Zumas War on Terror cartoon

Zumas War on Terror

Would you vote for a DA-Shikota alliance?

From a Sun Tzu – Art of War perspective, the battle for power in South Africa can be bluntly distilled to the ANC vs Every Other Piddly Party. If one assumes victory in politics is being in a position to make a significant impact on overall policy, then Lekota, Zille and the like need to think strategically about collaboration going forward.

Choosing allies in war is a strong determinant of success and this war is no different. Terror Lekota’s new party has much going for it. “Bankrupt politicians” as they may well be, it is a certainty that they will capitalise on the 40 odd per cent pro-Mbeki support exhibited at the ANC conference in December last year when Mbeki was ousted. It would serve Shikota well however to steer clear as far as possible from ANC’s direct line of fire and focus on building their own brand distinct from the ANC. Zille, on the other hand, has an established brand but in terms of popular support – she’ll be every bookie’s 1,000 to 1 long shot for winning the next election.

A smallish fragment of the ANC will not lead to the Obama freshness South Africa needs. Both Zille and Lekota would be wise to at least acknowledge that a drawn-out “divide and conquer the ANC” strategy will benefit neither of their parties right now. What South Africa needs is a singular, credible alternative to put its faith into. Tick tock, tick tock.

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  1. What a sight that would be – Obama and Zuma toytoying!! LOL!

    Didn’t quite get the link between your post and the cartoon right away but have to say I found the strategy analysis is insightful. Somehow doubt the DA or Shikota would have the stomach for something like that though.. getting either to acknowledge what their ‘real’ goals are would probably be a good start.. like you say if it’s to be in an impactful position to shape policy they should at least discuss the possibility of collaboration as a viable option

  2. Hey if they form a party I’d actually bother going to vote! Can’t see the point otherwise as its a no-brainer that ANC will win next year.. i’ll just save my petrol

  3. Exactly my point Andre… no credible alternative effectively means there’s no point in voting! Am sure you’re not alone in South Africa with that thought!

  4. I’m sick of the promises that have not been delivered by ANC – it’s about time someone holds them accountable and gives back to the people.. if there one other strong party that i could be sure uphgold our constitution I would vote for them for sure..

  5. Combining two rubbish parties won’t make any difference.. viva Zuma, viva ANC!! The ANC has solid proven policies whcih cannot be compared to that of the DA.. and shikota doesn’t even have a policies except to be anti-ANC

  6. I think ur right – at least they stand a chance to make a difference together. Alone they will both fail.. I would vote for them!

  7. The ANC might still win next year (maybe just), but at least they won’t have the powerful 2/3 majority which enables them to do what they want and when they want for no good reasons. Disbanding the Scorpions to protect corrupt no good ANC members for example. I won’t mention any names….far too many!

    The DA is is the fasters growing party in South Africa and has been around for far less years than the ANC has so don’t be fooled by the fact that the DA is only the official opposition. They are gaining momentum each day as they ANC is currently caught in a downhill spiral.

    If the Congress of the People can do as well as the DA in next elections then the ANC will be gone for good. And that is a fact!

    Whoever states that the DA does not have policies are disillusioned. The DA’s policies are far better than those of the ANC. The only problem is that the DA is not in power to impliment them. The ANC is in power and their policies are failing one by one. One only has to look at how great a city Cape Town has become under the DA after taking over from the ANC.

    I do not mind if the DA teams up with other parties. If it helps our democracy, serves our people and proof to critics that the DA’s not a party for the whites then I am in full support.

    DA forever, stronger and stronger! The true corruption-free party for all South Africans!

  8. I believe that there is a ground swell of discontent amongst the young middle class voters today. Who will win depends on what they offer. The ANC cannot now all of a sudden change track and make new or different promises that have not been adheard to in the past, eg curruption, new take on crime that they have always denied was out of hand etc., while the new party has the whole spectrum in front of them. Lets see what happens during the local elections during Dec and then make a more informative call

  9. PETRUS CINDI says


  10. The coalition politics is the way to go. The issues raised by the DA for some times are now gaining momentum. Shikota can form part coalition partner.

