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Zapiro, SABC and Freedom of Speech in South Africa

Zapiro TV show freedom of speech cartoon

Zapiro TV show freedom of speech

Jessie Duarte really had her work cut out trying to spin every gaffe by the ANC as devious vicious political misrepresentations by non-ANC supporters. Who better to stifle Zapiro’s attempt at free speech in South Africa.

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Poor journalism in South Africa cartoon

poor press cartoon

poor press

The quality of journalism in South Africa is shocking. Newspapers and even national television station, the SABC, seem to be getting their facts all wrong. In the last month alone, the president of the ANC was wrongfully branded as a druggie – see the Jacob Zuma zol cartoon. The public was most grateful that Jessie […]

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Black James Bond

Black James Bond cartoon

Black James Bond

Obamania continued into the movie industry as Daniel Craig announced earlier this week that the world is ready for the first black James Bond. In the meantime in South Africa, the ruling ANC party whinged through Jessie Duarte that the national broadcaster, SABC, wrongfully depicts Zuma as constantly toyi-toying outside the Pietermaritzburg high court (see […]

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Shikota struggle for party name

Shikota party name cartoon

Shikota party name

“We, the ANC, are very busy at the moment and we don’t want to waste our energy on this any longer… so we are taking legal advice,” said Jessie Duarte, the ANC spokesperson. The ANC will no doubt draw on its vast legal resources devoted to enacting and implementing name changes throughout the country – […]

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