstrations, strikes and riots around the country leading to the government declaring a state of emergency and detaining over 18,000 people.

The Sharpeville incident lead to the banning of both the PAC and the ANC and also marked the shift from the Gandhi advocated passive resistance to armed resistance in these organisations. 21 March has since been declared Human Rights Day in South Africa.

Of course, it takes a very special man to ignore the significance of the day and instead to focus on who should be taking the “glory” of it. Unverified sources have claimed that some older PAC members have clubbed together to buy Julius Malema an around-the-country ticket on SA Roadlink. This follows yet another SA Roadlink bus disaster yesterday in which a double-decker bus burst into flames on the N3 en-route to Johannesburg.


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  1. Catherine says

    Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it. I see Julius Malema has rewritten history once again. He should read George Orwell’s 1984 to get some tips. One of which is, rewrite everything every day so that there is no written history to trip up your confused ramblings. Is this our next president? What an uneducated moron. And they thought Mbeki was out of touch because he was an intellectual! Which goes to prove that there are educated and uneducated morons.

  2. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Why doesn’t someone shut this idiot up? The only positive thing about him, is that every time he opens his mouth, he puts the ANC cause back about 20 years! What “glory” was there in that terrible, tragic incident so many years ago? Innocent people (don’ matter WHAT political affiliations they had!) died trying to demand the most basic of human rights. Eish! Ju Ju! You really don’t have a clue, do you?

  3. this is a new low for the youth president of our time, as the teacher would say; it is indeed by chance that a man would find themselves is the position they are in in life time

  4. Dukie 743 says

    The Sharpville massacre was a very sad tragic day in the history of South Africa.
    It was a ‘crime against humanity’, A justified protest which led to the deaths of 69 innocent people and the maiming of many others.
    Most were shot in the back.
    The protest march had been organised entirely by the PAC.

    The PAC also organised and carried out the cowardly murder by gunfire. of 11 people in a church ]St James] in July 1993. All were shot in the back. Many others were maimed after having been mowed down like dogs. This happened over two years after Mandela had been released and when apartheid was all but dead and buried.

    We must also put up a memorial and remember the 67 foreigners murdered in a fenzy of violence in May 2008, when crazed xenephobic racist South African mobs, went on the rampage killing, looting and burning the property of fleeing innocent ‘black’ people, merely because they happen to come from another country. At least two foreigners were even burnt alive as seen in the world’s newspapers and TV screens the following day. The whole world watched in stunned horror, as on their television screens, mobs of grinning looters were seen carrying away the goods of the fleeing innocent foreigners. The United Nations declared the racist violence ‘a crime against humanity’ and yet to this day, almost 2 years later, not one of the culprits has been tried and convicted in a court of law. Obviously this is a gigantic cover up due to the publicity it would create prior to the soccer world cup. It is because the looters and killers have got away with their horrific crimes that there is the probabilty that xenephobic violence will often re-occur in the near future.

  5. julias should just keep the whole in his face shut !!!, he is now crossing the line.he is hurting a lot of people with his stupid comments. I as a P.A.C. youth will not tolarate his bullshit, this is P.A.C. not his A.N.C.”JULIAS let sleeping dogs lie”. to all amafrica high moral, high decepline yizwe lethu”

  6. Julius should apply at Unisa and take history lessons, Even if he never passed his matric, I think becauce of his influence and millions will gladly accept him

  7. Allisto King says

    JULIAS….you are costing us comrade…….I am an ANC supporter, I respect what the UDF, PAC, AZAPO, APLA, MK, COSATU,SACP,and ANC did for SA prior to the 1994 elections……We had a common enemy which was ultimately defeated….Now who are we to claim to be the better than anyone today…..What do u think this is doing to the spirits of Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani, Sabelo Phama, Joe Slovo, Oliver Tambo and the others……Don’t misuse history to campaign for the future……..Those books(Old books) are written and safe…….Don’t misuse them to write your own…(Tis Unfair)………Compete with you rivalries using the present to debate the future, and not the history that often confuses u………………….Long LIFE the spirits of the men mentioned above……….Go do ur home work Julias

  8. I fail to understand why it is an issue that the Sharpeville massacres were led/ organised by either ANC or PAC. The fact of the matter is that black South Africans died. The ANC or PAC did not die. Let us celebrate the lives of South Africans- ANC, PAC- who came to the front, period!

