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Judge Hlophe – Where is the Justice?

Judge Hlophe trial cartoon

Judge Hlophe trial cartoon

Hlophe is charged with approaching certain judges to influence their decision in a case involving President Zuma. His team is now distracting the South African legal system successfully.

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The meaningless trial of Jacob Zuma

zuma trial cartoon

zuma trial cartoon

Jacob Zuma, president of the ANC and likely next head honcho in South Africa is going through the hoops in what is likely to be a meaningless trial. Unless some swift decisions are taken in the Pietermaritzburg high court, which they won’t be, [more…]

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Don’t fire Jackie Selebi

Fire Selebi cartoon

Fire Selebi

Jackie Selebi lives the South African dream – sitting at home and getting paid for doing nothing. Calls for his firing grows but no whimpers yet from the President’s office although Bantu Holomisa sprung to his defence… [click for more]

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South Africa election talk – Cartoon

SA election rhetoric cartoon

SA election rhetoric

Following on from the mountain of Jacob Zuma promises on his roadtrip last year, South African ministers and ANC leaders are taking turns making bold statements about how they’re going to crack down on this, that and the other – small print – if they get elected again, of course. South Africa is currently ranked […]

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Bring me the head of Kgalema Motlanthe

Motlanthe head cartoon

Motlanthe head

Decisions around Vusi Pikoli, the Zuma arms deal corruption inquiry and Zimbabwe makes one believe Mr Motlanthe is squandering an opportunity to achieve Greatness. Does this man have a spine or is he built for simply toeing the line?

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