Cosatu jew protest cartoon

Cosatu jew protest

Jobless Cosatu marches against Jews

The Congress of South African Trade Unions, or Cosatu, is a partner in the tripartite alliance with the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and the South African Communist Party (SACP). Cosatu claim to be on the forefront of the struggle for democracy and workers’ rights.

A few days back, Cosatu staged a protest against Israel in favour of the Palestinian people. Except the protest wasn’t as much against Israel as it appeared to be against the Jewish community in South Africa. The protest was held together with the Palestinian Solidarity Committee (PSC), not outside the Israeli embassy but instead in a Jewish residential community.

Firstly, Wonkie is not overly biased for or against either side in this conflict – please read our thoughts in the Haiku for Gaza post last month. We hold the view that peaceful 2 state solution in the region is long overdue. From an objective standpoint, the Israeli response to the Gaza conflict has been clearly disproportionate. And it is equally clear that despite the total ineffectiveness of their attacks, some Palestinian elements are determined to continue pricking an elephant with a thumb tack, bringing on an even more aggressive response and unnecessary death of innocent Palestinians.

Secondly, the issue here is Cosatu’s apparently determined action on this issue. Bongani Masuku of Cosatu was quoted as saying “We want to convey a message to the Jews in SA that our 1.9-million workers who are affiliated to Cosatu are fully behind the people of Palestine.” Cosatu further went on to declare a victory after dock-workers belonging to some member unions, decided not to offload Israeli goods from a ship last week.

Thirdly, this is all occurring at a time where Cosatu should surely be focusing their activist asses on an impending recession that is going to affect South African workers far more than anything that has hit them before. Or perhaps they really believe the naive comments of Tito “weather the storm” Mboweni at the reserve bank. Cosatu would be more effectively supporting their members by trying to figure out solutions for a crisis directly affecting local workers rather than some political conflict in some relatively irrelevant part of the world. If they insist on pursuing political causes perhaps they should also look at child-labour in Pakistan, human exploitation in China and a host of other more relevant issues aligned to their purpose. Perhaps they just don’t have any local chums to make them consider those issues as being relevant.

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  1. the Jews

    these guys there are everywhere they use money to influence to kill and to diminish their opponents .Noone can touch them .In the past God used to get them taken as slaves ,beaten, and subjected to foreign rule.Nowadays , who can dare? in the name of a myth (holocust) they are quick to cry Antisemitism if you you scratch them.But they are busy butchering women and children in Palestine while the world looks.They suffered for only six years in Alschwartz but we blacks we have for 300 years suffered but we are not baying for blood.Only God can stop them.

  2. @Iaban What are you talking about man. The Jews ??? That’s the kind of general statements that get thousands if not millions of innocents killed across our planet.

    I wish everyone would stop generalising when it comes to cultures and races, hell even countries. Can’t you see how much trouble it causes ?

    Wrt. Cosato – They’re obviously being led by someone with no higher brain function. Probably someone that thinks like Mr. Iaban above.

  3. Wrt : higher brains function ,i can see that you are obviously educated ,well llearned but you lack the natural gift intelligence,shrewdness something that can neither be bought or found.High brains function claims oligarchy, justifying oprression with protection,colonialism by bringing civilisation Oh Hail higher brain fucntion!!!!

  4. Unfortunately your premise is based on an assumption that ‘civilisation’ is governed by people that have use of higher brain function 🙂 Can you say George Bush ? Can you say Robert Mugabe ? You can probably come up with a few examples yourself. Do you think that was any different historically ? Can you say Hitler ? Religion ? Don’t get me started. Higher brain function is probably the wrong word, but i think I got my message across.

  5. i dont need to start you, you are raving mad.Your cynicism brings out our modest.Civilasion cannot be governed but implemented ,passed on and cajoled.All the people u meantioned stood for something and what are the Jews standing for for now by their works we know that there are not for God? The times of being the children of God has elapsedbut all men can be called the sons of Men

  6. Laban – I’m curious to know what you have against Jews? You obviously have a very strong point of view about this topic.

    I am sure the Jews stand for something. If they didn’t it’s unlikely we would have the conflict as it stands in the Middle East right now. You might not agree with what they stand for but they certainly do have a stand – just like I don’t agree with what Mugabe now stands for in Zimbabwe, but I have to admit that he does stand for something.

    I have to agree with Willem in this instance with regard to making sweeping statements about any race/ culture in particular. It’s the kind of attitude that made South Africa a mess in the first place and I would hate to see the same rubbish standard being applied to some other race/ culture now regardless how far away from South Africa those people may be.