    We are now getting into divisive politics that will surely reverse the gains made on days like the Sharpeville day, and others.

    Peace and calm be with us all.

    The issue is neither here nor there

  9. Pity people live in the past and forget to start a better future for all so we keep on going backward. What a backward country we are becoming.
    So long pass the clever and wise will march forward to the future without halters of the pass

  10. Nkutu William Moalosi says

    Juju, this comment is unnecessary. The Deputy President represented the country in commemorating that tragic day.

  11. Ju ju, please go back to school and learn to understand, I am a card carrying member of the ANC, I doubt if my party will get my vote if they keep this moron for the next year, it is time he should live politics to politicians and concentrate on his business empire.

  12. Of course, it takes a very special man to ignore the significance of the day and instead to focus on who should be taking the “glory” of it.

  13. I have nothing against Malema,but what is our president and his deputy doing this is not a joke

  14. He`s right in alluding to the fact that”white reporters”are pushing the “supremacist”agenda while being journalists but since this is not new but stems from the past where distrust of them by blacks was recorded by the fact that blacks did not send letters to the mainstrem media fearing that these reporters will dispatched these to the cops which would lead to their detentions or lack of finding jobs.

    Currently,these reporters who emanates from white secret societies like the Quackers,scientologists,freemasons,witwolves are building-up a powerful army in the CBD`s made-up of what they call`refugees,hawkers,street kids and carguards to discomfort,inconvenience and unsettle black South Africans while whites are enjoying the length and breadth of South Africa .

    These are terrorising,robbing,raping and assaulting blacks in these cbd`s they are overcrowding and domineer,control and rule!

  15. Hi,

    I prefer the idea of sending the malignant Malema to sea in a sieve

  16. I prefer the idea of sending the malignant Malema to sea in a sieve

    `what`s this?faggot mascot?haha.

  17. Whether the PAC; AZAPO or the ANC led the Sharpeville march is irrelevant, what is relevant is the fact that they were marching for a common course. They were united by a common goal, to liberate this country. Malema is narrow minded in personalising this day to the ANC. This day should not be about this, it should be about gratitude, respect and the comemoration of our comrades who fought and lost their lives for the liberation of this country.

  18. Whilst he is busy rewriting history, in South Africa we have a Sharpeville massacre every day as 52 innocent people are murdered, so maybe we should declare everyday of the year a Public Holiday for everybody else, Government is already permanently on holiday if you look at lack of service delivery.

  19. Come on guys, don’t be so hard on the little retard. Without Malema’s idiotic tirades the news would be very boring. What is disturbing though is that the president admires his ‘leadership style’. Great intellectual void there.

  20. There is no stupid person like Ju Ju in the world.
    I think you should go back to school my boy or learn to read before you comment

  21. Let us all put down facts in this matter, not Jujuju’s opinion. I think PAC should be given credit on this day even if they have interrnal problems within the party. PAC initiated and communicated with ANC which did not respond to the PAC but criticised PAC in public newspapers. The ANC realised it later that PAC’s actions also makes a difference in SA as they were also arrested in the state of emergency that was as a result of PAC’s actions that lead to 69 people down.

  22. First of all, stop rewriting history. The facts are that shortly before Sharpville, policeman went into Cato Manor in Natal and were murdered.

    On 21 March 1960, a crowd of FIFTEEN THOUSAND converged on the Police Station in Sharpville , to be met by a line of 75 armed police. When stones were thrown and the crowd began to rush forward, the police opened fire. Were they supposed to stand there and be stoned to death? 56 Blacks died and 162 were injured. I blame the politicians who were willing to sacrifice their people. It is regrettable, but these people should have known better. Nobody should follow politicians blindly as they are NEVER to be trusted.

