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ANC and Mamiki Shai attack the Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela

ANC not Shai to attack Public Protector

This week, in a desperate move by the ANC leadership to maintain consistency in a government of disrepute, it attacked Thuli Madonsela, South Africa’s Public Protector. After an unacceptable spate of successes from her office, the ANC was quick to react hoping to squash any signs of competence in government-related institutions before public expectations were raised.

It is interesting that the ANC is questioning how the Public Protector’s office is being run. Not because the ANC barely bats an eyelid at Angie Motshekga’s publicly proven incompetence when it comes to managing basic education (read the Limpopo textbooks crisis article for more details on the standards for South African government accountability). This is interesting because Thuli Madonsela’s successes directly implicate senior government officials and corruption within the big party that is the ANC.

Suppose for a moment that the ANC’s allegations, that Thuli Madonsela is biased and is targeting the ANC, are true. In short – WHO CARES! Her investigations might have been considered spurious and victimising if she did not deliver results. But she did – and big results at that. She has successfully protected the public from the likes of the dodgy Police Commissioner, Bheki Cele, and removed Public Works Minister Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde from her office. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Ultimately, the truth trumps victimisation just as it does slander.

Now what appears to have happened is that Mamiki Shai, Madonsela’s deputy, has pathetically run above Thuli’s head directly to parliament to whine into the obviously sympathetic ear of an embarrassed ANC. Of course, the highest profile incompetents are listening carefully and getting all excited now that they have an opportunity to clip the wings of what has turned out to be a worthy adversary to the government’s mischief.

Make no mistake, Wonkie is certain there is corruption to be uncovered in non-ANC territory too. The Public Protector however has limited resources and needs to focus on resolving the highest value incidents, from the public’s perspective, first. No doubt the ANC would love to see some equivalent dirt exposed on the DA and if there is evidence that warrants such an investigation it must follow due process at the Public Protector’s office. The Protector has the responsibility to prioritise investigations based on public value and/or to request additional funding in order to pursue more cases. If that hasn’t happened, then yes, the Protector has been very naughty.

Wonkie has every faith that Madonsela will retain her title as South African role model of note. Appropriately, she has welcomed Parliament’s decision to have the Justice Portfolio Committee investigate the allegations against her and the Public Protector’s office.

If Wonkie were to gaze into the Great Cynical Crystal Ball of Life, Wonkie would likely see Thuli Madonsela get removed from her office for some ridiculous misdemeanour – failing to fully investigate the reported case of excessive photocopying by the DA in some small village near Hout Bay, or something of the sort. The Shai baby of course will become the new darling of the ANC and the glamorous world of South African politics will be her oyster. What do you think?

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In other news, this week the Public Protector in South Africa launched National Good Governance Week. Allegedly after a full day of intense lectures on the topic, a first year student raised his hand and said: “Erm… so basically we just look at how our government is doing things and do completely the opposite?”

The laughter in the audience was short-lived as the student was whisked away by an enthusiastic blue light brigade. Wonkie was later informed that the student possibly posed a serious security threat to Zuma’s extravagant Nkandla residence. Of course, no further details could be disclosed because all relevant government details are now protected Corruption Enablement Bill, oops sorry – the Protection of Information Bill.

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Leave YOUR COMMENT here on ANC corruption, Thuli Madonsela, and the Public Protector.

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  1. Craig Smith says

    LOL… excellent article and cartoon Wonkie! Telling it like it is… I don’t think anyone needs to make much of an effort these days to see how the ANC is messing South Africa up… the party seems rife with people out for personal gain rather than the good of the general public.

    Nice quip at the end too about the Nkandla residence.. apparently Madonsela is investigating that now as well – hopefully she survives this attack and is around for a long time to come… South Africa needs her!

  2. I find your analysis both encouraging and depressing. Encouraging because there are still folk such as yourselves who can discern realistically; depressing because you are probably right! A change of leadership seems to be our only hope.

  3. Change of leadership.
    We wish! But with the government ensuring that the masses don’t get educated and thus keeping them in the dark, our wishes will never come true!!!

