Bird Politics caption

Bird Politics

Bird Politics photo caption contest

It’s been a while since Wonkie has unleashed some Friday Fun so today’s photo caption contest is long overdue. With all the recent talk about the ANCYL being above the law, the return of xenophobic violence in South Africa, the ANC threatening to regulate the print media and stifle freedom of the press, birds being affected by the BP oil spill in the Gulf etc, we could all use something fun to get us thinking positively and more creatively.

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The winner will be notified on 13th August 2010… enjoy the weekend!


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  1. Do you think he is ready for solids?

  2. He is going to need de-worming after that snack!

  3. erick pretorius says

    Let go kid…..before you become lunch….

  4. Takalani says

    Damn sepp blater forget that us to we wer blowing vuvuzelas up in da sky

  5. Oh Gross, some of us have to eat off of that paving.

  6. Hey Jacob! I think you are going to lose this one, hey Julius? What do you think? Don’t answer or you’ll lose!!


  8. elloo, elloo, what ‘ave we ‘ere? A little one trying to steal some crumbs! You need to follow the pecking order, old chap.

  9. pietpompies says

    Jy’s windgat!!

  10. “Bitten off more than you chew, son?”

  11. Boy! Wht r u thnkin?

  12. DrCraig Holoboski says

    No, I’m not your Democratic Congressman!

  13. Salochana says

    C’mon… Pick on someone your own size!

  14. “Bitten off more than you can chew, son?”

  15. chris du Plessis says

    Dom’t let the Zim baasted touch you on your stewdio !

  16. outside Africa says

    Ju Ju, you go bwaai, jus like Bob – tek all di farms!

  17. Oh crumbs…

  18. OLD FASHION says

    All I want to say is: that it does not matter if a leader wants things to happen his way , he may just be in the wrong team, there are only two teams. One man in GOD’s team is by far in the majority and can bring down any stronghold of a loveless selfish evil ideology.

  19. Frank Hartry says

    ” No! you are as fat as me. Let baby have it”

  20. Anna van Saldanha says

    Danksy BP benuttig ons elke oggend olie bolle vir ontbyt!

  21. Phindile says

    Hey, Stop fighting with food, its just a pupy! lets share as a family.

  22. whataprick says

    dont come here with those tendecies!!!

  23. Kruxial28 says

    don’t give this youth too much, he will kill for Zuma!

  24. The minorities are getting hungry,again.

  25. Hi peo-geon, nice one, life is all about sharing.

  26. Sue Stewart says

    You two remind me of David and Goliath!

  27. Colin Murray says

    You see, this is how xenophobic altercations begin !!

  28. Colin Murray says

    This little 5hit is employed by SARS and will take it all.

  29. Will you guys hurry up and finish eating… I hear they just unvieled the Julius Malema statue, and boy do I feel like a bit of target practice…

  30. John Coutts says

    That’s MY tender Julius!

  31. No bread for the , poor give it to the politcians and the ANC

  32. Frank Hartry says

    ” Now now Julius. Let your divine leader have it this time. He needs it to feed his ever growing family.”

  33. Buddy get the bribe and lets go,We promise you will be the next president.

  34. MARIE VAN GRAAN says


  35. Come on Julius, he is a little white man. Just take his stuff and lets go!!

  36. Now there Jacob, stop letting Julius steal your thunder!

  37. Ahh! he’s such a cutie (baby Juju) taking after granpa MGabz already he’s tryin to show dady Jz who’s BOSS:)


  39. hig big fellow hold on for now, he will soon slip and slide like all political gangsters!

  40. The kind of thing that the media Tribunal will not allow to be reported on.

  41. Ah Madam Zille, leave it to the boy, he’s full of Tshatsharang!!!

  42. Keep his back claws away from the cracks mate, and he’ll keep sliding.

  43. Lulamile Xesi says


  44. Scorpio Birch Acres says

    Julius’ ego has shrunk a little.

  45. jeez guys seems lyk evry1 is on Juju’s case.watz up wit u kanti/give my role model
    a break ok!

  46. What a bird brain! This is a democracy and we have two-thirds of the vote!

  47. Mossie maar MAN

  48. Ol' Pliny says

    Why should Winkie in a democratic country be the sole judge in these competitions.
    Surely we should, like some other sites, be allowed to vote.
    “This little 5hit is employed by SARS and will take it all.”
    by Colin Murray won’t be beaten in a Hurry.
    Thanks Colin. Still LOL this side.

  49. Dont let this Bastard take your piece of the pie from u,Julius!!

  50. What kind, a real company tryinng for a Public tender?

  51. Roadrunner says

    I can see now that size doesn’t matter… it’s how you DO IT!

  52. GOV ‘why is you taking you so long to to silence that Journo dark bird!”

  53. Oh baby, if your husband got more then 4 wives its not infidelity.Its out-sourcing-trust me.

  54. Come on Kuzzie let the little guy have it. There is more than enough grub over at the ANCYL meeting, you know how they love gravy !!

  55. Morgan and Robert stop fighting for that country. You are all Zimbabweans.

  56. Mosona, bring my load back i had it for 12 months now. 35k a month away my budget nope…..

  57. are you fattening up christmas dinner dear?

