Mouse in maze photo caption

Mouse in maze photo caption

Mouse in a Maze photo caption contest

Time for some much needed Friday Fun again. From the rampant lawlessness of investment banker bonuses to South Africa’s own ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu’s rampant lawlessness on South African roads, Wonkie thought that this would be a fitting picture for this week’s photo caption contest. It’s a little more difficult than usual and Wonkie is certainly looking forward to reading some original caption entries over the next week!

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The funniest caption in this week’s contest gets a Wonkie CartOOns t-shirt!

The winner will be notified on 6th April 2010… enjoy the weekend!

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  1. eating my way through trouble as easy as julius puts his foot in his mouth!

  2. Chris Potgieter says

    We eat again thanks to the GPS in my tail!

  3. hahaha. this human aint as clever as he thought i was.

  4. killroy1948 says

    These RDP houses are rubbish

  5. Oh no, its Camenbert, Yuck!

  6. AMAZING what a blue light can do for progress!

  7. and then there’s the South African way!!

  8. Look Julius, it’s amaxing I can also bulldoze my way through walls!

  9. My name is Malema Mouse, MM for short. Not Mighty Mouse eh!?
    I go straight for the kill, and leave destruction in my wake.
    Who cares!!
    I’m the president of the SA Yooth Leek, I kolekt teeth to become president of SA

  10. ah people do do that ka di RDP houses kana i live in side it

  11. Who needs a valid licence to reach my destination?

  12. Julius ” I am not a tenderpreneur, just another ANC poor RAT”

  13. Rradinoga says

    Eish, Jacob and Shabeer’s manual “How to do Arms Deals” sure came in handy.

  14. BURP !

  15. val edmunds says

    join the anc and get out of any corruption maze

  16. Julius, What of kind a president do you think you are if you cant controll your emotional feel.

  17. Julius is my mentor – together we will bulldoze our way regardless.

  18. Julius : “After all that struggle, do you really think I’m going to share this with the poor?”

  19. Anthony Duke says

    Julius build this house…?

  20. I’ve done my maths! The nearest distance from point A to point B is a straight line. How stupid do they think I am?

  21. The damage is already. just a seconds watch my top corner the drama.

  22. Tlotlisang says

    Oh Ahh, oh sh……… I am gonna say “I am sorry” I will say “I am sorry” or should I say “I am sorry” maybe “I apoligize” or “I am sorry” This time I will say it with a smile “I am sorrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” Thats cool, I can afford the fine.

  23. Everything so complicated these days, I’m cheesed off!
    Why walk the extra mile when your legs are short?
    For this feast I bite like a beast…

  24. Huh ! What was so hard about that ????

  25. “Now to find that dude who hid all my cheese…”

  26. thanks julius you moomish woodmaker.its all mine now

  27. I Mouse Norris, Have been training for weeks to fight crime and curruption
    in our country, whatch out boys, kung fu chop.

  28. Wow! Check this,all roads really leads to corruption.

  29. Mighty mouse, mighty mouse, thank you! Where have you gone?

  30. Instructions are for rats! We mice think out the box…

  31. Shortest road is not always the fastest, thats what Julius Malema always do,join ths ANC and know someone from the top you will benefit from the corruption and get wealthy within 3 months

  32. they say the shortest way is the straight line!i guess so huhaaaaaa

  33. Whey to go, Rastus

  34. Glenn Love says

    Mr Malema gave me all the clues.

  35. If I plead guilty I’ll probably get a bonus

  36. Julius (Caesar) Malema: “Veni, vidi, EGO quoniam magnus caseus!”
    (I came, I saw, I became the big cheese!)

  37. No boundaries will stop me from taking my piece of cheese, Julius Malema

  38. HA! Who gives a sh*T about the rule of wall

  39. I rather kill myself before I commit such a horrible thing called suicide…………….-Julius Malema.

  40. A way to go Julius but please respect your elders

  41. Milton Louw says

    We needs to follow the rules when you belong to the ruling party?

  42. Darn! Now I’m so full of cardboard there’s no room for he cheese.

  43. Jeddy Govindasamy says

    C’mon now Jules ..who needs to learn woodwork…..

  44. Hey Jackson my china, I’m lost. Gimme a dop to to make me see straight.

  45. Juliaas , destruction,corruption and everything you swallow will lead you to blank walls and you will be cornered – stop nibbling you mouse

  46. Even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat.

  47. Gita Loosz says

    Those whom God has joined together, let no man put asunder.

