Jacob Zuma The Spear photo cartoon

Jacob Zuma The Spear photo

The Spear of Jacob Zuma Photo – Art or Not?

Following last week’s unlawful protest against a protest, in which COSATU threw stones DA marchers, Wonkie moves its focus to a traditional weapon of different kind: that weapon of mass creation: The Spear, wielded by South African president Jacob Zuma.

An artist, Brett Murray, took it upon himself to cleverly recreate a Lenin propaganda poster with a likeness of Jacob Zuma with some minor modifications: a slightly duller shade of red and Zuma was depicted with his equipment happily hanging out of his pants. This, of course, had local art fanatics gushing with praise. They fondly recollected that yellow room plastered with used toilet paper on their last visit to the Tate Modern in London. “Ah, this is art – so amazing and utterly provocative… doll.”

Lenin Poster vs The Spear imageNeedless to say, if more than 3 white people like something in South Africa, one can expect a statement from Gwede Mantashe claiming whatever it is they like is a profound act of racism. South Africans were not disappointed.

The issue however, is where is the line between art and bad taste. Is a permanent shower-head fixture on Zuma’s skull a la Zapiro ok, but displaying a free-balling Zuma on a poster with clear political parallels not? What about Zapiro’s cartoon of Zuma raping Lady Justice – is that acceptable satire?

For those of you that are yelling internally “YES! Of course its acceptable – it’s art! It’s satire!” it may be worthwhile considering the question from a different perspective. Suppose your vindictive ex decides to punish what you thought was just a harmless flirt with your personal trainer. They go ahead and commission Mr Murray to portray you unflatteringly as a whoring mongrel running around butt-nekkid in a not-so-Virgin-Active. Since it’s oh so artistically done your ex goes ahead and has it displayed at your local gallery for all your friends, family, colleagues and current partner to see. For most readers, if they are the subject of what they consider to be an unfair judgement, being on the receiving end of such ‘art’ would hardly be considered acceptable.

With art, boundaries are generally unclear – one man’s artistic masterpiece can quite easily be another man’s rotting garbage. In fact, if you visit many modern art museums it can quite literally be both.

There is certainly some hard-hitting and relevant commentary on a variety of levels with Brett Murray’s The Spear – politically, socially, and even morally. Just because it makes a point though, doesn’t necessarily make it acceptable.

Wonkie feels for Zuma but perhaps it is time for the president to reflect on his own statement about the painting:

“… The portrait depicts me in a manner that suggests that I am a philanderer, a womaniser and one with no respect. It is an undignified depiction of my personality and seeks to create doubt about my personality in the eyes of my fellow citizens, family and children.”

Most people in South Africa and abroad, regardless of race, would appreciate the pure irony of Zuma’s statement. Perhaps he should consider not making the bed if he is not willing to lie in it – what do you think?

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  1. katledi says:

    i think it serves the shower man just right. instead of focussing on service delivery is always on the news about getting married again and again. the man is weak and not a presidentail material. i think he should try pornography his next career.

  2. emrajr69 says:

    The man is embarrassed because he has been well and truly outed. If you read his comments about the matter in the media, everything he says he isn’t, turns out to be what he is. If he wants people to respect him as a leader, and supposedly “role model”, then he should set an example – not abuse the system, and definitely keep his bits in his trousers.

  3. Matshida says:

    The painting in entirely inappropriate – how would you like it someone drew a picture like that of you and displayed it for all to see… well done Wonkie for making the point. Zuma is a lot of things, as are we – just because he is in public office doesn’t give us the right to humiliate him like this.

  4. What a storm in a jock-strap!

  5. Wake up says:

    If the ANC want to do something useful they should convince Zuma to radically alter his lifestyle so that he becomes a dignified president worthy of respect

  6. I don’t care what message the Zuma painting is supposed to convey-it is mean, crude, disgusting and disrespectful to say the least. This is not the way to discuss issues or express ones feelings. I have read Bret’s affidavit and understand why he did it but I still find the painting vulgar and in bad taste.

  7. Not good art but could not have been aimed at a more appropriate person

  8. I think it’s valid commentary. Let’s face the facts – when you think about Zuma, the first thing that comes to mind is that he has casual sex outside of his marriage, has numerous wives, was on trial for rape etc. It’s all about his sexuality. The painting reflects those impressions. He has not been a good leader – without his cabinet he’d be useless. Any publicity is good publicity – this fracas will undoubtedly help his chances of re-election.

  9. How did this womanising philanderer ever get to occupy the office of the president of this wonderful country? He has been such an embarrassment right from day one. The sooner he is replaced by an honest, intelligent, wise and morally upright person, the sooner this country will recover from the mess it has degenerated into. Hopefully it is not too late.

  10. Nchimbu says:

    What is important here: art or privacy?

  11. Live Zuma alone bad people.

  12. Tanni is spot on, however, even if Zuma goes there is a long ‘queue’ of wannabe hopefuls waiting to replace him. To whit the political shenanigans and jockeying on the go daily. In fact I almost think “better the devil you know………….?”

  13. Whether it’s art or not doesn’t matter to me. What does matter, is how the ANC/Government is willing to publicly instill and fan racial hatred in order to strengthen their ludicrous, puerile lawsuit. How on earth this can be construed as racism and against African culture is beyond me. The whole selection highlights the greed, nepotism, corruption and philandering ways of the government and its top buffoon Zuma – it has NOTHING to do with racism. It also shows what we can expect from a future in SA. Viva Africa viva!

  14. Wouldn’t be nice if the tax payer’s money spent on the court issue could rather be spent on nailing fathers who do not support their illigitemate children. Sadly, Zuma does not conduct himself with dignity like his deputy

  15. notaround says:

    I personally think the painting is disgusting and totally inappropriate. I am not an ANC supporter, that said, Mr Jacob Zuma is elected as our president and as such should be afforded respect and dignity. Whether it is art or not, it is as despicable as the cartoon of The Prophet Mohammed my Danish countrymen splashed all over the news as freedom of speech. There is certain things one does not do as a civilized human being and certain things one does not make fun of.

  16. nomfundo says:

    this is art, no 1 said drawing a person with their spear out is crime, if u decided to draw someone alse who is not in a public eye, i wonder if they would have fought for that person. Jacob Zuma presented himsef in this country as a womaniser, i recall he was involved in rape cases, having lots of children around the country and still think we must respect him. He made his own bed, he should lie on it. Im behind u Murray

  17. ” There is certain things one does not do as a civilized human”

    If Zuma lived by that, there wouldn’t have been any of this nonsense. Many people in society do “disgusting and totally inappropriate” things – but the president of a country cannot.

  18. Dukie 743 says:

    Mantashe and the dedicated Stalinist greedy ugly man communist Nsimande are calling for boycotts and marches on the art gallery and City Press. Reminders of the Nazi propaganda Goebels who in 1938 inticed the German people to march on Jewish properties, nespaper offices and art galleries. Books and paintings were burnt if written and painted by Jews. We all know what happened in Germany after that. Can it happen in South Africa? Ofcourse it can with these replicas of Gaddafi at the helm.

  19. The trueth would always make people uncomfortable. To those jumping up and down about the the taste of the picture my advice is, if it hurts do it the right way and see if it will hurt again stop accusing Brett Murray for his talent. God once said to Cain ‘Ubungelungisi na buswabuluke ubuso bakho’ for the sin is waiting for you at the gates. For that matter its just a picture which if it were mine I would comment as I know His is not like that at all.

  20. Dukie 743 says:

    Brett Murray infact was once a member of the ANC . Then he realised how morally corrupt it had become under the Zuma regime. Brett Murray did a great deal more than Mantashe and Nsimande to fight apartheid. Respect should be earned and not automatically given because one is a president. Would those that disagree actually respect leaders of their respective countries such as Hitler, Gaddafi, Amin, Taylor, Mobutu, Mugabe and so on? Ofcourse not. They did not earn respect and neither does the serial adulterer and alleged crook Zuma.

  21. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    In former times, when there was a major upheaval – especially a political one – the catch-phrase was often “Cherchez la femme” (look for the woman). Another catch-phrase from former times was “It pays to advertise”.
    Was this painting commissioned with these two catch-phrases in mind ???
    The Nelson Mandela Foundation makes some of its income from the sale of portraits of the great man – is the Jacob Zuma Foundation hoping to follow the lead ???
    madoba talks of dignity:
    There were very few inglorious moments in the time of Madiba’s Presidency – a generally dignified statesman and an icon for the world.
    The least dignified moment of Thabo Mbeki’s Presidency was the “scandal” over the ‘house that Thabo built’
    Kgalema Motlhante’s Presidency didn’t last long enough to become undignified.
    Where is the dignity in a President whose history is filled with court cases – from corruption to rape to having an advocate CRYING in court to try to appeal to the Judges (a most un-emotional lot of characters when doing their jobs) to prevent people from seeing what may, at best, be described as undignified and, at worst, poor quality porn.
    Not having seen the “unexpurgated” version of the “portrait”, I am in no position to comment on the possibility of a post presidential career as a 70 year old porn star……….. but – God help us all!!!!!!!

  22. James Mdudli says:

    Sorry but I think this ‘art’ is inappropriate – it’s crude and victimises an individual – I don’t care who it is. Who are we to judge others and their lifestyles?

    If your identity is linked to Zuma just because he is the president and you feel what he does reflects on you personally, then you have bigger mental problems than debating the merits of a work of art.

  23. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    I have just come across the following rant and make no apologies or the length. So much of what this woman writes is so painfully true and will cause a number of heads to nod as they also remember similar situations in which they have found themselves. It is well worth the read.

    I am a racist

    23 May 2012, 07:06

    A South African artist called Brett Murray has been causing a huge stir since his painting of South Africa’s president titled The Spear was put up in a local gallery. The ANC have worked themselves up into a total frothy about the painting and their biggest issue with it – It’s racist. ???????

    Disrespectful, maybe. Rude, maybe. But racist???

    That little word that has become the political whip with which the ANC work the masses up into angry mobs and riots anytime something happens that they don’t like. And it’s becoming really really tiring.

    In South Africa, the word racist has lost it’s original meaning and now only get’s used to describe a white person doing something a black person doesn’t like. You never hear it used in any other context. You can’t say to a black CEO that he is racist because he won’t hire white people, no – he’s just making sure that only blacks get hired because of BEE. You can’t call a university racist because they won’t accept an application from a white student with straight A’s for 8 subjects – instead taking on a black student who barely passed matric. Nope, they’re not racist, they’re just correcting the wrongs of the past. But god forbid you do hire the white person or you do admit the white student, you’ll be branded racist by the government quicker that you can say “colour shouldn’t be the issue here” because how dare you choose a white person over a black person in a democratic South Africa.

    Most of the time when you are a white person and you call your fellow countrymen to be held accountable for their unacceptable words and actions such as corruption, nepotism, fraud, theft, you’ll be branded a racist.

    Today, I shouted at a taxi driver who pushed in-front of me nearly driving me into the curb with no regard for the fact that I have a child in the car – I must be a racist, because only racists care about road safety it would seem.

    I complained to the manager of my bank because the woman handling my account is so incompetent and hasn’t responded to one email or message I’ve left her for over 2 months! Nevermind that my account is about to be shut down because of FICA. I must be a racist then because only racists expect service from a bank and stupidly think an organisation is going to actually do the job they promise to do in all their marketing material.

    The other day my husband confronted a woman outside a shopping centre after she carelessly threw her fast food packet on the floor less than 10cm from a dustbin. Her response – “you’re just a racist”. Yes, you’re absolutely right, because only racists care about keeping their city clean and litter free.

    I fired a lady who worked for me once because I caught her rummaging through one of my cupboards and she had taken my passport and other belongings which I found in her bag. Her only response – “you’re a racist”. Yes, yes I am. Because only racists think that stealing is a criminal offense and is done by people with no morals or conscience.

    I swear being a white person in this country can be very bloody exasperating at times. The ANC has brainwashed the masses with this little word – racist – to the point that it’s actually completely lost its meaning and now get’s used totally out of context. Most days I just let it pass and I don’t go into effect of it. But today is not one of those days. Today I’m angry and today I’m sick and tired of it.

    I’m not shouting at you because you’re black, I’m shouting because you’re a maniac on the roads who is a danger to society.

    I’m not complaining to your manager because you’re black. I’m complaining because you’re an incompetent moron who is incapable of doing her job properly.

    I’m not firing you because you’re black. I’m firing you because you’re a thief.

    I’m not confronting you because your black, I’m shouting at you because you’re a messy pig who expects other people to clean up your mess.

    Please get over yourselves and move out the way of the remarkably amazing black people who DO take total responsibility and who actually want this country to work for ALL the people who live in it.

    If being a racist in this country means that I will stand up for my rights, fight for what is fair and true and hold everyone around me accountable for their words and actions, then I am a racist through and through. If being a racist means that I believe in freedom of speech and expression and that everyone’s point of view is relevant, no matter what colour, age or sex, then I will proudly announce to all who can hear that I am a racist. If being a racist means that I believe we should all be treated with the same rules and consequences and that no-one, especially not the President, is above the law and exempt from criminal prosecution when that law has been broken, then print me a t-shirt saying “I am a racist” and I will wear it in the streets. If being a racist means that I will not stand idly by while the few, corrupt pigs in the ANC rape this country for everything they can get with no regard for the poor and the homeless and the uneducated, then I’ll get I’m a racist tattooed on my back.

    Mr Zuma and the ANC – you need to get a different vocabulary. Instead of shouting at someone like Brett Murray about a painting being offensive, maybe you should be asking yourselves why he painted it in the first place. Instead of wanting to take Zapiro to court every time he depicts the president & his shower head in one of his cartoons, why don’t you stop to realise that there is truth in everything he draws and that your angry responses are really due to the fact that he keeps hitting a nerve that’s a little too close to home.

    Maybe, Mr Zuma, it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror. If you were honest with yourself you’d see that people actually have very little respect for you because you have lied and cheated your way through your Presidency. You have been involved with more seedy, corrupt criminals than Horatio Cane and you have abused funds for personal gain. You have raped, lied, stolen, protected evil men and weezled your way out of prosecution and you wonder why people continue to take the piss out of you in the media and treat you with utter contempt. Even the great Oliver Tambo’s daughter doesn’t think much of you based on what she had to say about the painiting: “He should inspire the reverence he craves. This portrait is what he inspired”

    You Mr Zuma and your ANC are a bunch of CANTS!

    CAN’T let go of the past

    CAN’T operate in your life without breaking the rules

    CAN’T find your integrity with a map and a flashlight and a tour guide (unless you pay them off).

    CAN’T treat women with any kind of respect

    CAN’T obey the laws of this country

    CAN’T stop operating from a place of revenge and hate for what’s happened in the past

    CAN’T find a way forward with no agenda or payoff

    CAN’T stop putting family members in government positions for which they are not qualified

    CAN’T stop the out of control corruption that is rife throughout every government department

    CAN’T stop getting involved in shady, underhanded deals

    CAN’T seem to get the education right in this country

    CAN’T say goodbye to Affirmative Action and BEE which is ruining businesses across this land

    But what do I know?

    I’m just a white girl talking about a black man.

    I must be a racist

    • B A Potgieter says:

      Welcome to the Club of RACISTS. NO Blacks Please. (Now how Racist can this be) Hehehehehe!!!
      If racism was a DEADLY Disease. NO Human will be on Earth and their would not have been a God as even Allah and God are Racists.