  4. We must create a Protect the Protector campaign. I have R50,000 to contribute…

  5. Rev John Mokoena says

    It seems there is an element of unfairness against the public protector because of the good job she is doing in South Africa. Many people in South Africa before, did not know what the Public Protector’s duty was. But since the appointment of Adv. Thuli Madonsela it is so apparent to everyone that she is advocating justice and bringing those who are against it to book. We are all happy for the work she is doing and we are behind her with prayers. We are also happy that she has opened her hand for her to be investigated so that those who are of wrong motives could be proven wrong.
    Well done, Mme Madonsela.
    Rev John Mokoena (Polokwane)

  6. pietpompies says

    Wonkie, you are spot-on once again.But you know what, no matter how right you are and how legitimate your comments and criticism, all you will get from the ANC is a rude ‘V’ sign. I cannot understand how the so called ‘educated’ class can still vote for the ANC. They are all a corrupt bunch with NO integrity. Look at the Eastern Cape, today’s Daily Dispatch (17th October) “EC all out to lobby for Zuma” I sincerely hope they do NOT get rid of Thuli Madonsela – that will be a sad day!

  7. It’s that stupid minister of justice Jeff Radebe again. He appointed the controvetial Simelane together with Zuma after lying to the Ginwala commision.Now Shai also want that position. The ANC will once again fail to oust Thuli,because their leadership has no brains.

  8. Surely there must be other persons who can think like our one in a million public protecter. They should form a company and really get to investigating the entire government. This would more than likely make a lot more voters place their ballot crosses to another political party.

  9. Please help me here…I want to start a Kleptometer. A live website which tally’s up the Govts waste on a continuous basis. At any time one can have a look at: those who’re drawing salaries while under suspension; the Arms deal; nKandla; Cwele; Shabangu; Siceko; Yengeni; Malema; Fisheries; Defence; Simelane; fruitless commissions; Eskom and SAA bailouts; Eskom, Cabinet, MP and Parastatal salaries; loans to Zim, Swazi; Jet planes; Shaik; Sanral; Robben Island;…just add – I’m tired of typing…I will contribute R000’s for start up costs…

  10. The ANC has Failed to Govern South Africa. South Africa is UNGOVERNABLE as the Masses are doing what the ANC Government Members are and Thuli Madonsela`s head will surely be chopped as she is trying her best to derail the Gravy Train.

  11. b macmillan says

    We have all had enough of the ANC.
    Time to form a new Political party to get rid of the ANC.

  12. Ivory Mandla says

    It’s sad that she finds her (Shai) fame this way. I guess if you are can’t get it through doing your job, it’s fare to get it anyway you can. I am surprised i never heard anything about her till now. I am guessing she would be perfect for ANC to replace Madonsela

  13. Craig Smith says

    @Ant Duke – LOL – what a brilliant idea… Kleptometer! Wonkie should build something and have it running alongside these posts!

  14. everything in this country is falling apart under this ANC Led Government,when ANC Officials and their friends are arrested, they are freed from prison without any valid reasons as to why they are being released, the justice system in this country only favours those who are politically connected. Thuli Madonsela is doing the right thing by not taking sides or any political pressure , i bet the only thing that the ANC will do is to make sure that funds are unavailable for her office to do her work properly, they will try and subotage her work,the ANC has run out of ‘VISION’ the last thing we need in this country is to see our Beautiful Country going down economically beacause of the greedy Leaders who only want everything for themselves BIG HOUSE, BIG CARS BIG EVERTHING INCLUDING THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS,and what about us, people who put them in power? they care less, they make desicions against our will,now they have introduced the condoms things at school for what, are they realy encouraging our kids to haave sex at school during school hours? Realy ‘WHERE THERE IS NO VISION, PEOPLE WILL PERISH’ ANC has run out of the VISION, Let’s change this government and go back to the White led Government maybe things can be fixed!!!

  15. South African institutions, esp. her office, still have element of fear of the ruling Government like other African countries. Maybe its an African culture to fear the ruler. I think respect for the ruler is good but not fear.

  16. Viva our Public Protector!! I think she should investigate Eskom and all the price hikes as well!!

  17. i think Thuli she is wrong, since her appointment i did not like her approach to our leadership.despite the attitude of juju i still feel that he was illtreated as a leader.i think this allegation of being anti anc is true its b y mistake she is appointed in that seat,let her go and utilise her intellegence in public sector when dont need people so ca;lled leaders but are not prepared to take her she is earning R1.7m PA, what this rubbish.

