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African Dictator’s New Year’s Resolutions | LikiWeaks

New Years resolutions cartoon

New Years resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are tough to stick to – even for African dictactors. What are your thoughts on 2011 and what have you set out to achieve for yourself?

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Obama and the 9/11 Mosque

Obama Mosque cartoon

Obama Mosque cartoon

Is Barack Obama anti-American by allowing a mosque to be built near the 9/11 terrorist attack site? Wonkie believes he made the best and only decision he could – opposing the decision would have fundamentally violated the rights of all American citizens.

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World Cup Security

World Cup security cartoon

World Cup security cartoon

Concerns about terrorism and security at the 2010 FIFA World Cup being held in South Africa are high. Bheki Cele discusses the issue with Barack Obama.

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Iceland Volcano Chaos

Iceland volcano cartoon

The recent eruption of an Icelandic volcano wreaked havoc around the world. A giant ash cloud paralysed air traffic across Europe stranding passengers worldwide. Wonkie interviewed a number of international political figures for their opinion on this natural disaster.

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Why I Love South Africa

Positive South Africa cartoon

Positive South Africa

There are plenty of reasons to be positive in South Africa – from the gorgeous and friendly people to amazing weather. Wonkie felt it needed a post to create a happier vibe this week!

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