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Theme Songs for South African Politicians

theme songs cartoon

theme songs

We’re nearing closing time for this year at and thought we’d sum up by our commentary by including our nominations for the top theme songs for South African politicians. Please add your suggestions or amendments in the comments section below! Other songs also nominated by the team were: Ace Magashule: Jesus he knows me […]

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Julius Malema background and Zuma Cartoon

Zuma and Malema cartoon

Zuma and Malema

It seems everyone is taking the piss at poor Malema’s expense at the moment – perhaps a little background on the man behind the cartoon is in order: Julius Malema, now 27, was born in Seshego in Limpopo province, South Africa. He is an only child of a single parent – his upbringing was tough. […]

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Malema Anger Management Therapy – cartoon

Malema Anger cartoon

Malema Anger

Last week, Jacob Zuma told Julius Malema to take a chill pill after fears that his outbursts were becoming a political burden on the ANC. It did work – at least for a while. Wonkie wonders if Julius was sent for intensive anger management therapy. Headline news today is that some R6.5 million (about $19.366 […]

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Shikota struggle for party name

Shikota party name cartoon

Shikota party name

“We, the ANC, are very busy at the moment and we don’t want to waste our energy on this any longer… so we are taking legal advice,” said Jessie Duarte, the ANC spokesperson. The ANC will no doubt draw on its vast legal resources devoted to enacting and implementing name changes throughout the country – […]

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Lekota resigns and the SANC is launched

SANC is launched cartoon

SANC is launched

In a drama-filled day, Terror Lekota finally resigns from the ANC and officially kicks of the party Shikota party with some 4,000 new signups. This comes after Terror was reported in newspapers to have said that he will not resign from the ANC because that would be running away. The comical antics continue as the […]

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