Bird eat bird photo contest

Bird eat bird photo contest

It’s a Bird Eat Bird World Photo Caption Challenge

After a long break from what used to be regular Friday Fun, Wonkie decided to return to it by moving away from the dog-eat-dog world of South African politics to the mad bird-eat-bird world of Wonkie.

Wonkie had a really interesting rhino photo lined up for today’s caption photo but given yet another cruel rhino poaching in South Africa incident earlier this week, Wonkie thought it best to hold back on that one for now.

The funniest photo caption for this week’s Friday Challenge gets a Wonkie T-Shirt. So get creative, enjoy yourselves and enter as many times as you’d like… please get your caption(s) in before Friday 26 November 2010. Look forward to reading your entries!

Click HERE to leave YOUR CAPTION entry for today’s Photo Caption Challenge!
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Click HERE to leave YOUR CAPTION entry for the It’s a Bird-eat-Bird World Challenge!

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  1. I knew it you pig… you’ve been eating sushi without me again!

  2. 97, 98, 99, 100!!! Here I come!

  3. Hey, where did you put my takeout?

  4. Are you sure this is the easiest way to treat my haemorrhoids?

  5. OH NO!! Where is the engagement ring now!!

  6. You stomached one of my kids; I’ll eat you and give birth to that kid again!

  7. Quick, hide me. That duck from the next pond is coming and I haven’t quacked her back

  8. I still cant see it. You sure you did not swollow it.

  9. mystery1960 says

    the seagulls sayeth ‘ You’ve got it the wrong way round mate !!!

  10. mathews hlako says

    why the babys are not complete you ate one i must EAT u

  11. Ohh… I see your problem. You need a new set of teeth.

  12. The Fugitive is not here…..

  13. hey; is there no more fish to swallow.
    this my head you swallowing

  14. Please dont burp now


  16. Thats the last time I give YOU my wedding ring to clean !!!

  17. Alright bird brain, come out with your peak up!

  18. Rudwyn Davis says

    It’s that time of the month again….pay day must come…….I would do anything for quater chicken at spur.

  19. Wait your turn kids.

  20. I see you have been shoplifting again !!!

  21. Brian Etter says

    Wow I can see daylight at the other end?

  22. …… is it dark in here………wherez the light switch???

  23. bring back ;what do you think the children will eat.

  24. sorry….we have to check everyone 4 hidden rhino horns……..!

  25. Confirmation : You ate all the sardines.

  26. A good gargle with drain cleaner should clear that blockage !!

  27. kids watch and learn…….this is how you eat a full meal

  28. i told you Nyami Booi that my mouth isbigger than yours, now your being swallowed…..ha…ha…ha..!

  29. You’ve got the wrong end Julius!!

  30. inside cleaning services

  31. This will stop than imposter tweeting thing – you bloody bastard agent!

  32. did you think you`ll have it all by your,
    you`ve got kids.

  33. hey bro how check inside maybe you’ll find your cut of tenders…!

  34. Where did you say you had toothache?

  35. is this the deep throat thing that everybody talks about????>

  36. Now look son, you are way too old for feeding – go out and catch your own food – stop being so lazy!!!! Wait until your father gets home!!!

  37. Don’t forget to clean the exhaust manifold on your way out.

  38. As true as my name is Jacob “I can’t get enough”

  39. I’m telling you Joe, There aint no frogs leg stuck in your throat..

  40. “These flight checks are getting too much”!

  41. Hey! I also want some of that

  42. No, no. OSTRICHES bury their heads in the sand. We bury our heads in mouths.

  43. Sheesh… why do I always hafto floss YOUR beak after YOUR meals??!!??

  44. Aggh Mom…do I have to go to my room??!!?? I’m to big for that…

  45. Now, say “Aww”… ah ha… this won’t hurt a bit….now if only I could get my feet in here as well… we might just get that miff fish out of here

  46. Here, let me have a look at your tonsils before you eat anything!!

  47. You lied…there is no light at the end of the tunnel… You’re just full of poop again

  48. I had it all this morning… darn it!!

  49. Hey! I also need more

  50. najma ebrahim says

    he had to know there would be consequences for leaving the trap door open??!

  51. najma ebrahim says

    He had to know there would be consequences for leaving the toilet seat up again?!!

  52. I see you had prawns and crab and plastic bags for beakfast. Must I always remind you that plastic bags are not good for you health


  54. Chris Potgieter says

    Stop being so bloody licky jnr!

  55. gotcha!!!!!!!!

  56. when you said you were going to eat me alive, i didn’t realize you meant it literally!

