Peace on Earth cartoon

Peace on Earth

Merry Christmas – Peace on Earth Cartoon

This is a quick post to thank all Wonkie readers and wish them well over the festive season. It has been an eventful year with the North African Islamic uprisings, the global economic turmoil, the death of Osama bin Laden and the untimely demise of brother leader Muammar Gaddafi. Add to that the suspension of South Africa’s beloved young lion, Julius Malema from the ANC and it is clear that the world really does need to pause and catch its breath from the intensity of 2011.

wonkie christmas puzzle pictureFor Wonkie, the last year has been an exciting one – it crossed the 12,500 mark for regular readers and now has over 5,250 fans on facebook. There were MP3 players, Wonkie t-shirts and an iPad that were won over 2011. Wonkie even received prime-time international TV coverage with its commentary on world issues. It has honestly been great reading your commentary too – thanks again for voicing your opinions. Wonkie looks forward to having an amazing start to 2012.

As a little gift for those of you who a need a non-taxing challenge over Christmas period, adjacent is a little Wonkie Christmas puzzle for you.

Best wishes and safe journeys if you’re travelling – please don’t drink and drive!

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  1. To the whole Wonkie Team, keep you mirrors polished and set the corrupt rulers in their underpants.
    My family wishes you an happy Christmas and a motivated New Year 2012.
    Viva Wonkie Viva!!!

  2. Happy Christmas and my u have a very busy new year

  3. Michael Le Grange says

    Geseende Kersfees en voorspoed vir. 2012

  4. Wonkie team, keep up your excellent work during 2012 and there after I really enjoy your comments.

  5. Great work – keep it up. Was lovely to read your refreshing takes on life over there (actually the attitudes, spirit and behaviour of the politicians is not much different from some other countries) and I could relate to it easily. Hope to get lots more of the same in 2012. Merry Christmas to the Wonkie Team and best wishes for a challenging New Year ahead.

  6. Keep up the laughs ass’s lied…Merry Christmas and HNY…

  7. All of Gods best wishes to you and your family and friends.
    South Africa

  8. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    I think that this week’s cartoonist almost pea’d in his pants.
    Let us all hope and pray that the spirit of Christmas will prevail throughout the world and that peace will come to all – even to Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin. (Did HE PUT-IN all the extra ballots?)
    Let me end as all Miss World hopefuls do – and wish Peace for the World in the coming year.

  9. Thank you one and all, we do still have a battle ahead of us with the continued killing of Rhino’s for their horns. +- 400 have been killed this year.
    will keep you all informed of how the situation is going if you wish.
    Honorary Ranger
    South African National parks
    Counter Poaching team

  10. Deena Naidoo says

    To all my family, friends and foe alike, have a peaceful day. To Malema’s Clan, try! If you’ll can’t, please stay home.

  11. Mohamud Ahmed says

    Merry Christmas &Happy New Year to All

  12. OutofAfrica says

    Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year, Wonkie and Staff.
    “Hou die blink kant bo”. In all the gloom, your humour is uplifting.

  13. Yes, thank you. As a newcomer, I have found the blog debate interesting and well conducted. I look forwarded to following in 2012. Please keep us thinking by means of your unique perspective on current affairs. Best wishes!!

