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  1. Zuma is a human being and is therefor prone to err. however going out to promise people was very wrong of him bcos now if u take into account what he said one is inclined to say there was an agreement of promise between him and the electorates. the electorates made their perfomance according to specifications in throwing their weight behind him and the legal expectation is he must come into the fold.MARK MY WORDS THEY R NOT WRONG IN DEMANDIND PERFORMANCE ON ZUMA”S PART especially if you are to look at the issue in a very principled manner,also giving regard to the latin principle that says,”nemo plus juris rule” which means you cannot give more than you have…zuma should know better! That there is an economic melt-down is very much the truth and must as a result be given regard to and at the same time one should be able to check properly at the time at which the promise agreement was made and the time recession first took root. i am inclined to say by the time zuma had to go out promising recessin wasthere which make him very much liable to the contract made with voters…unless he was lying[former & late mpumalanga premier comrade Ndaweni Mahlangu once set the public talking when he says”politicians have the right to lie”] to them then he can relax but still has to go back to the people and say i was lying. What ever we do we must be responsible! Lying and erring are two different things.

  2. I think the question to be intertained here is development versus recession unemployment versus recession than talking about individuals cos we are the people who made this government come in to being,so to me is also our responsibility to see to that all the promises we concur is put into practice here we need to see the doing word not,naiveness realy that Zuma is the president of this country we as plebians of this country we commit ourselves by Voting for the Ruling organisation,U will bear with me to say TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE,was not asecret all of us we have something to do,Yes where is necessary i have to defend the Ruling organisation defend,consolidate people’s power why always people sound like conservatives,so if one know that recession is a global thing why cant we understand that Zuma had a vision to accomplish,wrong things here is not what Zuma has said is what we think our mind set up that is the proble now i am learning,but is of no surprise to hear some body writting things like the one here above is you freedom is your country is your point of view but we need to mend that and put it straight a man must not work like a crab if a person walk like that something unusual.i am happy bcos u making some to live the actual life, political future if things goes wrong lets try to address our issues through the relavent structures, i would like to encourage everybody to participate, ANYWAY THAT IS MY FEELING AND UNDERSTANDING OF THIS COUNTRY SET UP -BE POSITIVE. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ur corrections cheers!!

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