  11. Whats all this bickering and moaning – if the ANC didn’t feel a threat, they would’nt have embarked on this national campaign. They fear their worst fear, the people have begun to realize the truth. People have begun to realize that they are going nowhere slowly!!!
    “VIVA ANC’ “VIVA ZUMA”, the fear of an empty head filled with valuable hot
    air. What do you know? The ANC and Cosatu plan to address unemployment and poverty. How? Ask them and they will be puzzled. I mean, so many years have passed and they keep saying it’s on top of the agenda. They can’t address what they don’t know how to.
    Zuma is promising the poor a better life and the unemployed jobs, How does he plan on doing this?
    An empty promise for your vote….. Unfortunately the working class and Rich keep the wheels turning as that where the money is, it’s sad but blatantly true!!! We can see this as we suffer – we work hard, pay our taxes and yet have nothing to show for it. The reason, the ANC has promised us everything and delivered nothing. Before i donate my vote, JZ, tell me, what can you do for me? I don’t want to know what you plan to do as that is a failure of your cult movement.
    Shilowa, Zille i prefer you as there is a plan, somewhat unclear but hopeful.
    Tell the truth, we deregulate the employment sector, unscare employers, provide tax incentives to create jobs and see some tummy half empty that 1/3 population working and supporting the other 2/3 coz the GOVT is not qualified to do so. We have evolved into a modern society – with rituals and customs but civilized. What is our future president going to do if their is a problem, TOY TOY?
    They are scared, if they lose….. unemployment for the uneducated.
    They proposed to stamp out corruption, JZ don’t, I plead. THERE WONT BE ANYONE IN GOVT.
    The people of the country must know…. we face the challenge of our lifetimes. Break away, cut your losses and face reality. THE GOVT HAS DONE NOTHING FOR US. They built houses that blow down during storms – something but not the right kind of something. JZ is not a bad guy, truthfully, but he just would not make a good president. Why should we trust these clowns, Malema has verbal diahorrea, no body shut him up, why? Coz he got da votes bluffing and lying to the youth.
    I’m referring to an article where a student protested somewhere in JHB. She said she had no idea why she was there, she thought it was campus stuff. They just reel in unsuspecting people to bluff there is a strong movement.
    The govt has not taken us into consideration when shutting the scorpions down. The ultimate plan of their changing policies is to mould govt and policies to their own tunes. For all the dummies that believe anything, you will see, they will amend the constitution, literally abolish all laws that restrict them, restrict us and be in power. VIVA MUGABE, you teach well. To all the circus animals, the clowns now rule!!!!!!!!

    Zille, Shilowa, you can make a difference. Adopt a policy to create employment. Earn less,employ more, live a better life elections 2009- 2008 earn more, pay more= blacklisted. Look after the elderly, disabled, create jobs for the unemployed and leave the lazy to fend for themselves. Unfair competition, deregulate the energy industry, privatise, we will have electricity. Why must we be penalized? They are the monkeys that messed up, now why must we pay for their mistakes? Let them.

    So vote, for our future not theirs.

    We have sufficient proof: stolen travel vouchers; scams; corruption; the entire mix and still you want to place them on your head. Let them be out of power for a while, they will remember what they fought so hard for as money and greed is the order of the day.

    To all South Africans, well done and thanks for paying JZ’s legal fees, we couldn’t have done it without you paying your taxes. So remember when you say you dont have money for that holiday or that bicycle you son cried for…. It was for a good cause, entertainment.. VIVA TOY TOY..

    To TITO, why hasn’t the govt tightened its belt too. We pay in higher interest for what we want, and later, capital gains tax. Why? Because you worked hard and earned that house, but why, they watched you pay while drooling for that moola. We want a transparent govt that allows everything to be seen in print before implementation, be it a budget, a proposal etc. Cosatu, has its pros and cons. But vavi, you must understand, being strict scared our employers. not less workers coz min wag is higher coz of inflation. Why not create more jobs – everyone works and we fight poverty, then we address the issues. Now the issue is, why is unemployment so high – coz the union needs their slice. To all the members…. think twice when you strike, coz you digging your grave along with others that depend on you. You strike – your company makes losses. Loss of clients = you stand in the unemployment line. Abolish the uif fund – let us pay that to a financial institution, as an umemployment fund, annuity anything that I can benefit from when I need to. Teach the lazy a lesson, they work for 6 months – a year then collect, when that dries up, they find another job.

  12. bla bla bla… all the ANC is doing is protecting their own brand and they’re perfectly entitled to do so… and for what JZ can and has done for SA he can be proud .. I don’t think the DA would have been able to do half as much had they been in the same position.

    As for what policies you are ‘hopeful’ from Shikota and DA.. you can hope all you like as the alliance will NEVER happen. The best that the DA can hope for is for ANC not to get the 2/3 majority.. and this will probably happen now because of terror not by any doing of their own

  13. We need CHANGE in South Africa and SHIKOTA will bring about the CHANGE WE NEED

  14. While I have been an avid supporter of the ANC in the past, it has always pained me that my vote for the party resulted in the ascendacy to positions of people that are, at best inept. It’s worse now as we seem to have uneducated noise makers also, who think that the best way to make a statement is to insult all who oppose their views. I love my party, but I hate those who abuse (and its popularity) it for whatever reason. As for my vote in the next elections…….