  14. Keep up your interesting newsletters, I love the way they are put

  15. maliktrodger says

    Greetings to WONKIE on these times of confusion and unnecessary spendings,i shall hope tht everybody at Wonkie subscribes to christianity as a belief system otherwise the wellwishes messages would be unproper and unjuts to others since christmas is a celebration of jesus’s not yet scientifically provern birthday.
    and also of importance to highlight is tht,much as the constitution gives provision for freedom of religion,belief and opinion as enshrines on chapter 2(bill of rights).section 15.sub section 1.”that everyone has the right to freedom of conscience,religion,thought,belief and opinion” not everyone ‘s religion is celebrated,i wonder if our country was a colony of china,what would we celebrating today?bhudah day(bhudism) or india for that matter with krishner calling the shots(hindu).and what suprises me is that,all these guys where born on the 25th of december,this cant be coinsidence,and because our our constitiution is so eurocentric,it clashes with our social behavior patterns as africans.that is why it is said that it is the best in the world,but to who?does it supress crime en corruption?no,but yes it gives a minor girl of 12 years a right to make abortion without concernt of her parrents en what does the books of God says about this practice,?sex before marriage being a sin?en was excesize voluntary,en who was befind the process,isnt he suppose to be incarcerated for statutory rape.but ofcourse,this is the time of spending,people save to spend,banks makes money with people’s savings for 11 months,giving others loans and staff,holding society in debt,there after,give the money back to its owner,for him or her to spend it again,mechandiser always plan some new inventions for us to buy,fake trees and baloons,we waite for the whole 11 months to gather around a big fake tree with lots and lots of baloons and sweets,lying to kids about santaclause and father christmas,en come january,no schools shoes and uniform,kids are so stupid they even forget to ask their mommy where is father christmas,tell him to buy me some school shoes.i so wish there would be season change due to climate change,because at the states,is winter during christmas,that is why father chritmas wears the way he wears,but in south africa,santa was supposed to be wearing only shorts,sandle and a vest if not a striped short sleeve shit and black shades,playing black coffee when he lends,but because our country is so corrupt,you would see every tsotsi disguising as santa,after lending,he rips the house off instead of putting gifts,he staels everything,fake trees,cakes,duveys,kids and all the baloons in the house…….MERRY CHRISTMAS TO WONKIE AND HAPPY PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR AHEAD.GOOD THINGS.

  16. Thanks for the laughs and thought provoking reporting. I look forward to more of the same in 2012

  17. Thanks for a humorous 2011 and do have a peaceful Xmas and 2012

  18. Enjoy every issue! All the best for 2012

  19. pietpompies says

    Hlo Wonkie, Sorry I’m one day late – WISH YOU A BELATED MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. Please carry on with your good work!

  20. I Wish forward to more of the same in 2012….

  21. Happy Christmas to the team great material look for ward to 2012 with dynamics new interests regards bert

  22. wish u de best merry xmas n a prosperous new year, i wish more stories will cum in 2012.

  23. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Mzu and Garth – did you survive Christmas ? Maybe we will hear from you in the New Year.
    Mzu – I’m busy sharpening all my blades for our next encounter!
    Happy New Year !!!
    And to all the other Wonkie people, let’s make the most of 2012 – all 356 days of it until 21 December when we discover whether the Masyans actually had it right or not.

  24. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Oops – how on earth did Mayans become Masyans – it must be the Scottish water talking again!!!
    Good-night Bacchus

  25. The Maya predictions simply ceased due to cultural interference by the Spaniards !! “-corny”, you will still be here next Dec 21 to enjoy your scotch 🙂

  26. twas great readings from you. thanks for your efforts and information in 2011. i wish you a great 2012 and cant wait for your mails. thanks and merry wishes to my fellow readers.

  27. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ OutofAfrica – I shall limit my scotch buying next year. I’m not worried about enjoying my scotch on 21 December – it’s 22 December that has me worried!
    Or not !!!
    If the world ends on 21 December no-one will worry about 22 December – the worrying time is the lead up so-
    Live life to the full. Enjoy the cut and thrust of every day. Lighten your neighbours’ burdens if you can. And let’s plan to PARTYYYYYY next Christmas !

  28. @ a-maize-ingly-corny , thank you to you and Wonkie for my early morning chuckle.

    Have a wonderful Holiday everyone and let us meet again, next year and do our regular friendly combats. Hugs to all and peace on earth. *hic* too much snaps me thinks. *smile*

  29. @-Corny – not to worry about Dec 22, (the Maya event is fiction) only about how much scotch you drink – have a ‘guid hogmanay’ !

  30. Thabiso Kokong says

    through Wonkie, this yr, i managed to communicate with Cbhristians and of course with the none Christians- or should i say half Christians, but hey , i did enjoyed being rediculed y my Wonkie Friends-which was very interesting- being called a moegoe, an un educated, illiterated and so on to me it showed that life will not always give you what hope for. i hope 2012, will bring success in every corner of yo lives, to those who met with difficulties in 2011, lost your loved ones..ect… you must know that whatever God does He does it for a reason.. we should never ask why me Lord? tyo those who ended 2011 with a positive note, just say bless the Lord, Oh my soul (PS 103.) i love you guys… please for 2012 we should have a resolution not to use vulgar Words in the Media suck as Wonkie Cartoons, Facebooks and any kind of media. let us help build a none racial and a violence free Country God Loves you all enjoy the last days of 2011, may eccidents could be avoided if only we could not drik and drive!!! Love you Mzansi!!