  48. “Piece of cake”

  49. the problem with eating your way through obstacles isthat theres no room for the cheese

  50. there is always a way out through the walls

  51. As the crow flies, baby … as the crow flies …….

  52. Yeah….I don’t need to waste my time in following this confusing maze..if Malma and his lot can take a very short cut ,why do I have to waste my energy and resources… one has done it right…I am going straight to my goal……yip, yip …!!!!!

  53. come come ….everybody’s
    knows that the shortest distance between two point is….

  54. Shuks this was difficult but my superior intellegence beat it

  55. Lets cut through all this red tape and go straight for the JUGular!

  56. Stupid human,why should I go around bends if I can eat my way through the maze and still get a bonus of cheese at the end?

  57. With a Shaik of my tale I STOLE YOUR CHEESE!

  58. OLD FASHION says

    Thanks julius there are no farmers left only a mouse in a maze

  59. and suddenly after weeks of intense training , the mouse gets it

  60. and suddenly after weeks of intense training , the mouse gets it…

  61. Ha! Didn’t even need to use my blue light.

  62. Lets see the Fat Cat do that!

  63. Garmin Smarmin!

  64. Just dodging the potholes on these Tenda-Pretenda built roads.

  65. All aboard Taxi to Diepsloot! Traffic laws baa humbug!

  66. If the parliamentarians break the rules, the mice will follow

  67. thanxs to the ANC, my way to the top is straight, who need a GPS?

  68. Rules are for dummies, in the ANC we get where we want to go regardless.

  69. Nom nom nom…

  70. Derek Adam Nyarota says


  71. My name is Malema, my name is Malema, my name is Malema

  72. StevenJodendaal says

    Finally made it onto the gravy train….never thought the way to riches was so easy……!!!

  73. Rules?What rules.

  74. Fuck this! I’m too hungry to think!

  75. thank goodness malema built the maize! Didn’t even have to work up a sweat breaking through.

  76. The barriers could not be made of wood otherwise one would need some woodworking knowledge to get through

  77. Saranne Durham says

    What do you mean Regulations? Procedures? Checks and Balances? You missed the point! Its about getting to the cheese MY WAY!

  78. Nuttyfaery says

    What maze? Are there a Pedi word for it? Maze, what is that? Somebody tell me, what is maze in Pedi? There’s no such thing, maze, in Pedi. So don’t impose your maze concepts on me. I eat mealies and popcorn and this is MY cheese. I’ll eat it, you don’t touch it.

  79. I knew I could do it.
    My woodwork teacher always tol me,
    Julius! You really are an ‘amazing’ person.


  81. Naman Donald Obuyi says

    It is amazing

  82. JM’s Friday feeling: Kiss my Alfa Siera Siera – I can have anything I want!
    JM’s interpretation: Annus Mirabilis – what a wonderful year!
    Rest of us: Anus Mirabilis – even JM should understand this …

  83. I hope that Blue light is still on my back

  84. Lyndon Brandt says

    “20 % for woodwork! I think Julius built this maze..”

  85. “I’m one ‘a MAZED’ mouse…”

  86. I think I will qualify for a job at RMB….

  87. THE PRESIDENT says


  88. Richard.Miller says

    All that work for such a small piece of cheese, I should have just turned around, gone to Julius and asked for a bigger piece of cheese and I wouldnt have had to do anything!

  89. So Einstein was wrong!!

  90. Had to get to that cheese before the white mouse…

  91. (That Julius – Top Graduade @ ANC Youth academy 2000- Such potential) I make it hard 4 yall, how they gon beat that, Huh? its all about tha ‘cheezzz’ dawg _ts tha SA way O’ life.

  92. Simphiwe Mlokothi says

    Corruption is the shortest way between two points

  93. Tefo "Iggy" Mongale says

    julius “hu said the right way was the only way to Go!”

  94. THE -QUICK- BULLDOZE TO FREEDOM…. book out soon.

  95. Was that it?

  96. This is South africa so why abide by the rules,lets just break in and take “whats rightfully mine”

  97. Damnit,now i’m full! Its like eating your veggies before getting to the good stuff

  98. who needs Bruce Lee,when youve got ‘Karate Mouse’

  99. luk whos smarter now!!!!!!

