Local Election Campaigns cartoon

Local Election Campaigns

South African Local Election Fever CartOOn

In breaking news, it has come to Wonkie’s attention that there is more behind the tension between Helen Zille and South Africa’s infamous news limelight hogger, Julius Malema. Unconfirmed sources have it on good authority that Mrs Zille and Mr Malema actually regularly exchange campaign strategies during secret meetings in the romantic South African city of Rustenberg.

Some time back, Wonkie published an article about why the Democratic Alliance (DA) and Helen Zille would fail in the elections in 2009. Thanks to Mrs Zille’s lack of political savvy (a la the white male cabinet saga), the DA is still largely considered a white party by the majority of the black electorate. She will need to do many more traditional Zulu dances and perhaps don a sari on her next visit to Lenasia in order to start shaking that perception.

Helen Zille is very action-oriented and somewhat still naively believes that delivering results will actually win her elections. South Africa, however, is no different from any other country when it comes to voting and elections. People vote for who they can relate to, and their decisions are rarely based on hard facts and figures – consider the re-election of the moronic George Bush in the USA as a case in point.

What has changed for the DA, however, is that their campaign in 2011 is significantly more positive. They appear to be talking about the issues and what the DA can and intend to do for the people, rather than the rather idiotic campaign in 2009 of “Vote for the DA so ZUMA does not get into power“. Wonkie believes this is a huge step in the right direction if the DA ever want to take the role of credible opposition in South Africa.

Instead, this time, it is the ANC strategy that is on the back foot with respect to campaigning. There is little talk of promised delivery and posters plastered across billboards with president Zuma stupidly grinning are hardly inspiring for the public that wants to see results. Malema is also clearly desperate, pathetically using the Mandela card at a recent campaign in Port Elizabeth. Wonkie wonders if the residents of the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality will be dumb enough to vote for the ANC because of the apparent strain it might cause on Madiba if the DA wins there. The election results will tell.

What are your thoughts on the South African local election campaigns? Have you registered to vote? Leave your comments below and let Wonkie know.

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  1. If Malema is such an asset to South Africa, surely he would not be afraid to dance in public or stand for Mayor of Visdorp

  2. notaround says

    I feel quite sad when I see Ms Zille dancing around, she is not a tribal african why does she do it? To gain black votes? She is loosing white votes like this, but maybe it will not matter?

  3. The coming elections are going to be very interesting. Never mind lack of service delivery, the people are sick and tired of escalating corruption and government officials and tenderpreneurs flaunting their riches while the masses are jobless and starving. Seventeen years down the line even the illiterate are beginning to realise that the better life for all they were promised really meant ‘a better life for all the politicians’ only.

  4. nevermind says

    asked the local DA if we could organise a youth rally, I myself cannot vote but was prepared to help in our ward. Was told that is not in our culture?? Well , helllooooo, if it works for “them” why not “us”. The white youth is uninformed and apathetic where politics are concerned ( and life in general) my kids no excpetion though I forced them to register. The battle is lost, she might as well give up, hang up her dancing shoes and go live in Timbuktu.

  5. I hear that Malema is running for mayor of Oranje.

  6. Of a supreme importance is for South African, across the political spectrum, to know which side of their bread is buttered. All those who are in cahoots with the Malema’s have failed not only their membership but the Country as a whole. It’s long overdue South Africans should put their X’s to a credible political organisation. The pace at which Zille is moving is very encourageous more especially to poeple who considers facts other than political affiliations.

  7. Andre Piek says

    Good spot Wonkie – I remember DA’s meritless campaign in 2009 and am glad they’re actually talking about what they can do rather than campaigning on fear.

    As for Malema – he must be desperate if he’s using the Mandela is so sick so vote for the ANC line!

  8. Dumisani says

    I was deceived by the ANC that to vote for the ANC is to vote for “better life.” This time I will make sure they do not get my vote or of anyone who has common sense to realize that “better life” is “enrichment” for ANC corrupt officials in leadership from top down to councillors. Enough is Enough !!!!

  9. Niki Henry Letswalo says

    For the sake of our real X-President Tata Mandela,there is no way that any party that exist could win the elections apart from ANC.ANC is there for life.

  10. Its time for all to vote for a bigger opposition party. The ANC are in this for themselves. People should not vote just for the skin colour of the party. Good luck for the DA as the have delivered what they promised

  11. pietpompies says

    Dumisani, if you do not want to vote for the ANC you MUST NOT ABSTAIN from voting. make it a spoiled ANC paper or vote COPE or DA or anything else – you cannot possibly do worse than vote for the ANC. They have been deceiving the people long enough now ——17 years!!!

