Zuma cabinet reshuffle cartoon

Zuma cabinet reshuffle

Zuma Cabinet Reshuffle: Who SHOULD go?

Suppose for a moment that South African president Jacob Zuma is actually going to reshuffle his cabinet – not the one at home, but rather the one that really matters to South Africans. The press have certainly had their go at reporting on rumours as usual over the last couple of days. Consider Themba Maseko’s inspiring words to the media on Sunday 24th October stating:

“We wish to emphasise that any change to the composition of the Executive is the prerogative of the President of the Republic. Only the President knows whether or not there will be a reshuffle, what form it would take, if there was one, when it would happen, if it is to happen and other details.”

Despite that, just about every newspaper that Wonkie saw on Monday 25th October had something about the upcoming cabinet reshuffle… so, it must be true. Now certainly should be the time of reckoning for many of the senior public officials who have had more than enough time to show that they are worth their salt. It also should be the time Mr Zuma follows through on his threat of being harsh to underperforming ministers and public servants.

The question is who should stay and who should go? Certainly a few names with blank achievement lists or worse yet negative accomplishment lists come to mind immediately. Some of the top nominees for a change, complete exit or an “extended break” from government that have been bandied about include:

Richard Baloyi: Minister of Public Service and Administration – for his amazingly ineffective leadership in managing the protracted public service strike. Likely the scarred healthcare sector and also the matric students that have just started writing their exams will vote for his dismissal.

Noluthando Mayende-Sibiya: With a double-barrelled surname one at least expects some results in the Ministry of Women, Children and People with Disabilities. Or failing that, at least a plan. Or failing even that, at least an idea of what to do or some accountability. Defeating all odds, she appears on the nominee list, clueless.

Siphiwe Nyanda: Minister of Communication – for his department so affectionately labelled the sinking ship. Dotted with mismanagement, corruption and allegations of dodgy looking tender structures, Mr Nyanda will certainly not be University of Venda case study material for exemplary public sector leadership. Let’s not even mention his sterling performance with the ongoing SABC debacle.

Other nominees mentioned by newspapers and by the opposition DA include Sicelo Shiceka (Minister of corporate governance and traditional affairs), Blade Nzimande (Minister of higher education and training), Barbara Hogan (public enterprise minister), Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula (correctional services minister), Trevor Manuel (title too long to mention who may be heading off to a senior position at the World Bank or something similar), and Siyabonga Cwele (Minister of State Security whose wife is unhappily facing drug trafficking charges).

Wonkie’s personal view is that for consistency reasons, Mr Pravin Gordhan is the only minister that should clearly be fired. He adds far too much value and has proved to steer South Africa clear of some of the largest global crisis icebergs. That level of overperformance relative to his peers is unacceptable and he is clearly not a team player.

Seriously though, Wonkie thinks it would be most useful for readers to make their recommendations via the poll below and the comments section that follows. It would be great to hear what South Africans think of their current leadership team and particularly the reasons why any of them should stay, or go:

Cabinet Reshuffle: Who should please just GO?

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  1. Hmmm…perhaps Wonkie needs a South African version to this? LOL! Just Go Nah…:) Check the link…

  2. It does not really matter what the public thinks. The ANC will hire fire and “recall/deploy” whomever it wants. This is not a democracy but a plutocracy of the “formerly disadvantaged” of the “currently disadvantaged” of all rces, colours and creeds. It you’re black wealthy and politically conncted to the corridors of power abuse, you stand an excellent chance of being “deployed” to Zuma’s next buch of clowns. Heil Zuma!

  3. Simphiwe Nyanda-send him back to the Military & let them “fight” with Madam Sisulu,the are both useless…
    Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma:has lost the plot with Home Affaires…
    Siyabonga Cwele:deploy him to Health as a deputy,he hsa no clue wassup with his present department…
    Blade Nzimande is an embarrasment to Higher Education…
    Tokyo Sexwale:”Mr.Pretend”he cares by spending some nights in somebody’s shack & do absolutly nothing afterwards…
    Jacob Zuma:should check himself out,he is just a constant embarrasment to the entire South African nation-what a lousy President.

