Trevor Manuel BEE empowerment cartoon

Trevor Manuel BEE empowerment

Trevor Manuel on Black Empowerment

Trevor Manuel announced last week that a rethink of Black Economic Empowerment was required. His sentiments were echoed by ANC treasurer-general Mathews Phosa in a separate statement where he acknowledged that mistakes were made on BEE and in public service.

Wonkie hopes that more is done during the ANC’s next term than the “lets address poverty by ANC giving out food parcels to voters a week before the election” strategy. The current BBBEE policy and its implementation is a joke for the people that are the most needy in South Africa – it amounts to nothing more than a hefty additional tax on the common man, regardless of race. The only people it really benefits are the well-connected BEE fatcats that already have more money than Julius Malema can count.

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  1. The whole BBBEE thing did not create one single job in this country. As per statement it created some fat cats that does not know how to do a days work. They financed there BEE deals, ceded the shares as security to the Banks, so in fact the Banks own the shares (currently cession of ownership) so where is the BEE deal. According to the Constitution we are all equal, but fat cat blacks are more equal. Intimidation is against the law, but if your Company is not BEE it cannot get any tender, in fact cannot even tender.

  2. gillkitty says

    I was all for BEE.
    I thought that after 40 years plus of white domianted, racist S Africa, I wanted to – as a white S African – see black people empowered. I dreamed of fantastic successes and many many jobs for those previously disadvantaged .
    Instead, BEE has seen ‘jobs for friends’, white brain drain, departments headed by people completely unable to deal with the smallest task, and a flimsy cardboard castle built on sinking shifting sands tumbling down.
    Bring back the technical colleges, bring back apprenticeships and when S Africa has a generation of educated, responsible, black people then once again I will cheer.
    Right now..

  3. Eish! 🙁 That “BOOOO….. (ad infinitum)” said it all.

  4. BEE, no its just a wast of time nd money, nd is promising nothing but, bull shit to us blacks, nd instead is helping the whites but hiding behind the name BEE, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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