  12. It’s time to take our countrynto another level.ANC doesn’t account to protests anymor,they’ve been there themselves,some of them aquired power through active participation in demonstrations.Giving DA a chance is terror for ANC.Though we are mostly blacks in majority,our peaceful transition showed something from unique from most of our fellow African countries.

  13. malema, who is he or she. Surely you must be referring to the pimple on zuma’s arse that should have the pus squeezed out of. Although not many would want to touch zuma’s bum.

  14. I have had the hard drive on my computer cleaned and have acquire an additional outside one afterall I need the space to record all of the many, many lies that will be told by the anc. The D.A. will be swamped by the lies, halftruths and empty promisese that will be made by zuma and co.

  15. the fact that Malema was not boo’ed out the hall lets you know the crowd bought it …. watch and see

  16. Joan Roberts says

    Julius the a-hole should be sent to Valkenberg for treatment’ Sorry shouldnt have flattered hima. n a-hole is a useful thing) But not to worry Cape Town we will have the last laugh. We will not only win the Cape but other regions or municipalties as well Viva Cape Town Julius SHUT UP. I actually think that Julius is the enemy of the ANc with his spewing.

  17. I have never been allowed to vote since the ANC came into power. As a South African seafarer I have less rights than murderers and bank robbers. They are allowed to voted and assisted to do so. Seafarer’s are excluded from the main stream of society

  18. Mr + the correct name of the town is ORANIA, Jules would surely love to live there.

  19. Eppically Williams says

    The DA is on point, but the majority of our nation are stereo-type that they will endure poverty and insults from their hopes to a better life for all as they say it!
    Our people do not research, nor going with facts, respect and practicals over theories!


  20. It is interesting to see political organisation in a campaigning mood. We would like to see them applying the same energy in service delivery for our people.

  21. You ask the question “Wonkie wonders if the residents of the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality will be dumb enough to vote for the ANC … “? Oh yeah! They are dumb enough to do anything the NMBM TELLS them to do. NMBM is running the whole show here, they do as they like and they don’t care who knows it. Rumour has it that the NMBM is taking over the country as a whole because of their success so far in the entertainment world that they TELL the ratepayers to fork out R8 ml for or else! And if the clean streets are to be found, find out where the bosses live, and you’ve got it.

  22. You guys are just a bunch of disgruntled whites. Accept it, whites will never rule again in SA. I am not saying ANC is good but I do say that DA is shit because it is an anti-black movement….

  23. nevermind says

    @Mzu – you never know ! I do not care if it is a black or a white governement, I am white but I voted for change, if you remember correctly the NP gave immigrants the vote for that one important election and I voted for Nelson Mandela ! Unfortunately the present leaders have screwed up badly and if you cannot see that ,you are blind ! To say that the DA is an anti-black movement just portrays your total ignorance of the whole thing.

  24. @Mzu you are totally wrong. I agree with @nevermind. SA needs a change

  25. Eppically Williams says

    @Nick: it is such mentality that contributes to our suffering as of today. And don’t get me wrong, I understand your comment very well!
    @Mickey: I second you.
    @Mashudu: you’re on point!
    @Nevermind: Mzu is beyond ignorant;stereotype like the rest who support Anc based on race and history which it never made alone, Patricia and Helen were part of. People research well. Havee you noticed that a school,dept,hospital and more that is runned by the whites is still up to date, with services as well? Which mayor has won an international and local award together from the Anc? Cope and the Anc managed to get our abroad people, some diplomats as well to vote from that side, but the DA managed to score more than 70% of them votes. If the DA is really racist as the Anc supporters claim, then I’d rather be oppressed by whites than my fellow blacks, viva DA as I’m also a victim of the Anc poliTRICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. @Eppically Williams – with reference to the schools and hospitals. The remark you would get there from our majority is , because the whites have all the money and they stole it from us. The racism and hatred in this country towards whites will not change. It is deeply seated and indoctrinated from small. Sad but true. The rainbow nation is but a happy dream, I still so badly want to believe in.

  27. Well guys, it is your choice to assume that I am an ANC member……… I am a Pan Afrikanist for your information and I refuse to think for one second that the DA is an alternative to the ANC. They are just two sides of the same coin. All they work for is the bosses who happen to be arrogant whites. You whites are not interested in a free environment, you are just protecting your selfish interests.

  28. @ nevermind – the ANC has proven themselves, they are in it only for themselves, never mind the people still suffering, despite huge promises.
    @Eppically Williams – what happened before 1994, was a huge travesty against humanity, we do not want a repeat of that. I was one of the “previously disadvantaged” being a woman and an immigrant and english speaking. Unfortunately my lot has still not improved, now I am a white english/afrikaans speaking woman and an immigrant.
    All the disgruntled ANC voters will withold their votes to punish the ANC, instead of casting elsewhere, it will still benefit DA. THe other smaller parties should cast their votes with DA too and we might see a swing.

