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South Africa election talk – Cartoon

SA election rhetoric cartoon

SA election rhetoric

Following on from the mountain of Jacob Zuma promises on his roadtrip last year, South African ministers and ANC leaders are taking turns making bold statements about how they’re going to crack down on this, that and the other – small print – if they get elected again, of course. South Africa is currently ranked […]

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Zuma against Corruption – Cartoon

Zuma corruption cartoon

Zuma corruption

Yesterday, Mr Zuma addressed the Namibian Chamber of Commerce. Subjects of the speech included land reform and the need to do it faster. Mr Zuma said the ANC wanted to reach a target of 30% land redistribution by 2014. A much funnier topic that Mr Jacob Zuma touched on at that meeting, however was that […]

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Insensitive Mr Pikoli Axed Cartoon

Pikoli fired cartoon

Pikoli fired

Pikoli is, or was rather, the national director of public prosecutions (NDPP). In spite of the results of an inquiry chaired by former speaker of the Parliament, Frene Ginwala, president Kgalema Mothlante decided to fire Vusi Pikoli. The formal inquiry found Pikoli was fit to hold office and should be reinstated. Inquiry schminquiry. Anyway the […]

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Eternally moaning South Africans – Cartoon

SA survey results cartoon

SA survey results

A recent survey indicated that things are not quite so rosy for South Africans at the moment. The title of the Sunday Times yesterday read: Survey finds South Africans are plunging into despair with huge bold letters beneath that saying “WE ARE GATVOL!” Gatvol, for any non-South Africans reading this, is a mildly less polite […]

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Zuma addresses American Chamber of Commerce

Zuma ACoC cartoon

Zuma ACoC

Late last week Jacob Zuma addressed the American Chamber of Commerce at their annual Thanksgiving dinner. An excerpt of his speech is quoted below: Ladies and gentlemen, the election of President-elect Barack Obama has to a large extent set the tone of world politics in 2009. Change is the buzzword. In our case, we have […]

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