  18. Rotten to the core, but just a case of rounding up the usual suspects

  19. We need a paradigm shift in South Africa. We must stop calling the ANC the RULING Party. We must stop seeing the ANC as the government of the country. That is not how democracy works.
    We elect representatives to Parliamnet to SERVE us, not RULE us. That is why they are called Public Servants.
    We allow the majority party (not the RULING party) to supply the Civil Servants who serve us as ministers of various departments, to look after our roads, defence, economy and all those other good things. We do not elect them to enrich themselves and to build R200 million houses for themselves.
    The Majority party should be called the Serving Party. The “media” are largly to blame for this misnomer. if all tv, newspaper, blogs and so on got into the habit of the serving party idea, might we not get our paradigm shift?
    I know, I know, I am wishing for the moon, but who knows?
    Any thoughts?

  20. There is plenty of ill feeling around…a groundswell will come…hope I’m around…

  21. Ivory Mandla says

    I couldn’t have said it any better. That is why now ANC believes they own the country, they can do anything they want at anytime. We gave them that power and we keep voting them in no matter what. As a nation we need to move from voting out of fear of apartheid and base our vote on principles and performance.

  22. Keep up the good work Thuli….You will surely be fired for it! Laziness and incompetence is all that gers rewarded in the anc!

  23. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    One of the sorry facts o South African political life is that the electorate have no representatives. Sure, the electorate all have the chance to vote. Unfortunately that note is for a PARTY and not for a representative! The Parties, then, SELECT (NOT ‘elect’) THEIR representatives and out of the majority party’s representatives, the President selects the ministers.
    So far, bad enough, but it gets worse!
    Personally, I have no problem with Ministers having big (not necessarily “flashy”) cars with a chauffeur, as the minister is expected to travel to many places and represent “the government”. Most times, the minister will need one or more travelling companions, aides, fellow members of parliament, etc., with whom to carry on their “work” whilst travelling.
    So – what is a minister’s work, what is a member of parliament’s work? Obviously, to codify thelaws of the country and to debate and enact other laws as may be necessary rom time to time.
    How do they do this? By reading, thinking, and talking to one another.
    This is where it gets BAD.
    It looks like the majority of our politicians either can’t or won’t read – especially something that makes them look bad.
    A great many also seem to lack the ability to think.
    BUT – they can surely talk.
    Does South Africa really need un-read, non-thinking, excessively-talking politicians with no constituency to answer to?

    The work of the Public Protector is vital in keeping us up-to-date with the various antics of the voracious herd of political-insider go-getters (especially if the ‘go’ in go-getters is an abbreviation of ‘gold’).

    With the completely unbiased work that she does, Thuli Madonsela should never be “shai” to hold up her head and stand for the right (with a small ‘r’) and for the protection of the public from these selected, but not elected, desecrators of our beautiful land.

    Keep up the brilliant work Ms Madonsela – honest South Africans LOVE you.

  24. Dear Seleout.. You are obviously one of the poor suckers who revel in being poor because your anc cadres are stealing the food from your mouth! AND NONE OF YOU SEEM TO CARE AT ALL! YOU DESERVE THE RULERS YOU GET! Amazing how you lot follow just like sheep! No imagination!

  25. Sheep Mentality unfortunately amongst 80% and they are the poor as well.

  26. Sele – your logic is out of place on something as modern as the Internet…lost in fact…

  27. When things are bad like this, you ask your self why did I vote for the ANC in the first place. As things stand at the moment, whites will run this country again in no time.

  28. @Sele
    Spot on Ant Duke – I was just going to post something similar, only to find your comment above. Except I was going to add “get lost Sele – we don’t need your type on an intelligent discussion site”

  29. Sele, you are right, the ruling party must not put up with rooting out corruption, Madonsela must be fired, we cannot have a government official finding fault with our wonderful and corruption free ANC.
    Shai’s report accused Madonsela of attending a DA event. The reasoning is that no person employed by the state should attend party political occasions particularly those of the opposition. However should any civil servant attend an ANC rally that’s OK as this displays party loyalty and patriotism.
    Sele are you actually serious or just another apologist for ANC ineptitude.

