SANC is launched cartoon

SANC is launched

Lekota resigns and the SANC is launched

In a drama-filled day, Terror Lekota finally resigns from the ANC and officially kicks of the party Shikota party with some 4,000 new signups. This comes after Terror was reported in newspapers to have said that he will not resign from the ANC because that would be running away.

The comical antics continue as the ANC fight to protect their name by launching an urgent court bid. To top things off, Shilowa accused the ANC of behaving like the apartheid government. So much for the struggle.

In true South African style, the new party’s website was hijacked before it could be successfully registered. The site was also found campaigning for sms pledges of R15 (about US $1) to keep the site going – I wonder whos pocket these contributions are going into!

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