    Willem, what I think you intend to say by higher brain function is clear, well thought-out, consistent leadership (I guess that diplomacy course is finally paying off!). In either case, you’re right – that appears to be lacking in Cosatu. Trade unions of the world’s economic superpowers are squabbling about increasing protectionism and protecting their workers but why bother with that nonsense. South African workers are obviously immune from the global recession. I’d love to see Cosatu’s strategy with dealing with the heaps of job losses when they finally arrive in SA, particularly in the resource sector… Cosatu seems to be too busy burning flags to care.

  7. Whoa! Shall we put some SENSE on the table, folks?

    For one thing, Willem’s initial sentiments are DEAD right. Generalisations and passing on stereotypical messages about a people as fact tend to pit people against each other. It ALWAYS breeds trouble and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

    Having said that, what do we achieve by comparing the Auschwitz chapter in Hitler’s hell with any other crime against humanity? Two wrongs do NOT make a right.

    For the fun of moving with your line of reasoning Laban, it does help to expand one’s horizon by collecting ALL the relevant facts behind this story. Your take on Auschwitz, for instance, is a case in point. Are you aware that the Roman Empire massacred MILLIONS of Jews, back in the days of the Last Stand at Massada, the Zealots, and most of this history is aptly captured in the Holy Scriptures, the Bible itself? These instances that I have cited are not the only ones, by the way.

    Who are we kidding by only looking at the last 300 or so years of human history to answer the Jewish and Middle East crisis question?

    Personally, I also wish the Palestineans, and the rest of the Arab world, would be truthful about ONE fact about Islam: Islam as an organised religion is even younger than Christianity (and I am not talking about Roman Catholicism–CHRISTIANITY, the real McCoy). On that note, some of the assertions in the Koran about how Abraham went to offer ISHMAEL (instead of Isaac) on Mount Moriah really give me a problem as an outsider, trying to look into their issues from as neutral a stance as is possible.

    For THOUSANDS of years, predating Mohammed, the Koran and the fact of the Muslim world, Moses’ record of Jewish AND Arabic history has ALWAYS been that Abraham offered Isaac (NOT Ishmael) to be sacrifice on Mount Moriah. I have found NO factual reason to doubt Moses’ record of Jewish and Arabic history as we have it in the Bible. I therefore say that the contestation between these two races is founded on a lie on the one race, and, based on the much later formation of Islam as contrasted to Judaism, it is clear who the lying party is between the two.

    Lastly, a silent participant in the Middle East conflict is the Vatican. Not-so-public historical records place the Jesuits squarely in the forefront of the formation and rise of Islam. Catholicism bred Islam to wrest Jerusalem from the Jews. What the Vatican never anticipated was that their creation would assume a life of its own. When the Muslims took over Jerusalem, they were a force unto themselves, a force with which the Vatican HAD to reckon.

    How else does one explain the Vatican’s damage control thereafter, called the Crusades?

    It is time to really inform ourselves about the concealed but REAL issues behind the obvious ones that we see with our naked eyes.

  8. Nda.. thanks but I think I’m going to run from here before I get stoned by an angry mob of religious fanatics! Let’s see the Hindus .. they’re the only ones not mentioned yet.. I’m off to Durban 😀

    Interesting point about the involvement of the Vatican by the way – have not come across that before and will have to do a bit more reading on that to comment sensibly. Any recommended reading?

  9. 🙂 I hear you loud and clear, Sizwe, and bon voyage….

    On the recommended reading, let’s start online, with the clear assertion from me that most of the stuff that circulates online is mostly mis-information rather than information. I bother to check some of these things out and when they stand the test of veracity, I freely share it. What I just shared about the Vatican’s involvement in the Middle East is a summary of material that has come to my attention in bits and pieces over the last five or so years.

    Without wasting your time to invent the same wheel over the same period, I will cut short your research by highlighting the following links. All of them, as far as I have been able to determine, draw their content from actual written records, borne by the reliable witnesses of people who have either been Jesuits or key members of the upper echelons of Roman Catholicism.

    For instance, the Ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera keeps popping up in my reading. I’ve learnt to know that he is an actual historical figure and has revealed a lot about the dark side of Jesuitism and its involvement in almost all of this world’s major wars and conflicts.

    Another researcher that I have learnt to respect is Professor Veith. I have met him at least TWICE in person before I ever got to know precisely who he is and what he does. He publishes quite a number of books on interesting subjects (including a take on the evolutionary theory, as a former, atheistic evolutionary scientist himself).