  15. blah blah, coz you can specify what he has done for us, sweet jack ****
    that what. His brought us in the limelight with his coruption trial, treats, his coup anthem. im glad you happy coz you dont know anything. has the govt helped you recently? property prices are on the rise, middle class on the verge of bankruptcy, the govt reaping the benifits. Why is the govt allowing people to sell RDP houses that we paid for. Do they deserve anymore than we do. i mean we paying indirectly??????
    Get your facts straight.
    As for the DA, they are hopeful of a better life, ANC OPPORTUNISTS.

  16. Tom I agree 100% with you.. it’s time for a change in South Africa!

    Kleurling … I would really like to know what you THINK zuma has done for South Africa… the answer is nothing since he has been in a position of power.. NOTHING! The ANC have been riding on the back of a global economic boom until now.. if it weren’t for China and India’s growth and us being a primary resource provider, SA would have been in a mess much earlier… no growth and certainly no black diamonds. I want to see now that everything is slowing down worldwide how prosperous SA will be under ANC ‘policy’.. the retrenchments are already starting.. see the news yesterday??

    Jisss.. and I’m sure you actually believe the way BEE is implemented in SA by teh ANC actually helps our country’s previously disadvantaged people.. i think you need a reality check kleurling

  17. In hell the Shikota can win 09 election; we as South African we do need people who can come with new things like OBAMA

  18. All the nonsense over a party name….waste of time and money.
    What counts? South Africa counts!
    ”South Africa First Party” or ”First South Africa Party”…isn’t that what really matters?


  19. Boitumelo M , you the man!!!!!
    I really wasn’t politically motivated until now, but, i have become the person i am because the ANC has made me like this. I wasn’t a member, i voted yes, gave them a chance.
    And to tell you the truth, they sc**** it up.
    JZ should quit politics and save himself the humiliation coz that what it’s bound to be.
    Please remember, the ANC is now desperate for votes and will con everyone into believing there will be change. I seems vague that there is a remote possiblity of change. The questio is for who’s benefit.
    JZ is always going to the poorer communities, why.
    Promising them everything in exchange for the votes. i never heared of him going to Sandton or Cape tow city center, why? because the targeted people are easire to twist around their fingers.
    All i want from a political party, create jobs by dropping the unions, don’t abolish them, they have a good purpose but curb them.
    As for the dying politicians, your time has come, the tunnels end is near and the dark abyss awaits you.
    Dont promise people houses, higher grants etc.
    Tell them the truth, there is no jobs to give, no money to build houses but an idea of working hard to build an economy to support this.
    Teach people to work, teach them to earn, then they will inturn support themselves and the economy.
    Take china as an example, they brilliant.
    Cheap labour, production of cheap item+ export to major economies= financial stability.

  20. Tom, I heard you saying that you said” YES” to ANC simply because you want to give them a chance; but of a sudden why you are seemed stiff if it comes to JZ why don’t you give him that chance that you gave the others. In the issue of JZ to go to the poor communities is not that, he knows that they are easily twisted I am living in the poor communities; nobody can just tell me any nonsense and I just believe it. The issue of employment yes it is the tough one but why don’t we come together and try to embark in ways of job creation. we have seen JZ on his initiation talking to BUsinessman to try to figure out the way forward; may be I am conservative in the way the if I have old shoes I like more than new shoes because I am used to its shape and I have different ways to tackle with it

  21. I will vote for the Cope. This new party is very interesting. The day doesn’t go down without hearing comments about them by their rivals ANC. VIVA COPE VIVA….VIVA.

  22. Vuyisa August says

    i guess jesus has come earlier for Zuma & his boyz. i have to be honest i was born in the ANC. i became a member by default & for a while i enjoyed wht the ANC represented. this movement has taken us from nothing to being a super power in Africa but like anything sh!t comes to an end and that time has come for the ANC. they may act all arrogant and pretend as if the COP will not create a dent in their so called monopoly well i got news for Zuma & his idiot son Malema.nisemasimbeni POWER TO THE PEOPLE & not stupid ANC veterans & boys who cant even communicate to save their party. we need a political party & not a liberation movement.

