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Below are some of the latest Wonkie blog posts - these are articles about Wonkie, as opposed to cartoon commentary on current affairs. You can find the latest articles about upcoming web developments, new site features, Wonkie competitions and promotions. Details about Wonkie contest and online competition winners will also be published here. Should Wonkie win the lottery, and the blog is going to be migrated to the Caribbean, this is undoubtedly where you will read about it first!

Wonkie update and apology!

February 19th, 2019 (Updated)

Just a quick note to thank Wonkie readers for their patience over the last couple of weeks.. things have been a little hectic as all our volunteer team members are roaming about abroad or caught up in their day jobs so we’ve been irregular with the new cartoons – and no, we have not been trying to claim refugee status in Canada like Brandon Huntley!

It’s almost a year since we launched the site and it’s very pleasing to see how it’s grown. We’ve almost hit the 5,000 daily readers mark on Wonkie itself and we now have over 2,000 readers on facebook (Click here to become a Wonkie fan on facebook)!

Thank you all for the support and please do continue to leave your thoughts and comments on each post. Please feel free to drop us a line with ideas for new cartoons, articles and suggestions for improvement too – it would be great to hear from you! Readers, advertisers and potential sponsors can Contact Wonkie here.

Wonkie Winners – T-Shirts, Caption Contests

February 19th, 2019 (Updated)

Below is the list of recent winners of Wonkie CartOOns T-Shirts (at least those of you who said it’s ok to publish your names):

1) Angie Taalman,………………….. 11) Deena Naidoo
2) Nda Nxumalo,……………………. 12) Mpepho (pseudonym)
3) Thokozane Mkhize,……………… 13) Shirilele Masheleni Lawrence
4) Noor Sanglay,……………………. 14) Cheryl Buchanan
5) U2R1 (pseudonym),…………….. 15) Ntsane Ntsane
6) Albert Masinga,………………….. 16) James Farr
7) Rodney Lottering,……………….. 17) Gill K
8 ) Stephen Rogers,……………….. 18) Elizabeth Watson
9) Laban Ndlovu,…………………… 19) Gerald Smith
10) Amanda Watson,………………. 20) Meera Maharaj

Please do leave a comment to let us know you received your Wonkie T-Shirt!

Thanks to those of you that have been commenting regularly – please keep it going! The winner of last week’s Julius Malema on a horse caption contest is displayed in the comments section of that post (Click here).

Friday Fun postponed and General Update

February 19th, 2019 (Updated)

Unfortunately Eskom appears to be back with its nonsense of unannounced power cuts for 12 hours at a time so there was only enough electrical oomph in our inverter for one cartoon. The weekly caption contest will be run on Monday next week instead. In the meantime, if any of you come across any amusing, funny photos you think would be good candidates for the caption contests please email them through to pratish (at) wonkie (dot) com.

In other news, the Wonkie team has been busy shipping off t-shirts to a couple of dozen readers, commentators, and runners-up to the April 30 win an mp3 player contest. Believe it or not, the winner and the alternative winner for the mp3 player have not responded to their emails as yet so we’ll be picking another name from the pot this weekend. We’ve been a little slack announcing the names of t-shirt winners on the site but we’ll hopefully get to it over the weekend.

In still other news, Wonkie will be reducing its cartoon output slightly over the next 2 weeks because of the recession (haha). Well, more because we’re upgrading the site to cater for the larger number of readers – we’re up to over 3,500 regular daily cartoon readers now – thank you all, please help us spread the word and email Wonkie CartOOns to your colleagues at will!

We also have an official Wonkie CartOOns page on Facebook now so please do join us there by becoming a fan:


Invitation to Write Articles for Wonkie

February 19th, 2019 (Updated)

Do you have something to say?

Whether it’s simply a gripe or an informed point of view on current affairs, why not Contact Wonkie about your idea. If we agree it’s relevant and topical you can write a short article for publication here. This is particularly for those of you who feel that Wonkie is partial to some political party, institution, religion, person or group – give everyone a chance to read your point of view in an article and we’ll try to create a cartoon fitting with your subject matter.

If you’ve always wanted to write – here’s your opportunity!

Winners of the 30 April Wonkie promotion

February 19th, 2019 (Updated)

The winners of the Wonkie promotion ending on 30 April 2009 have been randomly selected. Prizes for this round include 2 MP3 players and runner up prizes of 25 Wonkie t-shirts. Winning subscribers will be individually notified using their email addresses over the weekend and publically announced on the site next week so stay tuned and thanks for taking part!

All current subscribers for Wonkie CartOOns by email will automatically be entered into the next promotion. If you are not a subscriber yet and would like to receive free cartoons by email, please click here: Get Wonkie CartOOns by email!

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