Wonkie Summer-Winter Holiday

Caught up in the spirit of the moment in South Africa, Wonkie will be taking a short break over the World Cup tournament until mid-July. Thanks again to Wonkie fans and especially our 10,000 plus subscribers – we hope you thoroughly enjoy the 2010 World Cup and the vibrant atmosphere in the country right now.. we look forward to cart00ning for you again soon!

Wonkie taking a break!

Keep safe and don’t drink and drive! (And yes we know there’s a word missing in the image above – we just wanted to make sure you’re reading the notice carefully!)

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  1. Really! You left the word out on purpose you say…And here were we among 10,000 Buddhas…with sporadic Facebook access…dodging motorcycles, bikes and spit torpedos….observing designer shops vs. 10 yuan ones…considering Starbucks vs. tea shops wondering if perhaps Wonkie was typing drunk or was no longer ‘penned’ by native English writers! 🙂

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