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Trade Unions, Labour Law and Economic Growth

Cosatu and trade unions cartoon

Little Lerato cartoon about Trade Unions and Economic Growth

Trade Unions like COSATU and South Africa’s restrictive labour law are often cited as reasons for poor economic development at grass roots level. Is this really the case? How can both these factors be better employed to facilitate job creation?

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Job Creation Secrets – Photo Caption Challenge!

job creation photo caption cartoon

job creation photo caption

Socio-economic innovation is a great buzzword but it’s only the little birds that know the secrets of job creation. Enter this Wonkie photo caption challenge and be as creative as you can. You may not get a job but you’d certainly be up for winning a Wonkie CartOOns t-shirt!

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Empowerment 3.0: Socio-economic Innovation

job creation south africa cartoon

job creation south africa

Black empowerment in South Africa, despite legal efforts to support it, has been woeful. A handful of black elite – the so-called black diamonds have grabbed for themselves whilst the poor black masses have not been able to improve their lot. This cartoon and article is the first in a series about black economic empowerment and job creation.

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Julius Malema and the Great March of Stupidity

ANCYL March for Economic Freedom cartoon

ANCYL March for Economic Freedom

Youth League president Julius Malema led the ANCYL march for economic freedom from Johannesburg to the Stock Exchange and then on the Union Buildings in Pretoria. But will this type of mass action solve anything or put any more pressure to create jobs? Or is it just an excuse to toyi-toyi and cause general public irritation?

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Jacob Zuma – State of the Nation’s Valentine CartOOn

Jacob Zuma Valentine cartoon

Jacob Zuma Valentine

Jacob Zuma’s 2011 State of the Nation address focused largely on job creation. Those expecting many more faux pas, outrageous promises, chanting of Umshini Wami, talk of mass Nationalisation were disappointed. Since it’s February 14th, Wonkie ponders the State of the Nation’s Valentine.

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