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Mamphela’s Millions – Join the Gang, or Not?

Mamphela Ramphele cartoon

Mamphela Ramphele announces her R55 Million net worth and urges Jacob Zuma to be more transparent too

Mamphela Ramphele, leader of the new political party Agang, took a risk in more ways than one by declaring her net worth to be R55 Million. Trust issues from major discrepancies in the figure with those published by Forbes, estrangement from the poor masses, and no equivalent response from Jacob Zuma are possible outcomes.

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Jacob Zuma Name-Dropping – Gupta Style!

Jacob Zuma name-dropping cartoon

Jacob Zuma name-dropping cartoon

Corruption is rife in South Africa. The Gupta report demonstrates that simply dropping Jacob Zuma’s name opens many doors in South Africa – whether you’re a tenderpreneur looking to secure your next windfall, or in need of a military air force base for your wedding party, Jacob Zuma is the name to drop.

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Easter Bunny tips on Managing Violent Crime

Crime in South Africa cartoon

Easter Bunny coaches on how to manage crime in South Africa

With violent crime in the news internationally over the last few months, many South Africans are disgruntled with Jacob Zuma’s flippant comments about crime in South Africa. Wonkie, with the help of the Easter Bunny, presents some innovative ways to manage the pressing crime statistics in South Africa.

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Zuma’s Nkandla Upgrade – Dodgy, or not?

zuma nkandla upgrade cartoon

zuma nkandla upgrade

Controversy surrounding Zuma’s Nkandla residence is growing as more and more contradictory information comes to light. Who is lying and who is not? How much tax payer money has actually been used for the Nkandla upgrade? Does anyone care?

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Jacob Zuma’s (not so) New Leaf Cartoon

jacob zumas new leaf cartoon

jacob zumas new leaf

Wonkie investigates claims that Jacob Zuma has turned over a new leaf following his suggestions to freeze cabinet salaries and facilitate more freedom of the press in South Africa by dropping the damages claim against Zapiro for his cartoon depicting him as about to rape Lady Justice.

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