  4. i dont care what the ANC do, they have failed us. why can’t he reshuffle his wives first. one president one wife.

  5. Phelane Phelane says

    It is my thinking that the reshuffling might not be the problem or the solution for that matter !! May be the person responsible to reshuffle should do an introspection.

  6. Because they are all a bunch of grossly overpaid hangers on who feather their own nests. Please include our not so esteemed leader = JZ.
    Why not let Helen and company take the reins for the next 5 years and bring our country back to pre 1994.

  7. OLD FASHION says

    I am so glad I belong to GOD. I do not care what or who is in the cabinet as one person with GOD is by far in the majority against the world. While people no matter what their position , or race is call upon evil spirits, (ancestoral spiirits, witchcraft or any other force excepting JESUS they have lost the plot as they are outnumbered even if they currently think they are prospering it is only in this world that will pass by soon as worldy possesions can ot buy your soul.

  8. O, dear. Now the freaks have also added their voice to the debate. Polictics nad religion have (thankfully) got nothing to do with one another. In this case it is purely a matter of one Volk, one Reich one Zuma

  9. Reshuffle the lot – all of them, including JZ and his whole entourage!! Oh, and don’t forget to reshuffle old chubby cheeks and his cronies too!!! Phew!! Wouldn’t that be wonderful. Pity the uninformed, non readers and un-educated (which the ANC is determined to leave un-educated) of this country can’t see past the ANC and vote for another party – we need a strong opposition party in this country. Now I am just waiting for a comment from Manthata saying “WHO CARES” – shame poor chap, we should feel sorry for him and the likes.

  10. for those who dont perform let them go

  11. pietpompies says

    Why on earth ask who should go!!?? Rather ask who should STAY? Most of the cabinet members are there to look after their own interests. Have you seen some of them having a siesta in parliament om many occasions!

  12. pietpompies seems to be the only one here with some insight!

    However since this circus of clowns were freely given power in 1994, they got rid of all those that were usefull and hired all those who are useless – typical african wisdom from here to cairo

  13. It’s easy. I you haven’t work (yes work!!) for something you do not appreciate what comes from it. The feeling in this country is that “all the years they had the money, now it’s our turn”. Never mind that at least something was happening which is not the case now. The roads were maintained, garbage removed, water pure, hospitals clean, children in school, crime to smoke crack, people driving cars they can afford and not what we are paying for, pride, few cuban cigars, bantoe beer, almost no strikes – I will take days to continue. How can JZ (I had to think twice to remember his name) claim to fight corruption whilst the new cabinet will be his cronies and he is equally corrupt. He has changed the whole justice system to be part of his gang. The only way to hide your crime and corruption is to prevent it from going public. Media tribunal? Will the new cabinet perform better. Ha – watch this Mugabe assembly. Remember to promote Malema he is licking his fingers. Minister of Communication?

  14. Mr SIcelo Siceka ,Siphiwe Nyanda,Blade Nzimande,Gigaba and Trevor Mnuel should be renguilished from service.

  15. Patrick Baloyi, Siphiwe Nyanda and Barbara Hogan are topping my least of under performing ministers. Since taking up their respective positions they have never went forward. Mr Nyanda must resign himself from active politics and become a business person, Patrick and Barbara must look for employment somewhere else outside government. Maybe be involved in voluntary work for charity groups. Amen

  16. You have all said it all – the lot should go except the esteemed Minister of Finance. OLD FASHION – I trust you are spending your time on your knees praying for for all those in authority and especially for a just, compassionate and competent government.

  17. I’m not sure I see the point in getting rid of anyone as SA is bound to “inherit” a ruling group even worse than the one in power now.

  18. Scorpio Birch Acres says

    Zuma can shuffle his Cabinet cabinet, his filing cabinet, his liquor cabinet as much as he likes for all I care. I’m taking the next life boat to Australia. I hope it has a liquor cabinet.