    Let me not labour the point and get you started on these links that can hook you up to the literary/audio-visual works with presentations on the same.

    That last link is a cross reference to the Yugoslavic conflict and how the Vatican fueled it behind the scenes, just so that we are all aware that the problem with the Vatican is not limited to the Middle East conflict.

  10. thank you guys for being insightful.Firstly the fate for the Israels is already sealed when you peruse Revelation from the 16 th chapter .Secondly what i mean is that we are tired of one nation atrocities being emulated at the expense of other nations .Histroy have in the past shown us that the death of white is more regarded than of black.Sizwe in Zim 12 farmers were killed during the invasion as a reslt the majority had to pay for it with sanctions to make an example that killing a white race is not even a thing to consider .Look at the 9/11 aftermath how many Iraqis have paid for it? Did they even have anything to do with it? When apartheid forces murdered our leaders ,after when we get independance what did we do -TRC.but when Mugabe kills the 12 farmers the West cries the Hague.I can take you back to Henry Kissinger advising on tape Richard Nixon to BOmb Colombia to put everthhing that Flies on everything that moves .DId they cry Hague-No .So we can not leave out impartiality when it is evident.Blacks can seldom be racist since their reation will be from a defensive rather than offensive.

  11. Um, Laban, you belabour the point while consistently missing ONE critical aspect that Sizwe placed on the table AFTER Willem: the racial imbalances that you point out are OBVIOUS; the critical lesson to derive from this interchange is simply that the sidelined blacks need not lower themselves to the same level of savagery that is characteristic of people who preside over others through the force of arms and various atrocities, explaining the mass killings of civilians in the infamous terms of George Bush, Jr: “collateral damage.”

    Two wrongs do NOT make a right. When the West is wrong in only singling out crimes against fellow westerners, need Africans do the same? I categorically say: “No!” and for the stated reasons, I dare you to differ from that stance while identifying yourself with the SAME principle.

    Lastly, I am willing to take a side discussion with you on Revelation 16. This blog is not religious, though some of the cartoons do feature political issues that have religious overtones. I put it to you that Revelation 16 has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the Israelis. You are forcing the Bible, at that point, to say what YOU want it to say, and the context of that passage that you have cited in the book of Revelation, plus the greater context of the Bible in its entirety, TOTALLY refutes the assertion that you have just made.

    Lastly, a crime against a racist is still a crime. Killing a criminal is still a crime. We therefore do not balance issues of injustice against ourselves by meteing out injustice on those who are unjust towards us. No! Rather, in exercising justice to them, one of the key points about justice is the righting of wrongs. If you, therefore, desire to see a levelling of the playing field, then your conduct and language towards the atrocities that you see are committed by the Israelis has, of necessity, to hinge on JUSTICE and NOT the reverse committing of the SAME crimes on them.

  12. Much respect Nda and Sizwe !

  13. Nda… thanks for the reading list – looks like interesting material though the I am a bit suspicious of the sources.. shall go through them in more detail this weekend!

  14. My pleasure, Sizwe!

    I also understand your concern on the validity and reliability of sources. I’ve already commented on that issue and gave you what will be readily available to your online from persons and those associated with them whose written and documented evidence is in my possession.

    In addition to the sources that you will find cited in the websites that I gave you, here is ONE book that you can source for yourself straight off “The Keys of this Blood,” by Dr Malachi Martin. Had I any funds, I would have bought my self a copy of this book some 10 years ago already. I have other books that refer to Dr Martin’s book, but it would be lovely for you to have the actual book itself.

    On, you will find other recommended books by the same Dr Martin along similar themes. Take your pick, broer….

    Again, on, you will find a book by Daniel Estulin: “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.” Another riveting read that I long to have. Citations from it make for quite some interesting reading.

    You could get yourself quite a library on this theme ALONE on Catholicism, so search for that reference by Dr Martin and will make some other references and suggestions. Hope your credit rating with your bank is still good so that you get yourself a copy or two, if not all of them! 😉

  15. I can hear all the arguments made by yuo all guys but, one thing I dont get is that why ther is war in the EAST because when i watch special assignments i just dont get the problem, exccept for killing an innocent people if israeli especialy wive and children.
    At 1st it was like a war of oil between them and the USA but naw I am just lost even, even those in war deemed to not get exactly what is the issue.

    Last but last I have read the book os islamic things it was more comfusing, cos it was like who is chrage of leadership.