  29. ANC’s arrogant is the food to DA,DA feeds on ANC’s rot.Denial black racists says DA won’t rule and 4get dat it only takes popular demands.Better stick yo facts hear,can’t u c winds of changes…gosh!

  30. notaround says

    Have done a read up on Pan African movement and now I understand you a bit better, you want all whites out of Africa? Africa for the Africans, sorry I do mean black Africans. My children are Africans they were born in this country just as you were and have the same rights, well on paper anyway, they are white and we all know that we still have racism here , you for one proved that by your remarks and so did a few others. Are you going to stand and shout at the west like Mugabe and then cry when they boycott you or should we try and trade all the blacks in UK and USA and Germany and Denmark or wherever else they fled to when Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe Nigeria, Rwanda and countless other African countries was set “free” to be ruled by scruple less black African dictators who immediately started an ethnic cleansing, for the whites left in South Africa and other countries on the African Continent. It might work……………….you can have them all back and we will be happy and safe from murders, robbery, rapes and we can have equal job opportunities not based on skin colour because you will all be black and we will all be white. But hold on, one problem, are you going to be able to cope??? You can go back to being Black African Tribal people and live like your ancestors did before the white man came here and showed you the wheel. Remember , no cell phones, no televison, no fancy western cars, or smart homes. Is that what you want for Africa ???

  31. nevermind says

    not going to work – they will not want to swop with us. Why can we not just all get along, but we are not the only country with race problems, everywhere in the world where you have mixed races living together there are frictions.
    Why can you have a Black Journalist Forum?
    Black Business men Forum
    Black Lawyers Association
    Association of 100 % Black owned Business

    substitute the word Black for White…………………then you are a racist.
    We are back to what we fought so hard for to eradicate: Net Blankes
    Whites Only, except it is the other way around now. Doess Bee work?
    No it does not ! Has been proven again and again as small business goes bankrupt trying to comply with it, only to be screwed by a crook or ruined financially by inept staff.
    We all need to work together and forget the colour issue, stop trying to change each other and to respect all colour, religion or beliefs. Stop crime, stop corruption, help the poor.

  32. Wel what is said by wonkie is true, DA is still a white party no one trust that when in power cant it bring back the apartheid, other than that, what they are doing is good because service delivery sounds like its their moto, but me personally I would not vote foe DA, not that I am in favor of ANC because its also the one that is bringin the house down.
    Some of us dont know what is service, and the meaning of the word services because we were not yet serviced, so I bealive both parties need to lift up and serve us, other wise I am not yet registerd to vote, and will not vote for local governace.

  33. well i didnt register to vote but now that i saw the DA’d advert and thier menifesto together with their comments durring the election debate and I regret not registering. I am very impred with the DA is doing in the mothe city and for the first time this thing of the ANC rulling untill Jusus comes is being shaken down. for the first time they recognise the power of the opposition, even Vavi is scared of president Zille. well done DA, keep it up and deliver not only for the poor but for all

  34. @luks and @sam
    why on earth did you not register to vote???? How can you help bring about change if you do not use your right to vote? For how many years did your people struggle to get that right and you just sit on the fence and moan and complain but do nothing about it. The only way to change is to stand up and be counted, all of us, white, black, asians, indians, coloured and vote for that change !!! I despair of our youth, they are all so apathetic.

  35. Eppically Williams says

    @Zajenqa; you’re on point!
    @Mzu; I never said that you were an ANC supporter, but stereotype like the rest of the ANC supporters!
    @Nevermind; I’m talking about those under this current government “ANC-black”, but runned by the whites.e.g: When the DA was still running the municipality in Pretoria, our water and electricity bills were around R350.00 I R400.00 in winter for year, until the ANC took over, changed the name to Tshwane, confusing people into thinking that it is the city’s official name and now the bills are running@R2000.00-R3500 pm! I have proof.
    @Notaround; sorry to hear. True that!
    @Nevermind; nice question!
    @Luks; isn’t the ANC full of white top dogs itseelf, Indians and Coloureds as well?
    @Sam; sorry to hear. True, but as for Vavi’s fears, you’re totally wrong! He is the best of both world, one of the most influencentioal people in this counrty! Do a research!!

  36. We are faced with ‘Real elections’,as appeared on yesterday’s Times newspaper.The ruling party has failed us big time,we see Corrupt government officials immune to justice,Nepotism in executive posts,people’s voice went unheeded,now some of us will be forced to vote along the racial lines because the government didn’t adress the race issue.Did they failed to adress it or they did it intetionally?…to saw the feeling of uncertainty with whites leaded parties?It’s time to speak the language they understand best.Ballot paper.