  31. Thabiso Kokong says

    you see we al make mistakes in life, i meant such and not suck, i meant to those, and not tyo, you see? i arrest my case!!

  32. Thabiso Kokong says

    you see we all make mistakes in life, i meant such and not suck, i meant to those, and not tyo, you see? i arrest my case!!

  33. Thabiso Kokong says

    you see we all make mistakes in life, i meant such and not suck, i meant to those, and not tyo, you see? i rrest my case!!

  34. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Thabiso
    “…i arrest my case!!”
    Are you an undercover member of the spelling police???

  35. 2011 is gone, looking forward for challenges of 2012. Lots of Love to you all guys, God Bless you all

  36. Thabiso Kokong says

    A Maize, something,you should learn to read the message, and not mistakes, did you read the last sentence? of course not !! enjoy the upcoming year and beyond!!

  37. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Thabiso
    Two things:
    Firstly, I DID read the whole message – and what’s more I understood what you were trying to type – but YOU were the one to point out your spelling mistakes, not I – I just picked up on the most humorous one!!
    Secondly, there were only two sentences there so it would have been easy to miss the last sentence as it had only three words compared to the ten and a half lines making up the first one, but yes, I did read the last sentence and, despite all of its shortcomings, I also love Mzansi to pieces!!!
    As to the end of your last comment – IF there is a beyond.
    Have a very happy New Year and don’t accept any unsolicited invitations from Bacchus.

  38. Now you guys, after reading the last two comments, please also remember GOODWILL TO ALL MEN!

  39. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ OutofAfrica
    – AND ALL WOMEN !!!

    Don’t forget the equality debate we had!

  40. THANK YOU 🙂


  42. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    The absence of Bacchus is very worrying – one wonders if he has imbibed too much of the Christmas SPIRIT or if he’s
    or maybe
    perhaps even (dare I say?) in rio
    and perhaps Garth’s girth has swelled to such an extent that he can no longer reach the keyboard.
    I think 2012 will be the year of the Jim

  43. Great work guys.. thanks and look forward to reading more of the same next year 🙂 All the best for 2012.. hopefully the year doesn’t end!

  44. Now that everyone except Mzu has said everything. It seems we all had a merry and peaceful Kwanzaa except for Koklong whose festivities suck. Or is it a matter that he cannot smell.
    PS Kwanzaa is not over until the lights on the tree go out.

  45. Thabiso Kokong says

    @ Garth, Kokong and not Koklong, guys don’t drink and drive,rather drink and sleep , enter the yr 2012 safely remember-to take care of yourselves until then Chao!!

  46. Have a super enjoyable and safe Christmas and New year.
    See you in 2011

  47. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Living in the past, are we, Barry ?

  48. Sorry yes, Had more than enough problems with my computer, hopefully all will be well in 2012, let us hope that peace will decend on our country and that we will all work together to create a great future for those that will follow us.
    Happy new year to all Looking for a decent avatar the one I was allocated makes me look horrible and dangerous. that I am not I am a peace loving citizen of our great country.

  49. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Are you sure that you are not a stop sign with a wish to be human instead of vampire ?

    My eyes are “wonky” and my tongue is in the wrong place because I get confused from being turned around so much by the other cogs in this machine we call life.

  50. @’-corny’. Is one of the cogs a bottle of scotch ? 🙂
    @Barry – “Vanity is so secure in the heart of man that everyone wants to be admired: even I who write this, and you who read this.” ~Blaise Pascal
    if you catch poachers, you need to look dangerous!

  51. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ OutofAfrica – NO

    Each of them is !!!