  24. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    “no apologies or the length” – sorry, the “f” on my keyboard doesn’t always connect – it should read “for” and not “or”

  25. Corny, that piece deserves a medal!!

    As I said, we shouldn’t worry about the painting, we should worry that our government is willing to stir racial hatred for 2 cents instead of working for racial harmony as they so often advocate to be doing. But hell, saying that probably makes me a racist too!!

  26. Scorpio says:

    What is all this cock-and-bull? The painting merely depicts the president’s brains and location thereof. What is so disgusting in that? Zapiro, your showerhead is in the wrong postion.

  27. COLLITJIES says:

    I was always under the impression that a president should lead by example and I don’t mean womanising. He has lost a lot of credibility due to his constant promises to help the poor and create jobs for the unemployed however absolutely nothing has been achieved. He is intent on serving yet another term in office, for what? The painting shows him for what he is, only thinking about himself and his family members and to hell with everybody else.

  28. Michboet says:

    I must confess that the Lenin poster connection had escaped me. Perhaps this is more worthy of our concern than the art v human dignity issue (??)

  29. lionel e fegen says:

    As a white South African I find the so called art distasteful. Where is our morals and values ? and if one really has none I suggest that the artist paints a portrait of one of his parents in such a manner calls it blade or knife and hangs it in his own home. Causing so much hatred among us all EISH

  30. GatvolinSA says:

    Corny thank you for putting into words how most of us non-blacks feel about the term “racist” in this country. I agree 100% with what you have posted. I too am a racist by that definition. The other day while riding in a taxi the driver propositioned me to have his babies. The fact that I am happily married was irrelevant to him. This is the culture that Zuma has encouraged.
    Jacob Zuma says that multiple spouses are illegal – yet he has several wives.
    Jacob Zuma says we should put less strain on the welfare system – yet he encourages his supporters to pop out babies as fast as they possible can with no regard for how those babies will be fed, clothed, housed, schooled or eventually employed.
    Jacob Zuma encourages us to obey the law of the land – while dodging like a fighter pilot in a war zone to stay out of court himself.

    How on earth can we take anything this man says seriously when his actions speak volumes in the opposite direction?

    I will respect Jacob Zuma the day he EARNS my respect by doing as he expects others to do. Not before.

    Madiba was an amazing president and I would love to have another of his calibre instated to the presidency. Zuma on the other hand is a joke with zero credibility and if having that opinion makes me a racist then so be it.

  31. amazing that this “free Willie” painting causes such a fuss. Did Zuma sit like a model to have his gonads painting.How can we be sure that that ding-a-dong is really his? Besides, dead birds don’t fall out of nests !

  32. manthata says:

    I will not regard this painting as racist, however this is a painting that is aimed at insulting the president as a person, it is not art, it is cruel, disgusting. you cannot depict aperson in this nature and say you have a freedom of artistic expression. that is bull to say the least.
    and as for you wonkie, you have already taken a decision on this painting as it is appropriate, i have never seen any of your drawings that depicts a person in an insulting manner, you say things as they are.

    I support the call for the boycott of City Press, not until the painting is removed from their website, but forever, I am not buying, let alone reading that paper anymore.

  33. Mashego Mahlatsi says:

    Lest I miss it where I usually buy it, I subscribe. Please pass on my email address to the publisher for a weekly delivery, including tomorrows.

  34. Susan Reyersbach says:

    The man has 21 children, and several wives/dead/divorced/ and present. His penis has been shown to be a veritable spear. His is a dangerous thing to all us tax paying citizens who are paying for his ‘dignity’. what ????
    art is art is art. Take it! Look at it or not!
    What will the future History tellers /lessons say about him. Don’t listen to him about AIDS. Nor Chastity. Or Marriage. Or fidelity. Or Monogamy. Or about nepotism. Or Family Planning. Or about consorting with criminals/ corrupt friends. The sanctity of a family. Failed promises. Taking bribes. Appointing people because know stuff about you. Enough!! I’m loving all the fabulous art work that this*spear* has created. Nandos and Mr. Bean are delightful to see!

  35. “Example isn’t another way to teach, it is the only way to teach.” Albert Einstein
    The wishbone will never replace the backbone. Will Henry
    “Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” ~ Anne Frank

  36. maize, just don’t type uck.

  37. The picture depicts JZ as we see him a womaniser, a philanderer and someone who is not worthy of our respect. Moreover is that all he’s got.

  38. Maybe this will end the race for the Presidency, not one of the potential candidates want to be portrayed naked. It would show them as lacking in the genital department. Not one of them has enough balls to resolve the real issues in our country.

  39. This guy need to be leaerned a lesson .He must be kidnapped with a booard a round his neck and his name and left him in the township to find his way home.Then we’ll see what would Happend.

  40. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    Just got this from the City Press blog about Ferial’s decision to show the nation its spear:
    “Even with his flaws the president deserve respect and dignity that is what he and many other fought and died for”
    WOW !!! Jacob Zuma is DEAD !!! he (and others) fought AND DIED for respect and dignity.
    If we are being governed by a horny ghost, that would explain the ineptocracy

    Ferial is the new ANC – Art’s New Champion

  41. Dukie 743 says:

    I read an amusing article about the Canadian prime minister whose painting of him languishing in his office chair was published in the print media. His ‘family jewels’ were plainly displayed and a dog lay on the floor below the chair. The PM was asked to comment on the ‘disgusting’ painting and instead of getting his knickers in a knot and the calling of boycotts ANC style against everything that moved, he merely said, ” The artist got it all wrong because i happen to be a cat lover and not a dog lover”. ” I wish he had included a cat and not a dog in the painting” , One week later the media and country had forgotten about the painting of the naked Prime Minister and his family jewels.

  42. Ferial Haffajee is the highly principled and highly respected editor of City Press.
    She has every right to refuse to bow to pressure from an unworthy, uncaring Congress (of baboons?) to remove the depiction of the art work from the City Press website. For the ANC leaders to first demand this removal and then call for a boycott of the newspaper is showing their inability to accept the “freedom of speech” built into our Constitution. But we know from their attempt to bulldoze the POSIB through parliament what their thoughts are in this regard.
    They have no regard for the peoples of the country, have failed us with education, health, policing, youth employment, reducing poverty, etc., etc.
    But an artist paints a portrait depicting the President as a womaniser and philanderer (which he certainly is) and the country goes into crisis mode. The rest of the world is howling with laughter at the antics of our government and many of their supporters.
    The ANC was responsible for the spreading world-wide of this painting by venting their fury instead of shrugging it off as Helen Zille did at the release of the photo-shopped picture of her naked form.
    Matshida, above, asks how we would like somebody to present ourselves in this manner. Most would not care, but if you are in the public eye you have to grin and bear it, it comes with the territory. If you are a person who acts like Zuma you must expect to be both pilloried and humiliated.

  43. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ Dukie 743 – one of the comments on the CTV News site is that he painting makes it obvious that Stephen Harper (the Canadian Prime Minister whose nude and full frontal reclining posture portrait was also published this week) “leans to the right”
    Does “The Spear” mean that JZ is an “upstanding” person who “leans” neither right nor left?

  44. Dukie 743 says:

    This convicted drunk, ANC spokesperon has joined the dedicated ugly Stalinist Nsimande, COSATU and the sycophantic Mantashe in calling for a boycott of the City Press. I truely believe now that perhaps the City Press should withdraw the image because of this blackmail. The label BLACKMAILERS should then be added to the ANC in future comments. The ANC is a disgrace to Africa.

  45. I am actually surprised on all those in the ANC who are harping on about the Spear. Indeed, this is a very good depiction of all what JZ stands for. Women, sex, more women and more sex! This was a very good imagery from an artistic genius

  46. I think all this fuss is just further evidence of the ignorance and low EQ of those outraged by this painting. Why was there no fuss about the 2010 painting by Ayanda Mabulu? This makes one believe it has become an exploited racial issue fomented by the ANC. Not all art is to everyone’s liking, but that does not invalidate the artists’ statements or thoughts. The world galleries are full of pictures of nude people. And how stupid to go on a destructive rampage just because one does not like something? Progress for SA seems dubious unless you vote in some intelligent and well educated leaders.

  47. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ OutofAfrica – yes – and no-one complained about a totally naked Desmond Tutu on another bishop’s lap having his damaged-looking penis attended to.
    Nor was there any outcry that Robert Mugabe, P W Botha, Prince Charles and a chimpanzee were molesting or threatening Madiba’s head.

    Maybe there was no comment because Ayanda Mabulu (whose name, incidentally, means “the Afrikaners are increasing”) is a BLACK artist and therefore (according to the mores of the “ruling” class) can be neither criticised nor a racist.

    Even though Brett Murray was a very useful member of the ANC and did so much “artwork” for their various causes, etc., he is “white” and so MUST be a racist.

    Go figure !!!

  48. Hi @ —Corny; I think the Murray painting was a brilliant satire depicting the sort of president JZ has turned out to be. He might have gotten his idea from a nude painting of Canada’s Stephen Harper ( who I like) which was also a satire on the artist’s political view of him. He was rather gracious – and witty – about it. And conservative Canadians didn’t get their nickers in a twist about it. By contrast it just shows up the negative and dysfunctional caliber of JZ et al. Khaya Dlanga (sp ?) wrote a very good opinion on all this in the M&G yesterday.

  49. The ANC is rapidly losing support and their response to Murray’s cartoon is an early attempt to regain their losses by inciting racial hatred. You can expect massive racist rhetoric before the next elections as the ANC tries to hold onto power. It is all about convincing enough people that only white people object to the ANC’s plundering of our country. I hope they will find that they are wrong.

  50. I want to state that i feel the controversial Brett Murray painting, is denigrating and extremely out of touch with the cultural context in which the majority of South Africans live. Having said that, the more i reflect on the artwork, the more optimistic i become that our democracy is healthier than we think.

    An illustrative point is the fact that the Goodman Gallery exhibited Murray’s work and even prepared to defend its right to do so, despite being cognisant of the outcry that have resulted from displaying it. An even bigger gesture that confirms our constitutional democracy is the fact that JZ’s legal team argued at the JHC yesterday that his right to dignity and privacy has been violated.

    In some other countries the Goodman Gallery would have been shut down. Murray would probably have been arrested, if not executed. The recent stalling of the e-tolling project because civil society’s voice was heard is another example of our democracy. Consider, too, that the misrepresented Protection of State Information Bill and the media tribunal would have simply been passed as law were we not a vibrant democracy.

    One of the signs of a healthy democracy is the balanced tension that should exist between the government, the judiciary and the fourth estate. When these critical institutions of society begin to see eye-to-eye on every subject, we need to fear for our freedom. I still think The Spear is a “trivial and distasteful” work, as renowned poet and cultural activist Mongane wally Serote commented recently. I am, however, comforted that such a work can see the light of day in our democracy, even if only for a brief moment, depending on how the court rules on this one. The Goodman Gallery is not only insulting JZ, but all men of integrity in the country. He may not be a good leader, and that is a fact, but that does not give any one any right to undress him the way Brett did. This character assassination of JZ has undermined his dignity and has done untold damage to the country’s image and dignity. We have become a laughing stock again.

  51. @Piedpyper – Yes, in no democracy would the Goodman Gallery have been shut down! There have been “art” exhibits all over the world that have insulted and offended all sorts of people’s sensibilities at one time or another. My personal tastes aside, I will defend the right to freedom of expression. The alternative to that is tyranny. In my opinion, in this instance, there are two issues that have made SA a laughing stock again, as you say; the immature outrage about a painting (not a photograph), especially as JZ is not the first or last pres., to have his genitals depicted on canvas AND a president whose behaviour has undermined his own dignity and brought disrespect to the office of president by his un-statesmanlike behaviour. Maybe Murray is the only one who has had the courage to point that out – through art, which is a way to make a statement. A subtlety that seems to have been missed. The character assassination is self-inflicted. It is not fair to blame all that on Murray.

  52. Runesu Shumba says:

    Looks like art is being misdirected.

  53. “That the ANC could send the ANC National Disciplinary Committee Legal Advisor to go and represent a person who was criminally charged for defacing a painting proves that the ANC embraces the anarchy and criminality that is a direct result of its inciteful condemnation of the painting.” This was part of a statement that Julius Malema issued yesterday. Says it all.

  54. Wake up says:

    From The Czech Republic who have really figured it out for us ; ” The danger to South Africa is not Jacob Zuma but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Zuma presidency than to restore the neccesary common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than mr. Zuma, who is a mere symptom of what ails South Africa..

    Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The republic can survive a Jacob Zuma who is after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president

    We are living under Ineptocracy i.e. A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where members of society least likely to sustain themselves or bsucceed, are reward with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

    London Times Quote of the week: South Africa is the only country in the world where affirmative action is in favour of the majority who has compete political control. The fact that the political majority requires affirmative action to protect them against a 9% minority group is a testament to a complete failure on their part to to build their own wealth creating structures, such that their only solution is to take it from others.

  55. Hey guys, is the portrait bad bcoz of who was depicted? or is it a matter of displaying genitals? or is there nothing wrong with it?

  56. Msaigwa says:

    You can’t do that shit in Zimbabwe. South Africa if being ruled by racist Boers…no economic and political freedom for a black man. Come here ..just next door to Zimbabwe and we will give you tips on how to deal with a white racist. We gave them a fare deal in the year 2000 when we took our land and the majority of them fled down South to join their racist Rhodesian counterparts. Here we are not bossed by a white man. He is nothing but just a skinned pig.

  57. Hi. I believe that any nation should be proud of their President.It does not matter from which political party he is from.This shows that we are not proud of our president and how can we expect that other countries must be proud of president.

  58. Lulu, well said the spear depicts JZ as many women (and men) see him; as a philandering sex crazy baboon. Wake up has it right a baboon has to have been elected by baboons. One of the main baboons is Mantashe who has managed to see everything he does not like as racist. Msaigwa, get a more pronounceable name, some common sense, a history lesson and learn that Mugabe has caused more harm to the blacks in his country then JZ ever could, after all the most JZ could do is make them a laughing stock.

  59. Boertjie says:

    Amazing how the Black commentators on this subject attack the Boere White Afrikaner population for Racism as the Artist is an English person that had nothing to do with the Apartheid Government or the Boere Nation.
    Proves the Mentality and stupidity of these blacks to attack the Boere Race who had nothing to do with the Painting. The painting is still Art, but i think the Artist should have used better discretion in depicting Pres. Zuma like that which is surely going to make his life very sour for the rest of his life as well as for other Whites in South Africa, specifically the Afrikaner Population.
    Brett, you made your own bed.?????????

  60. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ Msaigwa – welcome back Mzu (or apostle thereof)

    Sooooo…….. Jacob Zuma and the ANC/SACP/Cosatu cabinet and parliamentary majority are racist boers !!!!!!!!!! Well, well, well.

    Having skinned the pigs and sent the skinless pigs down to join their racist Rhodesian counterparts in sunny South Africa with its racist Boer government, all the poor Zimbabweans have left to eat is pig skin – which makes very tasty crackling but is not very nutritious.
    Only pig-skin because – oh yes!!! – you chased the food producers off the land and gave the land to people who have no idea what to do with it to produce enough food of sufficient quality to keep the populace happy and not running to racist South Africa for refuge.

    Your sun-glasses are too thick – you can’t see what’s in front of your face.