  30. @ Vuyo
    We all thought the ANC would run SA in peace and prosperity – that was back in 1994 though. but that is where we stopped voting for the ANC – when we saw what they are busy doing to our beloved country. However, the masses are still voting for the ANC – they are not thinking, or perhaps unaware of what is really going on – lack of news/internet/computers perhaps?
    Please don’t make running the country a “colour thing” – all we need are intelligent, educated, morally upright people to take up the leadership, nevermind their colour. Personally I don’t care if they are purple or green, as long as they can do the job – properly!!!

  31. Vuyo has a good point….The Nats were a dying breed anyway! Ask any thinking Black, and he will tell you that he was better off under the previous regime. We had roads, hospitals, public services, trains, a functional education system, armed services etc. Ok they wer’nt perfect, but the basics were there for a better future. The anc has broken and destroyed it all, and lined there own pockets. Dear Mr Mandela….Why could you not be 20 years younger??

  32. @ Jewel
    Point taken, we are one nation and thats what matters.
    @ Ratava
    You are correct when you say things where better before 94. I have spoken to old genaration even the youth they don’t have faith in ANC. I also want a R200 million house for my family. ha ha ha.

  33. You know what Vuyo? Most whites don’t really want to rule. The strife and pain this country is going suffer by mindless loyalists, if and when the ANC lose an election, is absolutely frightening to us. But what we would want is pure honesty. The majority deserve to govern by simple democratic priniciple. Is that hard to understand? THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT CAN BE BLACK…but competent please.

  34. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Jewel, ratava, Vuyo and Ant Duke
    And this is why Thuli Madonsela is so important to this country.
    Every one of us should be on our knees, thanking God for such a courageous woman doing a job that is helping even some of the politically blind to see, at the same time putting her own safety in jeopardy the better to serve her country.

  35. Dear amazingly horny. You are preaching to the converted…The Lady is a Heroine!!

  36. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ ratava
    sele is in need of conversion – not to mention some basic education in both politics and the English language.
    Oops – did I forget to mention manners?
    As to R 1,7 m pa – I’m sure that there are many, many advocates out there feeling sorry for her because of the miserably LOW income she is collecting compared with them!

  37. WOW! What a ROI…R1.7mil for trying to get back R30bil…not to mention some dignity, accountability, morality and tirelessly holding up a mirror to the politically deranged few.

  38. It is my opinion that corruption at all levels is finally being dealt with. TM is working hard albeit with not enough staff. She is doing her best while remaining within the law. All accolades to her.

    The ANC is used to using politics as a way of showing the public what heroes they were(past tense), but don’t like any form of criticism and are not above paying people to taint anyone who voices opposition. There are MPs who know the time is coming for their secrets to be unveiled. TM, South Africans need you.

  39. Selby Baqwa, as the first Public Protector, did a reasonable job but he was succeeded by Lawrence Mushwana who believed that he was the ANC Protector.
    Thuli Madonsela has really shown her mettle and without fear or favour has ensured that her investigations are worthy of the trust that the right minded public has put in her.
    She is revered by many South Africans, both black and white, but detested by those that fear exposure by her unit. She is the Public Protector and knows that she must protect the public from the excesses that those in power, in both the government and the private sector, are wont to commit and she does her job bloody well.
    The private sector culprits know that they are doomed if they are investigated by her. Unfortunately the government culprits believe that they are above the law and would use every means to repudiate her findings although excluding her from further investigations is much easier and neater than repudiation.
    It has become obvious that the profligacy of the ANC has exceeded the wildest expectations of a captive public but Ms Madonsela is definitely up to the challenge.
    Let the evil doers beware, a future TRC will out them, no matter how they try to silence Thuli. It is now a war between the good and the evil in our country and the good are definitely behind the current Public Protector and will do our utmost to protect her.

