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African Dictator’s New Year’s Resolutions | LikiWeaks

New Years resolutions cartoon

New Years resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are tough to stick to – even for African dictactors. What are your thoughts on 2011 and what have you set out to achieve for yourself?

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Iceland Volcano Chaos

Iceland volcano cartoon

The recent eruption of an Icelandic volcano wreaked havoc around the world. A giant ash cloud paralysed air traffic across Europe stranding passengers worldwide. Wonkie interviewed a number of international political figures for their opinion on this natural disaster.

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Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize cartoon

Obama Nobel peace prize cartoon

Obama Nobel peace prize cartoon

Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace prize – Obamamania is obviously continuing as far as Wonkie is concerned given that he has yet to deliver anything of substance.

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Mugabe attempts to solve energy crisis

Mugabe gets diesel from rock cartoon

Mugabe gets diesel from rock

Robert Mugabe’s government in Zimbabwe was conned for $1 million in believing a woman could tap diesel fuel from a rock.

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NPA drops Zuma charges and liberates South Africa

NPA drops Zuma charges cartoon

NPA drops Zuma charges

This week the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) headed by Mokotedi Mpshe dropped corruption charges against ANC president Jacob Zuma. This hopefully and finally ends the saga of the meaningless trial of Jacob Zuma. No doubt the opposition DA and Helen Zille will be objecting till the cows come home from the ANC parties this week […]

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