  100. oops – i did it again – darn those 3d glasses

  101. Okay, smart-ass. . . . NOW where do I go?

  102. all in all its just another brick in the wall – i don’t need no thought control ( sung to the tune of Dire Straits song Just another brick in the wall)

  103. damn i thought it was cheddar not gouda

  104. CLIVE SMITH says

    “This was so easy, even Malema could do it!!”

  105. Catherine says

    I am mouse, hear me roar! So much for tendering, I can get the big cheese anytime…….MMM (Mighty Mouse Malema)

  106. Cut the chase and red tape. bulldoze everybody and grab the contracts–Juliaaas

  107. The shortest route between two points is a straight line, mathematically speaking!

  108. I’m no Mickey Mouse – I’m Mighty Mouse!

  109. Im part of government,i don’t have to follow the rules.

  110. deon coetzee says

    Even Jack and Kubrick can find me know, I suppose!!!

  111. So what have we learned?

  112. Let’s dine an wine while we preach communism Juju!

  113. Only one way out

  114. CHEEEEZ ! -what an AMAZingly EEEZY chew-chew trip,straight to the GOUDa mine! – and it’s such a TENDER piece,and it’s ALL MINE ! Now I’M the BIG CHEESE ! – Yes, I’m Juliarse Dilemma,and we will nationalise ALL mines !

  115. No Maze can stop the black plague

  116. Only had to walk straight to get to the cheese – all I needed was my ANC membership card.

  117. slum dweller says

    I didn’t join the struggle to be without cheese!

  118. Well,it does not come as a surprise cauz thats Malema’s way.He takes a “B.I.G NO” for bullshit,so let the big guy breath and chew and his way through the maze, will yah?Ooppppssssssssss………………………jus playing,ha ha ha ha………………….

  119. KE NAKO! Had to cut out SA musicians!

  120. nothing can get btwn me n cheese. haha!

  121. hardluck cheese,u thought u could outsmart me.

  122. if i were not going to munch you i would say try next time but you know i hate sparing cheese

  123. JONATHAN SAM says

    NOBODY’S gonna move MY cheese!

  124. where’s the cheese?

  125. mvembe nhlapo says

    oopz” how am i did came in to malema”s dylema?

  126. Next stop, the Presidency. Signed, MM

  127. Naman Obuyi says

    Wonkie cartoons make me more happy and happy everyday

  128. Sydwell Tlhola says

    Do you really think that I’m that stupid?!

  129. Rob Falconer says

    Yeah, it’s going to take a few more bites before you can fit that pizza in here

  130. Rob Falconer says

    Yeah, I like eating most cereals, but this maize tastes awful

  131. Eish, I could do with some Johnnie Walker Blue to wash this down!

  132. They said being in politics would open doors, heh heh….

  133. First one at the trough! Should I save some for another day…? NAH!

  134. Eish sir, only 20%? But I got there first!

  135. What do you expect? My leaders do it!

  136. Ju ju 1, maze 0, LADUUUMMMAAA!

  137. And now to close the door…

  138. You think that’s clever? Wait till I start thinking “outside the box!!”

  139. Cheese is just cheese,wether it be chedar or creamy milk, everyone will want a piece.Let me not even talk about that idiot for he always has a mouthful of rubish!

  140. Why take the long road when you can cut corners? The law is not for us but the commoners!

  141. modiri kaisara says

    it was easy as cheese

  142. raphelav says

    shortcuts always end in disaster plus you dont learn anything at the end.

  143. “Cheese? What Cheese…? I’m here for the chaos”

  144. Hi Jz. which way now? Don’t know Malema!

  145. Sorry JZ,i thought i can take shortcut into your seat

  146. Eish,it must be the quikest i ever got back to Sandton.I had to be quick after my outburst in that newsconference with “Baas Ted”

  147. Yes Julius,i know im the president but this is what i am,and this is what we eat.


    this IS south africa after all…


    this IS south africa afetr all…

  150. this IS south africa afetr all…


    yeah yeah yeah Amy i know, just a typo….. i am in south africa after all. i can make mistakes.


    SARS i challenge you!!!

  153. Hi Jz. which way now? Don’t know Malema!

  154. chandramohan says

    ‘eating the way out ‘, I learnt from Lalit Modi (IPL)

  155. Sorry everybody for the delay in posting the winner of this contest – and the lucky person is … Clivealex!

    There were some really great entries here and we’ve included some of the runner-ups in the updated image above. NuttyFaerie especially you were sooo close – it was a tough choice for us!

    Thanks everybody for taking part and we’ll put another one up again soon!


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