  40. Mushwana…part of the original rot

  41. Ouma, you must understand that Eskom recently admitted that they need to take care of their shareholders.
    This implies that the uppercrust of the ANC has put small amounts of money into Eskom in return for shares. These shares will obviously earn huge returns at the expense of the general public who are now required to fund those returns by means of excessive price hikes.
    The same scam was presumably perpetrated with the e-toll fiasco.

  42. Ant you are so right, The De Klerk government abdicated because their policies were so repressive and difficult to maintain it was the intransigence of PW that kept them at it after 1992. They are happy (very heppy) to let the ANC do it. They no longer have to answer to any electorate, the ANC on the other hand have to and they are doing a bad job at it because they have become corrupt and have sought to give their pals the job. The problem is we have a new apartheid, the separation of the newly rich and the poor which if not controlled will end up in the revolution that so many wanted. Madonsela is our only hope of correcting that.

  43. It’s funny but no joke Garth. The Nats ignored the opportunity long ago to create a substantial, contented, happy middle class of all races and creeds when they took the repugnantly genocidal route with apartheid. Fast forward and the struggle has produced a power clique that rivals that of the right wing denialists, but which completely outclasses the Broederbond with their gross violation of the human rights of the Party’s own people. Not the sleazy BEEE conspirators both black and white. Not me. Not the corrupt cronies who sit together in parliament…but the miserable poor. What do they think when they blue light it from Cape Town International into town and pass the rows and rows of shacks? Or do they look straight ahead? Make a cell phone call? Dictate a memo? And before I’m ‘politically corrected’…by ‘them’ I mean the parliamentarians. The politicians. The Corp CEO. The usurpers. The posers. The greedy. The hedonistic narcissists. Our masters.

  44. By the way…I like making money…by working hard.

  45. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    I’ve tried making money.
    I’m totally useless at it.
    Can’t get the colours right!

  46. Why have we not got more people in government of the calibre of TM? Her honesty, intelligence and work ethic shine and are in sharp contrast to the majority of our politicians, who are only interested in their enrichment. May she grow from strength to strength. If she were to stand for nomination for the highest office, I am sure it would be a landslide victory.

    She, like Barbara Hogan, is a person of intergrity who does her job without fear or favour. As more ruling party shenanigans are exposed, they become increasingly desperate.

  47. It is a very unfortunate situation for the ANC govnmnt to be in that way.

  48. The lack of schoolbooks is already starting to take effect!

  49. ….mmmm….

  50. pietpompies says

    Ant Duke – you are so right in what you said. Do you think those f-rts bother to read WONKIE? As I’ve said só many times in the past, all these f-rts do is give you the ‘V’ signal and carry on with their diabolical work. Who care about the poor in the East Cape. Polokwane and all the other provinces? They say ALL the right things before the next elections and so trick the electorate.

  51. It is in incredible Piet. Surreal. Witness “their” TOTAL focus on a fist-fight taking place in their own home about who heads the FAMILY. The country comes a paltry fourth in their priorities: 1) MYSELF
    2) MY KIN
    3) MY FRIEND

  52. pompies, can they actually read. Maybe, but the next generation wont be able to because they had no books, they had no teachers (they were on strike) and the teachers and politicians don’t care.

  53. Yes! Bloody joke! So much for “amandla” Freedom from education, hospitals, roads, service delivery etc…Didnt take em long to bugger it up and rape it!

  54. Thuli you are doing the great job, its a pity that the ruling party will do all its best to silence you, cos you are touching where it pains them. we are tired of the daily corrupt dealings happening in front of our eyes. we do not have the president in this country. Thuli do not be afraid South Africa is behind you.

  55. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    54 apples in the barrel and only one “granny smith” whilst the rest are “golden delicious”
    53 comments love Thuli Madonsela (yes! – including all of mine) – let’s move onto something we can discuss instead of joining a chorus line!

  56. ammazingly horny. you got that right!

  57. You’ll have to await for the next Wonkie cartoon…if it ain’t as pungent as this one, then “I’ll see you on the Dark Side of The Moon…”

  58. Why r thuli’s personal credentials never questioned? Like when was she ever in court as a real lawyer? Is she even a lawyer? For how many years before she was elected in her position? How was she even elected into her position? Or maybe whose girl is she really? Anybody who knows anything at all knows who Shai is. Before anybody makes a judgement call, lets compare the two par on par, qualification on qualification, experience on experience and finally reputation on reputation. I intimate that someone is making thuli look smart, and it is not thuli herself. I intimate further that it is a common sanphenomenon where the lesser is above the better, and inferiority complex urges the above to oppress the better to look smart. It is even better and easier if one is the darling of the media like thuli is. Wish the findings of the investigations b made public. How can we b so fooled?

