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Mugabe mentors Obama on Financial Crisis Options

obama financial crisis options cartoon

obama financial crisis options cartoon

Nationalising some banks would certainly be an effective way to manage the US financial crisis- probably the best way forward. If President Obama really has those steel balls [more…]

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Mugabe proposes global financial crisis solution

mugabe meets obama cartoon

mugabe meets obama cartoon

Uncle Bob, viz. Robert Mugabe, attempts to patch things up with the USA by offering Barack Obama the first Kajillion (Zimbabwe) Dollar note to help fund the economic bailout package [more..]

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Bush asks Congress to release funds

Bush release tarp cartoon

Bush release tarp

On request of US president-elect Barack Obama, President George Bush has requested Congress to release the outstanding $350 bn of the US financial bail-out package. The bailout package is controversial for a number of reasons [click for more…]

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Obama’s Detroit Bailout cartoon

Detroit bailout cartoon

Detroit bailout

Barack Obama is fighting with George Bush about using some of the multi-billion dollar fund for the bailout for financial institutions to rescue troubled car maker General Motors. George Bush is intent to preserve his legacy as a champion of free trade not realising that he has already firmly left a legacy of a totally […]

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