  23. nokosizn, yes i gave them a chance coz they were the first black govt.
    I have no gripes with Locota coz he stood up. The problem is, The ANC, contadicts itself. First, there is no threat, then go out and campaign. Why, what are they scared of?
    These are signs of weakness, secondly, malema…. Big mouth no sense. Why did he accuse ABSA of funding the COP? To create doubt, why did they specifically mention the conference in Sandton, thereafter JZ went to Soweto. And what….. told the people that COP was for the rich…. Just for reference, i live in a poorer community….. I’ve lived here my whole life, it makes no difference I am who i am, a fancy house, credit cards, you are the same erson, mabe wiser, more educated but remember a leopard can’t change its spots. We are similar, different ideology but I want something more… I want an honest government that will do something for us all, the young and old, rich and poor. I want parliamant to be made of glass, transparent…

    Let us see what has happened, what is happening. They want the titles, but cannot provide what they promised. Hey, they still haven’t admitted they failed. Wouldn’t you want a govt to be there for the people that voted them there? We are the country, we are the people that make this country!!!!
    Without us…… the govt will be what? tell me please.

    Look, all the educated, wealthy are all leaving, why? A Potential president that avoided his trail, a corrupt Salebi, a man of the law. My reason for losing faith, JZ should have let the law take it’s course… He wasted our money!!!!!!!!! Would you spend R1000000 on a birthday party? I wouldn’t, he spent all our hard earned money to save his ASS.

    Look at the govt again, they flying mariam makeba’s body back to SA. I have no gripes with her, but if you died, would the govt helped your family? NO, why? COZ YOU were sweet jack!!!!!!!!! They forgot where they have come from? Where does Malema LIVE? Where does your rightful JZ live? I refer my comment to many occassions, if you have a good memory you can draw comparisons. His stupid song already refers violence, and you want him to represent SA? What does the international arena think of us? Will the ANC ever give us AUDITED FINANCIALS? Why are the changing the names of everything???????? Let well be!!!!!! Help the people…… dont spend our money. Mbeki’s plane….. ASK someone to auction it off……we dont need it.

  24. Exactly TOM – tell it like it is! The ANC have had their chance to make an impact on South Africa.. they led well but the revolution is over. It’s time to consolidate and grow our country now. Perhaps some fresh faces that are trained in development economics would be more useful to steer this ship now than cronies that are in positions just because of their past.

    The ANC still refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of the crime issue in South Africa. Tom this is why people are leaving – they KNOW nothing is really being done. The ANC politicians with their guards and protection don’t see the reality on the ground.. how can they then be the government of the people! I do not mind that our people progress but it should not be in a selfish way and at the expense of the masses – we are the masses and we have a right to that opportunity too.. and I am willing to work hard for it. I hate that they have created the stereotype now that all successful blacks are because of BEE – the merit of our work is not acknowledged because of the ANC’s greed in using BEE to enrich themselves!

  25. Boitumelo M , im speechless….. you are absolutely right!!!!
    Since apartheid, what has been solidly done for us?
    Do you agree with the name changes and it’s costs?

  26. oh tom n boitu why don’t you two just go marry each other and save us the romance – the name changes are an important part of recognising the struggle and what people went through in South Africa – the cost is justified. it’s small but it does show the nation that change is on track.. it’s not the only thing the ANC is doing – it’s one of many other things.. why don’t you raise those things instead of just criticizing!

  27. Hey kleurling instead of constantly defending the ANC why not provide us with some CONCRETE examples of what they have done to improve the state of the nation. I’m now gatvol of this – it is mos easy to blame everything on apartheid as the ANC have done – the fact still remains the country was in an economic boom for the last 10 years and what have the black majority have to show for it?? Take out the BEE wealthy and you’re left with a new form of social-class apartheid.

  28. Edward Nkosi says

    kleuring reckons jz has done a lot. a lot of dancing and empty populist rhetoric.
    they could have built 4 times the amount of houses. they could have controlled our borders, home affairs, water quality,electricity.the list goes on.
    the DA has actually one of the best run metropols…Cape town… not w out problems but at least not bankrupt, corrupt and toptally useless. at least they know where the money went.

  29. The people who failed the government and the people of South Africa are the very same people who are forming the party claiming that the ANC has hijacked its own Freedom Charter. The poor are even poorer because these Shilowas were enriching themselves with the BEE deals (while Shilowa was not maintaining his son claiming he was not his) at the time when they were supposed to help the poor and create opportunities for the poor communities. A lot of villages, like th eone I’m coming from, Botsoleni ka Mhinga, do not have roads and we suffer because taxis do not want to go to the place. We don’t even have a high school and this is due to the fact that the government did not address these issues in the poor communities. People do not even have sufficient running water and we have to resort to rivers.