  61. Msaigwa, even your Avatar depicts you as an imbecilic semi-blind racist (thanks Wonkie).
    I hold no kudos for your racist taunts. The world no longer accepts fear from your bigotted threats since it is now a world-wide civilisation intent on the improving the lives of the destitute and all those that have suffered under repressive regimes such as those that you espouse.
    You may be uninformed, but South Africa is now ruled by a racist Blacks (not Boers – thank God) but the end product is no different and South Africa is going down the tubes as quickly as is Zimbabwe.
    God save us all from these cretins that are intent on destroying civilisation in the name of an inept autocracy

  62. Boertjie, if not you, at least your parents were possibly co-responsible for the dire situation that South Africa finds itself. Their mentality and stupidity has resulted in an uneducated class of semi-intelligent, brain-washed clods that the ANC can lead, willingly, to self-destruction in defence of the ruling elite, intent on raping the economy, if not ALL the virgins.
    You observe the destruction that they have already caused, the rampant corruption, denial of services, denial of complicity, breakdown of everything that your regime provided, but refuse to accept responsibility for the origin of this trashing of everything that was of value in the name of building an African culture devoid of Western norms.
    Brett made a statement, not a bed. Your forefathers made the bed that we must ALL suffer in.

  63. Excellent comment from WAKE-UP; MSAIGWA is a living example of what he wrote.

  64. Scorpio says:

    @Enoch. Judging from emails I receive from England, America and Australia, JZ is the laughing stock of the civilised world, not only the laughing stock of racists. No, we cannot be proud of him. Neither can we respect him. Respect is earned, and he is not very good at earning world respect.

  65. Scorpio says:

    What a split nation we are. Many of my musician colleagues, cellebs and people from all walks of life are, at this moment, gathering to sing and record Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandella at Nelson Mandella Square. The ANC however, is simultaneously not far away, marching in protest against a supposedly offensive painting which has already been taken down and also removed from the internet. JZ and Mandella are poles apart. We sing in praise of Mandella, and mock JZ in a work of art. But then again, Mandella was a statesman of note (parden the musician’s pun).

  66. Jackson Mthembu was on the news last night, once again sprouting moronic utterances such as “We are pained, we are hurt”. When will these week-kneed, lily-livered idiots learn to shut up.
    Here we accept it as drek we have to tolerate but can you imagine the millions of television viewers overseas viewing this nonsense and howling with laughter at the antics of these dolts.
    How embarrassing must it be for South Africans overseas on business or holiday to have to admit that these really are government spokesmen and not someone that has escaped from an asylum.

  67. Yikes, Wonkie! You have really put the cat amongst the pigeons this time. I’m surprised Zuma has not abdicated, like any self-respecting president would have done by now. But then self-respect is not one of his virtues (if he has any). And all the ‘hurt inflicted on his family’ by the painting! Excuse me, he is responsible for his own atrocious behavior and the ridicule he is being held up to . Don’t they get that? If he were my father I would have disassociated myself from him long ago. And shame on the ANC for trying to make political capital out of the global exposure of their presidents disgusting behaviour. If there was anyone on the globe who didn’t know about him, they do know now.
    He should never been put into the presidency because he has defiled that office and made our nation the laughing stock of the world .

  68. Dukie 743 says:

    @ Tony. You are so right about Jackson Mthembu. What a prize idiot. Who can forget him when as a convicted drunk languishing in jail waiting to sober up, singing the ‘kill the boer’ song over the national radio. The other day he was also trying to sing to the crowd ‘ don’t read city press, don’t read city press”. I actually wonder whether he, Smelly Nsimande and Granny Mantashe are not deliberately trying to nail Zuma’s head to the mast because it is their actions that are increasingly exposing the spear painting to the whole world. The overseas media are ofcourse adding their own interpretations of the painting which are not at all flattering to Zuma.

  69. JZ obviously does not like to look at himself in the mirror. The painting portrays how the majority of the public see him. Besides, what is all the fuss about, Barrack Obama was painted in the nude. There were nothing said about it, no marching, screaming foul, calling the racist card, etc. The ANC is using this as a smoke screen to cover Zuma’s inability to do something about our police force, like he used Malema before. He must be pulling his hair out (excuse the pun – should that be the showerhead?) that he got rid of chubby cheeks. Did Helen Zille cry foul when doctored pics of her appeared recently on the internet, no she just laughed it off – true leader, that lady!! Now if the rest of the voting morons can see it this clearly, then perhaps we stand a chance to get a better government in place. Geez we deserve it folks, after almost 20 years of ANC incompetence

  70. Can someone. anyone tell me what’s racist about this painting. Yes it was painted by white guy and JZ is black and his willy looks yellowish. Its all black and white but its not racist. Thanks TONY for pointing out the cry baby behaviour of Jackson Mthembu. If he is an example of the ANC leadership no wonder that Fatboy called them a bunch of baboons, but he should have called them weeping baboons.

  71. It most certainly is art. For good or for ill. It doesn’t mean if you like it somehow brings more artistic credence to it. Also it is perfectly fine to be offended to not like stuff but that is part and parcel of the idea of freedom. Since we are not all the same we won’t approve of everything people do. Doesn’t mean we destroy it. How is that any different from Apartheid SA when the you to arrest people for preforming “anti-government” theatre pieces


  72. Scorpio says:

    We need to go back to the root of the problem in order to understand our situation. Overseas studies on blacks in South Africa have concluded that only one in forty blacks have an acceptable IQ. According to their findings, the rest are ‘moronic’. Moronic = a person (adult) with the mentality of a child between eight and twelve years of age. This has nothing to do with education or lack thereof. It is a genetic inheritance. This is why they appear to behave in a childish manner and throw their toys out the cot. 39 out of 40 have the mind of a child. Whenever frustrated, they behave like a child at the supermarket checkout screaming for sweets. Except they scream “racist’, “colonialist” and “Apartheid”, words they have learned. This phenomenon explains much of the behaviour in the upper ranks of the ANC. We have leaders with the mentality of a pre-puberty child running the country, and followers of the same mental state voting them into power.

  73. @ Scorpio – it is not only low IQ’s, but very low EQ’s to boot; a combination that leaves little hope for SA.

  74. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ Africanlegend – thanks for a pointer to a really well balanced article by someone who dislikes the painting but stands up for the right of the painter to produce it and the individual right to have an opinion about it.

  75. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ OutofAfrica – as a former “educator” I have had a great deal of interest in and use of and for IQ tests and results – not that they always foretold potential achieved – but that is another story – but WTF are EQs? I first thought that it was a simple typo but now you talk of both and of a combination of IQs and EQs.
    Please “educate” me (and probably a few [make that lots of] others).

  76. Scorpio says:

    @Corny. I Googled EQ and came across an extremely interesting site under Emotional Intelligence. Pardon my ignorance, as a practicing musician besides my profession, I thought the only use of EQ as a term was in the setting of bass, mid-range and treble sound frequencies. I agree fully with OutofAfrica having read and understood the article.

  77. @’Corny :))
    Yes, I agree with you on Africanlegend’s comment; if only more would think like he does!
    EQ stands for EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Daniel Goleman’s book by the same title is recommended. You can also Google the topic. A very interest subject and in my own observation I totally agree with the author. High IQ and EQ do not necessarily go hand in hand. Book available from Amazon.com where I hang out.
    Book Description
    Publication Date: September 27, 2005
    Everyone knows that high IQ is no guarantee of success, happiness, or virtue, but until Emotional Intelligence, we could only guess why. Daniel Goleman’s brilliant report from the frontiers of psychology and neuroscience offers startling new insight into our “two minds”—the rational and the emotional—and how they together shape our destiny.
    Through vivid examples, Goleman delineates the five crucial skills of emotional intelligence, and shows how they determine our success in relationships, work, and even our physical well-being. What emerges is an entirely new way to talk about being smart.
    The best news is that “emotional literacy” is not fixed early in life. Every parent, every teacher, every business leader, and everyone interested in a more civil society, has a stake in this compelling vision of human possibility.

  78. Scorpio says:

    My ‘overseas information’ comes from my son-in-law who is not only a Canon of the Church of England, but also director of a world organisation. Geat amounts of money are ploughed into Africa by way of food, medical and financial aid. Studies on black African peoples are carried out in order to plan how best to benefit the needy and not those in power. They simply cannot help themselves and rely on hand outs and what they can take from others.
    In a recent email, my son-in-law stated that Sub Saharan black Africans are the most murderous peoples in the world. Ironically, his octogenarian parents living in South Africa were both brutally murdered in their home in SA recently. Despite the fact that they were millionaires, they were murdered for an old hi-fi and a 30 year old small car. The valuables and their other cars were untouched.
    The EQ factor definitely comes into it along with IQ.

  79. the gingerbread man says:

    not even 1degree away from the truth. wow brilliant artist. this is what art is all about. i,m an artist too, i could’nt have done a better job than this. this picture was painted with steel balls. congratulations.

  80. Wake up says:

    Where are our Priorities?????
    The controversial painting has now been defaced.

    2 guys (a white & a black) were arrested.

    The ANC’s court case is going ahead on Thursday to force the gallery to remove the artwork.

    – A 17 year-old mentally challenged girl was gang raped & the video went viral. No one marched.
    – An 8-year-old girl was raped by a 15 year-old boy & her eyes gouged out. No one marched.
    – Entire provinces are without school text books – it’s almost June. No one marched.
    – Our imminent police chief is a gangster & has brought our police service to its knees. No one marched.
    – Our country has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. No one marched.
    – Our democracy is going down the toilet but no one marches.

    But our country goes hysterical over a painting! We threaten lawsuits, protests & violent reprisals.

    Where are our priorities???

    What are we thinking??????!!!! We have now proven beyond doubt that our collective mentality doesn’t rise above the waist.

  81. @Wake up-just feeel free to mobilise people and initiate these marches and whoever wants to follow you, will gladly do so, as long as it is for a good reason. It does not help us to critisize and do nothing. It is everybody’s democratic right to talk and talk, but if we don’t take action, nothing will change for the better…if you’re ready, i’m number one follower on your list.

  82. Boerkie says:

    @wakeup, Share your article comment on Facebook, twitter and all other public chat pages for the rest of the World to read what Black people are really about and @scorpio share your comments as well and please let me know where a can get your info from for further Publication.
    The Civilized world has to stop filling the begging cupped hands of BLACK AFRICA so that they can realize that they HAVE to develop and be part of the 21frst. CENTURY.
    There Mentality does not rise above the PUBIC area,never mind the Waist.

  83. Wake up says:

    @Piedpyper – I am not espousing marches at all, these pathetic morons burn, pillage and murder during their marches, I was merely highlighting their moronic two-facedness.

    They talk about their self respect and dignity!! Have you really looked at what goes on in these marches? Professionals(!!!!????) such as teachers etc shaking their overfed arses and big fat stomachs from being overpaid for their actual value to society, setting and example for the so called “Students’ to demand free board and lodging and then destroy everything they are demanding!

    Free universities are nothing but breeding grounds for more morons to vote the likes of Zuma back into power.

    I am not even going to go into his, or his so called ministers dignity, they are the laughing stock o f all people that do mhave self respect and dignity.

    The greatest tragedy is that the large number of competent black people with the ability to really get to grips with our problems are targetted worse than others, the morons do not like being shown up for what they are, useless productive parasites on civil society.

  84. Wake up says:

    By productive parasites I mean sexually productive, producing more parasites and leeches.

  85. Apropos our latest comment threads, I just want to say, although small comfort I am sure, SA is not alone in these difficulties. I recommend an article/blog by Daniel Greenfield. You can either Google his name and click on the article NOCTURNE IN BLACK AND WHITE, or you can Google canadafreepress.com and find the article there.

  86. Scorpio says:

    Having forgotten what the ‘Spear’ painting looks like, I had a good look at it when I received the Nando’s version doing the rounds today. I was a professional song writer in the 70’s and 80’s and in those ‘hippy’ days, we wrote lyrics that one had to think about to get the meaning. Example “American Pie”. Today experts are still trying to fathom the meaning of the song. To my mind the painting was intent and has many meanings. Firstly, JZ is looking away – looking away from the problems of the country he heads. Secondly, the protrusion indicates that he is a dickhead. Thirdly, the protrusion indicates where his priorities lie. Good God, imagine being married to 6 nagging wives!

  87. Scorpio says:

    Oh yes, fourthly, the protrution indicates his intention to become a dick tater.

  88. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ Scorpio – personally, when I have sausage, I’d rather have it with MASHED taters instead of whole ones cooked in their brown skins.

  89. Scorpio says:

    Good one, Corny. I get your full meaning loud and clear!

  90. All is said and done….. the current veiw of the defaced picture is what the general public think of Zuma, a wastefull mess.
    Just a thought, I am no art critic but the artist got it wrong. To avoid a crude artwork, the ‘appendage’ should have been placed between Zuma’s ears seen as he’s most bandied about nickname is dickhead!

  91. Jacob search yo soul .get in Touch with yo conscience.do something that will once more make u a genuine role especially after the post coital shower.

  92. If a picture paints a thousand words, and Jacob had painted it himself, we would call it an autobiography

  93. Boertjie says:

    Pres.Zuma, those same “Followers” and so called “Friends” and all those Indignant people making such a noise, are your BIGGEST enemy`s and with all this Publicity about the painting is there way to RIDICULE and get rid of you.
    Your enemy`s are around you and succeeding your downfall. That painting did no Harm to your Person until Your “””FRIENDS””” grabbed the opportunity to make a fool of you, and you FELL for it. My sincerest sympathies for your predicament. BEWARE THOSE CLOSEST AROUND YOU as they are YOUR ENEMY`S and your Downfall.

  94. Scorpio says:

    Three old timers sitting at the bar on Saturday. We are all in the departure lounge of life, wondering when our flight out of here will arrive. We were discussing highlights of our respective lives. The guy on my left was a reconnaissance aerial photographer and he talked about the dangers of taking ‘close-ups’ from the air. The guy on my right was a Mirage and Saber jet fighter pilot, the highlight of which was taking a R2,000 bet and flying his Mirage through an open ended hangar, the aftermath of which blew the hangar to pieces. My highlights pale by comparison: Seeing my first record in a record bar when I was unaware that EMI had released it, my eight years as a touring rock musician, having drinks with Bill Hayley (Bill Hayley and th Comets), Peter Sarstedt (Where do you go to my lovely) and Joe Dolan (Make me an island) at different times, and more recently finding out that I am a descendant of Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth the first. Afterwards, I thought: What if JZ had been sitting with us, he is of a similar age. What would his highlights be? His last day at junior school? His sexual conquests? Side stepping the justice system? Usurping power?

  95. Boertjie, you have hit the nail on the head, JZ’s so called friends have made a mockery of JZ over the painting but on a larger scale we saw the ANC conduct a vendetta against the Goodman Gallery and the artists which was personal, vindictive and a violation of their rights. That the ANC sought to bully people in a so called democracy is denigrating and disgusting.

  96. The defaced painting is now worth a lot more, the purchaser will take the overseas and display it in some gallery. A million or more viewers will see it and wonder what sort of people we are. They will investigate and they will see that we are vandals and bullies. Never mind the content of the painting it was very revealing not only of JZ but of his image with a many wives, concubines and the occasional slut the picture is how many of us see him. It represents a man who we see who doesn’t have time to do up his pants.

  97. Scorpio says:

    This just in from Aussie – seems they too have their problems. Entitled: HAVE NOT HEARD IT PUT BETTER. An aborigine’s son asks his dad: Dad, what’s DEMOCRACY?…..Well, son, that’s when whites work and we get all the benefits from it……. But, dad, aren’t the white people pissed off about it?…….Sure they are, son, but that’s called RACISM.