  59. i wonder why was President Thabo Mbeki was removed from power like a dog, maybe it was for the benefit of these corrupt politicians. We lost an intellectual in him, come 2014 this monster must be removed together with his cronies. julius Malema is right by exposing the rot within ANC

  60. Thank you Letsoha there are now 6 things we can learn from Fatboy.

  61. Gains, Thuli’s credentials need no questioning, she has very important and immense CV including working on gender law and the constitution (look her up on google). In fact she far outshines her whippersnapper deputy Mamiki Shai. I suggest you do some research before you like Mamiki make unfounded and scurrilous allegations.
    If now we have to look at qualifications and experience for public office the government would have to fire all their cadre deployees. Please I ask you make sensible comment on Wonkie.

  62. Sorry that was supposed to be gaius.

  63. pietpompies says

    Sorry, I could not resist saying – wonder if Mamiki Shai’s name should not read : Shai”ster”

  64. The attack on Thuli Madonsela by the elements of the ruling ANC is totally unacceptable. One is forced to recall the heyday of apartheid and how it used its power to silence its opponents. Today, we are witnessing a repetition of apartheid-style mechanism. During the gloomy years of apartheid, we fought for and fully supported the ANC in its pursuit of the complete emancipation and end to corruption that was supported by the apartheid government. We knew that only a few elite benefited from that corruption and the poorest majority of South African society suffers a great deal. Ah, the ANC was the ony hope to delever the masses from bondage. What is now happening is utter contradiction of our expectation. Protets against service delivery send signals that something is terribly wrong with the ANC. Highest public offices are endemic with corruption – the source of corruption. The majority of people, at last, has found a saviour, the one and only THULI MADONSELA. Now the ANC, the very organisation whom we put our trust and faith in it that it will fight for the poor, is turning its weapons against the public protector. South Africa, stand and fight for THULI MADONSELA. We are not fighting against the ANC but for rotten potatoes in the ANC who wants to leave a legacy that corruption is acceptable in the ANC as long as one could manage to defend it by using our vote. We are not going to conform to that. I think Bheki Cele should show a great deal of comradeship by conceding his vulnerability and the fact that he abused his authority. By so doing, he would earn himeself more support.

  65. Well said Sir. The ANC seems to think that you had to pick up an AK47 to join the ‘Struggle’ but a lot of us fought in many other ways and we have all been let down by a group who have no honour and do not resemble the noble freedom fighters of the past.

  66. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Ant Duke
    My!!! but your last comment takes me back 30 or so years when my good friends, the late Marius and Jenny Schoon, were prime examples of all that could be admired in ANC/Anti-Apartheid activists. The tragedy of Jenny’s death, together with her gorgeous daughter, was only tempered by the fact that the (Nat Govt) parcel bomb arrived just after Marius had flown out of Luanda on an ANC mission and that their son was not with Jenny and his sister.
    But the memory of these two honest and honourable activists will live on to shame the greedy self-serving “servants” of “the people”.

  67. Corny – I feel like I belong to the most hated demographic in SA…50+ Male White Liberal…I think all of us only wanted justice for the crimes committed by the Nats and to see the massive potential of an amazing country shared by all. Most of us were hippies who believed in peace and love…! When I see the ANC rubbing out history and desecrating beauty it makes me mad.

  68. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Ant Duke – you and me together Bro – but I never got into the flower-power/hippie scene. Externally I was a conformist, trying, nonetheless, to improve people’s attitudes and change their opinions to be more open-minded and accepting.
    In short, a moderately high-church Anglican! – with “progressive” beliefs!

  69. Welcome to apartheid. The changes Cwele wants to the secrecy bill take us back to the era of John Vorster. The ANC never wanted liberation they just wanted absolute power. Just like the Nazi’s. They fooled us all.

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