DA Cope hope cartoon

DA Cope hope

DA-Cope Hope – Cartoon

This cartoon follows from an earlier post asking if would you vote for a DA-Shikota alliance. It seems South Africa is ready for a change given yesterday’s by-election poll results in the Western Cape. Cope, whose candidates ran as independents because its name is not registered with the IEC as yet, ate significantly into the ANC support base. The DA, according to the DA, is on track to win the Western Cape.

If the DA and Cope could work together to extend this scenario to a country-wide basis, the national elections may well hold a surprise outcome for South Africans early next year.

On a lighter note be sure to check out the Lekota recruits Zille cartoon posted in October.

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  1. Jonathan Devlin says

    I agree.. even if they don’t form a coalition right from the start, effective collaboration between the DA and COPE will definitely make both their party positions stronger against the ANC… whether either DA or Cope have the vision or strategy to do this is another matter altogether!

  2. A coalition of any party with COPE will make a difference, the idea is not to remove the ANC from power but to have a party that speaks with one voice, a party that is represented by all racial groups and not racial individuals. We need a party that is lead by leaders with people’s interest at heart.

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