  98. Scorpio, I have been to Oz a number of times and have seen few aborigines. They make up such a small proportion of the population. There is about 14% unemployment among them, if we could achieve that it would have the politicians congratulating each other. Also the aborigines do not murder white farmers, do not hijack vehicles, do not mug people, do not commit violent crime and not much crime at all. I spoke to a fellow who was employed, as a barman, he said we cant get jobs because we are so ugly. We cannot compare the situation in Australia with our own culture of violence and corruption.

  99. @ Garth… I like you! The painting also show tha JZ is either drunk or off balance looking at the position of his right arm! And who is that right hand of his? The ANCYL!

  100. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ Garth – we lament the death-knell of your credibility – Daffy dirk “LIKES” you !!!!!

  101. Scorpio says:

    Garth, whilst in Australia I also noticed that Abbo’s are few and far between. I saw far more African blacks than Abbo’s. While there, there was a spate of hi-jackings, something unheard of in Aussie. The Rangers caught them and we had to laugh when the news stated that the villains were “repatriated back to South Africa”.

  102. @Scorpio:
    That is so funny. It must be in the genes; they are the same wherever they occur in the world. Now I know this is not PC, but I am a realist.

  103. Scorpio, and OutofAfrica, I am beginning to like you too! Pitty they did not give them the death scentence…but the again, the auzies are englishspeakers and therefore follow the wingnut queen in england who wants the world to “like” blacks and englishspeakers follow their queen no matter where they are. Yes, it is in the genes, a judge once said here in good old apartheid SA that it is in the genes of blacks to be corrupt…the judge was right!

  104. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    “…in good old apartheid SA…” the judge (almost certainly a “regter” – which of course is why he “was right!”) obviously spoke before our daffy “friend” came onto the public scene or he might have added that all that could be found in dirk’s genes (or is it jeans) was pure, unadulterated nonsense – what a “Pitty” (sic).

  105. a-horny-maize…Out of africa made a statement (the post just before mine) that indicates he is also RIGHT..

  106. @ Dirkie:
    Now I am convinced you are a relic from the ossewa brandwag! Or all your verbal nonsense is tongue in cheek. Even if some of our black brothers are not on the same intellectual level as some of us whiteys are, they still need to be treated with respect and dignity, because that is what SELF respecting people do. And that is what they were denied during the “good old apartheid days”.
    And by the way, I am a SHE, not a he!

  107. OutofAfrica, you just follow the english with the bull you spit out here…the ossewabrandwag was a leftwing organization of smuts to know who his enemies were. And when it comes to respect, blacks got that as well from most Afrikaners as it was Afrikaners who uplifted them from being savages o almost humann beings….not the english. Pleas name me just one thing the english did to uplift the blacks from being savages. Only thing theenglish ever did was to hang around the townships and cause shit between the Afrikaner, the ONLY whites that ever really something for the black man, like creating their non-existant language, the school them to read and write, then find trainable teacher among them, build them schools etc….none of these things were done by the english…all they did was to go into townships and mislead the unintelligent black masses with their longteethed grins posing as angels of light who care and making them believe apartheid was an AFRIKANER thing while in fact APARTHEID was created by the english while ruling this country – and for that reason the ANC was established n 1912 DURING THIS ENGLISH RULE TO FIGHT THE ENGLISH-APARTHEID….was blacks not as stupid as they were, they would have known who exactly their true enemies and haters were…THE ENGLISH!

  108. Same goes for the owners of this blog…they named it wonkie because they think the blacks who rule are wonkie and whatever they do is wonkie, but just don’t say it out loud and if an affrikaner should dare to speak the truth about something stupid this ANC does, WONKIE may all of a sudden, just like the english, step in and “protect” the “poor black soul” forgetting that the very name of their blog is witness against them of what they trully think of the goverment of the day! and the blacks that hang around here are to stupid not to see thru it all while the owners of wonkie, just like the english, depend on the fact that blacks are to stupid to see the light until somebody like me arrive to spoil the fun

  109. Daffy dirk and his connected pal Scorpio, you have no idea what you are talking about. Out of Africa is right, blacks are deserving of respect and also must not be discriminated against even if their past was one dominated by racist laws. I would also like to ask if the Broederbond was not pert of the Illuminati.

  110. Garth, to say somebody does know what they talk about without making a point to confirm your allegations are more than stupid and carry no water at all! Yes, in my book the broederbond, and free masons are ONE, no the illuminati is smaller, less than 1000 members of the worlds most powerfull people with windsor castle as their head office, but are actually one with the rest…it’s like a beast with many heads if the heads are symbol of its power…or like a beast with many horns on it’s head, if the horns are symbol of it’s power, but, I came to the conclusion that the things I talk about are either above your comprehendm OR your are actually part of all this and just argue with me trying to hide the rality of it all…onkly you would know the truth..

  111. @ Dirkie: During colonial times the natural status quo in ZA was left to take its course and nothing in history was or ever will be perfect. However, DF Malan and his ilk were the architects of legalised apartheid – in case you don’t realise – and that was evil, in my opinion. Now I am not going to reply to any more of your comments because I feel you and I will never be on the same intellectual wavelength, and your thinking reminds me of all the political dinosaurs during the apartheid era. I don’t read Wonkie to participate in hostility, which your ranting seems to have become. You can argue your xenophobic thought processes with others.

  112. For Wonkie readers who appreciate real facts, here is a short history of the Ossewa Brandwag from “Encyclopaedia of Southern Africa” compiled and edited by Eric Rosenthal.
    Quote, “This movement started in SA by Colonel J.C. Laas about 1938. It was partially modelled on the Nazi Storm Troopers, and used an emblem closely resembling that of its German counterpart. The Ossewa Brandwag had a semi-military organisation, its more active group being represented by the Stormjaers. During WWll (1944) it was declared illegal. After undergoing various vicissitudes, and finally incurring the condemnation of both the National and the United Parties, it gradually disintegrated” close quote.
    Interestingly, both B.J. Vorster and P.W Botha were members of the Stormjaers; Vorster being a ‘general’. Vorster was interned for the remainder of the war, for his sabotaging activities which included blowing up a troop train. After gerrymandering the electoral boundaries, the National Party came to power in 1948. And many stormjaers of course became political leaders after that; and the rest is history!

  113. OutofAfrica you are just wearing out your keybord trying to make belive tha malan introduced apartheid…if that was true, the ANC would have been established to fight apartheid during malan’s time…unfortunately the ANC will be 100 years old this year and the sole reason for for the existance of the ANC was the apartheid intoduced by the english during their time of supresing us Afrikaners together with the blacks! Don’t lie to yourself! The writing is on the wall..

  114. According to Wikipedia: “The Ossewabrandwag (OB) (English: Ox-wagon Sentinel) was an anti-British and pro-German organization in South Africa during World War II, which opposed South African participation in the war. It was formed in Bloemfontein on 4 February 1939 by Pro-Nazi Afrikaners.”
    According to Wikipedia (on the ANC): “Members founded the organization as the South African Native National Congress (SANNC) on 8 January 1812 at the Waaihoek Wesleyan Church in Bloemfontein to increase the rights of the black South African population. John Dube, its first president, and poet and author Sol Plaatje are among its founding members. The organization became the ANC in 1923 and formed a military wing, the Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) in 1961.”
    The term “apartheid” was coined by the National Party when it decided to force separate facilities for the race groups, forced blacks out of Sophiatown, Martindale, etc., banished thousands of blacks to desolate “homelands” and introduced pass books for blacks that could prove that they had jobs in the cities.
    They closed the mission hospitals as well as the schools that gave proper education to the pupils and introduced “Bantu education” meant to give inferior education to the blacks because the Afrikaaner bible said that blacks were fit only to be “hewers of wood and drawers of water”.
    The actions of the Afrikaners under National Party rule were rejected by the civilised world as well as by certain intelligent Afrikaaners (Beyers Naude, van Zyl Slabbert to name only two).
    Dirk needs to get himself an education if he really believes the the Afrikaaners were the saviours of South Africa’s blacks rather than their oppressors.

  115. Good post, Tony!

  116. What we need to remember is that all people are only one species namely Homo Sapiens. If we decide to discriminate, how do we know who to discriminate against. Colour is obvious, but what about language or intelligence. Are we all to wear badges or signs giving our IQ maybe we have a number of these for each person. Allegedly as dirksays blaks are lower IQ than whites. Are Catholics higher or lower than Anglicans, what about Muslims, Hindus, Jews or Presbyterians. The only people.who can support xenophobia or Naziism Maybe Dirk could wear a badge with an iQ of 60. And Scorpio can wear one showing his famous relatives

  117. @dirk: Since you are so obsessed with racism, here is some more free education for you lazy duck head to read and understand history.

    According to wikipedia, during the 19th century, most of the Boers of the north eastern Cape frontier migrated to the interior, and established the Orange Free State and South African Republic, which were independent of Britain. In the Second Boer War (1899–1902), Britain conquered the Boer Republics. The Netherlands and Germany supported the Boer cause.

    After the war, there was a general reconciliation between Afrikaners and Britain, culminating in the formation of the Union of South Africa in 1910, under the leadership of former Boer fighters such as Louis Botha and Jan Smuts (who was of Cape Dutch origin fighting on the side of the Boers). South African troops, including thousands of Afrikaners, served in the British forces during World War I.

    Nonetheless, many Boers remembered the extremely brutal tactics used by Britain in the Boer War and remained resentful of British rule, even loose association with Britain as a Dominion.

    In 1930s, the chief vehicle of Afrikaner nationalism at this time was the “Purified National Party” of D. F. Malan, which broke away from the National Party when the latter merged with Smuts’ South African Party in 1934. Another important element was the Afrikaner Broederbond, a quasi-secret society founded in 1918, and dedicated to the proposition that “the Afrikaner volk has been planted in this country by the Hand of God…”[1]

    1938 was the centennial anniversary of the Great Trek (the migration of Boers to the interior). The Ossewabrandwag was established in commemoration of the Trek. Most of the migrants traveled in ox-drawn wagons, hence the group’s name. The group’s leader was Johannes Van Rensburg, a lawyer who had served as Secretary of Justice under Smuts (as Minister), and was an admirer of Nazi Germany.[2]

    [edit] During World War IIThe Boer militants of the Ossebrandwag (OB) were hostile to Britain and sympathetic to Nazi Germany, whose racial ideology parallelled their own. Thus the OB opposed South African participation in the war, even after the Union declared war in support of Britain in September 1939. While there were parallels, neither Van Rensburg nor the OB were genuine fascists, according to v. d. Berghe.[3]

    Alexandre Kum’a Ndumbe III however shows, that OB was “based on the Führer-principle, fighting against the Empire, the capitalists, the communists, the Jews, the party and the system of parliamentarism … on the base of national-socialism”, according to a German secret source dated Jan. 18, 1944[4]

    Members of the OB refused to enlist in the South African forces, and sometimes harassed servicemen in uniform. This erupted into open rioting in Johannesburg on 1 February 1941; 140 soldiers were seriously hurt.[5]

    More dangerous than this was the formation of the Stormjaers (English: Assault troops), a paramilitary wing of the OB similar to the Nazi Sturmabteilung. The nature of the Stormjaers was evidenced by the oath sworn by new recruits: “If I retreat, kill me. If I die, avenge me. If I advance, follow me” (Afrikaans: As ek omdraai, skiet my. As ek val, wreek my. As ek storm, volg my).[6]

    The Stormjaers engaged in sabotage against the Union government. They dynamited electrical power lines and railroads, and cut telegraph and telephone lines.[5] These types of acts were going too far for most Afrikaners, and Malan ordered the National Party to break with the OB in 1942.[2]

    The Union government cracked down on the OB and the Stormjaers, placing thousands of them in internment camps for the duration of the war. Among the internees was future prime minister B. J. Vorster.

    At the end of the war, the OB was absorbed into the National Party and ceased to exist as a separate body.

    Now dirkie, are you a nazy or stormjaer who were engaged in sabotage?

  118. Scorpio says:

    Yes I can, Garth. Unfortunately people four hundred years ago were apparently smaller in stature than we are and it does not fit my finger. The valuable signet ring was given to me by my great aunt on her death bed. I am the next in line. The ring is worn only by the Earls of our dynasty. I will not elaborate as the matter is being handled by a British Supreme Court Judge.
    Now you and Corny can have a ball deriding me further……….water off a duck’s back. You can start with “Are Scorpio’s fingers as swollen as his head?”

  119. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ Scorpio – well, are they?

    Sorry – just couldn’t resist.

  120. Pied Pyper, thanks for the History lesson telling us what we already know and taught to generations of South Africans under the Nationall Christian Education of the apartheid era. There is sufficient archaeological evidence that blacks were in South Africa many years before whites. That Shaka Zulu decimated and drove the remaining Sotho people into the mountains, leaving the Free State and Transvaal open to settlement, it was the promise of free land that drove them to migrate not the Colonial Brirish. The Boer War did not end with a genocide of the Boers but with the need for Britain to have a white population in their new colony.

  121. Scorpio, is that water off a dirk’s back..

  122. @ Garth: Piedpyper is being helpful, as one never knows who knows what or if anthing at all – judging by some previous comments, if you get my drift. History is often subjective, depending on who did the recording.

  123. posts are getting better for a change..OutofAfrica, yes, the nglish did the recording in a way it suits them..liars most the time…but fact remains, they were in control since 1902 and the apartheid the ANC wanted to resist were therefore an english apartheid, bottom line.

  124. South Africa seems to have an over-abundance of victims of history of all stripes.

  125. @garth-thank you for telling me that you already know this. My intention was to share with those who does not know or interested in reading other peoples opinions. Next time you come across such comments as mine, just ignore it for heavens sake-see how easy it is?

  126. @OutofAfrica:thanks for your input.

  127. Scorpio says:

    @Corny, here’s another, unfortunately more appropriate, one for you: Lord of the Ringpiece. For the lesser informed, ‘ringpiece’ is an anal term. I dunno Corny, should I give my finger the ringpiece test?
    OMG Garth, my wife keeps two dirk pets. She steadfastly refuses to allow us to have dirk eggs for breakfast.

  128. Scorpio says:

    @Corny. Despite all, I hold you in high regard. I too, from age 23 to 30 was what you formerly were. Part-time, private institution, British ticket.

  129. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @Scorpio – given your situation 30+ years ago (when there was also a lot less brough-ha-haa) you may have had several opportunities to do the test.

  130. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ Scorpio
    another thought : this kind of test : if at first you DO succeed, try, try again!!!

  131. @Corny. A few years ago, my doctor did the test. Knees up Mother Brown and out came the white glove. Judging from the expression on both our faces, perhaps I shouldn’t try the test again.

  132. @Corny, perhaps if I try to get my head around the situation……

  133. We seem to have lost the plot. This blog was about the Spear of the Nation. To get back to the topic, ART is supposed to reflect the truth and the times. Sometimes it does not sometimes it does. Whatever, there will always be controversy and condemnation about certain works, and sometimes people get lampooned but the artist paints what his imagination sees, therefore whether you like it or not, whether it is good art or not the artist uses his constitutional right not to be censored by bunch of mother Grundy’s or ANC petty bureaucrats.

