Blackberry Server BBM down cartoon

Blackberry Server BBM down

Blackberry Problems, BBM Down. OMG – what to do?!

In breaking news today, the Blackberry service appears broken. Perhaps even more devastating to the business world and to the millions of teenagers who can’t afford iPhones, BBM is down.

BBM, or the Blackberry Messenger service as about 23 people in the world call it, has grown in popularity internationally. When it’s working, it’s particularly handy as the service allows blackberry owners to send messages and photos to each other for free – regardless of where in the world they are. When it’s not working, however, the impact appears to be severe, as is evident at present.

Suddenly, hoards of people emerged from elevators the world over mumbling about the ills of mobile technology. If only Wonkie could find a way to harness all that negative power and chuck it into one of those overly-positive life coaching conferences – the world’s energy crisis would be no longer.


… Blackberry user – Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

Wonkie’s team of experienced psychologists have attributed the state of global despair to people being forced to communicate without using their fingers. The consequences may be dire if this continues for an extended period, not least for RIM, the manufacturers of the blackberry device. RIM has already seen its share price tank due to tough competition from Apple and Google smartphone devices over the last year.

If you are a blackberry user and are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, nervous twitches and random urges to mouth out acronyms like LOL, ROTFLMAO, and TTYL, you are advised to seek medical attention immediately.

Wonkie is curious to read your thoughts about cell phones, and whether you could honestly live without them now – please leave your comments below.

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If you’re a crackberry user and can’t think of anything entertaining to do whilst there are blackberry problems and your BBM not working, then ask The Guru for some advice about what you might do… his insightful comic responses may distract you from your woes.

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  1. Spiritwolf says

    LOL. BB the only phone if their server goes down, their users go into a state of panic. Unlike my nokia, if nokia servers go down..oh look, i can still sms, mms, whatsapp, internet, and yes you guessed it, actually make CALLS on a PHONE. It’s sad to see all the bb sheep go into a state of panic because their PHONE cannot ACT like a WEB portal………………………..

  2. Eskom ex management emigrated to Canada and are running the maintenance of the Blackberry servers.

  3. Never thought I would admit to. This. But being without BlackBerry internet service was horrible. I depend on it. For messaging, e-mail, GPS navigation…. . But I did start reading again…

  4. It did not bug me that much. I could not get on to facebook but I have a computer as well. I must admit it was nice a peaceful without it. It has just been on the news that BB will go down today from SA time.

    Fred – lol

  5. What, me worry?

  6. everyone in my family except me has a BB (i have an iphone). im love my iphone, but am amused by all the horror “this will cause me to switch to iphone” stories. the reason WHY BB users love the BB is because of BBM, switching to iphone will be a lot more expensive if they are heavy BBM users. yes, i know data bundles are available, but the fixed cost for BIS of under R60/month is unbeatable

  7. I agree with Gavin. I am a pre-paid subscriber, I normally use R30 per week that for calls and SMS. I got a BB last month I have paid the BIS sub of R60 for the month and now my R30 has lasted well over 2 weeks. In the long run my phone now is costing less

  8. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Oh! is that how you spell blackberry – I thought it was a funeral for Mzu.

    For those of us who were brought up with chalk and slates and then, when the technology improved, graduated to pencil and paper, then to pens, then ball points and who remember the invention of calculating machines and the 5 ton 1MB memory unit (and it was NOT random access) could one of you (obviously younger) techno-geeks please give me a translation into traditional language of the techno-babble ROTFLMAO and TTYL – I found out that LOL means love our laughs (or is it laugh out loud? – whatever).


  9. Just a thought, could this all be linked to various governments wanting access the customers blackberry data and calls. Remember blackberry service was so secure that some governments threatened to ban it if blackberry did not allow them to intercept data and calls. In order for blackberry to be able to do this, they would need to make major changes on their encryption system which would cause a disruption in service.

  10. pietpompies says

    Thank heavens I don’t own a Blackberry- at least, not yet!!

  11. With all due respect, a cell phone (mobile) is a telephone with an ultra long phone cord. oh yes it, also has a built in time clock which has made the wrist watch redundent. Except for little Julius. A phone is a phone.

  12. Honestly – These people complaining and threatening to move over to another cellphone brand….. please do – paying for internet used per minute or second or whatever-you will very soon move back to BB!!! Stop complaining people or get
    another phone……and the users of NOkia or whatever else – you just don’t know what you’re missing yet !!!!! I love Blackberry !!

  13. The good news is… the world WON’T end while BB get their act together! Take a chill pill and enjoy the break from 24/7 instant communication.

    And what is it with people and companies these days any way? In the days of yore before cellphones, no one stressed if they phoned your land line and there was no answer. Now you are expected to be available any time of day and night if some one phones your cell phone. And what’s with companies issuing you a cell phone so they can contact you whenever they want? Or worse of all, expect you to give your privately-owned cell number to them so they can phone you at will if you are on annual, or sick leave!!

    Remember, a cellphone is your slave and you are its master – not the other way around.

  14. I just love my blackberry, can’t live without it, but RIM are apparently not so good – we’ll see

  15. I am a little concerned though, no one has made a racist remark, blamed it on the previously advantaged and generally demand everyone should be entitled to a free BB. whatsapp with that?

  16. @Spiritwolf

    You are right monna, while they were technologically sleeping, Me and my NOKIA, we were doing everything that we need.
    People if you don’t want to be disappointed in life, use a NOKIA, it will never, ever let you down, Let me tell you what my Nokia does when there is no network coverage, it goes on to 3G and I use all the available networks in the country. you will not be disconnected. NOKIA, CONNECTING PEOPLE.

  17. Thabiso Kokong says

    No Comment

  18. bandiswa jordan says

    eish it is very sad wit this bbm thing cuz i cnt liv witout it wht is gng 2 hapn nw am hlples:(

  19. blackberry isnt a favourite to me they often have problems there is alot of pro’s and con’s i will stick to my nokia great site otherwise awsome comics. later!!!!!

  20. a-maize-ingly-corny says


    Is there no-one who can tell me the meanings ???????

  21. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    AH-HA I’ve got an idea !!!
    ROTFLMAO might be ‘right over the f**king limit my ancient one’
    TTYL might be ‘torch the youth league’

    Maybe ???

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