  37. Well Notaround you speak like a true fool would and I must say I am impressed. Fancy cars, smart phones are not built with white skin. You need Afrika to get raw material for whatever you boast the West has created. I would be very pleased if you can all go to Europe and leave us alone people please. All you do is mess up Afrika because you are really not Afrikans and I do not blame you for that. You cannot come here with innocence as if you have changed whilst you are still living out of your forefathers robbery.

    We cannot be a ranbow nation of haves and have nots….no! You guys must return the land you stole / robbed from Afrikans and then we can negotiate if we want you or not in Afrika of which I think not. Afrika belongs to us and your sons I’m afraid nevermind aren’t Afrikans.

    The DA will never rule…let’s face it you guys only attract the white community which is less than 15 % of the SA population and a few lost black souls and ……dreaaaaam on

  38. @Mashudu…. we should be careful of looking at things on the surface and not look at the root of the problem. Ruling party is only managing the system which the whites developed for three centuries and they cannot deliver to us using the same oppresive system. You should also be reminded that the ANC made a blunder when they agreed to the property clause which meant the whites can hold on to what they robbed from us for 3 centuries.

    What is there to deliver if 80% of the welalth and land is in the hands of 15% of the population (90% whites).

    This is still the apartheid regime in the disguise of the fools(ANC) who are micro managed by the same oppressor.

    Vuka Darkie….don’t be fooled by these wolfs hiding other a sheep skin.

  39. nevermind says

    @Mzu, you sound just as stupid as Malema. Shame on you !

  40. Report by Sapa 13/4/2011 to amend the constitution to Expropriate: Aurora mines good example, they do not have enough money to pay employees: Tax income will reduce drastically, no investments, government institutions already owned are all in the red. No exports , no income. The ignorance of those insisting they have been robbed . Black states in the north have no money, there is no free enterprise and many, many are fleeing to Europe for survival. Check the international news and hear some of their ordeals . Nationalisation was done in Russia and they discarded true democracy, Russia was crippled and suffered many wars among their own people. They had no option but to revert back to true democracy and is only now starting to recover fully. Come on it is time to have a wakeup call. There are two rules (negative and positive) Negative is hate, resentful, jealousy, murder, crime corruption, self enrichment, and a closed fist. This leads to total destruction. Positive: Love, compassion, endurance, courage, peaceful , hard working , patient, taking social responsibility serious without being selective and has open hands to give. This leads to prosperity for all and is true democracy. This country is in the state it is not because of apartheid but because of nepotism and “legal selfish thieves” that feels nothing for nobody except themselves. Their greed for wealth keeps increasing and they do not use their brains to see that soon there will be nothing left for them.

  41. @NEvermind, I’ll take that as a compliment and @peace…it’s not your problem to worry about but ours….Just go and solve the crisises in Europe and stop worrying about my beloved Afrika……

  42. @Peace – totally agree
    @ Mzu – your beloved Africa, which will soon be no more the way you and your brethren are carrying on.

  43. @ Mzu, you obviously have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
    @nevermind – agree
    @Peace – well said

  44. @Eppically Williams – know exactly what you mean there, our electricity and water, rates and taxes has risen from R 800 per month to R 4 200.00 per month, how do you justify that one?? From 2001 to now! They are totally inept in the Johannnesburg municipality, I for one pray for DA to win this one, so we can have some proper service back. The driver that works for us lives in Soweto and has had numerous problems with his electricity, as soon as he goes to work, 3 or 4 neighbours hook onto his supply and that we only figured out after him going home early one day being ill. Pikitup is striking yet again, so we have rubbish everywhere. *sigh* I most definitely do not want the days of pre-1994 back, but boy the system worked in those days. WE had police on the road, the trains and bus’s ran on time and was well serviced, we had no blackouts from Eskom, our post was delivered promptly and no tampering, if you had a problem at City Centre you could phone someone, they actually used to answer the phone or you could go there personally and there was a helpful person behind the counter, now all you see is empty smart offices with sometimes a note on door – on conference.
    And my favourite one – There was no squatter camps and no beggars in the street, no street children and no zimbabwean refugees !!!
    It is truly obvious that the ANC has no clue as to what they are doing or even worse do not care as long as they themselves are okay.

  45. Mzu It makes no difference where I am, Africa, Europe,
    Australia, USA peace remains with me. Sad to be so negative that it seems to be driving you totally nuts, that is the fruit of negativity. You can at least try and look at the positive it may make you happy too. Unless you are also one that wants everything for nothing without having to give a constructive contribution, if it was done in the past a few hundred years ago, Africa might not have been so poverty stricken.

