Gauteng toll roads cartoon

Gauteng toll roads cartoon

How high toll road fees entrench the Legacy of Apartheid

Wonkie is disappointed that Julius Malema has not seen it fit to make the high toll road fees in Gauteng a racial issue – when it actually is one. But perhaps that is because, he too, like most senior South African government officials, has lost touch with the masses. What else can one expect after moving to a posh Sandton neighbourhood and being escorted from one sushi party to the next by a state-funded, VIP blue light brigade?

Now, on the surface, the toll fees make perfect, logical sense:

1. Roads are expensive to build and maintain; and
2. People that use the roads should pay for them.

Just scratching the surface a little, on the first point – yes, they are. In South Africa though, for reasons likely only the tender processors and Nazir Alli of Sanral will ever know, it’s much more expensive to build roads than in first world countries like USA. And on the second point, should the people still need to pay for them given the fact that the national coffers receive massive fuel taxes and levies that amount to over 25% of the retail fuel price.

If one digs even deeper however, one will realise something uglier. The people that are being made to pay for these roads are the very people that were forced to live outside the city limits by the good ol’ apartheid regime. These locations, excuse the pun, are not the glorious suburbs people abroad aspire to live in. They were the apartheid-era dumping grounds outside the city for non-whites.

Of course, since the government changed in 1994 there was a huge influx of non-white people into Sandton – in fact, over 90% of the population of Soweto, Eldorado Park and Lenasia relocated as the socio-economic correction was remarkably instantaneous. Also, since most people move out of their homes and community at the drop of a hat, naturally that would have happened. Yeah, right. Whilst some of the wealthier members of the non-white communities may have moved to more affluent areas in Sandton and the like, the majority remain stuck with lengthy commutes and an appalling public transport infrastructure.

Considering the above perspective, the very people negatively affected by apartheid are now expected to pay up to R0.66 per kilometre extra for their daily commute by the alleged government of the people. That for Wonkie, is just wrong and South Africans should do something about it.

Certainly this could have been mitigated with the presence of a solid public transport infrastructure – or at least some secondary routes to avoid the tolls. The Minister of Transport, Sbu Ndebele, actually suggested that the people use taxis as they are a safe and reliable means of public transport. Wonkie will bet that Mr Ndebele will be as keen to use a public taxi himself as people in the Department of Education would be keen to send their own kids to a South African public school.

So what are the basic choices available to the South African public with respect to the high toll fees in Gauteng:

1. Start a revolution based on mass action;

2. Refuse to pay high toll fees and let the government try to take legal action against the entire province;

3. Suck it up, pay the high toll fees and continue whingeing about them for the next decade.

Since option 1 is likely to result in violence and economic disaster, it’s not a favourite. Option 2 would be the Mahatma Gandhi solution but do South Africans have the stomach to “be the change they want to see in the world?” – Wonkie seriously doubts it. One would also think that option 2 would be the favoured option for Mr Zuma – after all, think about the tens of thousands of jobs that will be created just to deliver those subpoenas.

This leaves option 3 which warmly embraces one of the favourite South African pastimes – whining. No guessing where Wonkie thinks this fork in the toll road will likely lead.

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  1. dinesh mistry says

    toll roads were introduced in the apartheid era, whatever the reason, secondary roads were kept in good condition.
    the present mushrooming of toll roads is an insult to the people of south africa. i’m surprised there hasn’t been an outcry yet. good for wonkie for bringing this into the limelight.

  2. this is crap, all the fuel levies we have to pay and they want even more, were exactly are the levies going to? you cannot tell me that it isint enough, what is this going to do to the economy, increased taxi fares, delivery charges that would ultimatly lead to an increase in end products, we are supposed to be allieviating poverty not creating another rung on the ladder for it to climb. this smells like a payoff for the world cup come on south africa did you honestly expect our goverment to build us worl class roads at no cost, this will likewise increase the demand on labour for increased salaries. business south africa should join hands with labour on this issue, just like bobby godsell did with the unions of mines when they wanted to scrap gold amd use us bonds. if anything this is a time for south africa to unite and the person that does it will ensure himself a place in the hearts and minds of south africans for a long time to come

  3. We must stop going on about our roads and insist that the rail-metro-transnet get their A-in to gear and get rail transport available from the Townships and (Locations) again apartheid is to blame. Get our middle class and poorer people the avaiability to get to and from their places of work, get the huge trucks off the road and get the rail goods trains more effiecient. Please stop the spending of goverment people living in Santon-(I can only dream to live there) going via Gautrain to OR and wase our tax money overseas.
    Get them to use our trains and see how our people-Black,White and coloured battle to survive. Power for the people-PS I am white .

