Wonkie Update and April 2010 Wonkie Winners!

It looks like Wonkie has finally crossed the great 10,000 reader mark in terms of daily CartOOn feed subscribers – definitely a pleasing figure and it’s been great to note the recent surge in the number of readers. Thank you all for signing up and please do feel free to drop Wonkie a line with any suggestions… it would be great to hear from you!

On an even happier note, Wonkie held the random draw for the Media Player competition on 30th April 2010 – all confirmed email subscribers as at that date were eligible. The winner of the recent Photo Caption contest with the Mouse in the Maze is also listed below (read the best entries for that caption contest here)

And the latest Wonkie Winners are:

CliveAlex……………. Mouse in a Maze Photo Caption Contest Wonkie T-Shirt
LuvLuv……………… 30th April Media Player lucky draw for subscribers
O Groenewald……… 30th April draw runner up – Wonkie T-Shirt

The next big prize will be a Media Player through a random draw across all verified email subscribers on 31 October 2010. Click this link if you haven’t signed up for the 100% Free CartOOns by email yet.

Thanks again for your support and please do keep spreading the word about Wonkie to friends and colleagues!

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