  46. Just mind your own business please bloody Europeans. Three of your powerful states are cllapsing and you never noticed because your eyes are glued to Afrika. Portugal, Greece, and Ireland are in a crisis and the elite there is the same as here in SA. Go solve and live us as Afrikans alone.

  47. Eppically Williams says

    @Everyone:I believe that I’ve said enough for intellectual minds, and as most of these latest comments highlight my facts!
    @Mzu:Being emotional in a debate is a weakness and a foul play from it’s outcomes!

  48. Negativity seems to be ruling, politicians are all nailbiting each others weaknesses in stead of concentrating on the positive. The corrupt ones currently ruling have been exposed by their own actions and they only have themselves to blame loosing the next elections. It will take guts from the next ruling party to fix all the wrongs as too much money has already been wasted on parties, cars , houses for the elite and salaries that does not warrant the positions they hold, besides not even doing what they have been employed for to do. Lets give our support to the next elected and if they do the same, they must also be out voted again. Most are confident that it will come right again with a new government. One example, the x policeman in KZN that got R200 mil and built 400 substandard rdp houses should give the money back to the local government with interest. And independant parties should participate in controlling the finances and builders. Only this can avoid exploitation and private sales by local leaders of houses intended for the poor.

  49. To all who mind.Our target at dis tym is gettin’ rid of government that not deliver…Racial squabbles will only lead us de Zim way and prevent us dealing with lack of accountability by de government.South Africa hav achieved more in transition period from apartheid,but if we don’t get rid of poor governance,soon we are going to loose all!

  50. mxm……I’m wasting my time here….

  51. @Mzu – bye bye
    @Mashudu – you are so totally right
    @Peace – total agreement

    Love to all and may the best party win !! Don’t forget now to go cast your vote !!

  52. I wish you were on a plane to Europe and say goodbye…….

  53. We all wish we were on a plane to civilisation but our responsibility lies here to bring the positive and diminish the negative other wise this country will also perish and we are here to help it change to a better place for all.

  54. @Nevermind well boss, voting looks like its going to change with all tha promises, trust me boss, u will vote and vote and vote but change is far to be rieched by our leaders, coss, they think that the only pple who can lead are people who were in the struggle, so keep voting so that they keep up eating money in corruption, making their own houses, big and fat, but for u as a voter nothing.
    @eppiccally yes boss, ANC itself is full whites, but those whites are indeed in favour of blacks, as for DA, ther is huge defference, u cant compare.

  55. onceuponatime says

    I thought that Mzu had left or is he still wasting time. @luks, forget about white and black and get on with it, you cannot do without us, we cannot do without you, so let us help each other get rid of the corruptive government , eradicate crime, create jobs by sorting out the education system, educate doctors and nurses and kill the AIDS epidemic, uplift the poor and build houses for them. GEt the economy back on track so overseas people will bring their dollars for tourism and investment and let us build this into an African state we can all be proud to call home. Whether it is Cope or DA or whatever, I dont care, what colour our government is as long as it works !!!
    Stop the hate speeches and start embracing each other, you cannnot blame all whites for the apartheid era, we were in total ignorance of what was going on here and I once tried to voice my opinion and were told to produce my id, I gave them my Danish passport and was warned , persona non grata if I do not shut up.

  56. Luks I like your humor, this is what this suppose to be about. Laughter is good for the soul. We will sure have to bend down on our knees, some to pray and some to pull up their socks

  57. nevermind says

    @ Peace – I think I like you ! You have brought up some very good comments while keeping your cool and you are right in so very many ways, wish we had more like you around. May you be richly blessed.

  58. Eppically Williams says

    @luks: I doubt you did any research or you’ve got the irrelevant information. If you did South African History at school,then you would have not attempted to protest my statement!

  59. Tks nevrmind. Onceupon, we do not want regocnition for what we have done since the 1960’s. We did not use visible violence, or caused any panic but had continual debates with the previous regime on the unrightous practice of apartheid. We are convinced that this is truely what openened the way for eventually for FW , (who incidently belong to the same nomination as we are) to negotiate the change. We kept on praying and though it took 30 years, our prayers were answered. We never use to vote even though our nomination was in the minority comparing to the old main stream NGK. Our proposals and objections were as follows: How can we preach and teach the Gospel of Salvation, deliverance and love if we do not practice it. Most think it was their freedom fighters etc and the so called strugglers but we know it was the work of the Almighty who made it all possible, and change over was peaceful far above expectations. The current situation does not disturb our peace as we know that this is also going to change, 30 years is really not that long it passed by very quickly and most of us witnessed the change and answers to our prayers. Since then so many have changed and are living different lives of gratitude, peace and joy. Pity that some distorts and abuses the changes but that will end shortly. We will continue being in the positive team it is the winning team that continues in victory.

