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Brangelina to get married

Brangelina to get married cartoon

Brangelina to get married

After much deliberation Brad Pitt has finally decided to take the next step with Angelina Jolie and get married. Apparently his reason for not tying the knot earlier was that his divorce from Jennifer Aniston was quite painful for him and he didn’t want to risk 2 failed marriages. Rumour has it though that he […]

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Palin and McCain sing for supper and money

Palin-sings cartoon


Sarah Palin was singing along quite merrily to “and (McCain/Palin) don’t have radical friends to whom their careers are linked” in reference to Obama. Little is known by the general public about how this night ended though. The Moose anthem is allegedly a tradition in certain Republican households in Alaska – not quite sure if […]

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Calling the Joes of America

Calling-the-Joes of America cartoon

Calling-the-Joes of America

Bringing you the latest in world news and the occassional celebrity gossip in comic form. Cartoons created courtesy of JustOneSite dating Please drop a comment with your thoughts and ideas – it would be great to hear from you!

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Sex Education for 5 year olds

Sex-ed-for-5-year olds cartoon

Sex-ed-for-5-year olds

The UK is planning on introducing sex education to children in schools from age 5. Given the high rate of teen pregnancy in the UK I’m surprised they’re not targeting foetuses. One wonders what happened to the good old ‘No sex please, we’re British’ culture – perhaps this will bring that much needed repression back. […]

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Sarah Palin’s Shopping Spree

Sarah-Palins-shopping-spree cartoon


Sarah Palin has been having a really rough time – nothing that a little retail therapy didn’t help resolve no doubt! Interesting to see that the Democrats only spent money on hair and makeup for Obama. And about what the Vice President of the USA does.. how dare they ask Sarah such a question – […]

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