skilled black shortage bbbee cartoon 9

skilled black shortage bbbee cartoon 9

The dark truth behind South Africa’s black skills shortgage

This follows on from the Outcome-based careers for OBE graduates cartoon about the best place to put affirmative action candidates in South African organisations. Really, the sad truth is that the focus of South African corporates seems to be on meeting racially-based quotas rather than developing black skills in core, economincally productive areas.

This is the final cartoon in BBBEE series of cartoons on BBBEE and related subjects in South Africa. Be sure to check out the previous commentary on incompetent blacks cartoon and Barack Obama is an affirmative action appointment cartoon

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  1. bakenshark says

    Flagrant advertising for BOSE!!..I am trying to get a second hand pair from a far he is not I know why! damn those HR execs!

  2. Nice Blog!

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