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DA-Cope Hope – Cartoon

DA Cope hope cartoon

DA Cope hope

This cartoon follows from an earlier post asking if would you vote for a DA-Shikota alliance. It seems South Africa is ready for a change given yesterday’s by-election poll results in the Western Cape. Cope, whose candidates ran as independents because its name is not registered with the IEC as yet, ate significantly into the […]

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Insensitive Mr Pikoli Axed Cartoon

Pikoli fired cartoon

Pikoli fired

Pikoli is, or was rather, the national director of public prosecutions (NDPP). In spite of the results of an inquiry chaired by former speaker of the Parliament, Frene Ginwala, president Kgalema Mothlante decided to fire Vusi Pikoli. The formal inquiry found Pikoli was fit to hold office and should be reinstated. Inquiry schminquiry. Anyway the […]

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Zuma Zuma – Promises, promises

Zuma promises cartoon

Zuma promises

Promises, promises – Jacob Zuma is a versatile politician. He has proven to be an exception to the old adage you can’t be everything to everybody – at least in his words over the last few weeks. According to him everybody will get what they want – from the hardcore capitalists to blue collar workers; […]

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Would you vote for a DA-Shikota alliance?

Zumas War on Terror cartoon

Zumas War on Terror

From a Sun Tzu – Art of War perspective, the battle for power in South Africa can be bluntly distilled to the ANC vs Every Other Piddly Party. If one assumes victory in politics is being in a position to make a significant impact on overall policy, then Lekota, Zille and the like need to […]

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