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Wonkie's Follow the Leader photo caption contest

Follow the Leader – Photo Caption Contest

Whether it’s Barack Obama leading the USA over the fiscal cliff or Julius Malema leading the youth of South Africa astray, the alpha dogs of politics obviously play an important role in shaping the future of a country.

Recently many questions have been posed about both the value and the values of political leaders. Just last week, ex-Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi pitched up uninvited at a commemoration ceremony of Nazi Holocaust victims and made a comment favouring Mussolini. In the USA, John Kerry who bored the world with his presidential campaign against Pretzel Bush has now taken over from Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Perhaps Kerry’s sedative manner can finally help resolve some of the conflict in the Middle East. In Egypt, clashes between opponents of the country’s current Islamist regime and security forces spiraled out of control leading to dozens more dead. President Muhammad Morsi urged to kick off a “national dialogue”.

Moving to Asia, it recently came to light that about a third of Indian members of parliament are facing criminal charges ranging from corruption and fraud to murder. This month, the Singaporean ruling party suffered an uncharacteristic defeat in their local by-election. Rumour has it that they are currently consulting with President Jacob Zuma of South Africa about how they might best reach their target of 30% population growth by 2030.

Interestingly enough, googling Jacob Zuma news this week reveals a rather telling story about the brand of South African leadership. Instead of results about foreign policy or the plan of attack against rampant crime and unemployment the BBC’s top listing reads “South Africa’s Jacob Zuma in dog ownership row“. This follows the rather clever comment Mr Zuma made about ‘owning dogs as pets’ as not being a black thing late last year.

South Africans are also no doubt missing their beloved youth leader Juju, Julius Malema who has been completely sidelined by both the ANC and the media recently. Statistix South Africa reported a massive increase in clinical depression as the small percentage of employed people in the country found themselves grasping at straws when looking for new conversation topics around the water-cooler.

In honour of world leaders, Wonkie decided it would be appropriate to have this follow the leader photo caption challenge this week. As with all the photo caption contest posts, readers are welcome to submit more than one caption but are requested to PLEASE submit all their entries in ONE comment (you can number them within your comment).

The funniest responder to this week’s challenge will win a new design Wonkie t-shirt… Wonkie looks forward to checking out your clever caption entries!

CLICK HERE to leave your FUNNIEST Follow the Leader CAPTION entry!

The Follow the Leader photo caption challenge ends on Monday, 11th February 2013, after which the winning entry will be published online and the t-shirt prize awarded… so put on your thinking caps and enjoy the week ahead!

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CLICK HERE to leave your FUNNIEST Follow the Leader CAPTION entry!

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  1. black night says

    Bloody farting duck

  2. i appear to be following a chain of arseholes!

  3. I wonder where JZ is going? agh it does not really matter, I’ll follow him in any case…

  4. Jacob Zuma earlier stated that he cares so much for the poor, he cannot sleep at night !
    It was because he did not know that R200 million was being spent on his Nkandla homestead, and he would have had RDP houses, clinics and schools built instead !

  5. Juju must! you always be so stubborn. Get back in line, you stupid duck. Zuma needs all his ducks in a row.

  6. Andre van de Langenberg says

    “Eish. Why are we following a white duck??”

  7. These racsist whites are always stealing the lead.

  8. Juju, my Juju is this your swansong?

  9. Hey Mr Zuma, the new security system she no wek! Malema is trying to break in

  10. Gatiep was out job hunting. He went to Eskom “have you got matric?” he went to the railways “have you got matric?” he went to the sewerage works “have you got matric?” He went to Shoprite Checkers “have you got matric?” Eish I can’t find a job! His friend Piet laughs “no problem, just apply for job as President of South Africa”

  11. Zuma got to be president and is leading this country, with a standard 5 pass or not??! Still wondering why we are in the SHIT? because his ANC ducks follow like well paid, blind hoenders.

  12. OutofAfrica says

    Eish! We must stop following those white settlers and return to our traditional ways.

  13. Al viljoen says

    Following a white bird is unafrican

  14. Try saying “I like cops” without your lips touching.

  15. I wonder if we’ll be white if we follow a white swan?

  16. I have a straight hair wig, now to have my leader’s colour

  17. And the blind is leading the blind !

  18. Juju will always be out of line, but it looks like the duck leading the pack is just about to submerge.

  19. 1) We’re geese, we’ll never get all our ducks in a row !