  4. Zuma has laughed off Moeletsi Mbeki’s suggestion that there will be a Egypt/Tunisia type revolution in South Africa before 2020. But in my opinion it is not too far fetched and it is the blatant greed of our politicians that will ignite the revolution. These politician clowns in South Africa are so thick and stupid that they flout their perceived ill gotten wealth in front of millions of South Africans who are starving, unemployed and live in tin shacks. The South African members of parliment of ALL political parties are getting so fat that they can hardly move as seen in Zuma’s recent address. They do absolutely nothing to the contribution of South Africa. They are parasites. This man Sbu Ndebele the so called Transport Minister is all waffle. He, Zuma and the other cabinet ministers do not pay for Toll fees, petrol,electricity as we dumb taxpayers pay for everything. It is the hateful politicians that will ignite a possible revolution. There is no doubt in my mind that they are already depositing millions of rands of taxpayers money into overseas banks for that possibility. Just as Mugabe, Gaddaffi and Mubarak have been doing for years. Catchawake up South Africans.

  5. Thea Kruger says

    Ek dink dis ‘n skande dat ons moet betaal vir iets wat by die regering se deur gele moet word want hulle het nooit die paaie op gradeer nie en toe moet alles op een slag gedoen word en nou moet ons betaal weereens vir hulle foute en wie kry die geld nie ons nie nee derde party so hoekom moet ek betaal vier iets wat ek alreeds elke dag voor betaal? Dis tyd dat ons saam staan en se genoeg is genoeg en net se NEE!!! Ons regering maak nie sin nie!! Thea

  6. Whiney Whiney Whiney
    It never tried it before, so I have no idea if it will but if we all do it maybe someone will hear????????????

  7. oh no, i’ve never expected wonkie cartoons to jump on the “apartheid” bandwagon! come one, everyone using those roads will have to pay toll, even the whites! can we stop blaming every freaking thing on apartheid and do something positive to bring a change? instead of people doing something, this just give them more reason to sit on their fat behinds and point a finger at the “apartheid” era. apartheid was wrong, it was cruel, it was stupid, but blimey, its not to blame for every single thing that goes wrong and is wrong in this country. with the white governments we had, there was sort of peace and stability. even some of my “non-white” friends admit and claim that. this anc government is a circus! they do not know the first thing about governing a country. they abuse the ignorance of the masses, telling them they will “go to heaven” if they vote anc. what a lot of rubbish! and how ignorant must one be to actually believe that?? come on, apartheid is something of the past, altough racism is well and alive from all sides. let us take hands and stand together to bring change in this corrupt society of ours. vote intelligent, not stupid! for far too long we had a lot of criminals governing this country.

    • @ouma – think you’ve misread the point of the article. If anything, Wonkie is suggesting that the current ANC government is helping entrench the legacy of apartheid if they continue to press for the high toll fees. Who knows – perhaps it is their intention to continue blaming apartheid forever – if so, implementing high toll fees will ensure that they can do so for many more years to come.

  8. Niki Henry Letswalo says

    Government should enforce companies in South africa to adjust payments or rather salaries for employees allover the country to can afford paying tax from even a little product that makes money for companies.

  9. Mass ACTION.

  10. As i mentioned on Timeslive this morning for all to refuse to pay the toll fees and see if the government and courts can handle that.
    A MASS REVOLT in South Africa is a great idea but there is one problem,not enough whites so we have to try and recruit the Black Unions etc.
    One great headache for those that have no sense of responsibility(Government).

  11. Man O man ! All that is going to happen is that there will be another source of income that will be available for paying the directors and shareholders excessively high salaries and it will serve very little purpose or assistance for the previously disadvantaged persons.

  12. @PM- sorry if i’ve misread your intention with the article. i apologise. thanks for a great site where we can voice our frustrations. i just wish we will get to the point of stop voicing it and start doing something about it. 🙂

  13. Wonkie, even you run with the apartheid barking hounds —– 17 years !!!!!!AFTER the blacks took over the reigns in the country.I always thought you had more savvy than that. Did the Germans ball their eyes out 17 years after the Allies flattened most of their country. did the Japanese keep on whinging after the Allies flattened Nagasaki and Hiroshima, did the Boers keep on about what the English did to them during the Anglo Boer war? Remember the women in concentration camps, farms totally destroyed by fire? So I can go on and on. Come-on man roll up your sleeves and get cracking. Look what you have inherited ( I know at a price ). If the apartheid regime had’nt built all this you would’nt have had what there is now.Look at Africa south of the Sahara.