    The people who are responsible for all this are the ones who were in power since we got democracy in this country, 14 years ago, and Shilowa and Lekota with the other angry dissident were the people in power all that time. Why is it that now, overnight they will bring change to the country? Change that they were unable to implement in after 10 to 14 years in power! I hope all the angry people can leave the ANC.

    I believe that the current ANC leadership, after all the people who failed us while enriching themselves and their wives/husbands have left, will bring about change to our poor communities. Change that we all need. Mr Collins Chabane, Zuma, Kgalema, Phosa, Gwede, and others, we believe in you. We believe that you will change this country to a better place. It will not happen overnight, but I believe that by 2014, you will have reduced poverty and unemployment and build schools and hospitals in our communities. Amandla!

    Botsoleni resident.

  30. DB – I see your point but surely you can’t be saying that just the corrupt, self-enriching individuals like Shilowa are leaving the ANC now – surely these are the people that we could expect will want to continue to stay on in the ANC and CONTINUE to enrich themselves at our expense … just a thought. After all why would they leave if life was so cushy there?

    In any case, my point is only that the powers that be in the ANC have failed us in the last 10 years after bringing us freedom – I am totally giving credit for this where it is due – I am not saying Zuma and other comrades have not done a great service to the country.. I do think that they are not the best option forward for us though – a different type of leadership is necessary when you are fighting for freedom vs when you are trying to build an economy and deliver prosperity for all citizens. I think a fresh start and a fresh perspective will benefit the country much more than the current regime. I think the DA has their act together in terms of more robust policy but don’t have the populist backing that quite possibly Shikota will be able to deliver for them.

    Tom – see my comment regarding my view on name changes etc in a previous cartoon on http://www.wonkie.com/2008/11/07/shikota-struggle-for-party-name/ – I think they’re a waste of time and our money

  31. bm, i checked it out… thats true.

    I agree, give them their dues, they had fought for the country and the people. Why, they were ordinary nobody’s like us. Now, why care, they have achieved what many of us dream about. So, make the best of it. But the snag, elections, must be nice coz the new term is at stake…

    Nobody commented on the Thabo outsting…. They were comrades and see what happened…. we are not secure!!!!! Thabo was a lame president, some good but not as good. But why embarass the person that you elected?

    DB- apologies to your reply…. my pc restarted, stupid updates and i lost what i typed. I also live in an area that fell into the group areas act under the apartheid govt. Yes, it is a so called low cost area, i live there, i lived the since i was born. The fact is, a leopard can’t change it’s spots. i am who i am, educated or not we are who we are.

  32. 19. Political rights

    Every citizen is free to make political choices, which includes the right ­to form a political party; to participate in the activities of, or recruit members for, a political party; and to campaign for a political party or cause.

    Every citizen has the right to free, fair and regular elections for any legislative body established in terms of the Constitution.

    hi all, i quote from the constitution of SOUTH AFRICA… “Every adult citizen has the right ­ to vote in elections for any legislative body established in terms of the Constitution, and to do so in secret; and to stand for public office and, if elected, to hold office” So whats the anc’s fuss about…. Scared!!!!!!

    Oh Ja, they want to amend the constitution….. will they and when….. post elections 2009?

  33. Tom – I would be surprised if the ANC is not concerned about the recent events and their actions are clearly indicating that. There is a substantial chunk of the current ANC membership that are still unhappy with the ousting of Mbeki. If Shikota’s splinter group encourages more defectors the ANC are likely not to obtain their two-thirds majority – even if they still win they will be in a much less powerful position that before.

    If ever the gravy train is going to be rocked this is the time. The reality is however that I doubt rocking the gravy train is enough for SA – we need to get rid of it as far as possible.. not just change the passengers!

  34. Hi all.

    I have a little extract from an article….

    “LOANS for votes….”
    “ID belongs to the state”

    “It is illegal for any unauthorised person to take away and keep someone’s payment card or identity document as these belong to the state.”

    Since when is my bank card owned by the state?
    Please open accounts for us and service the bank charges then the state may intervene……
    Boitumelo M, you the man… tell it like it is!!!!

  35. Tom – I’m not sure how your comment is relevant to this discussion about the merits of a DA-Shikota alliance.

    I would be keen to hear your views on Zuma promising everyone the world though – please check out http://www.wonkie.com/2008/11/17/zuma-promises-promises/ and drop a comment there!

  36. No. They break away because they don’t want to accept the Polokwane result. In future we expect another break away within new party. They stay in goverment for too long time.. now they see themselves as normal citizens of S.A. ZUMA IS OUR FUTURE PRESIDENT. He is not a dictator he is our AFRICAN MASIAH, SORRY SHIKOTA as youth we come with huge number to vote AFRICAN PARTY. ANC as you done before. WE NEVER FOLLOW CAPITALIST AND OPPORTUNIST PEOPLE. You can put lipstick on a PIG it will remain a PIG. VIVA MSHOLOZI GEDLABEYIHLEKISA JACOB ZUMA SINAWE LAPHO UYAKHONA.