  134. Agreed, Garth. But this topic has become stale now. As you can see, Corny and Scorpio have gone public with very personal sounding issues; perhaps they should exchange emails. There is still the Queen, although that thread was held hostage by the relic from the ossewa-brandwag. I think it is tiime for a fresh Wonkie cartoon 🙂

  135. Scorpio says:

    @OutofAfrica: Agreed, the change of topic I mean. Perhaps the (white) land grabbing issue? Malema was interviewed some weeks ago on talk radio. A caller said that he has paid for his domestic property as well as his rates and taxes. Was his proprty safe? Malema replied: The house is yours. The property it stands on does not belong to you. Rather unsettling is it not?

  136. Garth is correct inasmuch as that this blog was about the Spear of the Nation. However many sensibilities have been offended, and I don’t include the sexual urges of our(?) president or his cry-baby supporters.
    I am pretty sure that Wonkie has not previously had such an long ongoing debate. That is the nature of this forum and why it can, and should, diversify to allow contributors to vent their spleen on matters unrelated to the specific matter at hand.
    A new controversy is already available but 2 or 3 issues simultaneously are not beyond the capabilities of those that normally contribute on this forum. Letting off steam is good for the soul.

  137. So go ahead Tony. I prefer peace to getting steamed up so I think I am done with this round. Maybe!

  138. Wake up says:

    I agree that we do need a new direction, you will never change the mindset of the current morons in control, let us rather seek avenues to empower the huge number of skilled and competent black people who have been sidelined because they will show up the the greedy passengers on the gravy train. They are more than capable of growing our econmy will use whatever expertise and abilities are available, considerint only the good of the entire South African Nation.

    Here is the reason we are stagnated in crime, corruption and and rampant incompetence:

    INEPTOCRACY by David Hill

    Much like inheriting a billion pounds only to die broke or forfeiting a three goal half time lead; ineptocracy is one’s failure to succeed from a position of strength.
    A political example of ineptocracy would be South Africa’s ruling party the ANC; who after 18 years of leading one of the most fertile and resource rich countries in the world hasn’t developed any sustainable solutions to generating wealth for its people beyond affirmative action, land redistribution and the nationalization of assets.
    After almost two decades of rule, the ANC’s sole solution to endowing its people is still to merely take wealth away from others. Surely this is their failure?
    Consider that South Africa is the only country in the world whose affirmative action policy favours a majority who also happens to have complete political control. In the rest of the world affirmative action is designed to favour the politically un-represented minority, not the politically strong majority.
    South Africa now appears to have a system of government whereby the ruling party is elected by the non- contributing majority, who in turn are then rewarded with subsidies, goods and services paid for from the earnings of the contributing minority.
    The flaw with this system is that nowhere does there exist a plan, nor an incentive, for this impoverished majority to actually start contributing to the economy and hence they continue to demand more from their elected leaders who in turn continue to deflect the wealth generation burden onto the contributing minority.
    Clearly this cycle of diminishing returns is not sustainable as eventually the expectation of the non-contributing majority will become too high and the burden on the contributing minority will become too great. In the end something has got to give as no economy can bear 20 million people supporting 50 million people.
    To further illustrate just how poorly the ANC has done at generating wealth solutions for its people over the past 18 years, consider Germany and Japan who at the end of World War II were completely decimated by the Allied bombings and were thus economically distraught. Neither had any industry, agriculture nor natural resources to generate wealth from, yet within 20 years both countries had uplifted themselves to being highly employed, economic powerhouses. Clearly both these governments achieved vastly more for their people with significantly less over a similar period of time and without disadvantaging any demographic.
    So the fact that after two decades of complete political control the ANC has failed to secure wealth generation systems for its people beyond affirmative action and nationalisation, well is that not the very definition of ineptocracy?
    © Times Newspapers Limited 2012 | Version (49261)
    Registered in England No. 894646 Registered office:3 Thomas More Square, London, E98 1XY

  139. Wake up. We have all seen this comment from the Times and many of us would agree but do we need to read it again. Anyway it is too long for us old codgers who follow Wonkie. We (I) are trying to get back to the artistic merits of the painting.

  140. @Garth
    What earthly good will all this hot air about the merits of the painting do to the plight of hungry, unemployed and homeless people? Let us use our time fruitfully and find a solution to problems that really matter and not all this worthless crap about a painting.

    FYI, I don’t know who in your book qualifies as an old codger but I am over 80 and it never ceases to amaze me that people can waste so much time on worthless pursuits when there are so many more urgent things to attend to.

    The Times comment highlights the necessity of empowering the majority of our neglected people who have the potential to pull themselves up by their shoestrings if given the opportunity,so do not throw the baby out with the bath water, and yes, you do need to read it again and again until you get the message and do something about it.

  141. what you eat, is what you are… thanks Mr Brett “masterpiece” Murray. thats the 1st real reflection of our Mr President Jacob “beloved for nothing” Gedleyihlekisa Zuma.

  142. Like most here, i agree that the spear topic has become stale. Maybe Wonkie should start a fresh cartoon on the appointment of the new lady top cop. It will be interesting!

  143. No contract, no vote.
    Never again vote for a 5 year dictator

    Our current political system in South Africa is better than pre 1994 but worse than others in its content and application. We now have a constitution.

    The biggest failing in the system is a lack of accountability. The primary allegiance the proportional representatives have is to their own political party. The 50% of the local government councillors that have a constituency can at least be identified by the electorate but still are not accountable. Our system is effectively a 5 year dictatorship

    We, the voters, are the shareholders of the South African government and employers of our politicians. We choose the politicians who are employed and pay their salaries. We must be able to directly control the politicians.

    An interesting statistic is that 97% the laws of the world’s best-known form of direct democracy, Switzerland, are passed without voter intervention. The threat of voter intervention means the laws are passed with the electorate in mind.

    South African elections are coming in 2014 and you can start making a difference starting now by:

    1. Adopting a politician, preferably one at each level of government and they do not have to be in the same party
    2. Mentor them on direct democracy
    3. Let them know that you will not vote for them or their party if they do not commit for changes to bring about Direct Democracy
    4. Present the document below for each politician and political party to sign

    I, (name of politician or political party), acknowledge that I am effectively an employee of the voters because the voters decided who would be employed by voting and the voters who, through payment of their taxes and rates, pay my salary and I recognise that the current system does not put the voters in control.
    – I commit to regular and effective consultation with the voting public through public meetings and continuous communication via the press, radio stations or in person.
    – I agree to vote in accordance to the best interest of the voters who elected me, who may be polled by means of a referendum similar in format to that used for petitions.
    – I am committed to ensure that the wishes of my constituency are effectively communicated and advocated for in at all levels of government.
    – I am also committed in doing everything within my power to ensuring that the laws are upheld and that service delivery is efficient and effective.
    – I commit to being held accountable for my performance by the voters
    – I further agree that the registered voters will be able to remove me from office when 25% of the number of registered voters who voted in the last election within my ward or designated constituency sign a petition for my removal. This will mean that 2,500 signatures will be required if 10,000 voted in the last election. All registered voters will be able to sign, including those who did not vote in the last election. The recall petition may not be initiated until 6 months has elapsed since the last election and when an election has been called. Should an election be called, the recall process will be cancelled.
    – I will promote legislation at all levels of government and changes in the South African Constitution to bring about a system of constituency with top up proportional representation, recall, referendum and Direct Democracy.

    See http://www.directdemocracy.org.za

    Please consider the following:

    On reading and accepting the above:
    1. You become an egg
    2. As you decide to spread the message you become a bird
    3. As you spread the word you create eggs
    4. Those eggs will become birds and fly into the distance never to be seen again to create more eggs
    5. Spread the word and help us all to walk to freedom

  144. Wake-up, yes the Ineptocracy article is spot on and done the global rounds. But the majority of SA’cans voted the inept into power. How do you change their mind-set?? We ‘old codgers’ here have discussed this before and attempted to add our own wisdom; Brett Murray tried in his capacity, and looked what happened because the inept could not understand. If it is not done at the ballot box, one has anarchy. If you still have enough gas left to fart against thunder, I commend you!

  145. I fully agree with you OutofAfrica, but think about this truth…no “leader” ever since democracy was elected because peole regarded them as wise…politicians advertise themselves on the lamb posts before an election and at the end of the day, they are most of the time finacially strong and part of the free masons or one of the sub-orginizations, ALL controlled by satanic windsor castle! The electorate never think for themselves, they look around them and whatever they perceive the majority believes, they will do! To make sure they perceive what windsor castle wants them to perceive, you get “markinor se navorsing” stats published in newspapers/magazines and broadcasted over radio and tv just before every election to help them make up their minds about who the majotity is! democracy is a lie that makes the mamparras believe they are in control, while they are not even in control of their thougts and for this reason: “5 There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, as an error which proceedeth from the ruler: 6 Folly is set in great dignity, and the rich sit in low place. 7 I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.”
    Eccleiastes 10:5 tot 7 – The King James Version, (Cambridge: Cambridge) 1769. Therefore I concluded “democracy is that “folly” mentioned in verse 6…

  146. Scorpio says:

    The following is a true narrative. Whilst studying number-crunching and tax law, I was employed by the then Receiver of Revenue (SARS) as senior income tax assessor. All composite and unusual tax returns were referred to me to assess. A tax return (buff form in those days) landed on my desk, the only income entry being “Farming Profit RXXXXXX”. I sent out a request for the farming financial statements in support of the stated farming profit. Some days later (the postal service actually worked in those days) a rather large guy and a petite young lady were shown to my office. The guy produced my request. The result of the of the interview was that she was a prostitute and could not find any other place on the buff form where she could declare the proceeds of her horizontal profession.
    Which proves that in the Apartheid Era, even prostitutes were law abiding taxpayers.

  147. Scorpio says:

    Well perhaps the lady did enter her income in the correct category. She raised cocks.

  148. Stout!

  149. Scorpio says:

    Those with an interest in the 21/12/2012 myth, Google the following link: Warning: It may cause sleepless nights.

    OutofAfrica. Yes, it is Friday and tonight my wife will allow me to imbibe in a couple of my favourite beverage: Milk Stout. The closest to the Guiness we drank in England and Ireland. Had to taste genuine Kilkenny Guiness when visiting Kilkenny, home of my fathers.

  150. Scorpio, I think we can put the Maya calendar myth to bed now!
    Dr. Jaime Awe – Director, Institute of Archaelogy, Belize.
    “There’s been a lot of “hoopla” about 2012. In fact, for many people, they see 2012 as the end of this eventful occasion in the Maya calendar, when the calendar ends; so ends the world. But in fact – and there is a lot of publications that are going around, in fact I brought one with me, that’s being done by the Institute of American Archaeology. And as you can see, there’s the “hoopla” that also looks at it as a myth, some event that we really can’t explain the year in the Ancient Maya calendar because it marks the completion of this great cycle of time called “The 13th B’ak’tun”, but what happens is that a lot of folks said, ‘We like things very apocalyptic, and we like these kinds of events that makes the headlines’. But what indeed was December 21, 2012 to the Maya? Well, it doesn’t seem to have been as negative a deal as we modern Western philosophers believe. In fact, what we know is that there is actually only one reference in Ancient Maya records that make reference to 2012. Only on one monument that’s found in at a site in Mexico called “Tortuguero” is the date 2012 mentioned. And what do they mention about it? Well, they say that on that date, this deity, who’s not even a very well-known important god, that he comes down to Earth and gets dressed. What does that mean? Nobody really knows, but does it mean that it’s going to be apocalyptic, that the world will come to an end? We don’t believe so. Why? Well because there are also at least one, if not more, monument that talk about dates even beyond 2012. There’s an inscription on a monument at Palenque that says that something is also going to happen at the end of the 20th B’ak’tun, in about something like 5072 A.D. So obviously, to the Maya, they knew that the world wasn’t going to come to an end.”
    Enjoy your Friday imbibing. We attended an evening at a ‘colonial outpost’ to commemorate the Queen’s jubilee. We felt quite touched to be part of the English side of our heritage. There are of course other sides too! A rich hybrid I am grateful for.

  151. P turner says:

    This is APARTHEID raising its ugly head masquarading as art. Can you shhow us an equivalent carricature of vorster, voerwoerd, kruger, botha etc?

  152. OutofAfrica, whilst in England, we stayed with my daughter and son-in-law in Derbyshire. He was then a parish priest, now Canon of Victoria, Australia. What astounded me was the heritage. Across the road from his home was his main church. The boundary walls were built by the Romans. The church itself, built on the foundations of the original Saxon church, was built by the Normans circa 1000AD. The font was the original built in 400AD with the original plumbing. One of his other churches was Steeply Chappel where King Richard supposedly met with Robin Hood (Robert Hode). The houses and homesteads – hundreds of years old, built before Jan van Riebeeck landed in Cape Town. Being a priest, he took us on a tour of York Minster Cathedral (and surrounding pubs – the one pub was built in 1100, still intact). What a glorius building, the cathedral I mean. We also walked the Roman Wall which still surrounds the city of York. We visited many, many quaint ancient towns. They took us by ferry to Dublin as I wanted to see our family castles in Ireland (my ancestors governed Ireland from 1300 to 1900). Once again I was struck with awe, and, to try and imagine what my ancestors went through all those years ago. The wars etc. And then there is London itself – all the historic places. One of the oldest and most beautiful towns we saw was Thomastown, SE Ireland. The British have so much to be proud of. And I am so glad you enjoyed your evening.

  153. @P turner

    What a load of crap. Did The Canadian Prime minister who had a similar painting done also contribute to apartheid? He reacted in a mature manner and did not become the laughing stock of the world like Zuma whose sexual exploits are disgustingly endless. From your reaction I gather it should be spelt “aparthate” as you obviously have a thing about Afrikaners.

    Zuma created that picture all by himself by his disgraceful and scurrilous behaviour so get off your soap box and go and do something about hungry homeless people rather than flogging a pathetically swaybacked dead horse

  154. Wake Up, I found very few englishspeakers who do NOT hate Aryans and Afrikaners! Must be because just one of us happen to have more brain cells than all englishspeakers together!
    P Turner, none of those Afrikaners you mentioned ( and I hate all tthose after Verwoerd ) ever behaved like zuma and neither were they devil worshippers like the windsors with their multi milenium history of incest! Anyway, the Sabbath of God just arrived…I may be back here after that when the sun worshippers have their sabbath called sunday

  155. Wake up. No matter what the ANC will win elections, not on merit but because the unemployed,the illiterate and the badly educated will vote for them. Mugabe saw what happened when he gave all his people a good education, they voted for someone else with the mast extreme consequences.JZ and the boys are not going to let that happen so they keep unemployment high, they maintain half the population in poverty and they support a lousy education system. Every kid that does not pass matric, every kid that does not get a job will vote ANC. The only serious contenders to challenge the ANC will be someone like Malema and his ilk who fill their heads with empty promises.

  156. Dirk. You seem to have an obsession with IQ race and conspiracies. You also seemto have religious or non religious views that are both nonsensical and ridiculous. If you want a good measure of IQ you only have to look at what you write what you believe in and what you know (or don’t know) to realize that your IQ is about that of a moron.

  157. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ Garth
    The reason I have stopped responding to the idiocy of the re-avatar-ed dirk is something I learned at my mother’s knee: “Never argue with a fool – the next person might not see which is the fool”.
    I wouldn’t like to be mistaken for another dirk !!!

  158. Garth I agree with you 100%, only negative IQ morons continue to vote for the ANC but we cannot give up. There are so many decent and competent black people caught up in this destructive ANC quicksand and All good people need to stand together against it. I have lived through numerous Uhuru’s in various sub-saharan countries and watched the misnamed liberators destroying everything because of this negative IQ.

    We however do have the foundation a core of willing and able people and as long as I draw breath I will not give up endeavouring to establish pockets of real community attainments to serve as an example to even the negative IQ”s.

