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Jacob Zuma’s (not so) New Leaf Cartoon

jacob zumas new leaf cartoon

jacob zumas new leaf

Wonkie investigates claims that Jacob Zuma has turned over a new leaf following his suggestions to freeze cabinet salaries and facilitate more freedom of the press in South Africa by dropping the damages claim against Zapiro for his cartoon depicting him as about to rape Lady Justice.

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SABC Leadership Crisis

SABC CEO recruitment cartoon

SABC CEO recruitment

Another CEO, Solly Mokoetle was prematurely ejected from the helm of the SABC. The political battle to control and influence the national newsroom is leaving the South African public as the most serious casualty.

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ANC and Freedom of the Press

Media Freedom Day cartoon

Media Freedom Day

Black Wednesday in 2010 sees South Africa being downgraded to having their Freedom of the Press declared only partially free. Will the ANC adopt similar policies to the apartheid regime in the so-called national interest?

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Dummies guide to Corruption – SA Secrecy Bill

Secrecy Bill cartoon

Secrecy Bill

Where else in the world can you steal public funds or do the dodgiest of deals, then classify it as secret to protect national interests? Better yet, you will still be able walk off scott free when you are exposed by the media but the journalist will be jailed because he did something wrong by exposing you!

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Zapiro Mohammed Cartoon

Zapiro Mohammed cartoon

Zapiro Mohammed cartoon

South African cartoonist Zapiro fails to make headline news with his latest Mohammed cartoon but does manage to score a few death threats. Fatwa is pending.

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