  37. PM, thanx….
    However my point here is, should the DA – Cope alliance work or fail it would give us a chance to survive a future zim. They will both try, fail trying for democracy. Our ANC has failed to try, they were too busy enriching themselves. RUN THE COUNTRY LIKE A BUSINESS NOT LIKE A CIRCUS WITH A BUNCH OF UNTRAINED ANIMALS.

  38. Tom… what with all this name slinging about snakes, dogs, pigs and the like between Shikota and the ANC you have any doubt we are already in some twisted reality show version of George Orwell’s Animal Farm?

    Lol… I think I feel a cartoon coming up! I’ve just seen Sizwe’s latest cartoon posts on the Zimbabwe cholera outbreak… scary to think where status quo in South African politics will make us land up. Shikota and the DA had better start thinking policy and stop the name slinging match with the ANC if they expect anything to change anytime soon.

  39. Pm im glad you understood what i was comparing the present govt to. The DA – Cope alliance should bring about democracy with transparency. We should respect the law and no politician should be excluded from prosecution.

    But PM tell me why you think Cope should stop name slaying while ANC and Malema can do so?

  40. Tom – I was referring to the name slinging match of both Cope and ANC.

    Regardless, I think Cope in particular should spend less time finding new animals names to call ANC members and spend more time figuring out their own policy, branding, campaign strategy etc – they do not have the luxury of time the ANC has to play around with spurious lawsuits and flipping through the dictionary looking for insults. The more time Cope wastes with that stuff, the less time they have to be an effective opposition.

  41. PM, you are right however Cope has a tough road to survival as the ANC is probably utilising state resources is draining the much needed funds of Cope instead of campaigning. Cope will have to prove to us as well as we are trusting them to deliver a better future.

  42. Tom – spot on. That’s why I mentioned Cope needs to focus their energy on more constructive things before the election.

  43. Max Thubela says

    Yes to the political change (cope)

  44. I have this new hope that Trevor realises he should shame the ANC as they are destined to tarnish his reputation.
    As cosatu has blurted out before they thought and we all heared.
    hey have retracted the statement after we all heared it.
    To Trevor and a financial future excluding corruption….. Africa’s National Coruption Congress.

  45. South African youth says

    Yes, I think cop is what I was waiting for. The last time I voted was in 1994 for Mandela. Over the years I never did as ANC was no longer the party I voted for. Please tell me where to join and be a card carrying member. This is def. for me.

  46. South African youth says

    ANC if South Africans are not aware will be a South African Mugabe very soon. They make statements like they will rule until Jesus comes, they forget who voted them there. They need to take a step back and be the opposition party for like one term, then maybe they will realise that its not about them its about serving people. They must stop telling the people of Khutsong that Lekota is the bad guy in this whole situation in Khutsong, which is a lie. Lekota was not a one government he reported to someone. The only reason they giving those people what they want is because they need their votes. And I bet you as soon as they get those votes they will forget all about them. As they have done to South Africans. The ANC now is no longer what we voted for in a way that when Mandela was a president , his massage to youth was get Education and now we have leaders who don’t think education is that importent qouting MEC Education – Gauteng – she has her kind in private schools.

  47. Hi there

    Vote for the IFP in the Western Cape because we coloured people dont have a vote and voice. The DA is a white party with the same ideas of the apartheid government like the NP. The DA is evicting poor people in Hanover Park because of none payment of rent. But the blacks live for free in Gugulethu, Langa etc. A vote for the DA is a vote for eviction. Give the IFP a change in Cape Town.