  14. How about another option.
    Given that the purpose of the highways is to allow ordinary people to get to work, and that it is good for the people in the suburbs if more people use highways, and that with the proposed toll rates the traffic is going to dramatically increase through the suburbs inconveniencing surburbia how about:
    – Reverse the toll booths on the highways to give the users toll credits for using them
    – Put toll roads in all the suburbs to ensure motorists by pass these and use buses / taxis /trains
    – Put parking place next to the highway exits so that motorists do not need their cars at home at all?

  15. Joan Roberts says

    What is this government trying to do to the middle class & the very poor who have to use these roads daily to get to & from work .66c ltr. Tomorrow sure as eggs is eggs the BUDGET & guess what massive increase in FUEL TAX. The timehas come for the people of this country to protest peacefully & publicly Joan

  16. i will not pay simply because i can`nt afford

  17. If not most all of the time, people who come up with these ideas are people earning wat I earn p/year a month. How silly they are(petrol+toll fees). Mmusho o wa rena o a swabisha.

  18. we are already paying heavy taxes, we does gov think the extra money for this toll system will come from?.

  19. I fully agree with you Dukie 743. I always maintained that ‘civil war’ will be a good lesson to the blacks, who think they own all of SA including us. Let us get together and ‘sort them out once and for all’. NO MORE FREEBEES FOR THEM! They don’t have cars like us, don’t drive around like us. We don’t steal their expensive cars only to end up driving them in their ‘jondoles’ as they do.

  20. @Deena: i think you should be fair. not all black people are against white people. most of the black community suffer because of the anc government. it is so sad that the government who was voted in by the people, now makes the people suffer!

  21. RedRum Jester says

    This will start the beginning of the End. Not all of South Africa can sustain being taxed to death, tolled to death, and murdered to death too. It’s crazy. How can so little (TAXPAYERS) support so many unemployed people?

    Sooner or later the newly acquired wealth (middle-class blacks and whites) will dwindle, spending will cease, business will cease, purely because it will be too expensive to maintain our life style. The less we spend, the less the seller makes, the less he employs, the less people have work, the more we ( black and white taxpayers) will be taxed to keep the unemployed alive, and ….the less we spend, the less the seller makes…&c….

    SO, kiss your new cars goodbye – thanks to super high fuel prices, import taxes, CO2 taxes, RAF levies – and take the bus – that’s late – on the Gautrain that doesn’t work yet, and get on that taxi that will kill or maim you on your way to a job where you earn fuck-all, because you’re TAXED TO DEATH!!

    A complete and utter disaster.

  22. My view remains lets scrap this toll road idea on highways completely and I agree with you, this is theft.

    The idea that the “user pays” is ridiculous;
    – We have already paid
    – The reason for the highways was to get people off the suburban roads which were a mess and clogged
    – These tolls will force people back on the suburban roads simply because like me they can not afford the tolls

    We own these roads already, if Sanral had been doing their jobs over the last 20 years, they would not have had to do such a major one time upgrade at such great cost.

    The arrogance of the ruling party is nothing like the dream of the struggle, the party of the people.

    Our highways will be for the elite and the government ministers, and given that the toll concession is 85% owned by a foreign company, 85% of the profit and a substantial amount of the management fee (our money!) will leave the country.


  23. it’s blatantly evident this toll scheme is just another ill considered ploy to forcefully extract yet more cash from our populace… to suplement the greedy personal ambitions of the ‘stakeholders’ – why did the shortsighted ANC sell off our roads so many years ago – continuing to extract rising national roadtolls, escalating fuel levy taxes, VAT on all motor related expenses, unjustifiable and corruptable road-user pacification fines, yearly motor vehicle licenses, personal taxation, and are reducing all tax benefits for company vehicles…… and with no feasible, safe, reliable or affordable public transport alternatives….

    and what of the effect of increased cost to do busisness in Gauteng on the consumers…rich and pooor alike? business will merely pass the extra cost over to the market, and likely take the shrewd opportunity to inch up their profit margins on top of this… and everything goes up in price while the public takes a dent in their disposable income.. and who stands to gain from this..?? who is making MORE money a the expense of our nation? Will the toll fee revenue ever be transparently reported to parliament or the people?’s mostly all been privatised so our elected officials can privately profit more as early entry shareholders…..