  57. Haven’t I told you before not to chew those chicken bones

  58. I see it’s a fish bone stuck there – let me get my pliers!

  59. They dont call me “GROOTBEK” for nothing…!!!

  60. Yes-! Yes, Mr…(Z?)…It looks as if it really was a person who crept up your arse and is now exiting up here. But wait! It’s still ‘shaiking’ a little too much!

  61. What the fri…………..

  62. If I dont eat you, I am sure you will eat me.

  63. why do you have to have it all while we also need some of the money for the poor communities? come here i will show you who i am

  64. Your teeth are fine, but I’m afraid your gums are gonna have to come out!!!

  65. They dont call it a bird eat bird world for nothing

  66. i will get it no matter how deep it is

  67. See!!!!! i told u i can fit!

  68. Chris Lueddeke says

    Do not look so astonished Mummy is pegnant and dad gelps her

  69. Sushi or plain salmon guys???

  70. I’m Deep Throat –

    are you looking for Julius? He’s somewhere down there, if you know what I mean….

  71. It’s just another drol.

  72. George I can always tell when you have been drinking!! you can’t eat the children you moron, give them back

  73. a-maize-ingly corn-y says

    Now THAT’S what I call deep throat!!!

  74. Where did you hide it? I’m getting it out of there….

  75. Shawn Singh says

    I am sick and tired of you biting my head off for everything, now see how it feels!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Julias getting ‘closer’ to Twitter

  77. GoonersUnite says

    Bad case of tonsilitis

  78. Anyone home?

  79. One and only says

    The only place “they” could hide the proof of Jackie Selebi’s innocence!

  80. Grace Areias says

    Where do you keep you false teeth?

  81. adele visser says

    ahem, will the worm with the hook please come forward, the fisherman wants his hook back please..

  82. i hope this takes out of my life for GOOD.

  83. dont panic, am just looking around, i mean, i am the doctor!

  84. I told you you need glasses, now spit out the Gull.

  85. wow, this is amazing, everything is possiable

  86. I hate the dentist!

  87. Have you got a torch as it is awfully dark down there.

  88. Are you going to eat more as it looks as if there is no space left.

  89. Sorry, I cannot see any blockages.

  90. I’ve developed this sophisticated taste

  91. Ravichandran says


  92. Hmmmmm, its cool guys, no Rhinohorn in here

  93. when i kiss you, i feel like going all in

  94. i just want to be born again,please

  95. well, your tooth seems to be healing nicely

  96. Chris Lüdovig says

    Seems rather empty, has Julius been already here to empty your stomach?

  97. aubrey butale says

    try it,just go on try it and see if u can

  98. I dont think this fellatio is a bird thing

  99. Mabvuto Phiri says


  100. Inspector, do you believe me now?!?! I did NOT exceed my fishing quota!

  101. I’m telling you for the last time: KEEP YOUR BEAK OUT OF MY BUSINESS!!!!

  102. I said tonsillectomy and NOT appendictomy !

  103. annettevdmerwe says

    whowhee what a beatifull coil of derms you have – good work Gal

  104. Eugene Barnard says

    honey… are you sure the ”everybodies doing it”?

  105. Yeccch, looks like lady Gaga in there.

  106. oops! slipped again. cant get this kissing thing right.

  107. not again man………..u got to go for therapy………how can you eat your kind???????????

  108. WHAT THE FFFFF!!!

  109. WHAT A FFFFF!!!

  110. Give me da Tenda Docs back you’re not BBBE
    Backstabbing Black Bastard Eggnoramous

  111. hey you corrupt politician…..i want my money back.

  112. let me fix your vocal cord mr prez so that you can speakout about zee corruption

  113. Just checking to see if you’ve got guts.

  114. stuck it further babe, still more space!

  115. hey, sweetie, there is only fish here and no ring! you could have flushed it out already.

  116. do not panic sphiwe as promised i ‘ll pull out of the gut and make you my eyes and ears

  117. Rampoi Matete says

    SEE………….. i can never fit in here.

  118. When I said “eat me”,this is not what I meant!

  119. You know…..there’s plenty more “sucker” fish in the sea!

  120. Sorry about this Mr. Birdladen, but we have to check every cavity for weapons of mass destruction.

  121. I thought you were going to check my prostrate!

  122. Scorpio Birch Acres says

    A tent full of people inn Northern Natal was struck by lightning. A few fatalities. The police have promised a full investigation. The caption: “No Detective Siphu, God is not hiding in here”.

  123. Halloooo…ANYBODY DOWN HOME!

  124. whats that smell says

    am I turning to beshushi ?

  125. mickey deiner says

    Julius beat me to it. He went the other way as usual.

  126. Sorry. Entrance at the back.


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