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Julius Malema Corruption Charges

julius malema corruption charges cartoon

julius malema corruption charges

ANCYL’s expelled leader Julius Malema appeared in court this week. His charges of fraud and corruption were dropped however he will still face trial for money laundering. Following his scathing attack on Jacob Zuma in which he called the South African president a corrupt thief, he went on to say he would be encouraging more mine workers to rise up in the struggle for economic freedom.

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ANC Leadership Race – Mangaung 2012 Cartoon

anc leadership race mangaung 2012 cartoon

anc leadership race mangaung 2012

Wonkie looks at the three popular contenders in the ANC leadership race running up to Mangaung 2012: Jacob Zuma, Tokyo Sexwale and Kgalema Motlanthe. Do South Africans have anything to be hopeful about as far as the ANC is concerned?

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Lonmin Marikana Tragedy – Little sympathy for stupidity

lonmin marikana violence cartoon

lonmin marikana violence

Julius Malema fanned the flames of violence at Lonmin Marikana. Wonkie begs a little sympathy for stupidity with respect to myopic politicians, incompetent trade unions and an inept government in the wake of a forced, tragic massacre by SAPS.

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Special Olympics – New Sports for the 3rd World!

Special Olympics cartoon

Special Olympics

Wonkie’s underground liki-weaks monitor, Perry, uncovers that the National Planning Commission has been secretly working on a proposal for a Special Olympics playing to the strengths of the developing nations. Special Olympics sporting events include palm greasing, wait lifting, moral gymnastics and synchronised tendering… read all about it!

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The Spear of Jacob Zuma Photo – Art or Not?

Jacob Zuma The Spear photo cartoon

Jacob Zuma The Spear photo

Brett Murray’s depiction of Jacob Zuma in his painting The Spear has raised much controversy – about the morality of it and about what constitutes art and what doesn’t. The painting is modelled on a propaganda poster of Lenin with a few modifications – like Zuma’s private junk hanging out of his pants.

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