    Is it not clear now? Our leaders in government are just a bunch of self obsessed high robbers – common thieves exploiting lofty ideals of equality and freedoms, incessantly promising opportunity and harmony, while shamelessly exploiting power and people for profit, forging a new apartheid by widening the poverty divide to sustain a powerless peasant class easily ruled by fear and force…. hey – they did get training and menorship in the soviet union, not so? what do you expect!?
    Rise up you rainbow nation – stop the mindless exploitation of our rights to free movement and peaceful existence before the greed machine devours us all!!!!

  24. if it passes il never vote for da leading party again

  25. I’m very fortunate, being on pension can’t afford to travel out of my home town as I really don’t have to as everything I need is at hand. If I need to go to a big city Vereeniging fits the bill and as yet no toll roads.

  26. Collitjies. You will pay. This is another piece of stealth tax. The price of everything that moves on wheels on the toll roads will go up, like food and other essentials. If the government increased the peak marginal tax rates so that the fat cats (like ANC ministers) had to pay more tax then this would not be necessary. After all, the tax payer pays their toll fees.

  27. I will not pay , Iwill just fix my number plate so that they will not read them they are just a lot of fatcat that will steal the money made as they allready do

  28. start the mass action. It is the only way to make our govt sit up and take notice!

  29. I think this is very wrong,option 2 will be best but atleast now the ministers hav spoken and will continue speaking abt it.Hopefully they will come to their senses and reduce or rather scrap it, otherwise we will have to take action.

  30. sbekezele msimango says

    I am against this toll thing, for me its not ayoba becouse of the price and beside south africans are not that rich. this gorvement of our is never fair and the only thing they think of, is how are they gonna make maney for their non stop sushi party.

  31. Lets play Spot the Difference…ZPF vs. ANC…..
    FYI – 85% of all Profits are going to Austria….Own Goal…..Just you wait until IEC elections……huge wake up call.
    The Highway is now called the Milky-Way……Milking the people of South Africa….the Till Register can only take so much of the Rapping. Shame on You.

  32. So apartheid was so bad (?) We had hospitals that saw to the sick both black and white, schools that did not have to swindle matric marks to try and fool the people, a police “force” that knew what to do and did it, except for the terrorists attacking churches and ladies bars we were all happy. Please show me just one thing that this corrupt cheating government has done in fact and not from zuma’s mouth

  33. It is axiomatic that the liberation movements in Africa lose their appeal when the new generation becomes the majority. Like in Zimbabwe, because they are better educated and were never witness to the liberation struggle. The former liberators after having fleeced the countries of their wealth, now have to suppress the population to stay in power. This does not go down well with the kids who after 20 to 30 years will try to remove the ruling party who will then try all means to stay in power, when that happens bloodshed and revolution are the results. The toll fees are just another tax and another straw.

  34. The truth – we are governed by non thinkers! What was the government when the plans for these tolls were approved? Suspending the charges now is aboslutely idiotic and a clear indication that our society are considered stupid! Next step – increase petrol price and whatever else you can to make up for the loss of toll fees! Give us a break, give us some credit –

  35. just too much and its not corresponding with the majority’s meagre incomes

  36. i’ve heard on the new today that petrol prices are going up by 40c per litre next week. can’t remember the diesel price but it is outrages!!

  37. Hi.who did they consult/communicate with this toll thing did they think for south African or for them self,did they look from both side or they think we are using dollar?

  38. This was going to kill us in Gauteng,

  39. @PM – re Afrikaans comment
    THea has every right to post her comment in Afrikaans – afterall we have ELEVEN OFFICIAL LANGUAGES in this country. If you don’t understand Afrikaans then it’s about time you make an attempt to understand the basics PM. This forum is to comment on the latest article, not to whine about other’s people’s choice of language.

  40. Trace this all back to BEE and AA. Government needs more taxes to support the 30% of the population living on grants because of unemployment. An employer does not fire a good worker therefore the government needs laws to protect the wankers. No employer wants to employ a wanker so we have unemployment and the government needs more taxes for grants to the wankers. Because of quotas unempoyed whites with a work ethic stay unemployed. To see how utterly stupid these policies are bear in mind that the Jewish people make up about 1% of the world’s population but hold 10% of the Nobel prizes. The ANC would say they are only allowed to hold 1% of the prizes. There’s a hole in the bucket dear Henry!