  23. yes we have lost brothers,sisters mothers and fathers in the struggle for freedom.This is one situation that will never be igonred come what may. Surly it has been said in the past that if you follow politician you will never come far.

  24. The sad thing is that I asked a Grade 12 learner today about Sharpville, and the idiot asked me if it’s a new kind of greeting….It is sad that the ramblings of a BIGGER idiot makes more waves than what happened on that fateful day.

  25. If you watch closely you will see Julius flash his teeth every now and again when he opens his sphincter to speak. The PAC is well aware of this fact and that is why they hijacked the show on Monday.

  26. Do these black politicians ever see whites or indian politicians fighting each other in public over trivial matters nogal…?

    This is raised suspicions as regards their preachings that they represent blacks since it has become obvious that theirs is power at the expense of blacks!!!its very childish and ludicrous to argue as to whose initiative the sharpville march was for since what is important now is the goals of that march!what were the goals of that march and have they been achieved.

    the answer is out in the open with these large numbers of blacks who have been deported for being suspected of being illegals because they thought it was no more neccessary to worry about passbook but found the hard way that its a continuation from the past to the present!the streets are full of white and indian illegals but they are never questioned because these black cops are a continuation of the apartheid cops.

    its on these grounds that i`m oppossing the games and sending blatter numerous correspondence to enforce plan-b.

  27. Allisto, Mvakes bros please speak to Julius about this, he is loosing focus. I am for his alert potential on racism (its still here in many ways) as much as we ignore it, we brush against it everywhere in the country, at work, in the CBD’s and especially on private businesses and properties. Who’s members organized or died in the Sharpville massacre is not a debate, we mourn lost lives in the name of our struggle as people, be it Black, Coloured, Indians or the few white who supported the struggle. We all lost our brothers and sisters and that alone should mean we respect the day and not try and swing votes for it. The ANC has enough support and power to get votes, all we need to do is focus on how we bring about the promises made in the previous elections to reality in the midst of the problems we face.

    The time must come where the country put aside the party colours and wear a South African flag and service this country with honour.

  28. Turning the coin over, lets look at the other causes not thought of that led to the Sharpville Massacre. School kids were supposed to be in school learning, and not throwing stones at police or rioting. You take a situation of 2000 odd children running without a cause, aimlessly, not even aware of their intentions, would provoke any eventuality to occur. Someone instigates something, and mob-violence starts. It’s not a conducive feeling being caught up in situation of being attacked by vengeful mobs. Believe me, I’ve been in a situation. Anarchism cannot and will not be tolerated. We cannot afford to have ‘gangsters and ex-cons’ sitting in Parliament passing laws to tell us how many children to have. We educated adults must take back SA.

  29. School kids were supposed to be in school learning, and not throwing stones at police or rioting.

    Don`t agree with you on that one since if something will affect children in their adolescent stage they need to be exposed to that at an early age.The pass laws were gonna infringe on their universal rights to enjoy the length and breadth of South Africa and so the only time I would`ve opposed something like that is if it was gonna interfere with thgeir studies but it did not!

    Go to the middle east and seee how children are used to beg to augment household income where today they are being amputated to attract passersby sympathy and get donations.children are used by terrorist networks to further their ends and even taught how to use heavy calibre weapons of war.

  30. If juju was my brother i would just prepare him speech before he goes to the events because what he says is a rabbish.
    Where he was during that tikme of that war,really he needs some free classes to learn South Africa history.He is stupid like his father Jacob,Mbeki knows that He has to ignore fool to avoid noise.Mbeki is very educated unlike juju and his father.
    Go back to school and will also teach you to respect older people than you.
    I can beat you,am not afraid of you juju, you are very stupid my boy….

  31. We educated adults must take back SA.

    How…because I`m educated adult but find rejection from other race groups when i want to talk issues with them!Ours is a military crisis no more a political one and it needs a military solution!