  60. And there you have it more evidence ‘for’ my theory that:

    Once there is not a new Wonkie blog post for a while (for the sake of science let’s say 4 days) and people keep posting on an old one (again to be scientific >30 posts)…it eventually gets down to a talk on religion!


    And @Peace this is in no way a judgement of your statements etc…I’m just noting the above!

  61. Meady that’s fine, no grudge , I actually agree that this is suppose to be humor, and we love good clean humor.

  62. Wonkie , with a 121 parties in the voting campaign. do we draw lots who to vote for or throw the names in a hat and pull one out.? The posters are a bit confusing they all say the same: Vote for change!! which one?

  63. nevermind says

    @ Meady – LOL – yes but not before we tried to kill each other with race hatred

  64. onceuponatime says

    @Peace, good one that, wondered the same, then again , I cannot vote , not a citizen 🙁 . Any change got to be better than what we have now, so who has the best chance of winning this one, besides the ruling one, would get my vote. If all the opposition parties got together and formed one party : Party for Change, could we not get a majority ??? but no one agrees on anything, except change but change for what to what, eish me I am also confused.

  65. Onecauponatime, confusion, confusion, confusion. They should have a multi party conference and discuss what the changes are they want to do. There may be a few with the same view on certain sectors. The fact that there are so many shows that they all opting for power, if they really are concerned about the country they should get together and form at least just another 2 opposition parties. How do we get them to get some sense? Imagine a ballot paper with 121 parties on it, how long is it going to take to find the one you wish to vote for? What about the iliterate? let alone the printing costs and the counting or are they scanning the ballots. Are we the only country with a multi party opposition, it should be checked out why?? Lets face it never a dull moment in this circus.

  66. onceuponatime says

    @peace – LOL – very true. My friends from USA and Europe reckon I live in such an interesting country, I say yes sure , you have no idea ! Try and explain it to them, I think they mean lions and elephant and such *smile*

  67. @Peace: Peace! LOL!

    @nevermind: If it were Facebook I’d have clicked the ‘like’ button to your
    comment! 🙂

  68. @peace thanks! @onceuponatin boss if only and if only that could happen then I can do away with colour thing nd focus to wats so called rainbow nation, and indeed vote in the elctions, but so far that seems like a dream tha is imposible to acheve, not that I want u to stop talking about it, keep up thats the spirit, boss.

  69. We sure have a lot of parties, political and the rulers. Maybe ol juju sang that song ” lets have a party” and most of us did not hear about it. We must just take our peanuts and have our own party after the elections. Still trying to figure out which one to vote for. Can anybody help!!

  70. @peanuts – I say DA for a change just look at what they have done for CT

  71. Tks Jen, I will surely take note. I am a little allergic to politics and politicians.

  72. john pike says

    Helen Zille like many white South Africans were also part of the struggle. Many whites like myself went out into the communities full time with no attachment to any organisation and no pay – in my case for ten years. The struggle is not the sole territory of black South Africans. It would be arrogaqnt to think so

  73. I’ve been a member of ANC for almost a year now, besides being a supporter for the whole of my life but up until today I never receive the membership card. So if they are unable to give you a simple plastic card how can you expect them to give water, electricity and other things. Personally I would live to join DA and vote for it.

  74. ANC will be continuosly the ruling party,SOUTH AFRICA belong to BLACK PEOPLE, and black people are ANC,we can’t let these white people or should i say urgents fools us for the second time,they had their share during apartheid now it us forever,thanks to our political leaders for playing a big role in reclaiming what truthfully belonged to us( IF JEFF KENNEDY WAS ALIVE,HE WOULD BE SMILING AND SAYING ATLAST) DA STAND NO CHANCE TO RULE SOUTH AFRICA’,they must deregister as a party in SA,MAYBE CAN HAVE IMPACT IN THE US.

  75. John Pike, you are so right but it is not lack of knowledge to them but rather to forget who really got circumstances to change. They will continue to think it was their own doing, let them carry on believing that, that way they will cause their own destruction. You know the saying: Turn or burn. If they do not turn they will surely burn.

  76. @ Andile – coming in very late in the conversation, sounding like an absolute blind idiot like some of the masses. Thank goodness the tide is turning and people are waking up to what is going on.

  77. @Andile – what a stupid comment! No party should be black or whte, its who can govern SA the best way. Are you happy with they way ANC is doing the job at the moment?

  78. Got down to 2 parties to vote for, my first vote in my life and I want to make the right choice. ACDP or DA? it surely will not be for any corrupt party and promises helps no one.