  20. Deepa Elezabeth says

    let’s find out where she have her bath, I want to be fair and pretty like her

  21. HendrikAfrica says

    Who’s the white dude in the front

  22. Ugly duckling, my ass…

  23. Mangaung was hectic! Luckily I made the top six list!

  24. 1) Comrades, why are we following an counter-revolutionary white colonial racist. I am sure we can find the way ourselves!
    2) Birdbrains we are, birdbrains we will follow…….

  25. Correction – A counter-revolutionary……..

  26. I wish the price of electricity would go up then I could also get ahead!

  27. Duckling: Mama… are we ANC?
    Mama: No, my child, definitely not!

  28. eish! we’re not ANC!

  29. Mamma Mia! White Monopoly (capital) is in fact leading us!

  30. Pheew! No. 4 has farted again!!!

  31. karmawithane says

    1. psst! Juju’s been in his wife’s make-up! The President told him to lighten up!
    2. We’ll always follow you Juju, you don’t have to act white.
    3. Eish! Told you! He’s far to friendly with Zille – the colour is rubbing off!!

  32. Ivory Mandla says

    “If i want you to have an opinion, i’ll give it to you. get in line or get the F…* off my party. YOU TOO JUJU”.

  33. 1. Hey, this is what I’m genetically programmed to do – what’s your excuse?

    2. Guess which country we’re in!

    3. Ok, I think our new BBBEE law may be a bit faulty.

  34. Reincarnated and still following a white ass!

  35. If my siblings are called Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, what is my name?

  36. uuuuuummmmmm……i dont remember joining the army

  37. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Here we are, SWANNING along, going QUACKERS, waiting for the WHITE OU at the front to realise that the 11th of February was 12 days ago. Maybe we should turn into roosters and give him a wake-up call. Cock-a-doodle-dooooooo!!!!!

  38. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Still no winner ?

    Maybe I should try for a “late entry” after all there have been a few tenders awarded before they were received!

  39. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Forty days and forty nights we’ve been fasting in the Wilderness – waiting to find out which sparkling wit would SWAN off with the delectable and delicious prize of a T-shirt.
    Does anyone else think that Wonkie has run out of T-shirts and is hoping nobody notices?
    Or does Wonkie consider all the wits out there to be half-wits and they don’t have a half T-shirt to give out?
    Ar this rate we may never know……

  40. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Perhaps someone should have quoted the fifth cygnet telling the fourth (out of line) one to get back in line for “The pen is mightier that the sword”
    For those who do not yet know, a female swan is called a ‘pen’ and in the South African context a sword may be translated as a ‘spear’ – as in “The SPEAR of the Nation”
    Please note that I have added extra spaces between ‘pen’ and ‘is’ – wouldn’t want people to join the two words into one, would we?

  41. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    I see that Wonkie’s editorial software has deleted the extra spaces I included, making it easier to read the two words as one. U see also that I typed ‘that’ where I should have typed ‘than’ – ah well, never mind.

    PS @ Wonkie – just quietly send me the T-shirt (XL) and I’ll shut up!

    For now, at least!

  42. @a-maize-ingly-corny – uh oh… busted! I think Wonkie *will* have to send you that XL t-shirt for being such a diligent reader! In future, Wonkie hopes you will consider using your powers for good and secure yourself a job at the Auditor General!

    There seems to have been a bit of a mix-up with this contest – the winner was selected and the T-Shirt sent out but the photo does not seem to have been updated… sorry about that!


    Hey, this is what I’m genetically programmed to do – what’s your excuse? (Boitumelo)

    Runners up:

    1. Birdbrains we are, birdbrains we will follow… (Jewel)

    2. I appear to be following a chain of arseholes! (Averello)

  43. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    As soon as I receive my XL T-shirt (it will have to have a button-up shoulder to accommodate my newly enlarged ego), I shall put on my newly acquired Auditor General’s hat and pronounce Wonkie “squeaky-clean”

    PS – my tenderpreneurial skills have not had the success that I had hoped for and my wardrobe is in need of an injection. Since you don’t oer trousers or shorts let the XL also stand for extra LONG.

  44. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    My ucking keyboard strikes again!!!
    In the last line “oer” should have been “oFFer”

  45. Elilizwe akho apho liyakhona,liphethwe ngamasela izigulamkhuba,rapist.

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