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President Zuma’s Cabinet – South Africa 2009

Zuma cabinet South Africa cartoon

Zuma cabinet South Africa

Trevor Manuel and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma discuss President Zuma’s new cabinet over a drink. Some interesting changes and roles in an expanded cabinet. Wonkie is optimistic and hopes Mr Zuma will keep his ministers in line and on track to deliver the goods for South Africa.

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Wonkie’s Zuma Dream Team South African Cabinet

Zuma cabinet selection ANC cartoon

Zuma cabinet selection ANC

Wonkie thinks Mr Zuma will surprise the country with his choices and positively so. Despite all odds Mr Zuma has ascended to the top job in South Africa and that is no feat to be scoffed at – he is a shrewd politician. One can only hope that the decisions he makes now are sincerely motivated by what is best for South Africa and not what is best for his pals.

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