Wonkie – 2010 Year End Update

This year has certainly flown by and a lot has been going on with Wonkie staff all over the world. For starters, it was great to receive the Best Political blog in South Africa award for 2010 at the SA Blog Awards. It was even more satisfying for Wonkie that the email and feed subscribers increased to over a whopping 11,300 last month. Add that to the 4,200+ fans on facebook and that makes for quite a huge following for a blog. So thank you all for reading and commenting – Wonkie appreciates it!

Now Wonkie has received some feedback and a few suggestions for topics which should be covered going forward. Before Wonkie makes any changes though, it would be great if you would please let us know your thoughts by completing the quick poll below:

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On another positive note, the winning caption entry for the last bird-eat-bird photo caption challenge is Lindani who gets a Wonkie T-Shirt! You can see the caption challenge and the winning entry by clicking the link below:

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  1. Metaphysical things! 🙂 But you gotta believe…you have to believe in the process first! Believe…I have NLP things to send to you too!

  2. Ivry Xolile Kulela says

    I think that Wonkie has kept me informed all the way about what is happening on
    political arena in Mzantsi,to take on informative topics such as you do requires in your face attitude and I think that you have done it so well,keep up the good work.

  3. Kenneth McQueen says

    I have really enjoyed Wonkie this past year and hope that the new year will be just as good keep up the good work and I wish you and everyone all the best for this festive season

  4. You won your award as a political blog – stick to your area of focus. These animals need all the ridicule we can muster. No action should be left unscrutinised…

  5. phred is spot on!

  6. Great site, great cartoons, just love it as it is

  7. Hi Wonkie, it would be nice to see you emulate and even surpass WeakiLeak. What is it with the unspeakably corrupt politicians that they don’t want people to know what they’re doing? Commenting about things after they’re done is good, but it would be better to beat them to the draw, so to speak.

  8. I first would like to say you guys are doing a great job. now lets talk on issues of transport especially for the public commuters around our country. a lot of them use trains which are barely not on time and if you use the express train you have to pay for another ticket while you already bought one. this issue of ticket examiner telling the people they don’t give a shit.

  9. Vivian Moremi says

    This year’s World AIDS Day has been an interesting one. the dialogues are a better way to go since we are listening to communities talking. the clustering of people with same interests and listen to the way they feel about government programmes and advices they give towards the approach of fighting HIV. it really shown a mind shift and they commented positively towards the fight of the pandemic. the “We are responsible” theme made sense. Viva Motswaledi

  10. Oopps,the world is changing slowly but surely

  11. Pansy Morrison says

    Hi Wonkie, it would be nice to see you emulate and even surpass WeakiLeak. What is it with the unspeakably corrupt politicians that they don’t want people to know what they’re doing? Commenting about things after they’re done is good, but it would be better to beat them to the draw, so to speak.

  12. I think wonkie should stay the way it is….here we have a wonkie government to govern wonkie people who do wonkie things and that give us the pleasure to make wonkie remarks on the wonkie feedbacks of some of the wonkie-regulars. If you spread your wings wider, the wonkieness may no longer be applicable and wonkie.com no longer be wonkie!
    Just one thing, if wonkie is hosted on servers within the borders of wonkie-mzanzi, I suggest you move the site somewhere else as this corrupt and wonkie ANC government plans to “classify” all negative information as a danger to state security and it’s only a matter of time, since your blog award, and they will want to get you out the way – and that will be a sad day!

  13. Vivian Moremi says

    Wonkie- I think you are just on the right track. Ma i hlome ihlasele

  14. Where did my answer go?!!!! Maintain a radical emphasis and focus…related to adressing of the neverending wars and dismantling of our economies…and general corruption.

    Are you going to ship my T-shirt to me..for my cartoon caption sucess?!!!
    Los Angeles, Calif., USA

  15. Eppically Williams says

    Please make this website user-friendly for mobile phones, especially for smart phones and give it a speed as well?
    I would appreciate receiving cartoons that I’m mostly familiar with (sketches)than these ones of real faces!

  16. Keep up the humor we in S.A need something to laugh about

  17. JuJu, the Poor are waiting to join you, to eat sushi of the skin of white collaborator flunkies.

  18. [Comment relocated to correct post – Education and Illiteracy in South Africa]

  19. Highlight the corruption between traffic cops and taxis and Speed trapping motorists, the ” Just drop the gift and walk away” rule! It is rife here in our city. The taxis rule the highways, traffic lights and Stop streets – the cops do not

  20. let get some animations or cartoon strips together on this like those of a great mastermind called skhoko he is a great candidate..

  21. One dot they forgot to connect was to JuJu’s residence, whichever they can
    identify. Is it a Lean-to, or a back-yard shack, or a railway-tarpaulin ?

  22. A minister in Zuma’s cabinet recently objected about there being too many Coloureds (his words) in the Cape. The ‘Coloureds’ were there probably as early as 1650, l. Some were slaves for settlers who lived there long before Jan Van Riebeeck arrived there; Khoi half-breeds from the visits of Vasco de Gama, D’Almeida and the like, as well as the eager participation of the settlers who are now Afrikaners or to get away from the guilt, South Africans. Others were the product of the desire depicted on the DASO poster; however, they were there when there were not one Black there. The Black invasion started in the late sixties from the Eastern Cape and already the ANC desires for the legitimate owners of the Cape to get away (did not say whereto).

    I’m grateful that Mrs Zille’s true colours were exposed prior to the coming election. I was beginning to believe that her days with the likes of Helen Joseph and others, in the Black Sash when they spat contempt for the Afrikaner in particular and generally for white conservatives. They voted triumphantly for the ANC in 1994, because there were only 2 parties in the running, the Nats she never would have voted for and the Progs knew they would waste time competing. The argument that DASO is not controlled by the DA is rubbish; the ANC tried the same ploy when Julius caused them troubles, and yet it was the ANC and not the ANCYL who sentenced him over the weekend. Jonathan Jansse rector of the FU rose like a giant out of the quack mire of corruption, lies, discrimination, nepotism and political as well as officialdom participation in probably the greatest heist of a country’s wealth that ever took place. In other countries in Africa, it was also done, but the loot had been significantly smaller, and is now mostly depleted. Theuns Botha, in spite of trying with both hands to pull at least one leg out of the mud while the Hippo is angrily on it way towards him, is enough cause for a nightMARE, but I suspect that he’ll not vacate the chair from which so many benefits could be derived, although the envelopes might be thinner, but if you could just get your children and grandchildren admitted to universities even though the pass requirements are as low as 30% in cases (not good enough for higher education though) it might be worth the while sitting where you are, even though it is going to become a bit uncomfortable.

  23. Please become more active on Twitter:)

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