    Mario Vargas Llosa said in 1990; What really matters is that our democracies not only survive, but learn to criticize themselves and better themselves. If they don’t, they will perish. No democracy is born perfect, and none ever gets to be perfect. Yet democracy is superior than authoritarian and totalitarian regimes because, unlike them, democracy is perfectible.

    Dr. M. Scott Peck, in his book ‘A World Waiting to be Born’ says: ” There is a yearning in our heart for peace. Because of the wounds – the rejections – we have received in past relationships, we are frightened by the risks. In our fear, we discount the dream of authentic community as merely visionary. But there are rules by which people can come back together, by which old wounds are healed”

    I know this may sound wishy washy but we cannot give up to the utterly brainless rabble, cracks are beginning to show in a small way and the younger intellectuals are doing their bit, so let us not despair!

  159. Wake up, Jesus said there is nobody good except His Father in heaven, to call any human , specially corrupt blacks good is therefore nonsensical as Garth and horny-maizewho talk in circles so fast that they runs into their own backsides thinking its somebody else standing in front of them!

  160. Looks like this site is getting as wonkie as the english

  161. Garth, no one will ever mistake you for being me, but when it happens, feel honored as that will mean that your IQ is now higher than your mother’s knee…

  162. @Scorpio. In 2010 I spent some considerable time in Italy, most of that in Sicilia while there I visited a number of Galleries, Museums, Churches, Archaeological Sites and places of historic interest. My visit to Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples also to Syracusa and the Greek Gorge was particularly gratifying. My very distant Ancestors (on my mothers side) originated in Sicily as slaves after their participation as captives at the end of the Pelloponesian War. This was in 404 BC. Somewhat older than a your church in England and 500 years before the Romans conquered England. There is a good chance therefore that they were involved. So what?

    @Dirk, please stop denigrating Afrikaners, On my fathers side my grandmother was (is) related to General Delarey. On my side your incessant xenophobia, racism, conspiracy theories and spurious religion make me sick. I am a republican and an admirer of the Queen. If we only had such a unifying person in our land.

  163. Wonkie. Please give us a new topic. Maybe something that will bring the ANCites back into the argument. We sorely miss Mdu.

  164. @ Corny: Yes I totally agree with you. Somewhere in the good book we are also told not to argue with fools! Proverbs 16 also talks of troublemakers planting seeds of strife. All the unsubstantiated accusations against all and sundry fit into that category. He brings back to mind and emotions why we left SA long before the Rainbow election.

  165. Tht picture is not offensive @ all..its tym Mr president shift his priorities..no matter how gud his political history is he potreys bad character..he has made us a joke on earth…anywy how wud u knw leadership skills if u nt properly schooled..I dnt wana coment abt the wives…I think we need another president who doesn’t use umshini 2 multiple ppl…but I salute my preident,the next king muswati..

  166. Garth, to be frank, I don’t care a fidler’s fart if I make you sick, admiring such ans evil human as the queen and walking in one’s sleep like you do are things making me sick, I don’t expect you to stop doing so or to stop mentioning how you admire the wingnut queen. I must have mentioned a hundred time just here on wonkie I AM NOT RELIGIOUS and you keep refering to my stupid religion…no catholics, anglicans, muslims, hindo’s ets. are ALL worthless religions…I have a rlation with God and that is not called religion..It’s a relationship…please show us now that yo english have some form of memory. Just maybe, that will convince me that you english are smarter than what I think at the moment. lastly, my thoughts are not shaped according to who was who on my mother’s or father’s side, I have the MIND OF CHRIST and having His mind means that I will differ from this world 100% of the time. ( the meanaing of the word holy=different )
    OutofAfrica, I can’t remember any good argument you came up with anyway because you just don’t seem to have the ability to do so. Taking that into account, I don’t think youre smart enough to think that if somebody don’t think the way you do, that such a person is a fool…clearly, you have no mind of your own on any subject, you just think the way you are made to believe the majority of the english does….and that is the way your queen with her iluminati, the impecables, the free masons and media wants you to think and THAT is not what I consider rather, prosider THINKING at all! It is called “follow the leader”

  167. Scorpio says:

    Garth: Impressive. My family tree only starts in 1150 with one Hervey who came across from Normandy. My lineage starts with Hubert, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1205. I cannot hope to claim to go back as far as 404 BC. Our family genealogist, a Lord by birth, who spent his life researching and documenting our family tree, sadly passed away at age 80. His son who has inherited his father’s title informed me that he has no interest in following in his father’s footsteps. Referring to ‘my church’, Stonehenge, place of worship, is a couple of years older than the church I referred to. I did not include it as I did not visit the site and therefore cannot bear witness. The Windsors claim to be direct descendants of King David of the OT fame.
    On that subject, I notice with great interest that Christ has risen as promised as the contributor above claims to have the Mind of Christ. Re-incarnation?
    A fidler’s fart. What an interesting prospect. I must use that sound effect on my next CD………

  168. Scorpio says:

    Before it is argued that the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1205 could not have produced issues (children) as a Roman Catholic churchman, I discussed the matter with my son-in-law who holds a Masters in theology. In 1205, celibacy only became mandatory within the Catholic Church some time after that date.

  169. Scorpio says:

    A fidler’s fart. The visual has me in stitches. Imagine Paddy, the Irish fidler, accompanying his violin performance with a thunderous boom.

  170. Scorpio, heathen englishman, ask your theologian son about the meaning of 1 Cor. 2: 16For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.
    The King James Version, (Cambridge: Cambridge) 1769.
    Being a theologian, I am sure he is heathen like you and your liar queen who would have loved to be a decendant of David but, she is rather a decendant of the egyptian pharoa, a family so evil that they are willing to kill their own brothers and sisters, like cleopatra did…

  171. @Dirk, 1 Cor. 2: 16 is purely hearsay. As for democracy Mugabe, Hitler, Mussolini were all elected.
    @Lord Scorpio, wow so your son’s a theologian, that means he knows all about god.. I went to 3 catholic schools, in France, in Ireland, In Kenya. So I probably know all I want to about Catholicism and God. My father was very devout that is why he joined Opus Dei. My brother is a member and is so right wing that he makes Genghis Khan look like a liberal. As for me I make Genghis Khan look like a good catholic.
    @Maize. Where does this twit dirk come from he does not have half the brain of an amoeba.

  172. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ Garth – Isaac Newton states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
    Charles Darwin proposed the Theory of Evolution.
    Dirk is the opposite reaction – NEGATIVE evolution.

  173. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    For someone who gates the English and all things English, dirk relies heavily on English translations of the Holy Bible.
    However, he needs to get his facts straight.
    The King James Version was published in 1611 – not 1769.
    An OXFORD revision was published in 1769.
    The CAMBRIDGE bible was a revision of the Oxford revision of 1769 and was published first in 1873 and was known as the Cambridge Paragraph Bible.

  174. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    Sorry guys – another “typo” – “Hates” rather than “gates”

  175. Scorpio says:

    Dirk, did the midwife drop you on your head in Brakpan?

  176. Scorpio says:

    Garth, my SON is a musician. My SON-IN-LAW works for the Church of England. My son-in-law is a Canon (does shotgun weddings) and I guess he knows a little more than a Catholic School teacher. And you may have to use the title if all goes accordingly.

  177. re M Scott Peck’s book mentioned by WAKE-UP – I agree with the ideal. But look no further than some of these comments to see that not all want to come together nor heal old wounds. Some people love to hate; and seem rather delusional. There is a saying “THE MIND IS A DANGEROUS PLACE; DON’T GO IN THERE ALONE”. I wonder if there was a premature release from Weskoppies?

  178. Strange how you english fools all have to ride on the back of some family member to show you are something….and Garth, you are the last person to decide what is heresay or not, you are not God, you are just another brainless englishspeaker bragging with your englishness – an indication that you believe being english makes you some or the other super human above the rest while you falsly pretent to be so humble and human-loving that you are willing to inbread with savages out of africa.
    Maize-horny, I don’t rely on the english bible as I know what the english are like…evil liars but have to quote from the english bible because most englishspeakers are too stupid to master more than just their own language .
    I happen to be born in the spirit and with such births ONLY God is involved, ( John 1:12 and 13 ) no english midwifes. And b.t.w darwin was just another englishspeaking idiot – there is no such thing as evolution – maybe you should update yourself with the latest on DNA. If the information about the version of the english bible I quoted from is incorrect, it is just proof again that you can’t even trust the info in a english bible…is there anything one can trust comming from an englishspeaker?

    OutofAfrica, the mind is a dangerous place to eneter, specially if you don’t have one…those from weskoppies all happen to have some form of mind teherfore they will not even take you in as there seems to be nothing in your empty scull to heal

  179. Scorpio says:

    @Dirk, heed the age old adage: Judge not lest ye be judged. You, though, have had more than your fair share of judgements if the above is anything to go by.
    Regardless of your religious beliefs, if the truth be told, no-one in history has returned from ‘the other side’ (death) to tell the tale hence no-one can be certain that there is life after death or a heavenly existence. Even NDE’s (near death experiences) have been medically explained. The basis of our religious beliefs and thoughts are from what was written by the ancients. We are each entitled, as you are, to any beliefs we may hang onto to get us through the day and through difficult times. Our beliefs are personal. There is no such thing as ‘The Word of Dirk’. Keep what you consider right to yourself, nonsensical as it may be to others.
    In regard to your deep seated hatred of the English, where is the saying “The sun never sets on the Afrikaaner Empire”? It was said of the English not so many years ago. The British earned that saying although we may not all agree on the merits of how it was achieved. I’m not being judgemental when I say that your hatred appears to stem from either the Boer War or a feeling of inferiority.

  180. Scorpio says:

    @Garth: You are extremely lucky to have travelled as extensively as you have. As you well know, travelling expands ones knowlege. I have only had the fortune of spending time in various areas of England, South East Ireland and Perth, Australia. I only wish I had had the opportunities you have had.

  181. Scorpio says:

    And now, back to The Spear. A few weeks ago, I met a so-called ‘coloured’ (by his own admission), an ex-pat from Zimbabwe. The discussion of JZ’s crown jewels came up. He commented: Your King Henry VIII also had six wives. Yes, I responded, but not at the same time. He asked me to explain systems of governance. I offered: Kingdoms are generally run by a king, empires by an emperor. What is South Africa? he asked. A country, I replied.
    On that subject: Ancient Egypt was run by pharoahs. Now it is run by dark ou’s.

  182. Scorpio, us born again christians are not in darkness about the existance of God…we happen to know Him. The fact that you don’t know him puts you in the place where you believe no one can be sure of an existance of a spiritual being…yes before 16/12/1984 i also was in that position and therefore understand why you think the way you do…but, my friend, get born again and then you will know! But up to then, you will be guessing about it and think guys like me who no longer guess about are lunies..I know, because i once was there where you are . Secondly, there is no hate towards people, but hate towards their evil conduct and that has nothing to do with the boerwar altough that gives me good enough reason to hate all englishspeakers for ever, but I don’t as I happen to know few good ones…they are few, to be honnest…very few taking into account how many englishspeakers we have on this planet! Inferior between you guys? NO, surely not! You guys here at wonkie ( as well as none other’s on the web ) just don’t have what it takes to give me a feeling of inferiority! Sharpen your minds up first….have a nice day.

  183. Wake up says:

    Spot on Scorpio! I grew up being brainwashed with all this religious crap and have witnessed the sanctimonious, two faced, hypocritcal lifestyles of the so-called reborn christians. Dirk manifests exactly what I am talking about, filled with the “Holy Spirit”, love and christian tolerance he nevertheless continues to hate and deride those that don’t follow his pathetic mumbo jumbo.

    Google “Deism” Dirk and then let bus talk again.

  184. @dirk, when I say hearsay I mean just that whatever is not based on direct evidence must be hearsay including the bible not too mention the Quran, the Book of Mormon and Noddy goes to tea with Big Ears. The bible is put together from myth, fable, invention, history and a few facts. It could be considered a work of fiction. There is no direct evidence that God, the Illuminati or your so called spirit exists.

  185. Thank you for your support, Wake up and Garth. My Canon son-in-law and I get on extremely well as he accepts my views and I do not revere him as do the rest of the family. We can discuss religious views openly without him feeling the need to go by the book. This, I may add, over a few beers. He is also director of a world organisation which studies ancient religions, the CEO of which speaks ancient Sumerian and other antiquated languages. His understanding goes far beyond that of which he preaches from the pulpit.

  186. Hi Scorpio, your input of your son-in-law studying ancient Religions and that there are people in his group that are able to read Sumerian and other ancient Languages bring a bit of sunlight to this hollow ridden “crooked spear of the nation”
    Perhaps your son-in-law can start a blog on the History and knowledge of the Sumerians, ie the Characters Enlil and Enki, brother and sister marriage and the makings and educatiio of mankind. There is so much knowledge out there and we P!SS around about a fool with 6 wives and a Spear that is now out of commission because of his age unless he has a Sungoma prescribing some “Wonder” Muti. He He He !!!
    Christianity and the Islamic Faith with a difference of a 1000 years apart are modern Religions.
    Talking about 1000 years, was Satan not locked away for a 1000 years and is now in full glory maiming, Killing and preaching to wipe out all other Religions. Hope not but the Islamic faith has not once denounced the extremities and murderess actions of certain Islamic groups and society`s.
    And i am NOT talking about the Palestinians fighting off a certain and i must stress a small Jewish Dictatorship group myself knowing that 99% of Jews do not follow this small bunch of a very RADICAL organisation,a Danger to Humankind,they do not even respect WOMEN, the giver of life the same as the Islamic s do to there Women.
    God is not the giver of life, Women are and “God” gave them that job as “God” went to rest on the 7th. day and the 7 th. has not yet ended, “God is still resting hence all the SH!T on Mother Earth.
    To me Religion is the handbook of self discipline and respect for others.

  187. Wake Up! you chose a good nick for yourself, must say! Do you call it hate to speak the truth? Well, not my God…Titus 1: 12 One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, The Cretians are alway liars, evil beasts, slow bellies. 13 This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith; 14 Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth. 15 Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. 16 They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.
    The King James Version, (Cambridge: Cambridge) 1769. Do you blame me for doing exactly what my Buble teach me to do?
    @ Garth, it’s because of a lack of knowledge that you think the Bible is foction, but there is evidence that God is the Author of His Word as no man who planned to put such a piece of fiction together could make people name places(cities included), rivers, mountains, trees, parks etc. with names to tell his “fictional spiritual” story! Then also did most of the prohesies in the Bible alredy come true…must be some GREAT fiction author to do all that, hey fool?

  188. Garth and other disbelievers, the Bible names ALL have meanings and those meaning fit/tell/confirm the meaning of that scripture…that needs to be done…no other book on earth have such a watermark of authentacy…

  189. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    It is widely said that even the Devil can quote Scripture and dirk has chosen one of the best verses in the Bible to describe himself – Titus 1:16 “They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.”

  190. idle-genius says:

    the word racism has lost its true meaning in the Democratic South Africa we live today. Fortunately enough a-maize-ingly-corny already said exactly some of the aspects I was going to say and she is 100 percent correct from my point of perspective because this is what we are all going through everyday in South Africa . IF white person do something whicg was supposed to be done by black he is labelled a racist. Just like what happened to Brett Murry painting. The very same government that don’t care about the homeless, the poor organized a march to Goodman Gallery for The Spear painting to be removed. Nonsense. As a graduate Fine Artist I think South African society needs to b taught how to appreciate art.

