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Somewhere between the excitement around Julius Malema’s ANCYL riots last week and the scrape-through victory of the Boks over the Welsh at the IRB 2011 Rugby World Cup, a noteworthy moment escaped much notice in South Africa. On Thursday 8 September 2011, president Jacob Zuma announced his appointment of Judge Mogoeng Mogoeng as South Africa’s new Chief Justice.

The appointment of the Chief Justice is the president’s prerogative, however this particular appointment raised enough eyebrows to suggest there was a Botox epidemic rampant nationally. There is plenty of published evidence of inconsistent judgements and dubious views on morality, but none of that seems to matter now. Our guest writer explores what this means for South Africa:

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The storm unleashed by President Zuma’s nomination of Judge Mogoeng Mogoeng for the position of Chief Justice and the subsequent ratification of this single nominee for the position is a striking example of the cancers eating away at political processes in South Africa.

The process was flawed from the start. Zuma’s extension of Chief Justice Ngcobo’s tenure was constitutionally improper. However, once that was resolved and Ngcobo’s appointment rescinded, he rubbed more salt on the wound by selecting the least experienced judge on the ten person panel of constitutional court judges. He once again overlooked, by almost universal agreement, far more suitable candidates like the assistant chief justice Dikgang Moseneke and judges Cameron and Khampepe.

Zuma’s nominee is an ex-Bophutatswana judge with a record of dubious judgements relating to human rights and freedom of expression. His world view is traditionalist – in terms of gender, orientation and religion, but he expects us to believe that these convictions will not influence his future judgements. Of course, one can justifiably say that having elected Zuma, a terribly tarnished politician, to the position of president, the ANC was saying to South Africa: our man will give you more of the same – if the dismantling of the Scorpions and the removal of other officials dedicated to uprooting corruption in South Africa was not enough, then elevating someone like Mogoeng to such a key position should show you how serious we are about safeguarding the interests of a self-aggrandizing clique.

As such, if this latest setback was unavoidable (given Zuma’s record and continuing attempts to frustrate a social democratic evolution), then what other symptoms of the cancer are exposed by this matter? For the reactions to a broad range of civil society objections to Mogoeng (which included COSATU and grassroots gender issue organisations) were extremely telling – particularly those coming from Dumisa Ntsebeza, a senior member of the Judicial Services Commission and prominent Africanist, and Blade Nzimande, the general-secretary of the South African Communist Party (SACP).

When an advocate like Ntsebeza openly states that though he prefers Moseneke for the job, because Mogoeng’s detractors are “white liberals” he will support Mogoeng’s nomination (Mail and Guardian, 9 Sept 2011), we know that the cancer has run riot. For a noted black intellectual and activist to cut his nose to spite his face to such an extent shows that racial tension has reached new highs. And that the head of the SACP shares his view (that the attacks on Mogoeng were racist attacks rather than comments on his worthiness to fill the position), shows yet again that the SACP, far from being a “vanguard party” trying to advance democratic socialism, is, as it has historically been, a Stalinist monolith whose leading officials are nationalists of the crudest variety.

That both chose to ignore COSATU’s stand on this issue and those of a myriad of gender groups whose membership is largely black, should not have surprised us. The JSC is an organ of government controlled by an ANC that is divided (the Malema rebellion personifies the internal discord), ineffectual (the twin crises of service delivery and unemployment) and driven by corruption; the SACP on the other hand has no mass base and ignores working class interests except at election time when it calls on COSATU’s leadership to roll out the black working class vote.

Taken together, all this shows that there is a growing current of opposition to a human rights culture in South Africa, and that despite the experience of apartheid and post-colonial Africa’s history of oppression of the masses of black people, our local Africanists, in different formations including organs of state and political parties, are preparing the ground for a ZANU/PF-type political movement – a movement that has as its objective the dismantling of the rule of law in pursuit of a radical populist agenda that will even more firmly install a one party state serving a narrow band of kleptocrats.

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  1. Hey what standards of intelect and knowledge of jurisprudence can be expected of a goat-herder? They’re Moegoes, that’s what they are. We will all be screwed. And bestiality is against the Constitution?

  2. I am afraid it was a foregone conclusion that Moegeng Mogeng was going to get the job. He will do what he is told by the ANC and that together with the closing down of any right to know about corruption which is about to be enacted is the beginning of the end. Always be very careful of anyone who says God wants me to do this. Be afraid.

  3. Since taking over the highest political appointment in the land, albeit by possibly crooked means, ALL of the swaying old man machine gun whining Zuma appointments have been to protect his future. IE firing of Pikoli, the disbandment of the Scorpions, relwase of Shaik, the appointment of the dubious NPA leadership, His refusal to have an arms deal enquiry, The list is endless. Not even the two alleged conspiritators involved in his corruption allegations, have been charged, incase the whole truth was revealed. Even though if they had conpired against Zuma, they wasted literally millions of rands of taxpayers money in his legal fees. Zuma is an embarrassment to South Africa and the laughing stock of this country. A man is charged and convicted for spilling his drink on Zuma-which missed- and this man declines to face his accusers in court to prove his innocence of hundreds of cases of fraud and corruption. I was overseas recently and on the news was the overweight wily Zuma whining through his stupid machine gun anthem. And along with Tutu’s ridiculous statement that ALL whites should pay a wealth tax, people in the cinema audience were roaring with mirth and laughter. Zuma and Tutu are a big joke in the outside world and are apparently ranked alongside Gaddafi as being complete political clowns in the outside world.

