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Easter Bunny tips on Managing Violent Crime

Crime in South Africa cartoon

Easter Bunny coaches on how to manage crime in South Africa

With violent crime in the news internationally over the last few months, many South Africans are disgruntled with Jacob Zuma’s flippant comments about crime in South Africa. Wonkie, with the help of the Easter Bunny, presents some innovative ways to manage the pressing crime statistics in South Africa.

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Easter Bunny causes Religious Mayhem

depressed easter bunny cartoon

depressed easter bunny

Christians and Muslims were at war in South Africa because a devastating travesty – hot-cross buns were labelled as being halaal at a large food retailer, Woolworths. The Easter Bunny goes into a state of deep depression as he ponder his year so far.

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The Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton

The Royal Wedding cartoon

The Royal Wedding

Prince William weds Kate Middleton on 29th April 2011 in a royal wedding that promises to be as grandiose as Charles and Diana’s in 1981. Between tsunamis and nuclear meltdowns, the world needs a happy event – hopefully the anti-monarchy protests do not turn nasty.

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Shoot the Boer and other Cultural Necessities

Julius Malema Easter cartoon

Julius Malema Easter

Shoot the Boer: a struggle song or hate speech potentially leading to AWB leader Eugene Terreblanche’s farm murder? The Easter Bunny discusses cultural sensitivity with Julius Malema.

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Zille, Zuma and the political Easter Bunny

Zille Zuma Easter bunny cartoon

Zille Zuma Easter bunny

Lindiwe Mazibuko, spokesperson for the DA announced that they will be laying charges against lawyer Michael Hulley for what they allege to be illegal possession of tape recordings. This follows a decision by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to drop charges against ANC president Jacob Zuma earlier this week. Vicious rumours by the dark forces […]

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