  191. @–Corny; No one could have said it better!

  192. Boerkie says:

    The word “Racism” has now Become as degrading as the “K” is. one of these days i shall take a person to a civil court if they class me as a “Racist” for sure as that word is attacking my Character and Integrity and is a INSULT to me.

  193. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ Scorpio – your son-in-law – “the CANON” – that’s not him adorning the middle of the painting, is it? Or is it just ” mshini-wam’ “?

  194. Scorpio says:

    Welcome back, Corny. Nah, that’s his machine gun that, by now, surely shoots blanks. My son-in-law is no ‘dickhead’. He came out to SA to officeate my nephew’s marriage to a lady by whom he had a child (the nephew had the child, you understand, not the Canon). At the reception I said to him: You reckon this is a shotgun wedding? Why yes, I suppose it is. Why do you ask? I responded: Because a Canon had to conduct the ceremony.
    Put that on the internet, he laughed. It has continued to be a joke between us that he conducts shotgun weddings.

  195. Scorpio says:

    Corney: Co-incidental talking about the Canon. The file of his parents’ deceased estate lies open in front of me as I wade through the paperwork. They were brutally murdered recently in their home in SA for an old hi-fi and a 30 year old car. Such is the fear of life of us older people. And such is the value of life in SA.

  196. The bible is an amalgam of stories, myths and legends. It is also a history book, but not a very good one and no facts are verified and it was written by numerous people. It has been extremely edited only 4 heavily edited gospels remain one of which was written many years after the alleged death of someone they called Jesus. Quoting texts from the Bible to prove the truth is somewhat pointless. Historically we know Jesus existed but what we do not know and it is incomprehensible to believe is that he was the son of God. Anyway what has any of this got to do with the Spear.

  197. What is even more disgusting than the Power of the ANC bullying City Press over the Spear is the various artists and art critics now arguing that Ferial Haffajee was wrong to take the picture off the newspaper’s website. Should she have continued to be under pressure from the bunch of ANC thugs that demonstrated at the Goodman Gallery, Should she have continued with the threats to her family and person. The answer is NO. The painting should have stayed but she was so harassed that she could no take that risk. Maybe those critics would better spend their time reporting on the bullying and the violation of someone’s artistic rights.
    Dirk what does your bible say about that?

  198. Scorpio says:

    @Garth: I watched an interesting program on history channel on the catacombs of Rome. Jesus, circa 100 AD, is depicted in the murals as a wiseman, sage and even drude if you wish. The first mural of him on the cross is apparently dated circa 500 AD. This then after the gospels had been edited by the Romans in their effort to outlaw Gnosticism and control religion by introducing a religion of their own.
    In my opinion, the Romans had lost their military power and turned to another form of control to uphold their power.

  199. Scorpio says:

    May I use this as a platform for a warning to off shore investors? I was on the phone to the Canon this morning. His late parents had substantial investments in the Isle of Man. Hackers tried to withdraw the funds while they were alive but they were approached for clearance which of course they denied. Interpol now believes that their murder was orchestrated so that the funds could be moved. The funds are now being brought into SA for protection. The Canon received a call from Interpol asking him to be careful of his life. Apparently a syndicate is involved and they do not stop at murder to achieve their goal. Keep tabs on your off shore monies!

  200. Scorpio says:

    What I failed to mention above: The attempt to withdraw the funds was made 2 weeks before the murder. A second attempt was made about 3 weeks after their demise but the investment institution had already been advised of the deaths and consequently alerted Interpol. That is how Interpol became invoved.
    @Corny: I related to the Canon, your comment about him protruding from JZ’s trousers in The Spear. He found that hilarious. In return, his joke for the day: What constitutes foreplay in New Zealand? Shearing.

  201. Scorpio, are you reffering to the murder of Trevor and Laura Rees?

  202. @Jim. Oh dear, my identity exposed. Yes.

  203. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ Scorpio The New Zealanders tell of a sheep tied to a tree in the outback of Australia – its called a pleasure resort.

  204. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    If the people of New Zealand are New Zealanders, are the people of the Gaza Strip Gaza Strippers ??

  205. Scorpio, let us take the murder of the Reeses off line [contact details removed by moderators]

  206. The silence is deafening. Hey guys, let’s have some fun. Anecdotes from the work place. With your permission, I will kick off. During the mid 70’s, I worked for SABC (radio jingles) in the morning, taught in the afternoon and performed music at night. One fine Friday afternoon I left the academy on my way to my car. On the corner stood a typical Durban Asian gentleman. He stopped me with: Excuse me sir, but I need to catch a bus to Camperdown an’ all and need one Rand. I brushed him aside and continued on my way. The following Friday, the same gentleman stopped me again with: Excuse me sir, I need to catch a bus to Camperdown an’ all and need one Rand. I stopped and said: But you told me that story last week. Without missing a beat he responded: Hell man, you see how long I’vee been waiting an’ all! He earned his R1.

  207. A story that goes back about 2 centuries. A man goes to see a doctor, he says to the doctor “I am depressed, I cant sleep, my whole life is mess. I feel suicidal all the time, can you help me!” The doctor said ” I have just the remedy, there is circus in town, at the circus they have a clown called Joe Grimaldi, you must go an see him he is the funniest man you will ever see. He will have you laughing so much that you will forget your troubles” The man replied “Doctor, I am Joe Grimaldi”.

  208. Scorpio says:

    Another true anecdote. At SABC, my duties were to compose and record identity jingles for the regional and national SABC radio stations as well as adverts for companies wishing to advertise on radio. My producer had an acute sense of fun and humour. One day he and I re-wrote the midday news, making the news hillarious. My producer then called the breakfast show presenter and told him that the news reporter had not turned up and could he read the news? After protestations, the presenter was bundled into a ‘dead’ (off-air) broadcast studio and given the news sheet. We could see him from the control room through the one-way glass. Of course the actual news reader was in another studio. We patched the the presenter through to the particular radio station on headphones and at midday, on cue, switched on the ‘on air’ light. The presenter had not had time to read through the news beforehand (we made sure of that) and commenced reading off the sheet we gave him. The news got funnier and funnier and he was desparately trying to keep a straight face but eventually he cracked and blurted: Who the @#$%& wrote this? Of course my producer and I were doubled up in the control room when he came through. He wasn’t at all impressed. But imagine if he had actually been on air!
    I understand that Leon Schuster later did the same prank in a movie.

  209. Just heard a brilliant description of the ANC this morning. The ANC is like a faulty vending machine. You put your money in the top but nothing comes out the bottom.

  210. There was a case where a man was charged with vandalism he destoyed a vending machine with a few blasts from his shotgun. The magistrate found him not guilty and said “that machine also took my money and gave me nothing”.

  211. Scorpio. It seems that we are the last two standing now that dirk has run out of vitriol and corny has become silent. Maybe it is time for Wonkie to start a new topic.

  212. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    It is said that “If speech is silver, then silence is golden.”
    I may be a “golden oldie” but I have no wish to hang my golden spear out in public.
    My silver spear is currently being polished for the cut and thrust of debate on our next topic.
    Yes this spear has “hung around” too long – and in too many public places – so let us move on.
    As the ANC can sing but seem incapable of doing – “Forward, forward, never backward…”
    Time for a new song.

  213. @corny, “you blunder, you just wanted to get the last word on this topic”. However we must get back to the topic of the painting. It is not penis which is dangling from his pants, it is a banana in recognition of the banana republic.

  214. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    Nice try Garth !!!
    That banana is not only large but extremely overripe – no sign on the outside of the yellowness within.

  215. Boerkie says:

    Look carefully and you will see the Fruit Flies buzzing around.

  216. Boerkie – HAHAHA!! I am now moving on to the new Wonkie. There was quite a bit of “know it all” trumpet blowing in this one.

  217. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ Boerkie – are you sure that they aren’t flying “crabs”

  218. Bananas Hang together, they are yellow, they are turning black and they are all crooked.

  219. Don’t you just love the new Telkom radio ad? If your telephone line is down, just report it on-line (internet). But, if you use a landline or ADSL, pray tell me how?
    No wonder the country is in such a ………..

  220. Did it again. It’s ScoRpio

  221. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ Sco R pio
    Are you sure it isn’y C3 pio ???

  222. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    Replace “isn’y” with “isn’t” – I’m not a full Scot just a little bit especially when I’m consuming Scottish “water”

  223. Scorpio says:

    Had a couple o’ whiskeys with my former-Mirage-pilot pal today. Two related funnies:
    A woman goes up to the pilot pre flight, grabs him by the sleeve and says: Promise me you will bring me down again.
    The pilot: Of course, madam, we have never left anybody up there.

    Then there was the BA flight to Frankfurt. The German traffic controller there was known for his caustic tongue.
    Traffic controller: BA flight 123 you are safe to land on runway 4. Then proceed to gate eleven.
    British pilot: Can you guide me to gate eleven?
    Gernman controller sarcastically: Why, haven’t you been to Frankfurt airport before?
    British pilot even more sarcastic: Yes, but that was back in 1945 and we didn’t land.

  224. OutofAfrica says:

    The spear saga continues! Zapiro has let the fox into the hen house! And ” the ‘natives are very restless'”………….

  225. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    It seems that Murray and Zapiro know two different politicians – Murray sees Zuma as a “deflated” figure whilst Zapiro portrays him as a fine “upstanding” specimen of South African “manhood”
    Just one question for the Women’s League – “When are they going to buy JZ a ‘shower-cap’?” – perhaps one of the “recalled” ones from Bloemfontein ???

  226. It seems that Zapiro has put new life into the spear.
    By the way these comments have little to do with the poor, the hungry, the homeless or unemployed. It is only (or should be) a commentary on the merits of an artists expression. Unless of course it’s critique of the spear and it’s performance or non performance, whichever is relevant. All of which gives us an excuse to drink that water that corny brags about.

  227. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    Maybe JZ wants a (k)night-hood – perhaps THE Queen (not the former Mrs Mandela) could give him the one she took back from our Northern neighbour “Uncle Bob” – though ‘Sir’ JZ would probably misuse it as much as Robert GABRIEL (I ask you !!!) Mugabe did.

  228. Brilliant article written by a (ENGLISH) racist white girl:

    From NEWS 24

    I am a racist

    23 May 2012, 07:06

    A South African artist called Brett Murray has been causing a huge stir since his painting of South Africa ’s president titled The Spear was put up in a local gallery. The ANC have worked themselves up into a total frothy about the painting and their biggest issue with it – It’s racist. ???????

    Disrespectful, maybe. Rude, maybe. But racist???

    That little word that has become the political whip with which the ANC work the masses up into angry mobs and riots anytime something happens that they don’t like. And it’s becoming really really tiring.

    In South Africa, the word racist has lost it’s original meaning and now only get’s used to describe a white person doing something a black person doesn’t like. You never hear it used in any other context. You can’t say to a black CEO that he is racist because he won’t hire white people, no – he’s just making sure that only blacks get hired because of BEE. You can’t call a university racist because they won’t accept an application from a white student with straight A’s for 8 subjects – instead taking on a black student who barely passed matric. Nope, they’re not racist, they’re just correcting the wrongs of the past. But god forbid you do hire the white person or you do admit the white student, you’ll be branded racist by the government quicker that you can say “colour shouldn’t be the issue here” because how dare you choose a white person over a black person in a democratic South Africa .

    Most of the time when you are a white person and you call your fellow countrymen to be held accountable for their unacceptable words and actions such as corruption, nepotism, fraud, theft, you’ll be branded a racist.

    Today, I shouted at a taxi driver who pushed in-front of me nearly driving me into the curb with no regard for the fact that I have a child in the car – I must be a racist, because only racists care about road safety it would seem.

    I complained to the manager of my bank because the woman handling my account is so incompetent and hasn’t responded to one email or message I’ve left her for over 2 months! Nevermind that my account is about to be shut down because of FICA. I must be a racist then because only racists expect service from a bank and stupidly think an organisation is going to actually do the job they promise to do in all their marketing material.

    The other day my husband confronted a woman outside a shopping centre after she carelessly threw her fast food packet on the floor less than 10cm from a dustbin. Her response – “you’re just a racist”. Yes, you’re absolutely right, because only racists care about keeping their city clean and litter free.

    I fired a lady who worked for me once because I caught her rummaging through one of my cupboards and she had taken my passport and other belongings which I found in her bag. Her only response – “you’re a racist”. Yes, yes I am. Because only racists think that stealing is a criminal offense and is done by people with no morals or conscience.

    I swear being a white person in this country can be very bloody exasperating at times. The ANC has brainwashed the masses with this little word – racist – to the point that it’s actually completely lost its meaning and now get’s used totally out of context. Most days I just let it pass and I don’t go into effect of it. But today is not one of those days. Today I’m angry and today I’m sick and tired of it.

    I’m not shouting at you because you’re black, I’m shouting because you’re a maniac on the roads who is a danger to society.

    I’m not complaining to your manager because you’re black. I’m complaining because you’re an incompetent moron who is incapable of doing her job properly.

    I’m not firing you because you’re black. I’m firing you because you’re a thief.

    I’m not confronting you because your black, I’m shouting at you because you’re a messy pig who expects other people to clean up your mess.

    Please get over yourselves and move out the way of the remarkably amazing black people who DO take total responsibility and who actually want this country to work for ALL the people who live in it.

    If being a racist in this country means that I will stand up for my rights, fight for what is fair and true and hold everyone around me accountable for their words and actions, then I am a racist through and through. If being a racist means that I believe in freedom of speech and expression and that everyone’s point of view is relevant, no matter what colour, age or sex, then I will proudly announce to all who can hear that I am a racist. If being a racist means that I believe we should all be treated with the same rules and consequences and that no-one, especially not the President, is above the law and exempt from criminal prosecution when that law has been broken, then print me a t-shirt saying “I am a racist” and I will wear it in the streets. If being a racist means that I will not stand idly by while the few, corrupt pigs in the ANC rape this country for everything they can get with no regard for the poor and the homeless and the uneducated, then I’ll get I’m a racist tattooed on my back.

    Mr Zuma and the ANC – you need to get a different vocabulary. Instead of shouting at someone like Brett Murray about a painting being offensive, maybe you should be asking yourselves why he painted it in the first place. Instead of wanting to take Zapiro to court every time he depicts the president & his shower head in one of his cartoons, why don’t you stop to realise that there is truth in everything he draws and that your angry responses are really due to the fact that he keeps hitting a nerve that’s a little too close to home.

    Maybe, Mr Zuma, it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror. If you were honest with yourself you’d see that people actually have very little respect for you because you have lied and cheated your way through your Presidency. You have been involved with more seedy, corrupt criminals than Horatio Cane and you have abused funds for personal gain. You have raped, lied, stolen, protected evil men and weezled your way out of prosecution and you wonder why people continue to take the piss out of you in the media and treat you with utter contempt. Even the great Oliver Tambo’s daughter doesn’t think much of you based on what she had to say about the painiting: “He should inspire the reverence he craves. This portrait is what he inspired”

    You Mr Zuma and your ANC are a bunch of CANTS!

    CAN’T let go of the past
    CAN’T operate in your life without breaking the rules
    CAN’T find your integrity with a map and a flashlight and a tour guide (unless you pay them off).
    CAN’T treat women with any kind of respect
    CAN’T obey the laws of this country
    CAN’T stop operating from a place of revenge and hate for what’s happened in the past
    CAN’T find a way forward with no agenda or payoff
    CAN’T stop putting family members in government positions for which they are not qualified
    CAN’T stop the out of control corruption that is rife throughout every government department
    CAN’T stop getting involved in shady, underhanded deals
    CAN’T seem to get the education right in this country
    CAN’T say goodbye of Affirmative Action and BEE which is ruining businesses across this land

    But what do I know?