    Ricardo Sedres
    Provincial IFP Organiser Hanover Park Resident

  48. I carried membership of ANC FOR 15 years. Sadly this is the goverment that endorsed that our precious babies at 12yrs should abort. I bet it was bunge of illiterates of man who are prepared to take a shower any time and woman who slept their to the top. Rape or no Rape Con Zuma lost they honour when he slept Young woman that he pratically groomed as a child and later married a Young woman of same age. What up Cdre Zuma with our children. Most cdres who got to brush their shoulders we HONOURABLE Ntate Mandela and spend time under the hardship of apartheid in Robben island are leaving ANC to add this cdres remembered to study while in prison; what was Zuma doing since he had advantage of non-Bantu education. What is that we need to be proud off that you brought back besides that we learn that you are a perfomer especially when u sing your favourite song(mchine wa hao) during rape trial . Any way What is Mchine wa-mm. Cdre Zuma Stop U remind me of one of the Episodes in YIzo-YIzo.I lack confidense in the leadership of Anc in I am DISGRATTLED to associate even ashamed to show my card any more.Baboons> did u know that africans were called BABOONS and not eligible to vote? How diffrent are u to be coconuts. Cope need not waste time to give any proof of anything;they owe thingy cause Zuma mistakes were his own doing( I wonder? what the new deal on the table for SHABIR) and NO apology. Do your own investigation ask Ntate Buthelizi and any one who at ongoye in the early nineties. Ntate Lekota is an Honourable man and stand for he believes. He gave and lost a lot (his father was murdered and daughter hanged) and yet he is still standing fighting not the regime but ANC for the future of this country. what ever you through at NTATE Lekota; He can take it because he is afraid to kneel down and pray the leaving. Ntate Lekota is humble push me YOU WILL UNDURESTAND WHAT TERROR MEANS. Cope no doubt has my VOTE.

  49. Ricardo,

    Why not invite the DA to publically discuss your grievance!!!!! Maybe the public will get some insight as to who is paying for what.

    I think you missed the news for some time, the world economy is in a meltdown…. people are being retrenched, evicted beacause they cant pay their debts. Whoever isnt paying, should be evicted. If you cant pay the full amount, pay something. NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE. A vote won’t make life better if it’s based on greed.

    People vote for a party that can promise you long term achievement for SA as a whole. RICARDO, WHAT CAN YOU OFFER, FREE RENT FOR ALL OR JUST DONT PAY… CAN YOU PROMISE ME THAT IN STONE?????

  50. yes;I will vote for cope.

  51. As for me and me my vote is with COPE

  52. The black DA wont fool us,the two gentlemen are just fulfilling the mandate of their white handlers. It is a pity that black people are once again been used by whites, this time to return South Africa to the old days of apartheid. The two guys are talking about scrapping affirmative action, this is an indication that they are singing their masters tune.

    When Lekota was the chairperson of the ANC for 9 good years, he did not see anything wrong with the ANC. But since he lost his position at the ANC conference in Limpopo, he then woke up and realise that the ANC is not the same ANC that he fought for. What a fool. I wont support any fool like that in my life. Cope will not win the next election, the people of South Africa are not stupid. We will see them at the polls.

  53. Elliot, you have a good point. Vote for the ANC as that is what you want!!!
    Has the ANC proved itself in the last few years? NO!!! Why change things after the e;ections, why did they not try to make this amore merry festive season by reducing fuel, there is an over recovery as it is. incase you lost, that means the price reduced is not exactly the saving as the price of crude has fallen more nad they are just making profit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Good for them as they may need it. Who has been paying the leagal costs for all the appeals and court appearances? Why not publically disclose they financials so that the nation can decide. They will never.
    They have stated they will rule until jesus comes back. We all know that the chances of a man falling pregnant is more probable than jesus returning…..
    Would anyone else reading this agree that this ANC is the future Zanu PF of SA?
    Why is it that all ANC members are avoiding the LAW?
    Why are there so many people in positions without proper qualifications.
    Elliot, bee is a benefit….. but how will you benefit if incompetent people are placed in public positions.
    Would you apprciate an illiterate person being the finance minister?
    Black competants should be placed in these positions.
    Our government was so busy with their personal agenda’s and see incompetence, eskom has no power. Why not privatize, no the govt opted to ride it out. They built a few houses… who benefited????? many are still house less since the crooked officials only gave those who could afford bribes.
    Thats cool, supplementary incomes.
    Our govt will not limit zim citizens from entering the country, why?????
    i know we need to help, but are we going to fund the elections and still support zimbabwe?
    Your vote will be a well woth wasting vote as you will ot smell results until the next round of votes.

  54. Tom – thank you. You make some very relevant points here. A lot of the current lack of trust in the ANC boils down to a lack of accountability in the current government.

    Terrorist attack in India – Home Minister resigns. Massive spillover of Zimbabwe’s issues into South Africa – not a squeak from anyone in South African government. I think we should change the South African motto to It Wasn’t Me!

    As for the comparison of ANC to Zanu-PF – Tom, please make a comment on Sizwe’s cartoon today which is exactly on that topic. Please check out The New Zimbabwe cartoon.

