Iceland volcano cartoon

Iceland Volcano Chaos

About a month ago an Iceland volcano that had been dormant for over 200 years erupted. The volcano situated near the Eyjafjallajökull glacier sent lava over a hundred metres high. Since then the volcano has erupted again recently sending massive clouds of ash kilometres into the sky. The ash has paralysed airports across northern and western Europe stranding thousands of passengers across the world.

Over the last 24 hours, many of the airports have finally resumed flights. The economic consequences of the airspace shutdown is estimated at over US$1.5 Billion, excluding the cost to the airlines of accommodating delayed passengers. Exporters and importers of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers have been particularly badly hit. Many of the airlines are now complaining that the security measures in place were too severe.

Wonkie decided to deploy its incredibly large, international on-the-ground crew to investigate world opinion on this magnificent natural disaster. Unfortunately, after the controversial Games Gods play cartoon, Chuck Norris could not be reached for comment.


Iceland Volcano photo

Would you want to fly anywhere near this?


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  1. In every storm that affects us in this world there is always hope, faith and someone to rescure those injured.God can never make your lives miserable without a planned solution afet you have felt the pain.Hold on there we will help you .

  2. What with all the Nuke underground testings, the other side of the Earth’s structure cannot accomodate all the stress, thus leading to Tsunamis, earthquakes, flooding and so on. Man is leading in his personal destruction.

  3. Hysterically funny cartoon, especially the way it exposes the total self-interest of its subjects. As for the volcano itself, it certainly demonstrates how Nature can botch up anything, a disturbing thought if the planet itself turns out to be a living entity and has decided to attack civilisation.

  4. ahhahahahahaahhaah u guys are crazy

  5. no unless im on a suicide mission what next? planrt earth is unleashing rage

  6. After that idiot Muslim clericshared his ignorance with us as the cause being provocatively dressed women,I like the fact that a womens action is on the way to bare more toprove him wrong..I say hear hear to bear bear and hope that the most beautiful ladies on earth will keep us abreast of things.

  7. My God, the ONLY true God used this same tactics couple of centuries ago to cause 10 plaques and evetually a tsunami to drown and keep the evil Egiptians in africa where they belong, for going back on their word!

    I am sure this time around He also wanted to prevent some arab or some evil bastards out of africa from landing in pure honnest white Europe! 😉

  8. The world that we live in/on is certainly a living entity. All matter contains microbes & bacteria keep the earth clean. How do GreenPeace rate the saving in carbon emissions for the last fortnight though? Iceland could have repaired an Ozone hole with this one!

  9. Hastheworldgonecrazy says

    All Hail, Wonkie! Master of Humour. Guru of Irony and Sarcasm. You’ve outdone yourselves on this one. Absolutely brilliant! Pity you (and the rest of us!) have to put up with the puerile, self-righteous, and incredibly badly spelled comments from Dirk. Get a life, buddy!

  10. Hehehe … I love the cartoon …

  11. Typical how politicians always think it is only about them! How puerile!

  12. No wonder the ancients, when viewing an eruption like that, thought the Gods were angry!

    at last a new ‘Wonkie’ I thought you guys had gone to sleep for the last week?

  13. Hahahahahahaaa……Eish! You People are funy neh? Yah i think Iceland is not save for people who’s living around, and i think they must move to the next or nearest country or planet?

  14. Great cartoon, Wonkie!
    Have a great weekend, guys.

  15. Remember that small illinformed British paper that said there is going to be a bloodshed in SA during the world cup, it went further to say there is going to be an earthquake during the world cup, well, we never really have disasters in this country, Maybe they should think again when they report about Mzansi., and look very carefully inside what is going on in their own countries.

  16. Manthata

    Few light quakes were reported on the far west rand and couple other places…

  17. oh hell no. not even if my life depended on it.

  18. Manthata

    Yes that paper is like you said “illinformed”….the bloodshed is already 15 years on! We are getting angry and before long, if you are “lucky” you will see a couple new bloodrivers…..I can’t wait!! My guns are oiled!

  19. Ria

    The people living in iceland are white, they don’t always beh for help, but are able to solve their own problems. Did this happen in africa, all you would hear is how poor and hungry every bastard is because of the the dust clowd….. up to now, I have not heard one beggar’s voice from iceland! AFRICA TAKE NOTE!

  20. wobblyone says

    Do you think Malema has even heard o Iceland? I doubt it, woodwork classes do not teach geography! I agree Dirk all the African countries can do is run around with begging bowls instead of getting stuck in and pulling their countries right. Oz did it, Canada did it but Zim has blamed the wite man for 30 years instead of working!

