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Helen Zille diagnosed with Acute Objectionitis

Helen Zille DA objects to ANC cartoon

Helen Zille DA objects to ANC

Following on from the Downfall of Helen Zille and the DA in South African 2009 elections post last week, we thought it best to capture another important public perception about the DA. There have literally been dozens of comments from ANC supporters complaining about all the negative media coverage ANC leaders – particularly the amount […]

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Why Helen Zille and DA won’t score big in 2009 elections

helen zille da strategy 2009 election cartoon

helen zille da strategy 2009 election

I have a dream, that a white person will one day be president of South Africa: Helen Zille and Democratic Alliance – dream on! A political strategy cartoon for Zille and the DA they should heed if they want to make a bigger impact on the 2009 South African elections.

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Julius Malema embarrassing South Africa comments

Malema embarrassment cartoon

Malema embarrassment

We’re not quite sure if Mr Malema meant that the law enforcers of South Africa- the police, National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), and judges – are embarrassing because they’re actually doing their job; or that it’s embarrassing that the ruling ANC party seem to have all their eggs in Mr Zuma’s basket [more..]

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Malema turns down parliamentary nomination

malema ancyl cartoon

malema ancyl cartoon

Julius Malema sadly said he would spare the South African public his political mastermind for the next 10-15 years. He devastated many fans when he said he believed parliament was for old people [more…]

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Zuma – Beware the Rhino poachers

Zuma Rhino cartoon

Zuma Rhino cartoon

Zuma will be president no matter what – so says all the ANC leaders including Julius Malema and Angie Motshekga [more…]

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