  55. If the still to be formed new party was started by somebody who was not in the Cabinet or a Premier I would probably support it. The problem is I fail to understand what has promped the to all of a sudden to realise that the party that they fought for so hard is longer good for them. The reason about Malema and the Charter is a smokescreen; in my opinion the reason for the new party is either economics or running away from the skeletons which most politicians keep in their cupboards. These new leaders also know about this skeletons and believe me time will tell. There is a saying in politics that says you only have friends when it suits a particular agenda you share as soon as that reason flies out of the window you become enemies. After the 2009 general elections the gap between the have and have nots will be much wider than it is now; the luxury cars and show offs will still go and brag in the townships and rural areas and the come back to the so called surburbs to sleep. My conclusion is that 99% of black people are a shame and a disgrace to humanity period; how do you explain a situation where our people fight for drinking water with animals in dams and rivers but still build stadiums and Gautrain. Our people still use bucket system toilets and are feeling hopeless and are in despair. Shame on all politicians and religious leaders because they are both the same faces of the same coin on both sides.

  56. The ANC had two-thirds majority for the past ten years and the ANC has never changed the constitution and has no intention of changing the constitution. Lekota is an idiot who has a small brain like a chicken, he forgets that for the past ten years when he was at the helm of power as chairman of the ANC, he incorporated townships in provinces where they dis not want to go and now he talks about the ANC going against the freedom charter. The people shall govern, what happened to it during his time? He trampled over the will of the people of Khutsong, Moutse, Matatiele and as the enforcer he threatened people with army battalions and he indeed abused his powers. George is a comic ” like comical Ali” of Iraq, he has more sand in his head than brain cells, one could just see during Polokwane when majority of delegates were deafeating the “third term” attempt, George was certain victory for the third term attempt is imminent only a fool could assume that. When I did engineering our thermo prof said ” assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups” Shilowa-Lekota-George and Smuts ” I did not struggle to be poor” Ngonyama assumed they will win and they fucked-up. Trying desparately to “raise from the dead” they now formed Shikota and even claim to have almost 400 000 members. Its fine Shikota has the right to exist, we live in a democracy of which thousands of people laid their lives for the freedom we enjoy today. However while they have every right to exist, they dont have any right to disrespect the ANC and ” urinate” on the ANC and then feel victimised when the ANC defends itself. I am sure the right to self-defense is enshrined in the constitution which the ANC has no intention to change.

  57. to Commie,

    2/3 for ten years and the constitution is still the same……
    Coz they those in power now are there alone without their commrades from 10 years ago……
    COPE is not the answer to our prayers, its a solution to a prayer for a honest government.
    Why has the ANC not tried to win our trust back?
    Do you think “Bring me my Machine GUN””we’ll kill for ZUMA” creates peace of mind?
    The ANC has just got a wake up call to get on track!!!!!
    The ANC has been the greatest liberation movement of time. EWveryone looked up to the ANC, however those that manipulate the NAME are causing those to lose faith.
    JZ – has some good things…. he is there for the people. BUT……….
    is he doing it for the votes or the people?
    Why is he so determned to be the president of SA?
    If they are willing to make change, what is the excuse for the previous years and promises?
    The ANC will get back on track as soon as the DA-Shikota ALLIANCE transforms SA……

  58. I think the ANC must stop using liberation strucle to get votes, cause liberation strucle go hand-in-hand with war and SA people dont need war talks at this time instead we need innovative,continuous thinking. let them stop using names like Chris Hani and create their own new way of handling rallies. Obama did not use Matin Luther King, He came up with his own new way of presenting his true and honest issues, and his actions surported him. liberation strucle is history and in south africa we still believe dead people should be respected and not turning them into weapons of mass destruction.

  59. My comments on the developments in our local political landscape should always be viewed positively by the ruling party and challenges that comes with it for the ANC be tackled as development barameters for the growth of the organisation.

    I have observed and admit the current development find someone wanting but I allowed myself to be more vigilant and be sober in taking any decision about who should I support.

    To me there are distinct lessons with the establishment or creation of COPE:
    * A challenge to our NDR
    * Existance of the Alliance

    Unfortunately these two basic fundamantals were clouded by the case of our president led by the NPA, the recall of our Mr Thabo Mbeki and what Malema sad to whom. Which in my view did not warrant anyone to breakaway, hence I never supported COPE if that was the case.

    I right my comment to say to the ANC let us manage these development with compassion, tolerance and intelligent becouse there are force to be reckoned with. COPE is a carbon cop of the ANC. The movement and its allience partners should never be naive to ignore the turn of events coming with the new party which claims to be an alternative to the ANC.

  60. Katheryn Chase says

    Definitely have my vote! The ANC has had its chance

  61. Some good points made here. Something needs to be done to reestablish trust in the ANC again.


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