  32. Black Mary says

    Tim my boy you have completely lost it when you say white journalists from secret societies are behind all the shit happening in the country. It has been 16 years since the ANC has accepted power and all they are doing is stuffing-up. At this stage black just don’t have the skills or the intelligence to rule this countnry. Everything is falling apart – even the ANC as a party. I think you blackies must stop being such idiotic self centred citizens who for the love of the ANC is stuffing up the country. We non-ANC citizens are sick and bloody tired of all your bull twang.

  33. juju ! your’e embarasing blacks, you were not even born when the strugle starts, if you rewrite history how do you think your’re beloved child will know where his granny”s and oupas were doing.you must think before you speak,take history lessons brother. we blacks don’t love each other ANC is destroying our beutiful country, cause all they do is fulling up their pockets with wealth, I’m not saying APARTEID was okay but back then whites were looking for each other, there few poor whites, so please brothers and sister lets look after each other so that whites will not laugh at us. Julius please stop the boring speeches and change the youth to be the better peoples of TOMORROW

  34. Catherine…:)

    why get rid of him while he is doing such a good job putting the anc back 20 years everytime he opens his mouth? I like what he is doing…sound like you support the ANC..LOL

    In a banana republic where municipalities don’t deliver services, people slip on the banana skins and fall…( just like a whore sometimes get so thin that she fall trough her own fanny..) on the right time malema will step on that banana skin and slip so fast that he makes a summrsolt and when upside down, fall through his own mouth! 😉

  35. Am very suprised that there are people who think what juju is doing is right.
    Lo nto indixelela ukuba abo bamlandelayo bazizidenge nje ngayo.
    Why don’t you learn from our role model THABO MBEKI that if you are well educated you don’t have to talk too much.

  36. Tim my boy you have completely lost it when you say white journalists from secret societies are behind all the shit happening in the country.

    You have succeeded in doing to this country what you did the entire contineent colonising and destabilising to render blacks in the eyes of the world as incompetent !

    You put them to sleep with your BEE money while you assrted your supremacism and you send them-off to go party so that service delivery must collapse and you must then spew out the bile and diatribe you`re spewing out now.Your British is just as beleaguered as the zimbabwe you destroyed through your economic sabotaging tactics and brown is an embattled ruler!GETOUTTAHERE!!

  37. TIM

    Stop blaming whites or even hating whites because they happen to be more brainy and skilled than blacks and on top of it you make a total fool of yourself showing to the world how incompitant blacks are with your statement that whites are dishing out the BEE money – yes irt is true that whites are the ones paying the taxes to run this country with but the idiots who receive and then distribute/steal/misuse the taxes happen to be the blacks in the ruling party called the ANC who pay massive salaries to criminal idiots like selebe and to total idiots running eskom , sappi, sasol, the railways, the airways, armscor and whatever else they touch into the ground.

    Lastly Tim, you do not seem to understand that it was and still is the englishspeakers who are too stupid to know blacks don’t have what it takes ro run a country or bussiness and because of that, rhodesia became a zimbabwe and soon south africa will become azania ( zimbabwe and azania are african names for dumps) and when that happens, the english should be partying as this is what they wanted during all these years they blamed the Afrikaners for not wanting to hand the country over to incompetent blacks.

    One good thing you blacks did……you made it clear that Afrikaners are superior to the english and not that easy to brainwash as it took some time to get afrikaners to the point of handing things over to people who will make a mess of or steal everything they touch! It was the english who were to stupid to see that apartheid is needed to stop crime in africa – apartheid was a humaine way of jailing criminals in the scenario where an entire nation/tribe/race happen to be criminals! (the last 15 years’s history of corruption, crime and murders are proof that what I say here is not racism, just fact!)

    To get back to sharpville……if Iwas a black man I would rather try to wipe sharpville out of the history as also that witness against the black man that he is a low class human being for sending in woman and children to fight their fights! No other nation except the black man ever behaved like such a low-life bunch of cowards!

