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ANC spins Zuma’s use of Zol

ANC spins Zumas zol use cartoon

ANC spins Zumas zol use

The ANC immediately released a bunch of press statements relating to the real meaning of what Jacob Zuma meant when he said he smoked zol – curious that no comment was heard about Zuma on the issue afterwards.. no biggie I guess. Probably a good thing for the spin in any case, there’s no telling […]

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Jacob Zuma used to smoke zol

Zuma takes Zol cartoon

Zuma takes Zol

A lot of question about the sensitivity of Jacob Zuma to announce that he used to use zol at the funeral of fellow freedom fighter Billy Nair. Zol is marijuana for you non-South Africans. Zuma later said that people should not be jailed for using or selling small amounts of the drug (Source: The Star […]

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Lekota resigns and the SANC is launched

SANC is launched cartoon

SANC is launched

In a drama-filled day, Terror Lekota finally resigns from the ANC and officially kicks of the party Shikota party with some 4,000 new signups. This comes after Terror was reported in newspapers to have said that he will not resign from the ANC because that would be running away. The comical antics continue as the […]

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Jacob Zuma Meets The Hoff

Jacob Zuma meets The Hoff cartoon

Jacob Zuma meets The Hoff

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