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SADC and Zimbabwe Talks – Cholera and Politics

SA Zim talks cartoon

SA Zim talks

Does anyone out there still believe that any of the numerous Zimbabwe crises – economic, health care, political – take your pick, can be resolved by diplomatic means involving Robert Mugabe? If so, you may be just the person I’m looking for… See, I have a sick relative in China that has left me $4,540,000 […]

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Zuma Vs Mbeki Cartoon – The battle continues

Zuma vs Mbeki cartoon

Zuma vs Mbeki

Sadly not quite as dramatic as a half-rigged boxing match, this battle is going to take place between Zuma and Mbeki’s legal teams in Bloemfontein. Zuma has already strategically started throwing punches by contesting Mbeki’s use of state resources on legal matters. It’s good to see that Zuma has obviously learnt a thing of two […]

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Cholera crisis: Donate to help Zimbabwe details below!

Bob and Mbeki pt2 cartoon

Bob and Mbeki pt2

This is part two of yesterday’s Thabo Mbeki cartoon. So things have gone a little wrong for Mugabe in Zimbabwe.. it could happen to anyone. There is sewage flowing in the streets, endless mounds of rubbish, a broken water supply – and a cholera epidemic that has Zimbabwe’s Health Minister admitting that he is scared. […]

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Mbeki Mugabe and Cholera cartoon

Bob and Mbeki pt1 cartoon

Bob and Mbeki pt1

Washington Post published an article on 15 April 2008 on Rogue Democracies. This was not the first time Mbeki’s dodgy alliances were announced on the world stage but it certainly makes for interesting reading – here is a quote from the article: FOR THOSE who argue that democracies are natural allies in international affairs, South […]

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Zuma Zuma – Promises, promises

Zuma promises cartoon

Zuma promises

Promises, promises – Jacob Zuma is a versatile politician. He has proven to be an exception to the old adage you can’t be everything to everybody – at least in his words over the last few weeks. According to him everybody will get what they want – from the hardcore capitalists to blue collar workers; […]

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