  41. There is a Hole in the Head of the dear ANC.or a Hollow between the ears.
    Lets put it strait: 99.9% of the black populace has one sense missing,that is the sense of RESPONSIBILITY.
    If that sense were in there GENES,South Africa would be such wonderful Rainbow NATION.

  42. No doubt toll concessions for taxis will be promulgated to placate these ‘untouchables’ and to secure the ‘votelas’, of course.
    Follow up prosecutions for non-payers of tolls will only follow those with valid car registrations and fixed addresses. Guess who ?
    Same as non-payment and theft of utilities.
    The rest of us milchcows will just cough up, to pay for all of it.

    I’d say we’re approaching the last straw rather quickly !

  43. @Kelvin, Apartheid was killed with Verwoerd…since john vorster this country was on it’s way down the drain. Now to get to the point, during Verwoerds apartheid there were no toll roads, not even ONE! There also were no such a thing as a disadvanteged person! All of those things were created since Verwoerd was murdered so you can have a sad song to sing today! Now stop crying as since 1994 EVERYBODY, except the sheik-shakes, the mandelas, zumas, pandors and few others, are disadvantaged!
    @Boerkie, I have never seen a rainbow with black in it…don’t repeat that de klerk idiot’s shit please! There never was and never will be a pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow!

    @wonkie … I like jewel’s remark as I have seen couple of remarks in the languages of the black heathen and nobody had a problem with that. Most important point is that AFRIKAANS is the only language that was REALLY BORN RIGHT HERE in the SOUTH…english does not even belong here and deserve no place as it is the language of the colonizer and the supressor and the racist and the liar and the bullshitter and of the most brainless whites on this planet! On the other hand, AFRIKAANS will be uderstood by quite a couple of the brainy european nations – logically not by the darker skinned latinos, french etc. but who the hell are they anyway?
    @madoba the only ones living on grants because of unemployment are the millions of black school kids getting pregnant just to get a grant! The others getting grants are either on pension or disabled. Getting UIF is not a grant.

  44. WTF is going on in S.A nowadays? Ya khenya lento

  45. I forgot to mention again….sometimes I LIKE Madoba! 😉

  46. Is it true that the BBBEE group has sold alll its shares to the Austrian partner?
    It seems that BEE is an easy way to riches.
    1. Set up a BEE company
    2 Tender for a project (pay abribe to get the tender)
    3 Find a white or Foreign minority partner.
    4. The partner launches the project.
    5 The BEE shareholders sell the company to the minority partner.
    6. Voila! No longer is its abEE company.
    7 Ohmygosh! The BEE partners have few million for doing very little’
    8 Set up an even bigger BEE company to do the same again.

  47. shadynox
    You should never have voted for the idiots in past anyway…what’s wrong with you?


    I can see you have a head for business the ANC way!

    To the erst, those toll gates are not strong, I once got out of my car, walked up to it and lifted it so i can drive thru…needless to say, I never heard of it again, but I suggest, just walk up to it, and completely break it off ( If i was black, that was what I would have done the time I just opened it ) and go sell the peace of cheap alluminium to the nearest scrap metal dealer. This way you will help your stupid president create jobs as somebody will have to replace the gate after lenghty “fair” tender procedures. This way yuo also help the idiot create more jobs in the tender-office, some jobs at the gate-makers and more jobs at the scrap metal dealers to handle all the gate-returns and more jobs at scaw metals to recycle the metal into new materials to make more gates etc..more security guards to man the gates, more bribes to security guards to turn a blind eye etc. The way I look at it, these gates can be used to multiply everyting except toll-money! just don’t allow a tollgate to last longer than 10 minutes after being put into place. Even the blacks who “man” these toll gates will be happy as they can then do their jobs “african style” and just sit back and watch the cars drive thru because there is no gate and they can then, like a true new south african government officail collect their salary without having to do a thing..african style…what more do we want. The very wise old Alfred Mzo once said; “we find ourselves in africa, therfore we do things the way it is done in africa” and seeing africa never invented anything, the african way of doing things is not to do anything at all!

    OHH, I forgot to mention, there will also be jobs for signwriters to put signs up at the toll gates saying “proudly south-africa” and these signs can be stolen to buil shacks on the banks of the jukskei river so the sign writers can have a opportunity to replace the stolen signs…and ao on..and so on…see these toll gates are brilliant! 😉

  48. To Shadynox, are these the same sign writers who changed all the street names in Durban, most of which need to be redone.