  52. I don’t often join in the debates on hand, but thanks Wonkie, good entertaining reading. All the best for 2012 (which happened 6 hours ago while I was sleeping)A-maize-ingly-corney, you could give the whiskey a miss, but then, what would Xmas be without J & B? It would be “ingle ells, ingle ells, ingle all the way”. First time in my lengthy music and stage career I have not done an Old Year’s Eve gig. Something is missing this morning – my first day of the year hangover. Maybe I’m getting too old to rock ‘n roll, too young to die (as quoted by the Rolling Stones who apparently gathered more than ample moss – smoked the stuff too)

  53. Thanks for the puzzle Wonkie and all to besst to all for 2012 – let it be a great year for all. And Wonkie carry on with the great cartoons & comments

  54. Sorry all but I was offline for a while, ask my service provider why. I was also in hospital where they all forgot me. I managed to escape because I needed food.
    Maize its not Mayans its Maya and all they are saying is it not some overwhelming catastrophe, only that it is the end of their calendar and they need a new one.

  55. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ garth – Thanks – but I also received my Time magazine yesterday and saw my error exposed there. The culture of the Maya is Mayan but the people are Maya and not Mayans.
    Don’t take Joel Stein too seriously though – after all he does admit that the “Maya” that he talked to didn’t know much about their own history and culture and that many of them did not even know that there was a calendar – or that it comes to an end on 21 December this year.
    One gets the impression that the article was more flavoured with tequila than with actual Mayan mythology.

  56. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Garth – “…they are saying is it not some overwhelming catastrophe…” will it perhaps be yet another UNDERwhelming catastrophe?

  57. Maize maybe the Maya culture is infused with Tequila just as ours is infused with J&B

  58. @-Corny – Garth and Joel Stein are both correct about the Maya. And unless they (the Maya) live in the Yucatan, they can hardly afford Tequila as it is very expensive south of there – and the Maya are mostly poor – the lower end of the totem pole in Central America. FYI, their “powers that were” destroyed their own culture due to their pagan practises i.e human sacrifices. The plebeians subsequently dispersed and are still around. Oh, got to go, my Maya garden ‘boy’ has just arrived. Have a nice day, you chaps 🙂

  59. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ OutofAfrica – is it “my Maya garden boy” or my – my (ah) ‘garden boy’ ?
    and maya you have a (very) nice day too!

  60. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ OutofAfrica – btw (the Mayan) “…plebeians subsequently dispersed and are still around.”
    Since the Mayan plebes are STILL around, Notaroiund must be something other than a Mayan plebe. – Good to know.

  61. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ notaround – sorry I mis-spelled your alias

  62. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ OutofAfrica – another btw
    my 11:44 comment was meant to imply that the article written by Joel Stein was more flavoured by tequila – not the Maya – poor souls!

  63. @corny – it really is my Maya garden ‘boy’ (that old SA euphemism for the hired help!) Scotch is better than tequila any way, so enjoy!

  64. Where oh where is Mzu we would like some comment on Fatboy (remember him?) and his hate speech in referring to the ANC leadership as baboons. If I did that they would have me for hate speech How come Malema gets away with it. Of course we must accept that he is right.

  65. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Garth – be careful now – the courts found the “Kill the Boer” song guilty of hate speech and came close to actually doing something to Mooliaas. If YOU agree with him they might decide that, since the ANC Youth League can’t suspend you, the courts will do the next best thing and slap a massive tax on your “previously highly advantaged” opportunity to accumulate great riches at the expense of the downtrodden indigenes who want it back [fat chance of more than 2% of it getting through the sieve of our “democratic” “authorities”.

    As for Mzu – Schools re-open next week or the week after (depending on province) – so perhaps when s/he has re-settled for the third time in the 10th Grade (old Standard 8) and resumed the habit of ignoring the teachers, perhaps s/he will bring some of her/his “sparkling wit” and “black comedy” back into our lives to balance out the rainbow of the Nation.

  66. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    That funny face was supposed to be an 8 but Mzu would probably not recognise the difference

  67. The previously highly advantaged opportunity went down the tubes. my investments in Libya, Greece and Britain went sour as dad my mining shares in Zimbabwe. So now I have nothing I am dependant on my wife who is a charlady for a BBBEEEE mogul in Soweto.

  68. I await with great anticipation for Wonkie’s slant on the shenanigans in Bloemfontein this past weekend. Should make extremely entertaining reading.


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