  58. Scorpio Birch Acres says

    Would you look at that now – a minority trying to grab a piece of the ANC action.

  59. Don’t give up, shouw the little sucker!

  60. MM Chibango says

    Say, mate act your age for once!

  61. Hey, don’t you dare give food to Zim people they must go back home.


  63. That’s it Madam Z, fight, pull, stand firm – you will get the whole crust and not just a teeny corner of the whole piece – way to go Madam!!!

  64. Everyone wants a piece of the government pie as usual

  65. You feed it 1gm,a hundred x a day-not a hundred gms once a day

  66. Lizeka Dlepu says

    Go for it Comrade we gotta have this Gaugravytrain contract too.

  67. Mikateko Hlaise says

    Please take note that your competion end on the 31 October 2010 and winners will be notified on the 13 August 2010. I guess there might be some mixup with your dates. Regards

  68. The parent body and the youth league fighting over tenders

  69. Crazeetee says

    Handsome thats harsh.If Mugabe is evil that daznt mean al Zimz are bad aseblief.Dont u understand tha meaning gof the word ‘Ubuntu’?Do you really mean that the Zims should be left to starve?Dont be greedy lets all share

  70. dont u have a weight problem already!!!

  71. Pancho Villa says

    Quick guys eat before that piece get contaminated oil spill.

  72. Pancho Villa says

    Let her have the piece you already have feathers she wants to grow some.

  73. let the kid have it, then we have him!

  74. Everybody for himself and God for us all – good learner, son.

  75. Ooooh, my favorite. I’ll keep watch, you grab, we’re bigger than him and he’s alone!! ha ha ha

  76. Hey bud, don’t be nasty – sharing is caring!!

  77. You said it’s freedom? Are you free or are you dom? The small and the weak needs more! Give it to him! Eisj!

  78. Going, going…

  79. but JZ this is way too much, eating Malema’s saving as you do…Get alife and eat your own savings from your own businesses…

  80. no matter how small it is,people must share.Come on man.

  81. this is total abuse

  82. Who said this was for the population?…….ANCYL members ONLY!!!!!

  83. Movie Magic says

    Damn Freedom Charter, Now we have share. Hey U tweetie get lost.

  84. Movie Magic says

    He’s brave like Malema. “Hey Mugabe why allow this kid near u? Can I get a share?”

  85. Ol' Pliny says

    Come guys and dolls,
    This is possibly the funniest picture Wonkie has given us.
    Where have all the wise cracks gone – long time passing….
    When will they ever learn…

  86. Looking at the DA/ID propose partnership in order to form a strong opposition party already the cracks are showing up.The DA as a perty with the majority wanted to be incharge while the ID is pulling sideways.This is the funiest caption.

  87. Looking at the DA/ID propose partnership in order to form a strong opposition party already the cracks are showing up.The DA as a party with the majority wanted to be incharge while the ID is pulling sideways.This is the funiest caption.

  88. Ag shame on president Zuma … this sweet little thing is underfed and undersized.

  89. Tshabalala, pull that bloody whistle out his mouth.

  90. Hey babie, let her have a bite. Little thing looks hungry, must be from Mugabeland.

  91. Is this your new media bill? give it here I want to rub my derriere on it

  92. ken wilkinson says

    “I think it`s time we taught him where he comes in the pecking order.”

  93. john kiprop says

    small brain,you will not finish,..may be when u will b old

  94. kgalema “hey zuma i told you that this boy wont know his place, look now he wants to eat with us whatever we have”

  95. crazeetee says

    ha ha ha u guys are so funny, you dont belong to the same room coz if you do,Malema will tel you to behave or else toy jump

  96. crazeetee says

    or else you jump

  97. O boy you are just wasting your time, you won’t make it.
    Leave the big stuff to the big guns…ha ha

  98. ohh come on leave the poor kid alone!!!!!!

  99. G. Bush to Obama: “I told you that Mugabe is very stubborn”

  100. you Bloody non bleiver. rascal. son of bitch. Dont you know the limits of ISLAM. you people are not son of one person.

  101. ha ha ha………. funy small mind take it easy

  102. Who`s fooling who eating what?

  103. CRAZEE TEE says

    whats wit tha attitude Muslim thing?no need to be emotional ok or a u Juju’s nephew

  104. you are a small boy,you can’t do anything so give it to me!

  105. dont come with that tendency!dont come here with that ten…….dency of being selfish.if you are not going o behave we are going to tell JZ to give you all the tenders

  106. YES! Take it from him! He is not of us darkies!

  107. LOL Tell-it-like-it-is Dirk
    You’ve summed up Affirmative action snort and neat.
    Wonkie – this is winner.

  108. Mikateko Hlaise says

    Please take note that your competion ends 31 October 2010 and winners will be notified on the 13 August 2010. There is mixup with your dates. We now on the 28 September 2010….

  109. You can do it!!!!

  110. Cosmic Condor says

    Remember son always share your meals with the homeless sparrows

  111. Capt Too-Cool says

    ‘Never Give Up’, ‘Never Give Up’, my _ss! You are about to get whomped, you little greedy #hit!

  112. “Look Marge, give the kid a break!!”

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