  49. Garth,

    I am sure they are if everthing need be done over again…are the signs not being stolen in durban?…must be nice to be albe to find a treet name there as here in barberton, people are hiring signwriters themselves to pain street name street namens on the pavement as they are not that easy to steal..imagine a house with a street name on evey brick! That would be another “south african first” to be proud of hey?? 😉

  50. Dirk Many householders in Durban are putting new number plates on their houses with the old street name so that their pals can find them.

  51. Hmmm…dunno…the Gandhian approach outlined as option#2 might more be to not use the roads at all thus not having to pay the toll. And then stage a sit down at the ends of the roads you live at and then proceeding to attempt to build your own right of passage or find some other mechanism by which to travel from point A to B without utilizing the roads as crazy as it might sound or seem…build your own road one brick at a time…dunno maybe twenty odd people might join you and you’d make the news!:)

  52. Meady,

    I don’t think Ghandi ever paid taxes…so he had no right to any roads…but these roads belong to the people of this country and they should therefore be able to use it…and on second thoughs, ghandi was nobody…the Jesus approach would rather be the correct approach…that is to send somebody to go catch a fish and then tell them to open it’s mouth and take the toll out of the fish’s mouth and pay the required toll…now because mohamed and ghandi were both nobody, they could not do what Jesus did!

  53. @ Dirk OMG! Jesus did that???!! WOW! What magic! But he also said to “Render unto Caesar the things which are Ceasar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” So just pay up my friend!

    As a side I don’t think Gandhi and to be honest either Jesus ever said they were ‘anybody’…well nor Mohammed…they are ‘somebody’ because other people followed them…listened to their messages while they walked the earth. After their death or departure from the earth whatever the case may be (as some see Jesus as God but basically no one sees Gandhi or Mohammed as God) …they all continued to have followers of their messages and teachings. So in this sense they all in their own way became ‘somebody’ to ‘somebody’…to their masses and their followers they are indeed ‘somebody’.

    Many see Gandhi as does UCP-Universal Collective Prayer (my blog: ) as one who followed the good in all major religions and was not afraid to walk the walk and implement them literally in his daily life so he was one who engaged in UCP even before I developed the blog. And Mohammed in Islam is seen as a messenger of God but not God him/her/itself but many follow his teachings. So indeed they all are ‘somebody’ to ‘somebody’ and perhaps you need a good dose of UCP yourself! Also Gandhi would have seen both Mohammed and Jesus as ‘somebody’ to him as he also learnt from their teachings and practised some of them in his daily life while he was alive on earth.

    As for the numbers that make each of them ‘somebody’ to ‘somebody’ you know how many for Gandhi, how many for Jesus and how many for Mohammed?! Ooh! better check how Krishna is doing in the race…and don’t forget my fav of all Baba Shiv!…maybe you can ask Wonkie to do a poll??!! Oh and don’t forget Buddha…Mahavir Jain…Jehovah…Sai Baba…David Koresh…Sri Sri…Mao Tse Tung…Confucius…Socrates…the Tao…the Great Sky come on Wonkie make that poll! And I’m sure Wonkie might want to throw in Chuck Norris into the mix! In all seriousness he hopefully had nothing to do with the deadly Japanese earth quake this morning! 🙁

    But better yet you- Dirk should get down on your knees now and pray…and ask Jesus to some how help you with this whole toll thing…you never know my friend…you never know…he might just appear and there…out of a fish’s mouth your toll will appear! And I really don’t mean that in a sarcastic way even if you think this is the tone my message might bear!:)

  54. Meady,

    The toll roads have been paid for already, they belong to the people, not to ceasar/zuma.

    Like ghandi and mohamed, you don’t see the point that Jesus and I see…have the perfect law written on your heart and then you don’t have “learn” from anybody as learning from some fool like ghandi, mohamed and people you who promote themselves as teachers sounds like work to me….Heb. 8:10For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people: 11And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest.
    The King James Version, (Cambridge: Cambridge) 1769.
    You see, there is a better way, but remember you can only have as far as you can see…that wich you can not see, can note be yours! May you have eyes to see what I revealed to you!

    The answer about the toll i gave you before, came from Him in the first place, why did you think did I mention Him and what He did about tool for things that already belonged to Him. What you should do is to go get a Bible and throw your ghadi and mohamed teachings in the fire where it belong..