    I’m just a white girl talking about a black man.

    I must be a racistlis

    **Due to the nature of some of the comments in this article, the text has been edited by the MyNews24 Editor.


  229. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ dorky dirk
    Thank you for copying my post of 25 May and re-posting it (with some spelling mistakes). It seems as though you might, just possibly, be educable after all – albeit it will be a long and painful process to get rid of all your neo-Nazi ideas and ideals.

  230. Boerkie says:

    The word “RACIST” has become as DEROGATIVE as the word “K@FFIR” if not more as the word “KAFIR” is an Arabic word indicating “NON BELIEVER.” for Hundreds of years and that includes any Race that is not Islamic. Black or White, so I am A WHITE “K@FIR” or K@FFIR. Any one call me a RACIST I shall sue them for defamation of Character.

  231. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ Boerkie
    With no disrespect for any individual nor any group of people, the word kaffir is actually a mis-spelling of the Arabic word ‘kafir’, itself being derived from the verb ‘kafara’ which means ‘not believing’ and therefor the word ‘kafir’ means non-believer – as you have so rightly said. Indeed a couple of (Xhosa) long-time ANC exiles in the 1980s welcomed me as a “white kafir”.
    Additionally, the word Kafir (with the capitalised first letter) is the correct name given to a ‘native’ of the Hindu-Kush mountain region of North Eastern Afganistan and is frequently spelled as “Kaffir” (I do not know if the name for these people has any [Muslim] religious significance.)

  232. horny-corny, I just got in an email with spelling mistakes and all, and pasted it here. Moenie jouself vlei om te dink dat ek jou so belangrik ag om al jou poste te lees nie, ingesluit die een van 25 Mei waarna jy verwys nie. Verder, die wonder van AFRIKAANS ( die mees moderne en kragtigste taal op aarde ) is juis dat dit woorde uit verskillende tale en kulture bevat en met AFRIKAANS beteken die woord “kaffer” ook bloot net “heiden” en is nie die skelwoord wat julle engelse vervloekkings daarvan gemaak het nie!

  233. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    Since “heiden” translates as ‘pagan’ or ‘heathen’ and all of your avowed beliefs and expressions of opinion are so ‘heathen’ you, too, must be a “kaffer” – I thank God that my friends used the correct spelling.

  234. corney, engelse kaffer, not being english does not make any person pagan and b.t.w. true children of God will take note of Mat. 5:33 -37 and James 5:12 and will therefore not have “avowed beliefs” as our beliefs are given to us from the God who created everything that exist, even you english wingnuts…

  235. Guys, enough of the name-calling please – Wonkie hates moderating comments so please keep them on-topic and attack the point not the individual (otherwise your comments will be deleted) – thanks

  236. Boerkie says:

    A BIG Thanks to Wonkie Author for your Reprimand on the Character and Name calling as “Wonkie” has become a Wonkiemudsling article instead of having a giggle.

  237. OutofAfrica says:

    Thanks PM; I too come here for a giggle and to enjoy SA sense of humour, which I think is unique. There is enough animosity and cyber bullying on most other ZA (and international) news sites. EK HOOP JY LUISTER, DIRK! Jy kan op “Vryheidsfront” op FB lekker gesels met jou medeburgers.

  238. Ja afrika, presies waarom ek julle engelse gemors so verag..gaan op met dioe blaai en kyk waar die persoonlikke anvaale begin het…en julle engelse gemors sal die skuldiges wees

  239. It seems that someone has really pissed off Dork/dirk. It seems like corny is to blame, you cannot piss off a holy man of god like dork without being stuck by lightning.

  240. Dork, you may be a racist but in our brave new world you are obsolete, an anachronism, and a fool. Therefore you would do well to join the ANC.

    PS. Take your God with you.

  241. a-maize-ingly-corny says:

    @ Garth – the “lightning” is a major (and rapid onset) case of the “sniffles” with a severe blockage of one of the sinuses.
    A case of scotch would, of course, have been much more acceptable (and appreciated!!!).
    I suppose the lack of scotch is the punishment for being so stupid as to think that such a dork could be educated.

  242. OutofAfrica says:

    @Garth; I think the lightening was meant for me!
    @-Corny; I commiserate – a little snort of Otrivin could help if your doctor has not prescribed something specific.

  243. That is not art – this is computer generated pamphlet. On everything else that you wants to can argue, i can accept, but nothing to do with artistic freedom – is not an object of art.
    Interesting enough – there is a lot of forums about this incident – but no one of of them include professional artist –specialist with university degree…Only self proclaimed art specialist or art lovers…Poor knowledge and lack of art education in SA is result on wrong presumption of what art is about…

  244. Art is in the eye of the artist, be it a painting, a sculpture, a photo, a computer graphic, a piece of music, we don’t have to like it, we can criticise it. A good critique can be a work of art. What we should not do is bully and threaten the artist, the gallery, or the newspaper that reported on it. And what we must not do is require a degree before sloshing paint on a canvas. I am certain there are among the many correspondents to wonkie there are undoubtedly many who are some who are specialists who have degrees and don’t have degrees. I doubt if an artist would comment on wonkie because most of them can’t read or write.

  245. Not quite right – compare with music art – at last, you may know 7 basic notes of music, and also same basic accords – without that basic, is chaos-not art of music …to write a book, novel or else – you must know alphabet and grammar – otherwise will be difficult to understand – so how is possible to declare something as visual art – without knowing or understanding basic language of visual art? If few scribbles on canvas art or chaos? Is same computer generated print art? Is this artist or computer one who creating art? We have plenty computer generated pictures-but this is not art. If human seting behind screen- hi is still just operator. Computer is just tool, far form power of humans. Maybe is just too many movies around….Art is human discipline, and always will be. Art has universal symbols an relations between them – same as music, writing, painting, sculpture or any other art…because of that art can be profound an significant expression of culture…amateurs art is ok to support, but declare as only art needed or art that only exist in society – this is dangerous precedent,,that’s killing real art and show low level of culture in general.

  246. GatvolinSA says:

    Dear Mart…please go and get an education. Graphic Art IS art whether you validate it or not. To say that graphic art is not art purely because some of it uses a computer to create is the same as saying that an oil painting is not true art because the artist needed a paint brush to apply the paint to the canvas. It is an utterly inane comment with zero merit to it. You may think that what graphic artists do is not art, but please keep those opinions grounded in fact and not flights of fancy. Oh and I spent five years in school learning the basic principles of “art” and how to apply them to the field of graphic art so your claim that we utterly disregard or are oblivious to the basics of art is baseless and insulting!

    Dear Gart…The mere fact that you are reading this post from a graphic artist means that your insulting comment about the education level of artists is false. Most artists can in fact both read and write. Yes even the ones from third world countries like me! Please would you take the time to go and do the required research before making such asinine comments which are wholly and utterly baseless in fact!

    Thank you to the both of you.

  247. GatvolinSA says:

    Garth not Gart. Sorry. My fingers are stiff from the cold here…

  248. Gatvolin. You are quite correct, mart does not know what graphic artists do, both a cousin and my son are graphic artists both have spent time and money to achieve their qualifications. But more importantly they have the creative imaginations to create extraordinary works of art. More to the point they have also produced painted canvasses. My cousin produces graphic cartoons for advertising and the film industry, my son designs on line gambling. and does art photos professionally Both can read and write and have a sense of humour that you seem to lack

  249. Now that the dust has settled that was a good specimen!! and everybody stop the destructive envy, lust and jealousy. A Machine is a machine neh?? Macho stuff!

  250. He he…is not art, and that is it.
    You must be more tolerant about other’s opinions, without ugly personal remarks. Democracy is still Jung and fragile in SA, we are all in learning curve. Without possibility to see, understand, compare and analyze, is difficult to understand nature of art.

  251. B A Potgieter says:

    Wonder what “Muti” he uses to get the OLD Spear operational with all those Hormone running wild young wife’s. Or is the Security Guards helping out like the last one Zuma caught out and now this poor Fella is Missing in Action.??????????? Stripped of all his Mkonto Medals.

  252. It is more than a year since the jalorg of the nation raised its ugly head. But nothing has changed. As corny has said we CANT do anything. This of course means we need a change of direction.
    If the matric pass rate is 70% and the pass mark is 30% this means that about half of matric students are illiterate . Given that half the school population does not sit for matric. It means that half our population is uneducated and unemployable. When Zuma says he will create half a million jobs a year he is facing an impossible task never mind international economics, it is a fact that industry or commerce will not employ them and we will naver get out of teh hole that the ANC has dug.
    We need to start with some very basic education, the purpose of primary schools is to teach writing, grammar, arithmetic, reading and basic good manners. Then when these kids go to secondary school they can at least understand the basics.
    Lets argue further we need to scrap all the official languages and only adopt English as our one and only main language. Why? because the language policy entrenches apartheid thinking. Zulus in KZN, Xhosas In the old Transkei and Ciskei, Tswana in the jigsaw puzzle that was Bophutatswana, so and so forth, it does nothing to advance the nation. afrikaners can gripe bu most blacks would like them gone. Anyway language does not need protecting it will either collapse or survive. a fine example is Mauritius where much of the population still speak French even though English has been the official language since 1810 some 200 years ago.
    What about crime, the statistics show that crime is reducing but only by infinitesimal percentages which are hardly credible. In 1836 crime levels i n Britain were comparable to ours and then came a Prime minister who took a no nonsense approach, he put cops on the street, visible policing, no one got away with anything and the laws were upheld. We do not need the raft of new laws that the ANC keep passing we need the existing ones to be applied.
    Part of the problem is the communities, they hide suspects, there is smash and grabber just down the road from my place who cannot be caught because he smashes and grabs from cars and then rushes into a squatter camp where he is hidden by the community, the police cannt find him even though they know who he is. Make hiding a suspect a criminal offence.
    Corruption, works at the highest levels and yet we see them get away with it. I say send them all to jail and no bail when they are arrested.
    Traffic, all it needs is again some visible policing, hoe about they tackle minor offences if they just put a cop on every street corner for an hour a day the fines would pay for another hundred thousand cops. Trucks and cars should be subjected to random and plentiful road checks. An unroadworthy unlicensed truck kills 23 people the driver is blamed, the owner denies any wrongdoing, what does he think we are, stupid. Throw him in jail, confiscate his business and destroy all his trucks.
    While on the subject of traffic and new laws lets have an anti hooligan law that says if you blast your hooter for no valid reason you get a ticket, Australia has these laws and as you all know Australians are all hooligans (just look at their cricketers and rugby players).
    The other day i was driving along in traffic and the light turned red, I came to a stop while 2 vehicles sped past me on the inside lane, the car behind me hooted at me. He again hooted before the light turned green. As I pulled away he tried to overtake on the outside but was prevented by oncoming traffic. At the next light he sopped and got out of his car no doubt with the intent of doing some bodily harm. But he backed off when I pulled a gun and then I drove off. This was on a main road in the city, where were the cops?
    Taxis are the worst thing to invade our lives. There is no reason for their existence, they should be NATIONALISED int a transport company either national or municipal. We need bigger and safe buses, we need commuter trains that go to more destinations and again they must be clean and safe. I have a maid who catches a taxi to work every day as the taxi stops near my place. But when she goes home I have to take her to the rank, because taxis operate destination to destination, to hell with those commuters in between, They are also random departing only when full. Get rid of them and provide decent public transport. Anyway our cities cannot absorb many more cars trucks or taxis on the roads, the only way is mass transport.
    I could go on and on about everything, Zuma and his cohorts in the ANC do not know or do not want to fix the problems. Maybe the spear of the nation is incorrect, all our politicians are big pricks

    • Very aptly put Garth, but when those in power feel safe in their positions, due to an ignorant electorate, no sensible propositions will deter them from their chosen path. Nearly 20 years in power has entrenched the feeling of entitlement and their personal gains confirm their determination that they are on the right track.
      When the crunch finally comes it will be too late for them and their electors to admit that their views have destroyed a once functioning country while anarchy reigns supreme.
      “A better life for all” is not a pledge but a slogan to entice the support of more suckers.

      • a-maize-ingly-corny says:

        “A better life for all” is a correct but incomplete slogan. The full slogan is “A better life for all us ANC Top-Dogs” Just as “Together we can do much more” was incomplete without the last word – crime, corruption, money-laundering, nepotism, tenderpreneuring, etc, etc, etc, – take your pick!
        Thankfully Garth said that the politicians ARE big pricks and did not say “have” and, unfortunately, both you and Garth are virtually 100% correct in your comments. I only wish you weren’t!

  253. Lets start small we convince our local policing forum to work on their local cop shops to man major intersections randomly for 1 hour a day and fine all those guys texting or talking on cellphones. Fine them R1000, after about a week after the press start commenting increase the fine to R2000 and increase the fine level to R10000. Once we have solved that problem find another problem to tackle. Instead of doing it all at once and not achieving anything lets have a go bit by bit we should get on top of crime and reduce it radically. As they say the wey to eat an elephant is one mouthful at a time, or softly softly catchee monkey.

  254. Garth, in a perfect world your proposed solution would work.
    Unfortunately in the imperfect South Africa we have a police minister that will go to court to contest the use of the police service (no longer a force) to man major intersections randomly for 1 hour a day when many of them already expend sufficient energy losing dockets or committing serious crimes.
    The minister of justice may also be required to apply his mind to ensure that certain persons are immune from prosecution.
    The subsequent repercussions might even extend to No.1 resulting in Mac and Jackson being overextended with denials and counterclaims while No.1 will be somewhere proving his manhood
    The eventual possibility of the collapse of the government whose inability to actually work for the good of the country might be a cross too heavy to bear.
    Some dreams might be fantastic, but do those dreams mature to reality in our beleaguered nation?

  255. More than 250 comments over 4 months on this topic must be a record for Wonkie.
    But has Jacob Zuma been made aware of the topic? More importantly, does he care?
    Most likely he does not care, the same as he does not care about the country or the services it provides to its citizens, their health, their education, their safety, their housing and a host of other activities where he appoints incompetents and even criminals to run departments or divisions in order to ensure his personal security.
    A number of commentators on this site have been more concerned with preserving the dignity of the president than with whether he has any dignity to preserve. He has been an embarrassment to the government (which the ANC deserves) but most importantly an embarrassment to the country which affects all the countries citizens.
    It is time that his supporters grew up and realised that in any decent society the needs of the majority trump the needs of the criminals, murderers, rapists as well as those who espouse cultural abnormalities and that the “majority” includes all the citizens other than those that fit into the four categories referred to, three of which include our president.
    Our constitution states (inter alia): We, the people of South Africa Believe that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity. We therefore, through our freely elected representatives, adopt this Constitution as the supreme law of the Republic so as to- Heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights; Lay the foundations for a democratic and open society in which government is based on the will of the people and every citizen is equally protected by law; Improve the quality of life of all citizens and free the potential of each person; and Build a united and democratic South Africa able to take its rightful place as a sovereign state in the family of nation.
    When will we start to practice what we preach? When will our country be a country that all its law abiding citizens can be proud of?

  256. Tony, the first post was in May 2012. That was 16 months ago it just goes to show that what we think about government has not changed during that time.

  257. Bring in Steve and “Die Stem”.


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