  79. I’m Black 35 year’s Old, a coporate entrepreneur and an emerging farmer and leave in my farm in rural Eastern Cape. this whole rural development drive has been failing for me because I’m not conected properly politically, not because I’m white or anything else. I’m witnessing serious apathy for service delivery and general lack of a customer service culture in GOV Depts at all levels. When I relate my story & struggle in getting Gov support in builiding my Farm to some of the senior GOV people they tell me to go straight to the minister or MEC & build relationships at that level. I’m worried that this mentality and state of affairs means the poor will remain poor and the rich richer and Non ANC members to fend for themselsves regardless of the colour. I’m therefore taking my snail pace in doing things for myself than selling mysoul. I’m one of those who did not register to vote and like @sam I would have voted for the DA with their open to Toilets & all (at least you can fix that) than the directionless, leaderless and corrupt anc (Can’t dignify it with capital letters).

  80. If de ruling party looses more municipality,it will B bcoz of failure brewed from within itz ranks.If u don’t heed de pples call,eventually dey will surely stop calling.Its annoying 2 c de party u always lyk continue 2 deform.What happened 2 my ANC?

  81. To those that are so pro for the ANC, remember that we are a very young democracy and if one party stays in power for a long time SA could end up like Zim. I think that the masses don’t really know that every time they vote they can vote for a different party. What saddens me in the country we have too many small political parties. We need a big opposition then they can challenge and stand a chance of changing things.
    Look up this article on GOOGLE and see how things are changing “The Memory Booysen Story”

  82. Hi Jen,
    It is indeed a great and inspiring story about Memory, we know about him and believe he has now joined the DA. What a facinating end. The same if you know the happenings of Justus Tsungu, he and his family’s house was set ablaze 3.00 in the morning and they had to flee in their P J’s yet he also never lost his joy and peace. He is truly one of greatest in our times.

  83. @Peace – Yes he had joined the DA and is a mayor candidate

  84. whites we’ll never rule again,and as DA they have brought changes in many black cities, so ANC must watch out for the big percentage vote that the DA is going 2 get especially in black townships.Aparteid lives in us blacks always complaining about whites taken this and that from us.

  85. Iron Fist says

    One simple question. Why are blacks (not all of them) always complaining and falling back on apartheid and how white people oppressed them? I know this happens because I am black and I hear and see people whining ’cause of apartheid. Can’t we put this all behind us and rebuild our lives?

  86. Never mind who rules as long as they do what they have to do. The most important issue is to abandon any form of racism. Secondly the crime and corruption must stop immediately. Thirdly put experienced and qualified people in the right positions, I am a youngster and listen to some of the ministers speaking on radio and tv and can hear that their qualifications are minimal and they are totally not fit enough for the position they hold. Some of the radio reporters ask them questions and any fool can see they struggle to find the right answers. The reporters and announcers knows more then they do. As for malemaphobia I still want to buy him a guitar and a bongo drum, any one want to donate? and he must certainly take up singing lessons and elecution his manner of speach is an embarrassment to us blacks.

  87. Time will tell,the wise thang 2 do is to avoid voting problem,I won’t B too party drunk 2 vote 4 a party dat doesn’t deliver,and which score it’s own goal,for its rich elite.

  88. notaround says

    @ luver, ironfist, monkatso, trudy and peanuts – you all proclaim that you are black, me think not……………………something fishy going on here !
    @ Jen – thank you for sharing this
    @ John Pike – me too, sometimes I now wonder why I bothered then I remember and would do it all again.
    Still waiting for my South AFrican Citizenship papers *sigh*

  89. Luver – it’s a pity that you have not registered to vote. All the best though with your farm
    Iron Fist – I agree its time to move on
    Peanuts – well said

  90. Notaround you are right I am not black but dark brown and you not white but beige and we both live in the promise land that hopefully will become the Promised Land.

  91. Notaround, we were in a tight spot with a question by Peanuts: Why does it make a difference wether I am black or white? As you know we know him since he was born and he has been tought since small that racism is wrong.

  92. @ Peanut – more pink than beige LOL – Promised Land for all, indeed, we can only pray and hope. Madiba’s Rainbow Nation.

    @ Peace – matters not one iota to me what colour or race or religion any one is, as long as we can all get along, respect one another and our differences and maybe find some common ground to agree on. I am sure we all want peace and love and prosperity for our people, so why not for all !

  93. Notaround tks pal, I did not think peace would ask you that question. No hard feelings after Peace’s explanation , I actually took it as a compliment and think I understand.

  94. notaround says

    @ Peanut and Peace – I think we should run for government and ask Jen, Mashudu and Luver to join us, we could do a better job than this lot, (not) trying to run it now. And ask Nevermind too. Anyone else want to join us ??

  95. @ notaround – I like. What slogan to use? A serious one or a funny one? What a dilemma

  96. notaround says

    @ Jen, we should be honest and above board, funny is fine, can be serious too. Just looked at Google for slogans, most have been used already 🙁 Let us get some more opinions, maybe the DA and Cope will join us too??