  55. have you seen the recent television ads promoting human rights day? They emphasize our right to freedom of movement. Great to see how our government respects this human right by imposing these unjustifiable costs on us with no repeal. viva human rights and freedoms! down with the greed of the anc
    please keep religious figures in your private thoughts, as there is no bearing or relevance in this forum for your personal belief systems or antagonistic challenges / refutals.

    back to the point – only we as united pro-active free thinking citizens can effect any change to the pending highway robberies, don’t be divided or deluded by irrelevant squabblings. We have written south african law to govern us all – obscure religious texts have no significance in this context.

  56. Wonkie has received a few complaints about the off-point religious commentary – and having read some of the comments above I’d have to agree.

    Please keep your comments focused on the topic at hand – which is the toll fees issue. Regardless of all the additional consultation that’ll be taking place, it is still almost a certainty that from June, South Africans will have to pay these fees – whether they like it, or not.


    The government does not have the infrastructure or manpower to react on a refusal to pay… not enough Courts,Prisons or personnel to handle this Mass action.

    Don’t be intimidated, be like the Taxi drivers and the Unions, they have the Government by the short and curly’s.

  58. To refuse to pay for the renewal of driver licences every 5 years is another issue. We pay R150 plus for it every 5 years while it costs Shabir Sheik-shake less than R20 to print them! The R130 profit made by somebody, can also pay for the cost of the road maintenance, why toll?

    mootrox if you regard the law so highly, then don’t complain about toll, just pay it then without even mentioning human rights as the plunfering ANC ‘ s human rights come first!

  59. written law as applicable to us all – in contrast to biblical / religious laws applicable to willing subscribers only. simple.
    The law is meant to serve the interests of the citizen, not effect a means of exploitation like we’re seeing here.

  60. I do not necessarily agree with Mootrox or PM. The ANC have appointed themselves as the chosen people and consider they have a god given right to fleece the people. Therefore to invoke religion is inherently showing support for the Government

  61. Mimi Badders says

    I can’t agree more what a mighty well written article, thanks for writing this!

  62. This kind of thing goes up beyond government level, there are the global hyenas, the same pack that implemented apartheid in the first place, that scavenge from the lives of ordinary people all over the world, but stay well out of sight. The African black person in this country would do well to get informed who has really been trying to crush his people – and still are.

  63. Dirk. The R130 profit is to keep Shabby in prison if and when they are allowed to imprison a cadre.

  64. Craig, I can only agree these tolls are to put bucks in some greedy capitalist pocket at the expense of the poor who will get no benefit. Taxi fees will rise and one day taxi passengers will also rise against the capita;list sharks who rob them

  65. This debate is about tolls not about god.

  66. You’re right Dirk, I don’t believe these extra toll systems are really here for our benefit or a “safe and pleasant” motoring experience, some people are professional con men (criminals), and this con is regional. The USA is experiencing the same thing – foreign companies building huge toll roads which suck the money away from the US people. Maybe Alli is being rewarded handsomely.

  67. i think the toll roads are not a good idea. I think we should find the perps and assassinate them (gently, though)

  68. praba naicker says

    Tolls are to make more money for the government to enjoy a goooood life in luxury. The cost of living is so high, petrol price is increasing we pay taxes on just about anything and everything. Now why toll. People travel to work daily on these roads and some will have to pass 2 toll roads. What then? government is tooooooooo greedy for money. Blow up these gates NOW

  69. Talking about Religion on this topic,”Hope there is a Toll Gate at the Portals of Hell” will definitely refuse to pay.

  70. Take note who is the Owners and Directors behind all these Toll Gates, Foreigners and from the East.Not one South African except the Gov.Officials getting the Back Hand pay out.
    If there are to be any Toll Gates, they are to be owned by the TAX Payer and not Private Foreign Individuals and companies.
    If this would be the case, we as the public should see a DROP in our yearly income Taxes, of course to the detriment of the crooked Gov. Officials.
    At present our income taxes and Petrol levies are “SUPPOSED” to pay for upkeep of our Roads and INFRASTRUCTURE. Hence the Populations Question, WHY ARE THERE TOLL GATES, WE DEMAND AN OFFICIAL INDEPENDENT ENQUIRY to this BLATANT CRIMINAL Procedure of Toll Gates. If Government told and proved to me that that extra income will be used for Schools, Education and PROPER EFFICIENT Health Care, i shall Gladly assist, but definitely not for the self enrichment of Gov. Officials and Foreigners.