  38. I start to hate this discussions. Ju Ju is gradually succeeding in making sure our democracy falls apart and racial tensions become high, You are allowing him to tear this country apart, I would like to eliminate him before he does that to our beloved country, give me a GUN

  39. TIM

    Stop blaming whites or even hating whites

    Samora Machel knew that if he was gonna allow whites to remain in his country after independence they were gonna assert their stinking supremacy and it was not going to be easy to brush them aside.

    This is exactly what is happening in this country and it has to be stopped the same way it was stopped in Afri ca through maumaus and house ambushes in the middle of the night.

    Those foreigners who were arrested and deported on pay day in these rightwingers farms must come back and rob them to boot to repay themselves then there won`t be anymore gatvolness from these pink-asses.

    These asshole-nincompoops got rich by withholding salaries ot their illegal employees then pocket them once these have been deported,hire illegals,take-out life policy on them,kill them and go cash-out!Now,they say its their hardwork that enable them this life …what about the arme boers?why are they not showing that the boers can feed and cloth and shelter themselves and not dependent?


  40. Idiotic idiot! How ignorant can julius be? I personally think that before he could register at unisa he first needs to be taught some – self, elderly and social respect cause he obviously lacks all of those if not everything!!

  41. Manthata i’ll help you to kill this uneducated foll before he turns our world apart.
    Lets go and need Zumas mshini may he can borrow us but we don’t have to mantion that we want to kill malema because he wont give us as we all know that he enjoys everything that juju does

  42. Tim
    Your are now letting out some of this ANC governments ‘s secrets…I know they have your vision, that’s why they try to disarm whites by taking/stealing their fire arms using misinformation in the media and onconstitutional fire-aarm laws to collect them at the police stations and then hand it to criminals to kill farmers and rob banks with etc.

  43. who voted malema as president, coz i sure did not. He’s giving us (black youth) a bad name. He’z an idiot who needs to go back to school period. ANC promised free education, he should take adavntage of that.

  44. Unproud White South African says




  45. You know wat i find halirious, is that when 10 000 monkeys strike violently, just like in Resident Evil 5 with lethal shit in their hands ie. Machetes, poles, hammer stolen from someones house and so on,
    all it takes is 1 bullet to be shot by the police and you will never ever see monkeys drop so quickly.

    Its almost like:

    Now you see me and now you don’t.

  46. I would very scared to be Malema right now.

    Once you make an afrikaaner, i mean you have made all the afrikaaners your enemy you in the shit.

    I think the sands of time go slowly for the majority of us good people, but yours MR Malema is running out like water from a tap.

    I estimate you wont be alive to see 2011, i also say September is the month your expirary date expire.

  47. that’s why they try to disarm whites by taking/stealing their fire arms

    You were disarm by the Swapo that it took you twenty years to surrender to and drop your arms and head straight for your temporary home–South Africa.

    You are going to flee from this country just as you flee from the rest of the continent after independence.I`m bringing the former liberation forces to ambush you day-after-day in your suburbs,plots and farms until only your shadow remained.You think you are clever by forming yourselves as the third force to derail all the post`94 achievements and strengthened the 26-prison-gang and security guards and the african rebels as your private army to frustrate,unsettle,discomfort and inconvenience blacks because that is just a temporary measure before you are unsettled,insecured,inconvenienced and discomforted.

    in my fokon mother land there`s no rooinek and soutpiel who`ll come here and enjoy the length and breadth of this country ahead of me.those campsbay you have reserved for yourselves will be returned to their rignbhtful owners.

  48. Tim

    You are heathen – this planet belongs to God and He decide who will rule and where – for that reason, the whole of africa is the shithole-dump it is today!

    The fact that you black muderous savages rule here today is because the whites started mixing with blacks and because God NEVER breaks His Word, Joshua 23:12 – 16 will be true for the whites here until they repent back to apartheid like the Bible teached them to do!