  16. Luks

    My brother thank you for bringing an important note to be discussed rather than reading all those links man made for us believe that Catholism,Nazism , is bad there are all in our eyes Devils for we bore the very nature of persecution hatred.We are not children who can be told directions of how to come to a logical conclusion.Concession and treatiers are signed with friends in history who later become .enemies .So therefore the notion that yesterdays enemy is still an enemy is totally absurd,but who are we to judge people who always use history to their advantage?
    Luks if you want to comprehend a problem you should know its nature of existence the animosity between the Israelites and the Palestinians goes back to the story of Abraham,When he impregnanted his servant Hagar,and he bore a son called Ishmael ,and also Sarah gor Isaac.Sarah chased Hagar into the wilderness and in turn God intervened and we see Him promising Hagar that Ishmael will also be a great nation the same as Isaac’s son JAcob who latter became Israel.The conflict surrounds land in particular if you have a close look and not oil.Bear one thing in mind Israel or Jerusalem is at the centre of the earth on the map strategicaly.Whoever controls it controls the the middle east then wealth then the world . Enough for now my brother i know i have invited comments already.

  17. laban.. you have swallowed the lies, brother. Israel was attacked by Gaza.. for 8 years. Finally she retaliated. (It is her right according to the Geneva Convention) The HAMAS cowards hid in bunkers but put women and children in place and then fired from those buildings. The Israelis GAVE EVERY MAN WOMAN AND CHILD AN HOUR WARNING TO GET OUT, as well as SMSing everyone. Which country does that?? And they were forced to stay put by HAMAS and therefore, innocent lives were lost. Why do you not speak out about those facts, bru?

  18. Thank you for having people like you our modest would go unnoticed .Although it is not my culture to reply promply your shallow reasoning begs me not to.Gill as yu would like to personify a topic You are right the Hamas were wrong to attack israel and killing how many by the way.Have you had a coined name Judeo-Nazism.Each year the jews will launch schathing attacks on the palestinians as if ist’s a ritual to cleans themselves of the Holocust which many claim not realising that there are slowly drifting towards Hitler.After the first world war the Jews were hated mostly for their talent in every field Medicine , Science, business.Latetly the hate comes from their continous tourture of Palestinians.So are the Palastinians suppossed to fold their arms and let the jews kill them.One hour to clear a city?? Oh what ?

  19. Laban
    You have been fed such a poisonous diet of lies. It is part of Jewish culture to save lives. Not to take lives. Thus, Laban Israel took 8 years of attack before it retaliated. Your knowledge of Judaism is shocking. Where did you hear about these lies? The Holocaust was a horrific time. People were murdered because they were Jews. Imagine being killed because you are black.. or Chinese.. etc? Israelis don’t ‘murder’. In fact, Laban – when terrorists blow up innocent people in Israel, the Israelis collect the body parts and return them to the terrorist’s family. What other culture would do that? Israel has opened clinics and hospitals for Palestininans, even though when a Jewish child is murdered by terrorists, the Palestinians danjce in the street. I urge you to go and research, my friend. Go and google organisations like Zaka.. and Haddassah Hospital.. and stop believing the rubbish you are learning from people who enjoy racism and are xenophobic. South Africa needs to NOT import hatred into our country.
    Peace. Shalom. Salaam

  20. The people of changing colour .YOu ask them today what dog is it they will say it is a pitbull tommorow if you ask about the same dog they will sa it is a German sherpherd.I have not been fed nothing more than what i have seen and head. Is it not ironic that the same people who kill the palestinians offer to help them appease their conscience and the international community?Why kill them if you can nature and groom them ? Gill it is eitheir you are writing out of loyalty but not from pbsevation.Do not tell me of Africans getting murdered because we have been for years and because lately of Capitalistic attitudes propelled by the Jews.Wars, the Jews ,Coups detat -The Jews they want everything to control everything even the lection at the US they are very few their votes count for nothing but for one to be the candidate one should appease the beast.It seams you have to go and research more about the people you are defending

  21. You see Laban.. the difference beween you and I is actually the closeness of us. What do we share, you may ask? We share a passion. You are standing on the same ground as I am. We both want the future to be the same for our human friends all over the world. The only way we can do it, in my humble position is when we stop playing the blame game, lay down our protective armour and our swords, throw away the rhetoric and the hatred and start to build. We can make a difference Laban, it we look at what we want for the world to come. Can we stop playing the “I am right and you are wrong’ game and move on to the “What can we do to make a difference” game?
    I’d like that!
    God bless you and yours
    Gill Kitty


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