Motlanthe head cartoon

Motlanthe head

Bring me the head of Kgalema Motlanthe

Following the Ginwala inquiry and the Pikoli firing episode, one can only wonder who is really pulling the strings in South Africa. Mr Motlanthe is firmly establishing himself as cool-bearded, stop-gap president that no one will ever remember. He has the opportunity, in his short tenure to achieve greatness by addressing a number of pressing issues in both South Africa and neighbouring Zimbabwe. He certainly has the power. Sadly, all that is evidently missing is spine.

Ironically by taking concrete action and claiming accountability, Mr Zuma’s seat-warmer would have probably renewed sufficient faith in the ANC to avert any adverse outcome in the SA elections next year. Instead, we are left debating who is really controlling the country during Mr Motlanthe’s tenure.

Come now… will the real Slim Shady.. er… President please stand up!

* * *
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  1. Okay thats really funny!!

  2. This is SO apt.


    I had a hunch that Zapiro ain’t the only true prophet when it comes to political matters. Hunch confirmed. 😉

  3. Thanks Nda N, Vadi.. still have to write up the full article for this one but couldn’t wait to put up the cartoon! Nda… you definitely made my week with that comment.. lol!

  4. whahahahahahahahaha

  5. If this wasn’t so funny i would be crying!

  6. PM – this is your best one yet! Please get this published somewhere… it definitely deserves to be seen on a more mainstream channel. Great stuff.. keep it up!

  7. Jonathan Devlin says

    Nda… I’ll second that comment…. this strip really hits the issue at its heart!

    South Africans have been so preoccupied with Zuma in the news they’ve forgotten SA has Kgalema Motlanthe as the South African president NOW. I totally agree he’s been really quite a disappointment since he took office.. I was honestly ecstatic when the announcement was made that KM was taking the lead after Mbeki.. hoping for the most part he would deliver us from Zuma next year.. now quite frankly if we’re stuck with the ANC next year I’d rather cut out the middle man and have Zuma – at least we’ll know who is making the decisions even if we don’t like what they are..


  9. te he te he te he……. (wipe tears from cheek) te he te he……

  10. Iyahlekisa!!!Awesome stuff>>>where can I subscribe??????????

  11. LOL!!! Brilliant! Boitumelo… I agree – get this out there man!

  12. LOL!! All you need now is Motlanthe to sue YOU for defamation for depicting him as Zuma and Zapiro will win his case… bet you didn’t think of that! Excellent one… keep it up!!!

  13. verry funny

  14. it’s time to see the puppet master… sorry KM, but you have been a disapointment.

  15. truely speaking Mr. Acting president, seat filler you have’nt really touch base with what is happening in south africa, because you yourself are’nt sure of your position after the election.
    we understand the mandate from polokwane, give vusi pikoli his job back the man’s office had a 80% success rate of prosecutions.

  16. Nice one!

  17. HAHA!! Nice one Wonkie!!

  18. Pretty Funny. Viva!


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