    The fact that you black cowards are in a position to sneak around and kill soft targets like woman children and the elderly is only a mesure from God to encourage whites to repent back towards the right…and that is happening at the moment and I thatk God for that! So, prepare yourself, just one of us whites killed 10 00 of you heathen in the past, one of us will kill 10 000 of you in the near future!

    Lastly, stupid uninformed whatever you are, no land was stolen from you blacks and no land belongs to you either as those mamparra ancestors you worship, sold it ALL to the whites for a herd of cattle, therefore every inch of this place rightfully and legally belongs to us whites to give or take…..

    Please, don’t be fooled by your liar fellow blacks who told you that you took this place back by means of the “struggle”… it was foolishly GIVEN back to you so the englishspeakers and you can see for yourself that you can’t manage it and now you are not even gratefull but are angry with the whites because all the wheels are falling off because of your evil corrupt bunch of short sighted fools.

  49. Yee Swapo!!these {a}frikaners {w}ithout {b}rains must pay the full price for all that they did to your people for they are refusing to apologise and ask for forgiveness and they are still persisting with hostilities since they are funding,training and arming the 32-battalion okavangos and bushmen to kill you and us.

    they have big mouths that they won the war and they must now be donderd and bleksemed here to once and for all usurp and subjugate them.go into their areas and pretend to be renewing underground pipes while planting landmines and blow-up the entire area in one go as they did in Angola.

    these domjan domkrag corrupt rulers will never free us so we must free ourselves.

  50. dirk or what ever you call yourself,you are crayz my boy,you are stupid.
    we will kill you all,this country belongs to us (blacks) wheather you like it or not, you wont last my boy,am on my way hunting you stupid old boy

  51. Decolores says


    Are you retarded? WHAT CRISIS? For what do we need a “military solution” – to avenge your disillusion agenda of what apartheid did decades ago? What about the new generation of blakcs/whites/indians/chinese/coloureds that just want to make SA their home and be proud, as per the vision on MADIBA?

    You are nothing more than an angry child looking for something to hate, try looking in a mirror.

  52. Iam looking in the mirror and its in the evedning and I see coloureds,foreigners,indians and whites covered by their foot soldiers{car-guards and street urchins}and private army{security guards}and sauntering to some shielded joint and here they are boasting about all that they did to blacks during the day and the guards and car-guards are thanked highly for their contribution in aiding white supremacism and keeping blacks at bay and this doesn`t indicate to me that they are in quest of a shared one south africa.

  53. Decolores

    well said! 😉

    Nobody, not even another k@ffer will share anything with an idiot like you! BTW , the last 15 years made it very clear that whites are far supreme to blacks! All you did this past 15 years was to show the world what idiots you are. Even the foolish english speakers are having “racial awakenings” and you darky-fools lost all the compassion you once had with them! Soon you’ll find nowhere to go stand begging for more.

    But now, keep in mind that whites are supreme and that their thoughts are so far above that of africa t6hat you fools won’t last 36 hours if we decide to go on a “struggle” – believe me fool, that is comming up faster than what you can count or think with your snailbrain.

    You fool, you say you are looking in a mirror but by the things you say you see in it, I get the impression that you are looking out your window – in your mirror you should expect to see a black face…on the other hand, maybe your mirror is as dirty as you are or you might be so dull/vague/matt-black that even a mirror have problems reflecting your image 😀

  54. Phila
    publish your address here on wonkie so I can send you a map to my front door – my face will be the last face you and your gang of cowards will see.

  55. masilela peter says

    Yes , I think Julius Malema is correct. The education that we got as blacks was misleading.The seniors who were there during that time admit that it was an ANC planned rally.

  56. seriously people! really now! What kind of democracy is this? it’s obvious apartheid hasn’t ended to some people. whatever a black man says about a white man or vice versa, you’re saying it to a complete reflection of yourself. whites, stop hatred! blacks, forgive, but don’t forget. move on people, there’s so much beauty in the world than posing suffering to one another. Seriously!!!

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