  4. as much as I respect other poeple’s view, let us give the judge all the support he needs, because weather we like it or not he is our judge president. everytime time our hounarable president appoint a person, there is too much noise from any dick, tom & harry.

    I fully support the appointment of Mogoeng Mogoeng, because even if president zuma appointed a different person bekutawuba nemsindvo.

  5. Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng is lucky to have found a job without experience, may the corporate sector learn from Jacob Zuma that not only experienced people are capable of doing their jobs, even the inexperienced people can.

    if they are to follow this example, we will have the whole country working and learning on the job. Thumbs Up JZ.

  6. i think mr zuma should have consulted before appointing him, this shows there is corruption here in south africa

  7. @manthata a Chief Justice with no experience to lead major decisions in the country and assist with passing new laws? yes definetly what the country needs, on the job training…so if people die because of a bad decision he can go sorry ne, im not experienced.

  8. Sadly, you again have hit the nail on the head. Zimbo and African state style rule here we come. Racism is very evident in this country and increasing and more so among blacks who were more race inclusive. Does this have something to do with power? The more power people have the more evil they become. Even Tutu is now realigning his sights on the whites again. Where have the ideals of a rainbow nation gone?

  9. You stupid whites always moan about every decision your leaders take. It is not Mogoeng who is the problem but the constitution itself. You can put anyone in that position but the constitution will always be the same or are you thinking whites are the right candidates for such positions. Live with it, the time for whites to rule are over….. Blacks will rule forever now, might as well take the next flight to Europe….. hahahahahahhahahahahaha

  10. @Mzu
    Sigh……………. Not this idiot again!!!!!!!!!

  11. Our leaders are not focused on solving problems but rather on advancing their own popularity and bank balances. That is why smart people are leaving South Africa so rapidly that migration is now a growth industry. These ‘leaders’ are an outright disappointment, I anticipate chaos.

  12. @Jewel… Idiots can notice each other very well.

  13. I have a big problem in accepting the fact that the Sheeple continue to vote for them, despite the lies, fraud, theft etc. But then they are ”role models”. No wonder the coutry is in so much dwang

  14. The whole world is saturated with hate , at least S A continues to contribute a bit of laughter to the world expensively with corrupt costs.

  15. Once his Christianity was revealed, Mogoeng became public enemy number one.

  16. Mzu, South Africa will not get anywhere with your attitude!!
    What disappointed me about Mogoeng is that he stood up in church, nogal, and told everybody that he is now the “THIRD” most powerful person in South Africa.To have power seems to be very important to Mogoeng. That sounds ominous.

  17. My attitudes has nothing to do with anything, why don’t you check your attitude towards balck people and see if SA can change with you pink faces around. Moegoeng is not a good candidate for his office but then there is no one fit for such a position. There is no one who has no agenda in SA, if it was a white person they would make sure that the interests of the whites are secured and Moegoeng will do the same for the ANC elites’ interests.

  18. @Mzu
    Listen, are you always this stupid or are you just making a special effort today?
    You started at the bottom…and it’s been downhill ever since! Do us all a favour and go play in the peak hour traffic on the nearest freeway.

  19. I see you as the stupid one Jewel. I forgot white supremacy in you tells you that you can never be stupid compared to the native, flush yourself to the nearest toilet moron. I don’t care about white reptiles.

  20. Now old Zuma appoints a mad man as chief Judge,Wonderful!!! “god” came to mogoeng and said he must be the chief justice.Wonder who this “god is he is referring to,if it is the same “god” i am thinking of,i wonder why this “god will come to mogoeng and not go out and prevent the black people from raping baby

  21. Mogoeng Mogoeng’s appointment comes just in time to reverse the hate speech judgement against Fatboy and to ensure that the armsgate corruption scandal is never heard of again. Ladies beware.
    I am pleased to see that Mzu has entered the debate, what would we do without her/his/dubious gender spiteful, evil and dangerous racism.

  22. Gaba-wa-Dipheola says

    Chickens have come home to roost. The four thousand delegates who elected him at Polokwane must now critical analyse and assess what has become of their grudge to Mbeki. If they thought that South Africa is a circus that could be led by an illiterate president, let them now suffer the consequences.

  23. @ pietpompies – I agree people that are hungry for power are dangerous. What next, we will have to watch this space

  24. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Garth – probably have a meaningful debate – but yes (s)he does stir up the blood (or should that be s**t?)
    A Mzu – just in case you missed it earlier I repeat my message to you from the Tutu blog:
    “Yes Mzu – when you finally arrive in Hell you will find “whites” there to hate also.
    “I don’t know if they are in charge but I’m sure that their very presence will make Hell hell for you.”
    Incidentally I see that Mzu now calls our dark compatriots “baLck’ – are they from the “baLckans”?

  25. Who is the right candidate for you guys? Not that I support Mogoeng but as long as the constitution is anti-black and anti-non ANC then we will find ourselves with the same problem.

  26. @ Mzu – Judges Dikgang Moseneke, Khampepe or Cameron, either more experienced and credible than Mogoeng Mogoeng. Time will tell.

  27. But it’s not up to you to choose so live with your leaders choice.

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