  71. mark robinson says

    I belive we should not pay any toll fees we pay enormous taxes in this country these should be used to build roads and fix the old roads. To say user should pay is like saying user should pay if we phone the police for assistance it is also a government responsibility. This bloated corrupted ANC gov. needs to wake up and stop the huge wastage of tax payers money eg zuma going to theUSA with 3 planes how ridiculous. The social security spending needs to be looked at paying women every time they have a child is crazy it just makes the very young uneducated girls get pregnant so they can get the grant money, i could go on foe ever but i will end here.

  72. Whatever happened to Mzu, Mabang, Koklong and the rest of the ANC fellow travellers? Now that the ANC has done a fubar in Gauteng they have nothing to say.

    @dirk if Jesus was so great why doesn’t he just incinerate the toll roads and the people who put them there.

  73. I am seriously against the “new” tolling in Gauteng.What are we paying road tax for and all those levies??

  74. garth in the last day you as well as your ass-hole ANC ( did you know that the english call a bunch of baboons a “congress of baboons” ? ) worthless government will be incinerated for ever…hope you will like it

  75. Dirk, Religion is the opiate of the people the last day will happen when it happens and we all will be incinerated. I thought that a Congress of Baboons only happened in Washington ours are all crooked like a bunch of rotten bananas hence I refer to them as bunch. (Please don’t tell me that the collective for bananas is a hand).

  76. @ Garth, I am not religeous…the moslims, catholics, anglicans, lutherans, baptists, hindo’s, budists, chinto’s etc. are religious…I happen to be free from that primitive dung..I KNOW GOD ..there is a difference wich somebody like you can’t understand. I need not “go to church” as I hear from God directly.
    @Christine, you pay so this ANC morons can have more to steal! Is it not what you english speakers wanted? Or were you just to stupid to see it comming?

  77. @dirk, if you read my message correctly you would know that there is no God, only a fuzzy feeling of well being among those who think there is one. I think you should attend a whole lot of churches to rid yourself of that mumbo jumbo.

  78. @Garth

    I happen to know God better than what I know myself…clearly, you believe you are some kind of god to think that you can tell me God is mambo jumbo…He is more real to me than what you are , poor lost “house of windsor follower” fool what you are! Will you believe me if I tell you your mother is just some fuzzy feeling? I agree with what yo have to say about religion, it’s total foolishness, but will have to lie to myself in order to believe what you have to say about God, as I met Him on 16/12/1984 and happen to know Him better than myself….anyway, this is not the subject of this discussion.

  79. I will not pay any etoll fees this is one of the biggest money grabbing things that have hit this country as well as the existing toll gates in operation on highways to Durban etc. In 1969 it cost me R10 in petrol to get from Durban to Jhb. look what it costs today it is totally ridiculous the public is being ripped off and a lot of the blame rests on us because we just accept it its about time we stood up and refuse to pay these people in charge.

  80. It is a condition of the world that people everywhere are conned by the Government, Priests and sharp talkers who are all so convinced that they are right. The time has come for people to think for yourself and by the way if Dirk has met God he is either bullshitting or smoking something powerful. And why does every argument or even discussion eventually mention someone who doesn’t exist namely God.

  81. There was not a single toll road during the Verwoerd era – since vorster had him murdered by that greek fool, toll roads were established. This wingnuts we have today are commiting genocide against Afrikaners who generate enough tax to keep our roads in good condition but seeing Afrikaners are being killed by the thousands, tax income decline and they have less to steal – so, all you wingnuts who are so happy that apartheid is replaced with genocide, go pay your toll and don’t complain! Carry on enriching Shabir Sheik-shake by renewing your drivers licences every 5 years as well so you can carry on paying your toll! B.t.w. I am against toll roads and stand FOR the Verwoerd era when there was almost no racial conflict and no toll roads at all.

  82. Now I am convinced, Dirk is complete and utter idiot who shares his one brain cell with an earthworm.

  83. Garth, typical “english gentleman remarks” comming form you all the time, shouting out what an idiot you english really are the moment a typical english idiot like you find yourself in a corner…the place you are most the time for lack of insight…on top of it, while posing to be so smart, you can only master one language – typical f@#king english!

  84. I am neither English nor as you have discovered I am not a gentleman. How about getting your facts right about who fucked up South Africa in 1945 when they had an opportunity to do something different. Can I also suggest that you learn some history and not the shit that the Nats fed you and not the utter kak that the ANC is feeding everybody.


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