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It’s My Culture – Gender Inequality CartOOn

Gender Equality

Gender Equality

It’s my culture is an often used defence to justify gender inequality. Wonkie’s guest writer, Engineer-Chic, takes a critical look at the it’s my culture defence and questions how progressive South African society really is.

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Jacob Zuma’s HIV Status

Zuma HIV test cartoon

Zuma HIV test cartoon

Jacob Zuma’s announcement of his HIV negative status is leading to much debate. Is he setting a good example for sexually active South Africans to get themselves tested regularly or is he setting a bad example for the youth given his promiscuous behaviour and lack of respect for safe sex?

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Jacob Zuma – I have a dream, a big wet dream

Zuma sex addict cartoon

Zuma sex addict

Jacob Zuma has fathered his 20th child – this time out of wedlock with Orlando Pirates chairman Irvin Khoza’s daughter, Sonono Khoza. Should Zuma join Tiger Woods for sex therapy or should Zuma’s personal behaviour remain private?

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Pope AIDS virus by discouraging condom use

pope against condom use hiv cartoon

pope against condom use hiv

The Catholic Church’s growth strategy aside, the Pope’s recent comments against condom use and stating that it actually exacerbates the AIDS problem is plain irresponsible.

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Zuma’s healthcare strategy cartoon

Zuma Aids cartoon

Zuma Aids

Everyone seems to have forgotten about Schabir Shaik – our likely potential finance minister in case Trevor Manuel again decides.. or not.. or to.. or not.. or to resign again. After Zapiro’s classic cartoon portrayal of Zuma with a permanent shower fixture on his head, what else is the South African public supposed to think […]

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