  19. Zuma himself should just go. 😐

  20. Naman Obuyi says

    He should do for effective management of the country

  21. zuma himself should go…he is useless

  22. Herman the German says

    shuffle,ruffle,shnuffle what’s the use. With the millions of unemployed we can have waves of candidates swamping parliament like a Chinese battle line.

  23. Zuma also..He is the most ineffective of the Lot AND he infects everyone else

  24. it’s hard to believe that Trevor gets such a low rating on the “request to leave” …. how does anyone doubt his dubiousness …in the arms deal fiasco he held the cheque book ……….. so there’s surely no doubt that he was a major player – and benificiary ????? ……he’s such a Colourpean he’s nauseating

  25. Hastheworldgonecrazy says

    They can shuffle as much as they like! They’ll STILL be dealing from the bottom of the pack anyway, so what difference does it make?

  26. , the President should consider himself on the list to be reshuffled, he is also underperforming, you can prove that by His Cabinet performance.

  27. My goodness!!! An intelligent comment from Manthata!! Who would have thought??


  29. Sorry i forgot to mention ZUMA

  30. GatvolinSA says

    I think the whole ruddy lot of them should all go. Give the government to a country which is good at it to fix like Sweden or Switzerland. Maybe employ the examination method of ensuring that someone has the required skills to actually do the job before hiring them instead of hiring on past promises or skin color alone.

    Top of the lit of those who should “just go” is Julius Malema!!

  31. its not like there will be any changes. those in cabinet just need to change their ways, thats all… for how long are they going to keep changing the members. no one is perfect.

  32. pietpompies says

    Avu, you are naive. Government has had 14 ( yes fourteen years ) to change.
    We are not looking for ‘perfect’ people to do the job.As long as only people of colour and ANC cadres are appointed to cabinet level – you WILL not solve the problem. Give us people who can handle their portfolios without bribery and corruption!

  33. I think Siphiwe nyanda should go as we even failled to watch Bafana Bafana while is playing with Siera Leon. And the other one is Richard Baloyi due to when he give MP’s members increase he doesn’t look inflation but when coming to pubilc service members is whereby he comes with this economical terms.

  34. Some of them we don’t even know who they are and what their job description intails they had to mention a reshuffle for some of us to hear their names any way what does a minister of the presidency do what about the minister for women and children

  35. Add JZ and put Montlanthe in his place. He at least has some dignity and does not live by cave man standards

  36. Consider the following two scenarios.

  37. Consider the following two scenarios:-

    1 Al capone (the famous American gangster) is alive and well. he has pledged to stamp out recketeering, bootlegging, prostitution, and crime generally.
    2 The ministers in this ANC government have pledged to stamp out corruption, tendertrepenuerial “tendencies”, looting the tax payer’s money etc ad nauseum.

    Which scenario is the most likely to suceed? Perhaps they must all go.

  38. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    @ Madoba

    Lol! Like your comparison!

    @ Gatvolin SA

    Too true! Sad thing is, I don’t think any onther country in the world would want to even TRY and put things right here! There’s simply too much wrong! And it is such a pity, because we could have been a shining beacon to inspire the rest of Africa, and instead we have followed suit, we’re just the very last country in Africa to go postal!

  39. As long as this corrupt officials are still in office, nothing will change for the better…the ANC has lost it big time. Reshuffling the cabinet is just another plot to give the ANC cronies a chance to have the last bite of the pie before 2012 elections.

  40. Chris Potgieter says

    In fact if government elected officials (ANC politicians) did not turn up between elections we would get a country that works.

    They should all be elected and then sent on a fact finding mission far far far far far away.

  41. well, I read everything you said, however, you people are missing one point, have we looked into ourselves,
    Are you aware that this is the government that we put into power, ( it does not matter whether you voted it or not, somebody did )
    I believe it’s time we must reshuffle ourselves the voters. Only if we reshuffle our votes, we shall have reshuffled the government for good, come 2012 reshuffle your votes.