  97. Notaround, anybody can do a better job then the current lot. We can call it the NPP No Promise Party. Fire all those that do not know how to answer a phone. Fire all those who are pocketing gov money,
    Get rid of all the criminals and send them to Libia Fire all those without the required expertise and knowledge to do their jobs. Cancel all the chommie chommie tenders. Close the Aurora mine. Put some spark into Eskom. Change all the names to suit the environment of every town, city and street. Force everybody to work for a living, except the old and children. Claim back all the wasted money. Shrink all the cars, government officials to drive reconditioned beetles. Pipe up the department of water affairs. Recover all the stolen copper cables and make an huge electric fence with them around the jails.Rename the jails from Correctional Services to the Institution for Criminals. Jack up all the hospitals and schools. Change school cirriculims remove the negative and replace with the positive. Ban all the cardboard placards and build a compound for the hobo’s and let them keep the streets , parks and the compounds clean. Fix all the potholes so people dont have to buy expensive 4×4’s that uses a lot of oil and petrol to drive on them. Teach all children from small that racism is a crime. When peanuts complete his studies, he can become minister of communications and wire up Telkom with sound waves. Change all fire arms to operate on indelable ink so the perpetrator is marked for identification. Train all the police officers how to be peace officers. By the time we finish we wont have to protests and strike marches illegal as there wont be any. Put all the drug syndicates and dealers on a space shuttle with a one way ticket. Change all the prostitutes into a moral citizens and teach them how to, sew, knit, and crochet. Then stop chinese clothing imports and sell the local stuff made by ex prostitutes.
    The list is so long I think I better just stop right here until we have our constitution meeting.

  98. @notaround, we can be called TEAM. Solgan = together everyone achieves more.

    More as in improved services, job creation, better help to the farmers, ect

    Off Now
    Happy Easter to all & have a great weekend

  99. notaround says

    @ Jen and Peace, you guys rock. First meeting , when ?? *sigh* wish it was that easy.
    Have a fantastic Easter everyone.

  100. We certainly should hope and pray that the new government will adapt to the following employment conditions as it was when I first started working. This is totally fair and just and is not subject to discrimination of nepotism.
    We had grades that our salaries applied to: When you started in your position as a junior: grade 1 level the salary was standard for grade 1, you had to study to advance and increase your knowledge and ability to escalate to grade 2 if you wanted to earn more. The normal rate of annual increases for each grade was 4.5%. If you could not produce positive results and you did not work to the requirements , you would simply be told to leave and find something more suitable for your aptitude. The anc will never change to this as it will prevent nepotism and overpayments of their chommies. This worked extremely well and most were motivated to improve their abilities and took extreme pride in their jobs. Those days their were never strikes on working conditions as every one knew what was expected from them and the onus was on oneself to improve and move on to a higher grade if you wanted to earn more.

  101. Iron Fist says

    None of these political parties deserve my vote but if I had to choose I would go for the DA. Since Nelson Mandela left the ANC, all they have been doing is making empty promises and using tax-payers money.

  102. I think the ANC is loosing it dismally, now JZ is taking people for a ride by telling them to vote for the ANC anD then aftermunicipal election they will investigate the manipulation of candidates. Nice try.

  103. Trudy JZ is not interested in the people but interested in keeping the office for party funding , that is why he is having his next wedding soon !! Another bid splashing party.

  104. John Pike says

    there are whites that love and enjoy all the peoples of south africa. I’ve stayed with blacks in Mt. Frere and was never treated so well with such consideration. The hospitality amongst the Indian community is something to behold and the coloured community is fun loving. I have a holiday cottage in a coloured area and its fun. Look for the good

  105. John Pike says

    I love all South Africans

  106. Jen, Peanuts sends regards he arrived safe at varsity. If you want his email address I will give my fax no for you to fax your email address to me and will forward it to him. Voting day is getting closer and we must trust that it will be fair without any fraud or corruption.
    May our country go from the worst to the best in the world.

  107. There is a single overarching reason not to vote for the ANC. When a ruling party becomes too strong it does what it likes. Don’t forget what hapenned to Zimbabwe or Germany in the 1930’s. We know about the corruption now. If they get their way with the media the corruption will escalate. But if they are in power on a slim majority they will have too behave themselves and not be above the law

  108. markthespace says

    I don’t care about race at all. I understand that competition drives evolution, and so, if one party is favored over another, but only just, the succeeding party will try harder to satisfy the greater majority. Is that not as close to a ‘true democracy’ as we will get?

    I would like to vote for a party that ignores race altogether. That is why I voted D.A.

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