giraffe tortoise photo cartoon

giraffe tortoise photo

Mutant Giraffe-Tortoise Photo Caption Challenge

Having read some of the heated commentary on the last two posts about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration and the controversial Jacob Zuma Spear painting, Wonkie thought the timing is ripe for some much-needed Friday fun.

While the source of the photo is still unknown, Wonkie believes that the evil giraffe-tortoise genetic mutation (Wonkie cautions you not not be fooled by its cute demeanour) was released as a devious attempt by Barack Obama to deflect attention off Mitt Romney in the run-up to the US election. Wonkie Intelligence informants suggest that the creature was developed in a secret North Indian compound with the latest in genetic lab technology, several international scientists and a customised version of the CIA gene-splicing software, Photoshop.

In other news, TAG, the world-famous Tortoise Activist Group in Norway launched an international smear campaign against giraffes. They claimed that the mutant creature should have been called a tortoise-giraffe instead, and also that the giraffe was infringing on basic tortoise rights. The giraffes in turn appealed to Greece for help but were disappointed when they found that the Greeks had already begun using the giraffe-tortoise as a makeshift currency as they were running out of olives.

Mangwashi Phiyega photoIn South Africa, President Jacob Zuma, eager to recover from the traumatic challenge on his dignity and the very real threat of his ousting later this year, took a bold move and appointed Mangwashi Phiyega as the first female police commissioner in South Africa. The replacement for disgraced police chief Bheki Cele had most of South Africa dumbfounded and frantically googling trying to find out who she is.

Wonkie tried to reach Mangwashi Phiyega for her comments on the giraffe-tortoise travesty of nature but her personal assistant told our South African correspondent that she was very busy reading up the Wikipedia Guide to Crime Prevention.

Concerned that nobody was considering the poor mutant giraffe-tortoise’s view on current matters, Wonkie posted today’s Photo Caption Challenge – please leave your thoughts on what the giraffe-tortoise is thinking in the comments section below.

NB: Readers are welcome to submit more than one caption. If you do have more than one thought to share, Wonkie requests that you please put ALL your entries into a SINGLE COMMENT – Thank you.


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This giraffe-tortoise photo caption challenge ends on 24th June 2012, after which the winning entry (i.e. the wittiest one!) will be published on this page… so think like a mutant giraffe-tortoise, have fun and enjoy the weekend!


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Wonkie wonders if this giraffe-tortoise creature has some kind of superpower – like being able to pick out the winning numbers of the next big lotto. If it can and you have access to such a mutant giraffe-tortoise, perhaps now would be a good time to buy lottery tickets online in India. Alternatively, check out current offers on the best international online casinos here on Wonkie or those available in South African rand now.

For the clever-smarties amongst you that believe that this is a giraffe-turtle and not a giraffe-tortoise, sorry but you’re wrong!


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  1. Geez! Viagra works for me!

  2. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    It was decided that we needed someone tall to police the tortoise population

  3. See what happens when you stick your neck out!

  4. Damn Genie, I said “giraffe SPEAR” not “giraffe’s ear”.

  5. Now I can scratch my own backside!

  6. Mom and Dad! What were you thinking??

  7. “I better run really slowly in tomorrows race as I have just returned from a neck/back injury and I don’t want to injure it again” This will be my first race in 6 weeks so….

  8. Help! Help! I said “Beam me up Scotty” and this is what happened!

  9. As you can see,as ANC politicians we are very slow on delivery but we can stick our necks out

  10. Bheki: “I tsjaila to new cadre deployment soon”

  11. as you can see,us ANC politicians are slow to deliver but we can stick our necks out

  12. “Sigh… they say an elephant can never change its spots…”

  13. I’ll stick my head out and predict Malema will be back,stronger than before.

  14. WTF!!!

  15. SURPRISED! says

    The spears not soooo long after all!

  16. OMG What happened nothing new in S.A. everything goes on as we live in another planet.This must be alien invasion to put things right.

  17. I knew it… stick your neck out and you get all this adverse publicity…

  18. Craig Smith says

    1. Dammit – someone’s gonna pay for this!

    2. All I need now is for some moron to say I’m rich in Omega 3 and I’m screwed!

    3. Uh oh… Chinese guy drooling – that can’t be a good sign!

  19. Andrew Wright says

    Clever these Chinese!

  20. Andrew Wright says

    Who says I’m a mutant? I’ll head-but their big toe ….

  21. “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride!”

  22. the Sangoma, they forgot to mention, read them BONES wrong.That’s why the MUTANT is powerless.
    The new COMMISSIONER is also a MUTANT, one MALE and one FEMALE:


  24. Hanlie Saaiman says

    My daddy (tortoise) was drinking red bull, OK?!

  25. Once upon a tree, I used to be the tallest…but since I joined politics…

  26. Aquatic Ape says

    1) Hide it, quick! Don’t let the Chinese or Vietnamese see it.
    2) Whatever you do, don’t paint its portrait!
    3) A ready made Chinese snack.
    4) The tortoise must’ve stood on a ladder!

  27. Mr Zuma, your matching of ministers/managers etc. to positions vacated by the previous misfits could never look this good!

  28. Anthony Wilson says

    Must be in the air … cross-polli… NATION!

  29. A Tortoise only makes progress when he sticks his giraffe out

  30. Let the tortoise do the walk and the giraffe do the talking

  31. “Eish! I only wanted a HOP-house!”

  32. Girrie!!! Tottie met die shit!

  33. “Coming out” was harder than I imagined !

  34. How many times must I stick my neck out for you?

  35. How low can you go. Not even Jacob Zuma could manage that one.

  36. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    This tickling underneath has made my head stand up HIGH!

  37. Oh God! Dorks back in person!

  38. 1. After nearly 140 days, Col Muammar Girrafi discovered that Myrtle the turtle was fertle.
    2. SA Post Offie: We deliver whatever it takes.
    3. SA Post Office: We deliver whatever we don’t take.

  39. The handler: “Eish!”

  40. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore!!

  41. S.A. Post Office “We take whatever we don’t want to deliver”. sent a mag to Germany 09/05/12 still not arrived!

  42. Torty will survive 100 years, sadly Gerry will not…….sounds like the ANC chronicles

  43. OK That’s it, Moron. I said remove the shower head, not the whole damn head.

  44. @avatrix. I played SA Post Office roulette for fun. I was due to fly to Australia in 3 weeks time, so, for fun, posted a CD I intended taking with me from SA to the address I was going to, to see which/who arrived there first. The CD arrived in Oz after I had been there three weeks. Five and a half weeks in SA Post Office’s hands and 4 days for the Oz postal services to deliver once it arrived in Perth.

  45. prashant says

    in deed it’s a perfect breed!! it’s girratoise!

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