  42. Chris Potgieter says

    Good points but lets not lose site of the fact that parliamnet does not run this country. It is run by Luthuli House and they enjoy only votes from ANC card carriers.
    The ANC has successfully kept their voters uneducated, without money for newspapers and jobless intentionally. That is the wake up call that needs to go out.

  43. pietpompies says

    Must reply to Manthata. Who are ” We “? ‘We’ are the proletariat and uneducated who don’t listen to the news, don’t read the news papers and cannot read the news papers. Those who live in the political darkness and -with respect – voted with an uneducated vote. They are fed the political garbage and hence vote ANC. You tell us how to ” reshuffle ” those people!!! Chris Potgieter to a certain extent hits the nail on the head.

  44. What’s the use for reshuffling? we wan’t jobs and care less about this cabinet……………………

  45. pietpompies says

    What must be added to WONKIE read is- ‘Zwelinzema Vavi’s “Predatory” BEE elite stick in Vavi’s gullet” (Daily Dispatch – 28/10/10 ). It is true that the likes of Julius Malema, Zizi Kodwa, Khulubuse Zuma, Zondwa Mandela and hordes of others are out and out busy to line their own pockets and feather their own nests. Vavi MUST expose these Hyenas for what they really are. Things cannot carry on the way it is now! A word of caution to Vavi – Hope your ‘ Nose and Hands’ are clean and not like our ex Chief of Police.

  46. Chris Potgieter says

    @ George Ngesi, the jobs are only for the ruling elite cadre’s pals like the Chinese and Cubans.
    The rest of us must make our own plan to be employed.

  47. Shuffling wont help South African’s with nothing! because who ever will be replaced will forget his/her role once the money start pouring in.


    Trevor Manuel is another overperformer. He should definitely leave for World Bank to assist african development and open way for experimenters and hot heads in the youth wing that will equalise SA with neighbouring ZIM.

  49. Nyanda Must GO! He is a walking timed Bomb!! The Guy has morales of a street cat. Greedy and does show any remoss.

  50. NDAMASE V.V. says


  51. They do not need a cabinet reshuffle they need a new government w
    hy is it that black people complain but when they vote they still vote anc or are the elections rigged like africa is all over

  52. To Corrie
    I can’t think of anyone who made such an ill informed racist comment, if you have nothing to say, keep your mouth shut. please read this loudly:


    The lord will help you

  53. manthata don’t get so garbled …corrie DID have something to say and a closed mind won’t help at all and if you can’t think of anyone else, then one “anyone” is not a bad number ….. and get over the race thing …even if the government was green with pink spots they are all a dead greedy lot of rubbish

  54. Scorpio Birch Acres says

    Human history has repeated itself a multitiude of times over the last 150 thousand years since the days of Atlantis. We never learn from our past blunders with the exception of the expedience in which we are progressing in technology. Atlantis was way ahead of where we are now. Ol’ Plinny will have a field day on the foregoing comment. The wheel can only turn. South Africa is destined to follow the downfall of its post colonial predecessors in countries north of our borders. The ANC will rape the country, stay in command as long as possible and then we will have to pick up the pieces and start again. That is our destiny. It is not a racist comment, it is fact. But who cares, I will be on some Australian beach enjoying a cocktail. I have choices in life – I do not have to live through the destruction.

  55. pietpompies says

    scorpio birch acres. wish i could be with you on that australian beach sipping a cocktail!!!!

  56. employment by merit not by friendship please

  57. i would love the president should also consider the freestate province,as there are also those who made themselve the hawks among the peogens.for the benefit of this orgarnization our leaders are not doing enough.the statestics of our movement speak for its selves.i am also warried about the deployment of friends,brothers,sisters and family friends who are also biased when coming to servie delivary.

  58. We really dig what you write about here. We try and visit your blog every day so keep up the good work!

  59. Blade Nzimande must go

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