  21. Dirk, u are a fool…racist right winger a…hole!!!

  22. wobblyone…dats bcoz africaz resources were stolen for faaar more than 30 years. I dont like Bob Mugabe, but please do not think I like ‘Rhodesia’ either. Bob was ‘running’ a country where zimbabweans owned nothing and remember what he took back by foce, was initially taken by force to start with. Africans are claiming back what is theirs, what part of Europe is owned by Africans. I for one, do not like what most of our leaders are doing in Africa, but dont tell me we were better off with Europeans in charge, stealing our resources, killing our fathers and mothers!!! Is it just pure coincidence that almost every white South African is well off!!! It wont take 30 years to fix the mess created by a…holes like Kruger, Malan and Botha, may they rot in hell for what they did to all of SADC…Angola, South Africa, Namibia…atleast we say, lets live together, unlike fools like Verwoerd!!!

  23. Dirk…or maybe rather Dick…coz dats what u are!!! Europe? Honest? Whatever you are smoking is too strong, stop it! Either u are ignorant or a total fool!!! How many colonies did France have in Africa? What about England…and portugal? How about Belgium…do you even know History or are u just some white kid who inherited stuff from dad and grandad and Van Riebeck? Is that honest? Slavery? Where have been…kid? Honest? Dirkie, then by all means go to Europe and start an honest life there, Africa is ours…deal with it! Guns are oiled my foot, who are u trying to scare..bring the guns!!! Do u think the rest of Africa will stand and watch as u use ur oiled guns on us!!! U gotta be kidding kid!!!! There wont be any bloodriver ot Vegkop or none of that kak!!! We all have guns….we wont be coming with knobkerries like Shaka Zulu anymore….there are still many Africans who do not approve of this ‘reconcilliation’ kak, and they are many, all it takes to piss them off, is a..holes like you. U can wear ur khakhi shirts, take a mercedes benz and try and invade any place like ur likes tried with Bophuthatswana back in 1994….ask their relatives what happened!!!!

  24. Dirk.

    I am talking about disasters, not tremors, as for oiled guns, we don’t need them in this country, go to your homeland Europe and use them, after all you have all kinds of killing machines, it is your culture manufacturing weapons.

  25. Manthata

    You are right for the first time in your life…yes true you don’t need oiled guns here as it is not you blacks that are being killed but us whites! Therefore we whites need the guns not you! Brilliant mr. black – looks like you are narrowing the 2000 years gap between you blacks and us whites! 😉

    And yes, it is our white culture to invent amost all usefull things on this planet, including weapons that are 1000 times better than the african assegaai! My ancestors are German … us Germans are well known to produce the best weapons – well to be honest the best brains, bear, cars, appliances, you name it, are all from Germany!

    I am from German origin and proud of it with a good reason! 🙂

    Was it not for those colonies, chances are 99.9999% ( hope you understand how % work and what it means ) that your ancestors have died out and you you would never have been born! Secondly, science says africa is where averybody originate from…meaning it belongs to us whites also but now you black fools who could not even draw a map or mark a boundary or do anything to say “this is our land” wants to believe you are the rightfull owners of africa….how did you come to that conclusion if whites originate from here?

    To finnish you off, every informed person know that you unfair blacks drove the Bushmen out of here ( at least the bushmen were able to draw pictures telling us how you blacks treated them! You don’t eeven have a picture to prove that any part of africa is rightfully yours 😉 ) – if you were as righteous as you pretend to be, then at least give the Busmen a place of their own!

  26. Mzulungile Cabanga says

    Dirk you are stupid!!!!!!!

    I’m afraid Dirk the cartoon that represents is stupid but not as much as you are. If you say Africa is where everyone originated how come your forefathers left such a wealthy continent, that can only mean they were stupid as you are. The only thing you are implying is that only blacks are human beings and you Europeans are aliens because you did not originate here in Africa. Lastly christian I think you can see that Africans are more civilized than you because you are the only fool still trapped in the past, 2000 years nog al . May your white god have mercy on you because you are just a stupid fool who is more blind than a mole. You should get a life and maybe you will gain some brain cells.

    I don’t know why fools like you are not sent to the Zoo. Now I can see why afrikaaners held on to food and English to more precious minerals.

  27. Mzulungile Cabanga says


    You should consult a shrink , you really need help.

  28. of course not…

  29. Manthata says


    dirk, dirk, dirk, what the hell are you doing in South Africa, I don’t think this country needs people who are like you, you do not deserve to be here , rather go back to your German and stay there for the rest of your life. we are a free nation, and racists like you should be hanged, thanks I will never get to meet you.

  30. Mzulungile Cabanga and Manthata
    What did you say to show what a fool I am?..did you bring facts to say I just talk bull? What did you say but just showing what 2 faced racists you are?

    Must be heavy going through life with such an empty shell on ones neck.

    I may have said a lot of things you don’t like…but they all seems to be true as none of you came up with something else but racist remarks 😉

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